Good morning sunshine.

Here are a few random facts on a cold rainy Saturday.

1. If you live in McKinney I have some super cute furniture sitting out by the curb.  I’m selling it to help with my nephew’s mission trip.  I just found a cute lampshade I’ll throw in for free if you buy anything, too. 🙂

2. The twins are as tall as me, now.  One of them might even be taller.  I know, right?  I’m as surprised as you.

3. I’m heading out on the Kirkland’s tour.  To see all the dates, you can head to the Kirkland’s Facebook page or check out my events page here.

4. If you live in North Texas, can you tell me some plants that grow.  It’s been a while since I lived here and I forgot.  We are starting to make plans for the outside.  I’m going to get a few hydrangeas (just because I love them so much) and baby them, but other than that?  Holly?  Boxwood?  Magnolia?

And now?

Here’s what the internet has been up to this week.

See that marble top?


She made over this table and made it look like marble and it looks so real.

See the entire DIY here.

I love anything thrift store.

Especially empty frames.

Here’s a cute post on ideas to decorate with them.

Here’s a little before and after bathroom.

I added this because I LOVE the way she used art in the post.

I didn’t even think about ordering smaller prints like this.

And I love the story behind this dresser.

I have had dresser regret before.

But this one has a happily ever after.


And in random news this week:

This three-minute make-up routine

This living room over the years

These free botanical printables

This simple DIY

This kitchen

These little bits of spring

This patio

A little farmhouse for your morning

The 100 best movies on Netflix

And this.

This renovation story is one of my favorites this week.

One more for the road?

Have 14 minutes today?

Here’s how to faux clean your house for company.

Happy random Saturday to you.


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  1. Image for Jane B Jane B

    Well if it wasn't raining I'd come check out what you have for sale ;) I'm about 30 minutes away from you. Still raining here so I'm going to continue to play on FB and email while in my's that kinda day.

  2. Image for karen karen

    Well little missy I really enjoyed your post today. The pink/redo bathroom is so good. Loved the schoolhouse diy. gonna copy that one using aqua paint.. The dresser story was sweet. I did not know Joss and Main are cousins. Perhaps I forgot.

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    KariAnne--your "faux clean" link sends me back to Dering Hall--thought you might want to know. And now my home will never be faux clean!!! :) Love the decorating with empty frames link. We have many really neat empty frames--now I just need the time to incorporate them in my home.

  4. Image for Marilyn Marilyn

    I live in Fort Worth and we have had good luck with hawthorns. They have either pink or white blooms. They are even pretty in the winter. Purple fringe (I don't know the scientific name) it also does well and grows fairly quickly. It literally has very pretty purple fringe on it! Wisteria, if you need something that climbs but it can take over so be careful with it! We put out African iris and them seem to do well. They die off in the winter but you just cut the dead off and then they will come back in the spring. Mine are already showing some green. Hope this helps.

  5. Image for Stacey Stacey

    KariAnne, when we moved back here I bought this book and it is wonderful!! It tells you what you might plant and where. It provides information about rainfall or lack thereof... It tells you what to plant together. We love it!

  6. Image for frances walthers frances walthers

    check out Neil Sperry he is great....he has a garden news letter every week and he is in Mckinney.....

  7. Image for Pam Lane Pam Lane

    I live in McKinney, and some of the plants that work. Anything that requires an acid soil will not make it here in our alkaline clay soil. So that eliminates azalies, any kind of pine tree, gardenias and such. Your hydrangea is going to have problems, unless you plant it in a very shady spot, the Texas sun destroys will burn the leaves. What grows here super well is the crepe myrtle which you can use as trees or their are shrub varieties. Boxwoods will grow, if you baby them. Yaupon hollies, nandina, and Juniper are good. I have plumbago which bloom all summer, but may have to be replaced every year depending on how bad the winter is. Flowers include salvia, snapdragons, pansys, periwinkles will do good, but on an annual basis. We are a 7a climate zone. Hope this helps ! Happy to help you further if you need help.

  8. Image for Julie Briones Julie Briones

    Great Thistlekeeping, as always! Thanks for the inspiration and work you put into it. :-) I just ordered a window box and container plants for my little place! Planting is very fun!

  9. Image for Sjb Sjb

    Check out Neil Sperry website. He also has a great New gardening book! Love the pieces you've added to your new home, it's beautiful!

  10. Image for Brandy Brandy

    Hi my friend!! What do you think about using images that share family history? Ex: generations of hands or feet in a black and white or vintage looking photo? Especially since you are living in your childhood home! Pics that honor and tell your family story! I also have been following Sara Jo Floyd at her blog Bryarton Farm. She is an amazing artist/photographer/mommy of 2 little girls and could do a gorgeous watercolor of Thistlewood Farm to hang in your home! Whatever you choose... I just love the idea of honoring God’s goodness and faithfulness in your life and family by remembering! It build you faith for all that He will do! On the flowers... maybe some heirloom/vintage roses... oh and lavender!! Ruibals in Dallas are fantastic for helping you walk through their garden and choose what is best for your spaces! Also Weston Gardens which is tucked away off of I-20 and Anglin near Arlington/Ft.Worth! I love to go there to be mentally refreshed and drink in the beauty! 😘 Your staircase is a true work of art! Hugs- brandy

  11. Image for Peg Peg

    The floors at Little Farmstead made my farmhouse-lovin-heart go pitter-pat!! Thank you for always bringing us such fabulous finds and the joys of home at Thistlewood!! xoxo

  12. Image for Sue in Texas Sue in Texas

    Karianne, I live in Forney now (formerly Dallas most of my life) and love plants. We have thick clay soil a lot like McKinney. I've had the best luck with hydrangeas in big pots; they bloom nicely and come back each year. Perennial lantana, plumbago, autumn sage, spirea, althea, and vitrex work well out here. You can look at anything from A&M for great info ( I also love this book, Native Texas Plants: Landscaping Region by Region by Wascowski, for exact zone plant descriptions. Spring has sprung in all of us, hasn't it?!

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