Happy Saturday rock star.

It’s vegetable quiz time.

Can you guess what this is?

My friend brought it over to my house yesterday along with the most beautiful summer squash you have ever seen.

It looks like a lemon, right?  Short and squatty and round and yellow with seeds.

It’s not.

It’s a cucumber.

An old-fashioned heirloom cucumber.

I’m pretty sure there’s a life lesson here somewhere about being true to who you are and making your own vegetable way the only way you know how and loving yourself in your own rind.

But instead, let’s keep it simple with some vegetable wisdom for the day.

Never judge a cucumber by its peel. 🙂

Just when I thought pallets couldn’t get any cuter—this shows up.

An outdoor pallet coffee table.

See the whole DIY here.

Isn’t this the cutest idea ever–a rattan coozie.

Perfect for an outdoor party.

DIY found here.

Just in case you were looking for kitchen decorating ideas?

I found a few.

See all the ideas here.

Ever wanted to bleach your drop cloths?

This is the post for you.

DIY for drop cloth bleaching here.

And in random news this week:

These ideas for cottage style charm (especially #4)

These furniture makeovers

Just discovered this blog

Blue and white kitchens

This designer

Love this sign idea

Lessons from a successful entrepreneur

How to organize your refrigerator

50 things to get rid of

And I love this story of following your heart.

And one more for the road.

A little summer decorating from my back porch.

Happy random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Happy Saturday Morning to you! I never met a cucumber that I didn't love, but this heirloom is divine! Only you would be able to find the wisdom and life lesson in a vegetable - beyond the rind. Thank-you for this most stellar post of the delightfully entertaining Thistlekeeping!!

  2. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Awww, the weather. We've had sporadic thunderstorms, wildfires as far away as Utah that turned the otherwise cloudless skies a weirdly mystical shade of grey, cool mornings, hot afternoons...but it's all beautiful. Love the patio and the furniture and the way it all seems to be beckoning you over to start a conversation with your best friends over a cup of (yup!) that sweet tea that only a true Southerner knows how to make. Happy Random Saturday to you too, my friend!

  3. Image for Kris Kris

    I knew that was a cucumber! Is there a prize that goes with my great knowledge? ;) Here's another factoid for ya--cucumbers are actually fruits, not veggies. But in my household ... we eat them as a vegetable. Cedar Hill Farmhouse has the most drool-worthy kitchen ever. Sigh. And I love the "how to bleach a dropcloth" idea. I may even use it! I've been thinking for a long time about using antique frames that are cluttering up our basement and turning them into pushpin boards--maybe with foam core boards covered with drop cloths inside the frames? If only I had my friend KariAnne here to help my fumbling attempts ...

  4. Image for Ren Ren

    I knew those were cucumbers! My grandparents grew them every year and made pickles with them too. That was 60+ years ago so I guess they are heirloom now!!

  5. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Love your Saturday wrap-ups! The cucumber looks like a lemon cucumber...I'm growing them this year. Super refreshing and good!

  6. Image for Jamie Lott Jamie Lott

    Hi friend! Thanks so much for your sweet share! This year I might actually finish the patio so I can put the outdoor coffee table...outdoors. I'm so close... ;)

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