rock star

Okay…total couch to 5K update.

I walked/ran 2 miles…..

….to Christmas songs.


I couldn’t help it.  The app started and they told me 3…..2……1.  And I was off and walking.

No turning back.

No changing the song.

Just me and the open road…..

….and “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.” 🙂


Do you ever discover something about yourself that you never even knew?

Like you adore purple in bathrooms.

With mosaic tile.

And a clawfoot tub.

For the before and after and middle and extra details of this incredible bathroom….you can check it out here.


I’m adding this to my list of must-haves for the beach house.

I want to make one in gray.

With starfish for the stars.

If you’re adding this to your list, too… here for details and diy instructions.


Every now and then in this big wide world that we live in….

….a post speaks to your soul.

It’s so raw and so real and so honest….

….that you are a better person for having read it.

That’s how I feel about this post from Gourley Girl.

Thank you for sharing your journey and your struggle….

….and your heart.


This was a random week.

Trust me.

Because this week I:

Could not believe a brownie could be made from this.

Found this clever idea.

Planned to make these from burlap.

Talked to a friend who had a barn ladder for sale and thought it would be perfect for this.

Saved this wonderful idea for my wedding dress.


And be sure to stop back by next week.

I’m posting the tutorial on how to make the shutter wall in this room.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Yolanda Yolanda

    Dear KariAnne, This is the first time I write in your blog and hope not will be the last. I really love your posts and wait for them everyday. You are a very creative woman with an incredible sensitivity. Excuse me if my english is not so good. Please continue with the same passion and enthusiasm. I'm from Barcelona (Spain) and I am following your blog since November '13. I also run twice a week and I started some years ago. I have had several injuries due to run. Let me recommend you (if you have the possibility) not to run by asphalt but by roads and mountains. I think you will enjoy running. Sometimes its hard but when you finish you feel better... Greetings from Barcelona!!!

  2. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    All I Want For Christmas Is Youuuuuuuuu! Thought I'd get in the Christmas spirit. I love that song and I dance around the house to it while I clean and cook. My hubby does get a little tired of it:-( the song not me. How exciting that you're doing this marathon. Is there a special reason or is it just for yourself? I am very proud of you and I look forward to hearing your progress. Have a good weekend. Abbracci

  3. Image for Cassie @ LittleRedWindow Cassie @ LittleRedWindow

    Hi KariAnne! Thank you for sharing my Vintage Wedding Dress Necklace! And I had to laugh at your Christmas song story, too funny! At least it didn't happen in January when you're completely sick of Christmas songs, right?! Have a great weekend!

  4. Image for Pinky at Designs by Pinky Pinky at Designs by Pinky

    I am walking too, Kariann. Yesterday I got a Fitbit and it tracks my steps, calories, distance etc. Clips on my shorts or bra:) or shirt or can just be in a pocket! LOVE it. Now I have to go back and check out all this stuff, I have been on and off my computer this week cause it was a BUSY week! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Great links today! But NOW you bring back the shutter wall ~ just after I give almost every one of mine to a friend?!? Maybe I'll collect more for a smashing headboard ~ because I do love! And I've always wanted a rolling ladder to something ~ somewhere! That wall of bookcases will do: hmmm, need to add a room for that! But most importantly, prayers for Jessica and Chris: loved reading about her faith in God's plan for their lives ...

  6. Image for melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

    Karianne, YOU are the rock star! My daughter is training for cross country, and instead of running with her I follow on bike…or sometimes Suburban. Although she says I feel like a stalker when I follow in the car! HA! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing my burlap carrots! You are too kind! Oh…and I almost forgot…Merry Christmas! Melissa

  7. Image for Patty Patty

    Hi Kari I so hope this finds you as I had to suspend this email address as it was obviously hacked way back when I had received the email regarding voting for you every hour on your chest. Remember way back then?. I enjoy reading your posts so much as I am back in the ICU fighting this ugly leukemia, though I have to believe that God does have a plan for me as this is year 20 for fighting this away, I lay here trying to figure out how I can replicate as much as possible the front of the gate house to my cookie cutter to have that inviting look as I know I will be having to put my home for sale very soon. Where can I find the details of that project and also where do suggest I can order seashells & starfish? Your posts have seem to find me in this past few weeks and I can't tell you just how welcomed they are. Your sunshine & happy posts have been a true ray of sunshine.. Be careful in your jog/run/walk as fractures I sustained in my 20's are looming over my bones today. Blessings

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