Random thoughts on a Saturday sunrise morning in Atlanta:

1. Y’all.

Just now I had to pause my fingers to try and find the words.

I’m at the Haven blogging conference in Atlanta and last night I had a mini meet-up with over 70 members of my coaching group. I stood up and tried to talk and started crying with the sheer joy of it all. Watching people achieve their dreams is humbling and incredible and amazing and awe-inspiring.

And I’m so grateful I had a front-row seat.

2. Another episode of “What I Bought Wednesday” is live on my YouTube Channel. I found the CUTEST way to organize your suitcase for under $20. I added it to the end of the post and you can see it here.

3. Are you aware that there is a Downton Abbey 2 about to show up in our world? It’s coming to theaters in 2022. Here’s a look at the cast.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed this amazing before and after and then I shared how blue and yellow is my new favorite color combination.

5. I found the most amazing new treat at Starbucks and it’s not coffee. It’s yogurt with fruit and oatmeal and yesterday my husband walked a mile to go and get one for me.

Nothing ever tasted sweeter. 🙂

And now?

WAIT until you see all the FINDS I discovered for us this week.


And just when I thought my yogurt sounded yummy?

This power breakfast of champions showed up.

Peanut butter and chocolate and banana and greek yogurt showed up together.

You can see the yummy recipe here.


She made these chairs over for almost nothing.

Wait until you see the before here.

This summer kitchen is everything that’s right in this world.

Light and bright and airy and filled with yummy food.

Take a tour of this summer kitchen here.

And maybe I’m just hungry this morning, but I really wanted these pancakes to hop in my tummy.

They are perfect for a lazy Saturday morning.

Here’s a link to the recipe for the best buttermilk pancakes.


And in random news:

This beautiful home tour

This DIY wreath

This pretzel ice cream

DIY peel and stick backsplash

You will never believe this house is 300 years old

These modern calligraphy fonts

Great ideas for non-permanent kitchen islands

These fun cupcake toppers

12 creative ideas for command hooks

How to make your own colored grout

So many yummy popsicle recipes

Are two sinks better than one?

And these.

I loved them all too much to pick one.

Here are 14 budget-friendly IKEA hacks (why have I never thought of number 2?).

And one more for the road

This DIY obelisk for your planter.

You’ll never believe what I made it with.

See the entire DIY here.

PS Here’s a little What I Bought Wednesday for your Saturday.

happy random Saturday to you


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  1. Image for Leslie Saeta Leslie Saeta

    You are amazing my friend. Thank you for sharing our kitchen and the new summer look! You are the best my friend.

  2. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    I was teary thinking of you in front of 70 fellow sisters and bloggers who have grown and actually had the guts to dream big dreams because YOU believed in us, and you helped make it a reality!!!! Without you, I'd be still be reading blogs and not writing one! So blessed beyond measure to be part of your tribe even if I couldn't make Haven. I love you my friend! Thanks for this great round up, love Leslie and her amazing home. The chair makeover, and all the ideas, so many good, creative ideas out there!

  3. Image for Mary anne Russo Mary anne Russo

    It sure looks like you all are having so much fun! I’m sure everyone is learning so much you’re one of the best giving so much to this community! I love blue and yellow together!

  4. Image for Dena Dena

    You are so incredible! Thank you so much for sharing my chairs! I can’t even imagine what I’d do without you! Thank you for ALL the work you put into all of us this week at Haven and for all the behind the scenes work that you do to give to others! I adore you and you’re AMAZING (but you already know that 😉!

  5. Image for Amy Amy

    So many great ideas! Thank you! I really want to see how you made the obelisk, but when I click on the link, it takes me to the IKEA hacks.

  6. Image for Jan Jan

    Hi Karianne, I know you answered my question before but what weight loss program did you use? I'm so in need of some help to loose weight for health reasons. I should have written down the answer when you told me but I didn't. Can you please send it again, thanks so much, blessings, Jan

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