I’m training for a 5K.

Please pick your chin up off the floor.

It’s true.

And I’m just as surprised as  you are.

I’m using an app called “Couch to 5k.”  Have you ever heard of it?  It’s designed to get you off the couch (preferably one as beautiful as this couch from the Southern Living House Tour).   You walk 4 minutes and then you run a minute and then you walk two minutes….and on and on and on for about half an hour.

When I start I pretend like I’m in a movie.

At the beginning it’s “Chariots of Fire”….but by the end….

….it looks a little like “Are We There Yet”?  🙂

20130216_79-copy-webHave you ever seen a more beautiful picture?

I mean…..seriously?

It’s like it’s coming through the screen and onto my kitchen counters.

The photo and recipe for blueberry bars is from the amazing Kleinworth and Co.

You can find her blog here.

And even more leap-off-the-screen-recipes….here.

liz marie blog

I adore this home office from Liz Marie.

It’s amazing.

But the best part…’s a rental…..

….but yet she managed to make it her own.

You go girl. 🙂

You can see more of the house….here and here.


I met Tania from Run to Radiance (don’t you love the name of her blog) and her husband at Haven.

We sat in the Ballard Designs living room and talked for hours.

Her blog is fun and refreshing and full of joy.

But the best part?

It’s the place where all the befores…..become afters.


I love shopping.

But I love shopping for a cause even better.

I wanted to give a shout out to Joss and Main.  I’ve worked with them in the past….but today they are doing something extra special.

A percentage of all the sales from this curated event go to help Habitat for Humanity and help families with a home they truly need.

To see the sale…you can click here.


And in random news.

This week I…..


Decided I was going to make these for everyone in my family.

Found these amazing plans to build a drying rack.

Learned an easy photography tip.

Couldn’t believe she made this from toilet paper.

Found fun summer color ideas.

beach house deck

Oh….and just in case you missed it the first time….

beach house entry

….here’s a tour of my favorite house on the planet.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂


PS  Someone just told me this was in a magazine.

If you have seen it….can you let me know? 🙂

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  1. Image for Renae Renae

    I DID see it in a magazine, I think it was TOH! You didn't know they were going to use it? I knew it anywhere and couldn't figure out why you hadn't told us! ;) gorgeous. And good luck with the 5k...I've started training a dozen times and never get past week three. I wish I didn't get so bored easily! Happy weekend!

  2. Image for Jeannie Jeannie

    You are an amazing inspiration and I know you will conquer the 5K in fabulous style! What wonderful links this week. I love that beach house, too. How marvelous it must be to sit on the deck and listen to the waves. My husband made me a drying rack - a Ballard Designs knock off. I actually like his version better. Instead of using twill tape or nylon webbing, he actually attached a piece at an angle at the bottom of the rack which keeps the drying portion from coming out too far. We had just added bead board to our laundry room so the drying rack cost us nothing. I love a freebie! I use it all the time for all kinds of things. I have a couple of pictures if you'd like to see what it looks like.

  3. Image for Gina Gina

    You are so sweet. I have so enjoyed getting to know you better!! Thank you for sharing my Blueberry Pie Bars. I'm so happy to hear you like them. I'm loving that app you talk about- I think I may need to give that a go . It's time for a change around here. Sigh..... Have a blessed weekend my friend! Hugs!

  4. Image for Anne Anne

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, it brightens my day and offers such wonderful ideas. Good luck with the 5k I did my first one during Race for a cure in honor of my mom who is a breast cancer survivor!!!

  5. Image for Cynthia @her lovely nest Cynthia @her lovely nest

    go KariAnne go! I'm so very impressed with your goal and I know you'll do great. I bet you look smashing running in your red lipstick! last month I downloaded a pedometer app called Pacer, to help me realize my [lack of] daily steps and encourage me to walk every day. so each night I head out just before dark, snap some gorgeous twilight pictures, and breathe the cool fresh air. here's to getting off the couch, sister!

  6. Image for Tania // Run To Radiance Tania // Run To Radiance

    You will totally rock that 5K! Excited to hear your progress. Thank you so much for including our home in your lovely round-up...I feel so honored and had the best time chatting with you! :) Hope it can happen again soon!!!

  7. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I know you can do the 5K next you'll be running a mini 13.1 miles -- I've done them twice and with training it can be done. It helps if you train with someone -- someone who is as funny as you are. I never thought I could do 13+ miles but at mile number 12 I had Rocky's theme in my ear and by golly I finished. When are you doing it? You'll probably be running and telling stories as you go along :-)

  8. Image for Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker Melissa@TheHappierHomemaker

    You will rock that 5K Karianne!! I did that program after my second son was born 6 years ago-I had never been able to run before but the slow "ease into it" method really worked and I was able to do my first 5K race a few months later, it is really fun once you get over the initial adjustment. I found that I really loved trail running over road running, so don't forget to try that out with some nice trail shoes!!

  9. Image for Linda @ It All Started With Paint Linda @ It All Started With Paint

    The coach house entry is in the month's (August) issue of This Old House magazine. The used the pic on a page about front entry lighting. But they didn't source you on the page or at the back of the magazine, which isn't right. I'm surprised they would just take your image like that with out permissions or credit ... :) Linda

  10. Image for Natalie Klemek Natalie Klemek

    I used the very same app (couch to 5k) for my after giving birth fitness goal to help me train for my first 5k and it helped immensely! I even went on to run a half marathon after that. Wishing you the best with training and stick with it because you'll be so proud of yourself in the end. Thank you as always for such wonderful, entertaining, and informative posts!

  11. Image for Lisa Lisa

    OK. I have been running for 3 years and I have never had the courage to register for a race. I read the first line of your post and promptly registered for a "color run" next weekend. My son in law and youngest are with me and we will be covered in a rainbow of color by the finish line. You go girl!!! /

  12. Image for Colleen Colleen

    Good luck on the Couch to 5k, I have tried it twice and gave up both times because it kicked my butt, and/or I realized my aspirations of running are not aspirations at all, and I should realize I'd rather do almost anything than actually run, but I do love the idea of running. It took me years to figure that out. Good luck and rock it!

  13. Image for Kathy Kathy

    My daughter did that 'couch to 5K' - I say, 'Go for it!' Woohoo! Great random post - enjoyed reading it - I've been cleaning outdoors - my garden has gone wild - no videos please! I've hung pictures - amazed that I didn't see how pretty they were - I bought the for the frame - go figure! I've listened to 'Happy' - Gru's Theme song by Pharrell Willimas - on repeat for hours - which made me think of Haven and wish I could rewind time and go back. I spent a lot of time talking to Tanya and her husband too - they're awesome! I made a Pina Colada Cake - for Dearest who loves pineapples and coconut...and now updating Feedly feeds - because I want some way of better following - in addition to Bloglovin - so that's how I ended up here - my random day :) BTW - I prayed for you while you were at BeComing - sigh, wish I could have come - would have brought my daughters and friends, but too many other things happening then - I hope you have a blessed weekend, Kathy

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