The Shops at Thistlewood

Can I ask you a question?

How is the weather where you are?


I know that’s the kind of random question that people ask on elevators when everyone is quiet and awkwardly staring at each other and no one wants to make eye contact and no one can think of anything to say….so someone finally searches for conversation…..and asks about the weather….

….but I really want to know.

Is it me or has the weather stopped making sense?

It’s raining when it should be sunny and then super hot for days and then all of a sudden it’s unseasonably cool.


Is it random where you are, too?


Good thing random weather is perfect for shopping.

Good thing I have amazing sponsors with some fun discounts today.

Happy random weather shopping to you!


You’ve met Barb from Farmhouse Decor before.

Or at least you met her metal numbers.


She had me at farmhouse.

Well….actually….she had me at this and this….oh….and these.

And the best part….everything is 15% off this week for Thistlewood readers in the land of the metal numbers.

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Have you ever heard of a FLEXI  from Lilla Rose before?

I adore them…..they’re the perfect hair accessory.

They are sparkly and blingy and make me feel like I’m starring in a Hallmark movie.

And the best part?

They go perfectly with red lipstick. 🙂

And this week for Thistlewood Farm readers they are buy three get one free!

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For all the styles and colors be sure to check out the entire collection over at Lilla Rose!


Every time I see the paintings from Redbird Cottage ETSY shop….I smile.

Actually….I smile a little and my heart smiles a lot.

How can a person help it?

Tiny birds and nests and flowers….all painted in bright colors and full of joy.

It’s like a tiny piece of nature coming to life on canvas.

And all that joy is 10% off this week for Thistlewood Readers.

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Have you ever seen a conch shell with a succulent like this one from Rosekraft?

It’s the perfect combination….so much better than seaweed.

Rosekraft offers a little bohemian cottage combined with a little vintage bird decor and tops it off with old-fashioned garden gifts.

The shop also has framed 1800’s scrapbook cards and Victorian paper pictures.

Rosekraft is offering free shipping on any framed prints for Thistlewood readers.

Just enter the code:  FREEFARM at checkout.

Thanks for shopping today and I hope the sun is shining for you today!

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  1. Image for Gwen Gwen

    Seriously? I live in Central California. Rain is BAD right now. Peaches get brown rot...not good for almonds, well nor lots of crops. We do not have thunder or rain in the summer nor tornadoes in the spring! Well, a tornado this Italian cypress? Looked like a sunny California Palm tree...and I'd heard that the great Sahara Desert winds get sand in the jet stream and its sand seeds the clouds over the plains where my dear aunt and uncle farm without irrigation. So I prayed, Lord get the winds blowing in the Sahara today and send rain. Oh later on, my hubby is sitting on the couch and turns his ear, we both hear lots of thunder and have a Downpour!!! So I touch my rain drenched chaise lounge and pray, Lord, You are the God of the winds and rain. Get this over the mountains right over my uncles farm in the prairies. And you know what? My aunt called my Mom yesterday, to say that suddenly the thunder came and a downpour began and the dry spell was broken. I got to figuring was right after I'd finished praying. Strange weather? But God used it to prompt me to pray!

  2. Image for Mimi Mimi

    I thought I was the only one confused about this weather? We live in a suburb outside Phila, PA. And it's been raining Quite a lot this summer. Which is pretty good for the flowers and helps break the heat waves. But not so good for the beach, or swimmers. If its not raining, it's super humid and hot. But then out of no where, last night the temp dropped to I don't know...feels like 60's-70's still this morning. It feels great. Curious how long this will last. Love the shopping sites you picked out! Feel free to share more, I love etsy.

  3. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    We are waterlogged here in Birmingham. No flooding in our house --- just lucky, some others aren't. Those little paintings are beautiful. I will check them out.

  4. Image for gina gina

    Summer is almost over, but here in SE Florida summer weather lasts until November? Yesterday was a typical Florida day. It was sunny. My son got out of the pool because of an overhead cloud. Then it rained hard for four minutes and he was back in the pool with the sun shining again! The plants need that little cool down each day. So do I!

  5. Image for Nicole Nicole

    Oh, NO! The coupon code for Farmhouse Decor wasnt working. I even copied and pasted it and it said that it had expired! Today is such a great day for doing a little online shopping while drinking my coffee! PLease let me know what I can do! Nicole

  6. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Vermont's weather has been weird!!! It rained most of June, 95 degrees for a quite a while in the first half of July, then yesterday it barely reached 70 degrees!!! Even for Vermonters, were confused

  7. Image for Marian Marian

    cool here today in Virginia. My daughter, who came walking with me, was all, "It's July, right mom?" Cool and July are usually opposites this month. And you had me at "metal numbers". swoon. Marian

  8. Image for debbie booth debbie booth

    ummm crazy summer here in Ontario. I'm in a border city to Michigan. The heat was ridiculously HOT and HUMMID; now ? for me ? PERFECT. Windows open cool breezes, fresh sod growing and 2 happy cockers that can go out and play in the daylight hours ! Did I mention the most beautiful blue sky today ? Not a cloud in sight (although I luv clouds)

  9. Image for Karen Karen

    I live in TN and we've had an exhorbant amount of rain this summer. But to be honest, we've had some summers like this before it's just been a while. We are having a cooler front pass through the end of this week bringing mid-60's at night and mid 80's in the daytime at a time when we usually have heat day and night so bad that no one wants to go outside. I don't believe in global warming but I do know we are experiencing climate change. (I work in Geosciences at a university.) Climate change often gets confused with the term global warming and they are not the same!! Our planet has experience climate changes since its beginning. Nothing to get worked up about but it can make things uncomfortable! Thank you for sharing the farmhouse decor website! I bookmarked it. She has fabulous things that I love and the prices were surprisingly reasonable! - Karen

  10. Image for Rosanne Rosanne

    Too funny. I was just sitting at my kitchen table with my coffee thinking I am loving this weather this very minute ,at 7:00 a.m. It's dark and cloudy, I can hear thunder in the distance, the sky is about to burst with rain. I love a morning storms. The funny part is I live in Phoenix where we wake up to 300 days of bright sunny mornings. I am totally loving this. I think I'll take my coffee outside on the patio and watch the storm roll in.

