Pink_Flowers.jpgJust in case you were wondering…..

….this week was amazing.

I mean….there wasn’t one giant big amazing….just a lot of little amazings that all added up.

Do you ever have a week like that?

At the end of it….your heart is happy and your head is smiling and you can’t really place the one thing that made it so great….

….just a whole lot of random bits of wonderful. 🙂

This week…..

I found some amazing tips on how to grow these.

Decided this was the month I was going to make this from an old door.

Got a little yucked out by this (I mean….seriously).

Started planning for Fourth of July.

Never knew you could do this.

And decided I was going to make these for breakfast for Father’s Day.

handmade home

I also participated in a really fun design challenge.

A group of bloggers were asked to recreate a design based on a classic work of literature.

Ashley from The Handmade Home had Alice In Wonderland.

She created an entire tea party with printables and a no-sew tent and wonder and imagination….

….and brought Alice and her friends to life.

If you stop by her blog….please tell her she needs to right a children’s party book.

Like yesterday. 🙂

OnlineFabricsTablescape_thumbLaura from Finding Home had Wuthering Heights.

She created an English tablescape layered with fabrics and dishes and fresh flowers.

Can’t you feel the breezes rolling over the moors outside?

And Heathcliff waiting to pull out your chair. 🙂


And in the amazing summer porch department…..

….this one stole my heart.

Jessica kept it simple with basic neutrals and pops of color…..

….and those pillows.


Definitely sweet-tea worthy. 🙂


And I leave you with this….

….red white and blue layered in a mason jar and topped with a strawberry and whipped cream.

The perfect beginning and ending for your Fourth of July celebration. 🙂

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Thanks for sharing your projects and ideas this week. The trash to treasure tour was inspirational! I also enjoyed the links today! I just have to say that those men who wear their jeans without ever washing them haven't followed us around. Living on a farm, the stains that jump on our clothes cannot just be sponged off or frozen to kill the germs/smells. For example, this week we castrated calves, cleaned out their stalls, rebedded their stalls with shavings, pulled up spent lettuce, broccoli, and spinach plants and sowed green beans in their place, scrubbed chicken feeders, and mowed about 10 acres of grass just to get the week started. Would you want to sit on the back porch here next to me wearing the clothes I wore while doing all those chores and nibble a slice of pie and slurp on a glass of sweet tea?

  2. Image for Jill Jill

    So glad your week was awesome. Hope your Father's Day is fabulous! Loved your inspiration this week! Girl, you were on fire! Not like that is unusual! ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Image for Debbie Debbie

    Love the links! I think I am going to try the old door bookcase as well. I thank you for reading our tips on growing blueberries! Have a great weekend!

  4. Image for Lisa Lisa

    That berries & whipped cream idea is definitely showing up in my house on Father's Day! Thanks for sharing all these goodies :) Happy weekend!

  5. Image for Pat Pat

    I'm starving! The fruit & whipped cream looks divine. So many great ideas shared ~ thank you! Having computer problems so haven't been visiting blogs. Have a wonderful weekend! xo Pat

  6. Image for Nana Diana Nana Diana

    KariAnnw- I love it when you have wonderful little pieces of days that all add up to a marvelous week. Those jars look amazing!!! Your pictures are wonderful as always, too! Happy Sunday to you- xo Diana

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