Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1.  Can you believe I got my act together enough to publish Thistlekeeping?  Please tell me you smiled when you saw it in your inbox.

2.  We are heading out today for Baylor homecoming.  I’m a little stressed because there’s a color for every section of the stadium and I have no idea what color we are supposed to wear.  If you see the game on television and notice one gray shirt in a sea of red, just pretend like you don’t notice.

3.  I was trying to be thankful for dust yesterday.  I stood in the middle of that kitchen and all its almost-beauty and looked at the layers of dust spilling out and covering the floors of the house and tried to remind myself that dust today means cute kitchen tomorrow.

4.  In random decorating news I had an idea that potentially may be brilliant if I can make it work.  Have you seen the square acrylic curtain rods with the brass rectangular curtain rings?  If you haven’t here’s a circle version I found at Ballard Designs.  I think I’ve figured out how to DIY them for my new living room.  I’ll keep you posted.

5.  Yesterday I had lunch with an amazing blogger and friend.  We sat outside at a restaurant called Patina Green on the square in McKinney just a few blocks from my new (old) home.  It was an afternoon to remember.  The violin played outside the restaurant and the breeze blew and we laughed and ate jalapeno bread and told stories and in that moment….

….I finally felt like I was home. 🙂

And now—here are my favorite links from around the web this week.

This blogger has some of the best photography tips on the planet.

I love this idea she had of finding unusual backdrops for photos.

Post and tips found here.

If I were a table setting, this is what I would want to look like.

Love the charger.

Love the plates.

Love the amber glassware.

All the details found here.

And just when I was almost falled out, I found this.

This amazing porch with its corn husks.

Tour the rest of the porch here.

And in the super exciting news department, my friend Melinda from House 214 Designs has created a FREE e-course on decorating.

I was so excited because her home is one of my favorites in blog land.

Her style is amazing and she’s offering insider tips for FREE.

You can click here to sign up for the course.


And in random news this week:

This bookcase styling

This messy house tour (love, love, LOVE it)

This beautiful sunroom

These fun artists

This inspired me

This made me laugh out loud

I want to stay here

This post on reducing clutter

And just because I’m going to Waco today, I may have to stop and get some of this comfort and joy. 🙂

One more for the road.

Here’s my tree from last year and tons of ideas for handmade ornaments.

Click here to see more.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    First, I totally smiled when I saw Thistlekeeping in my inbox this morning. Second, I’m all goose-bumpy after reading about lunch yesterday and I’m so blessed to have shared such a beautiful afternoon with you.😍

  2. Image for Sue Sue

    Thank you. It looks like you are doing better. Prayers for you. Change can be tough but you are tougher and I am looking forward to a fun future with you.

  3. Image for Terie Terie

    😀😀😀- no matter what color you are wearing in the stadium today , your Light and Love will shine BRIGHT , KariAnne!!!! Have a wonderful time!!!!

  4. Image for Lorri Rauscher Lorri Rauscher

    Yes.... you go Rock Star!!. I did smile and thought to myself ..gee Karianne has it all together. Just reading Thistlekeeping is so cute..I think of birds cleaning their nest...lol. Oh boy going to Waco...I know where I would be stopping at....I saw Baylor Stadium while watching one of Fixer Upper episodes...looked huge..Hope u have a great day!!

  5. Image for Barbara Barbara

    You should wear RED to match your lipstick!:) Love your Saturday posts and of course all of them. Loved the watercolorist♥

  6. Image for Carolyn Gillum Driskill Carolyn Gillum Driskill

    I love McKinny square! We went to a wedding reception at the Grand I ( may not be the right name) it's on the corner near Spoons! Anyway so many neat shops in the square! I bet your kids love being able to walk to restaurants instead of having to drive 20 minutes or more ! Just wanted to say hi!! Chat later!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  7. Image for Sherry Sherry

    You’re going to live in Mc Kinney? Well, Missy, I’m in midtown Fort Worth, so we are practically neighbors! We live in a 1929 English cottage so I have rich golds, burgundies, greens.......but I do love your style!! Good luck as you settle in!

  8. Image for Joi Welch Joi Welch

    On the way to Baylor's homecoming this morning I read your post about your family heading the same direction. As I was eating lunch at Twisted Root burgers I looked up and saw two cute girls that looked just like yours. I went up and had such a nice conversation with your sweet mom. I let her know how entertaining your writing has been over the past couple of years that I have been reading. Hope you had a fun day! We almost came back with a win.... Next game!

  9. Image for Janet Cole Janet Cole

    OMG I LOVE Patina Green! I can't wait until I can come up for air and make a run to McKinney....so glad you are home. BTW I actually ordered those acrylic rods from Ballard and tried to "back into" the length for about a month...I finally returned them :'-( I was terrified to have the acrylic cut and Ballard said they would not be returnable if they were "altered" (duh). I'll be stalking your site to steal your solution lol. Love you!!

  10. Image for JoJo JoJo

    Ahhhhhh...Patina Green! Some of our happiest years were the ones we lived in Melissa, TX. The McKinney Square was where I took our out of town guests. You’ve landed in such a great spot. 😊

  11. Image for Stephanie Wethington Stephanie Wethington

    Karianne, I so love Thistlekeeping and excited to be with you in this blog!!! You are just a wonderful person and I so enjoy everything you do!!! Now....I really don't know how to suggest this because if I hurt your feelings it would just break my heart....I believe it is a good suggestion and I want to share it with you. Often you wear dark colors like black (a lot) and dark brown. You are so beautiful in lighter shades of clothing. Your picture on this blog is great!!!! I would like to see you wear brighter colors. You are a beautiful woman and you don't need to let those dark colors weigh you down. I believe the brighter colors highlight your face and most especially your eyes!!! Now, you know that I am truly your friend because I have suggested clothing colors!!! I so hope I have not offended you...I would never want to do that!!! Brighter colors and red lipstick go together!! I love you friend....xoxo

  12. Image for Louverna Tomer Louverna Tomer

    Karianne, i watched the football game last night and didn't see your shirt - but did see a lot of fans. My Mountaineers almost lost to your Baylor Bears. We were lucky!! I did see a small group of WVU fans there in the corner. I love your blog and seeing what you are doing with your home. I would love to be able to decorate like you do. You either have it or you don't. You certainly have it! Take care and Blessings to you. Louverna

  13. Image for Terri Terri

    That "Fall" porch is beyond amazing !!! Congrats... was happy to see my inbox!!!!!! THISTLEKEEPING!! I smile.....

  14. Image for Peg Peg

    I am SO envious that you're close to Waco now and the Disneyland of Home Decor!! Maybe someday I'll be fortunate enough to travel there from Boston and partake in the festivities!! xoxoxo

  15. Image for Bliss Bliss

    Just stopping in because if you're moving I have obviously not been 'round often enough because I was like all jaw on the floor when I read it on FB. Sounds like you are already in Texas, already found a house, and as usual I'm probably the last to know what is going on in the blogging world. I need to know how this came about .... the girls are excited to move? New job for Mr. Thistle? Geezus, I might have to go to Texas now.

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