  11. Image for Devan Devan

    Preach on about the weather, girl. I live in Kentucky and the weather here has been a little bipolar. It was ridiculously, take your breath away hot last week and this week it is the picture of weather perfection. Upper 70s, lower 80s, sunshine, perfect, perfect weather. I wish it could be like this year round!!

  12. Image for janpartist janpartist

    Everyone will probably throw rotten apples at me for this but I saw Al Gores movie "An Inconvenient Truth" like 6 years ago and he totally said this would happen due to global warming. That is what his college degree is in and he knows what he is talking about. So, the answer is "no, I've totally expected this and it's going to get worse".

    1. Image for Martina Martina

      No rotten apples here! Climate change is a real thing and very serious thing. (Global Warming isn't the umbrella term anymore as not everywhere is getting warmer, but more and more instances of extreme weather are observed -- like way (waaay) up north we experience more extreme & longer winters now instead of the "long hot summers" everyone thought Global Warming was promising us. Nope. They're getting shorter. Time to move south?) It's about time every day folks started to sit up and take notice, so while I was "expecting" there to be change it's still surprising to see how drastic that change really is.

  13. Image for Regina Regina

    Sunny and 70 at 10am! :) It really doesn't get any better than that, does it? Oh my. I wish I were at home, helping hubby paint the porch. Or washing windows. Or watching the curtains flutter in the breeze! Thanks for the new places to shop! :)

  14. Image for Nicole B. Nicole B.

    Northern Ca. here. And it's been strange here too..I'm always commenting on how our weather changes from day to day. The other day it was really humid and overcast (very unusual for us we usually only have dry heat) and looked like rain. Then super sunny and hot the next day! Crazy!!!

  15. Image for A friend A friend

    Hey friends....look up Chemtrails and weather manipulation and then you will understand the weather. Weather manipulation will explain a lot. Karianne love your blog!

  16. Image for susanmarysunshine susanmarysunshine

    I agree with you KariAnne. The weather here in Connecticut has been totally random too. We've had weeks of 95 degrees or higher heat along with extreme humidity. I would start to sweat just going outside for 5 minutes. Today when I woke up it was 60 degrees and it hasn't heated up much more since then. And it just started to rain. Right now I am wearing a sweater. Go figure.

  17. Image for Martina Martina

    Has the weather been weird? The only simple way to answer that is a resounding yes! We had snow from October 4th until May this year. We didn't get our seasonal May-June rains, and had a heat wave that lasted four weeks instead. And now the leaves are already turning orange.. I think Mother Nature has been having a few too many adult beverages ;) because she is confused! Great finds KariAnne defiinitely a good way to pass the time if you're stuck indoors.

  18. Image for Terri Terri

    We've had two heavy rains--unusual in July here. Most likely more rain today, too. After a few years of drought, we aren't complaining. I need to go visit some websites...

  19. Image for Colleen P Colleen P

    Boise has been hotter than hell for over a month! Which explains Seattle's amazing weather this summer... Temps at or above 100 since late June. Enough already...I'd like some rain.

  20. Image for Shelley @ Calypso in the Country Shelley @ Calypso in the Country

    New Jersey has been crazy hot with rain every few days for the past month or two. Then suddenly last night it cooled down and we opened the windows! I am a summer person but I must admit it was wonderful to sleep with a cool breeze! Now, it looks like I have some fun sites to check out! -Shelley

  21. Image for Charlotte Charlotte

    We are having normal summer weather here in Olympia, Washington. No rain in well over a month and beautiful sunny days. I usually get tired of it by the end of August because I have an acre of landscaped yard to keep watered...and no sprinkler system. I think September is our best weather month, still nice but a little rain here and there.

  22. Image for Tina Tina

    Here in my area of NC we have been in a drought for the last several years, BUT this summer we are making up for it. As for the temps they have been normal . . . HOT and HUMID and even more humid after the rain!! Heading over to check the shops. Have a great day.

  23. Image for Jan G. Jan G.

    In Central IL it's heaven today; was in NE WI tues/wed and it was even more heavenly there, low 70's and sun beaming down out of that baby blue sky... but was told Central IL was same here those days... I want it to stay like this the rest of the summer and fall... then maybe, just MAYBE i'll finally get the flower beds straightened up...

  24. Image for Petra Petra

    Hi there! Well in Queensland, Australia it is just gorgeous!!! :-D Clear, blue skies every day - this is our winter! Love the shops you showed - would love to be able to walk in to them and check them out! Sadly, I must dream... :-)

  25. Image for joanne nixon joanne nixon

    i live in goodyear, az....about 25 miles sw of phoenix. summer is the time for hot temps (over 100) . it is also the monsoon. we have had little rain but a lot of heat. the monsoon also brings higher humidity. my plants are all dead because of the high temps we had in june (over 110, highest 118). our landscape is desert. i miss the greenery of the midwest and southeast....loved north and south carolina...i understand they had plenty of rain this year....

  26. Image for Patty O Patty O

    Freezing! This weekend is our annual Blueberry Festival and it's raining and 48 degrees outside! Northern Minnesota is cold, but these temps are normal for October! Fleece socks, fleece jacket and rainboots/jacket!

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