Random moments from the royal wedding:

1.  That veil.  That veil.  That veeeeeeeiiiiiiilllllllllll.  It was 16 feet long.  Did you know it was embroidered with a flower from each of the 53 counties of the commonwealth?

2.  The silhouette of that veil the stairs going into the church where the page boys were carrying up the back of her veil and you could see the green grass and the blue sky.

3.  The choir director of the Stand By Me choir.  She was amazing.

4.  All the littles in the wedding procession.  It was the cutest moment ever when Meghan arrived to meet Prince Harry and she was looking around for one of the littles to take her bouquet.

5.  When the announcer said, “She’s here to meet her prince.”

6.  When Prince Harry lifted off her veil and you could see the love between the two of them.

7.  And the moment that I got up at 5:30 this morning and sat for an hour with my mother and mother-in-law and one of the twins to watch for.

The moment that made all the waiting worth it.

When a prince kissed his princess at the top of the stairs.

And they all lived happily ever after. 🙂

These hammock pillows.

And maybe this farmhouse setting, too.

See the DIY (for the pillows, not the meadow) here.

These IKEA decorating ideas.

Like this super affordable plate rack.

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This bunny tale.

Outdoor decorating and baby bunnies.

Cutest pictures EVER here.

This outdoor space.

There’s a DIY for the table and many more pictures.

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And in random news this week:

These outdoor ideas for small spaces

This dresser

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And this post.  Seriously.  SUCH a great reminder.

And one more for the road.

What to do when you have decorating roadblock.

Happy random Saturday to you.

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  1. Image for Marjorie Marjorie

    Wasn’t the wedding awesome and such a beautiful bride! My daughter in law and I watched. Sure was early here in the Northwest but we made it up shortly after 3:30!

  2. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I'm so in love with that dresser DIY that I have to do it. Yes I do. But I've had sewing projects and loads of company this year with more to come, so finding time will be a challenge... Happy Random Saturday to you too, friend!

  3. Image for Gina Gina

    True love really does exist. And it is wonderful to see in Meghan and Harry. And to think dreams of finding a Prince and becoming a Princess is a reality not a fairytale!

  4. Image for Kathleen Hart Kathleen Hart

    I, too,was up early. And made blueberry scones for the occasion. And our breakfast. It wa all so lovely!💕

  5. Image for Shirley Shirley

    Wasn’t it absolutely beautiful? The weather, the flowers, the guests, the music& the stunning bride. May they always been in love as much as they are today.

  6. Image for Cindy Cindy

    I got up early and have been watching everything again all afternoon. I was especially interested in the veil, as I recently made my granddaughter a beautiful long veil for her August wedding. I had such fun making it, and was amazed how easy everything came together. I can't believe how pricy veils are today when most are so simple to make. I sewed everything by hand. Definitely a labor of love.

  7. Image for Janette Janette

    Oh it has been such an amazing and fabulous day, everyone here was super worried about the weather...I mean, it's England and we are not known for our glorious sunshine...but not to worry, wasn't it the most beautiful, wonderful day, she looked AMAZING, THEY, looked AMAZING, just beautiful and everyone turned out to wish them well, parties going on all over the UK....I shall remember it always.So glad you got to see, I have a friend in Texas, she is English, but got up early to watch, hanky at the ready...so glad we all got to share this AMAZING day...xx

  8. Image for Margaret Margaret

    I hadn't really planned to watch but I woke up and it was on, so what was I supposed to do? It was gorgeous! Don't you know Princess Diana was beaming?

  9. Image for Sara Sara

    Did you see Harry mouth the words “you look amazing” just as Charles sat down? Loved getting up for all these weddings so far. Anne’s, Charles and Diana, William and now Harry. So glad he found the right one!

  10. Image for Reta Reta

    The wedding highlights for me - 1) Rev. Curry's message was one that like the Brits never heard before. 2) Hearing the gospel song AMEN as they were about to descend the steps. All was a beautiful testimony.

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    I didn’t get emotional until later this afternoon when telling my husband why I like William/Harry so much - and a little about the wedding. It made me sad about Diana - she loved her sons so much. I cried and cried but was also so happy - sounds strange but so many emotions. The wedding was very nice, really just right - and I think the Queen was honestly happy too - she loves those boys. I loved the young man playing the cello the most, he is so talented. I hope they live happily ever after! Bless them all...

  12. Image for Linda Linda

    Also....I was so excited (and tired) that I forgot to make my tea and bring out my teapot from an England trip - ha. England is such a fairy tale place to me and very happy for those two boys!! Hope they can enjoy their lives, they are definitely Diana’s sons - glad they can both be happier now.

  13. Image for PJ PJ

    That essay from Handmade Home touched my heart. Thank you for sharing this on what has been a particularly challenging week.

  14. Image for Marie Lavender Marie Lavender

    Yes, the choir director - those flowy, silky sleeves were in perfect time with the music. And "This Little Light of Mine" at the end??? INCREDIBLE. The faces of the congregation when Michael Curry was speaking were quite comical. You could tell they'd never seen anything like him before. Wonder if the Queen will have him around for tea? And did you see Harry bite his lip after he told Meghan she looked amazing? OMG - I had to go lay down and die for a minute.

  15. Image for Betty in (dry and hot) Arlington Betty in (dry and hot) Arlington

    I did get up early to witness the joyful Royal wedding, then sang for another at church at noon! Then on Sunday, we had a guest priest from Austin, who gave the homily at church; he talked about the two disparate events this weekend— one the joyous and loving royal wedding celebration, and the other sad and tragic event taking ten peoples’ lives. He said all the clergy in Texas were writing to one another about it, as the 17 year old who pleaded guilty was a baptized Christian. He concluded that in small ways, we need to be more loving to one another.

  16. Image for Peg Peg

    So nice to have an American princess once again (I <3 Grace Kelly)!! Ummm, and those apple roses!! I need a video tutorial!! xoxo

  17. Image for Maria A Trunzo Maria A Trunzo

    I never went to bed. I was afraid I would miss waking myself & my daughter up so we could see the love between the two special people. Beautiful wedding. I believe in love. My husband & I have been married for 51 1/2 years. We had our marriage blessed by a Catholic Priest in a Catholic Church & God has always been part of our marriage. Maria Trunzo


    Hey everyone, Has anyone else quit getting posts all of a sudden. I have been a long-time subscriber and all of a sudden I'm not receiving any posts. Plus I can find a way to follow all over again. I did subscribe to the newsletter but I don't think that's the same thing. Help! Oh, and PS, why is it we are all so quick to use that phrase "too much time on our hands" when no one knows our schedule or our interests. I'm one busy, intelligent, hard-working woman but I taped it and watched it, too. Sure it was "Hallmarkish" but so what? We all need a little ' fairy tale wonder" in this day and age of so much anger.

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