summer home tour

Welcome to the Summer Tour of Homes 2015.

Nice to meet you.

If you are visiting from East Egg Style and we’ve never been properly introduced….

….I just wanted you to know that things can get a little random around here.

I live in a farmhouse and wear red lipstick and really big earrings and have daily adventures.  I love to paint mismatched chairs, listen to the crickets singing in the back pasture and walk hand-in-hand in the back meadow as the sun sets over the river.

I drink sweet tea with lime on the screened-in porch during a thunderstorm.

And can we still be friends if I tell you about the first (and only) roast I ever made?

Now that we’ve officially met…..grab a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin or an appropriate breakfast snack and beverage…..

…..and let’s start this tour.

planter window

dining room table centerpiece planters

I wanted to call this tour the “I’ve-moved-everything-around-and-add-green-plants-in-every-room-tour.”

You see….I’m on a budget.

But the good news?

Nothing brings out the creativity like spending-freeze.

dining room farmhouse

ivy planter

Here in the dining room I moved in the table from the back porch and the chairs from the gatehouse.

I changed out a bunch of accessories from different rooms.

And added green plants.

dining room

hutch dining room

Lots and lots of green plants.

I mixed in real ones from the garden center with faux topiary balls.

And displayed my collection of yard sale milk glass.

family room mantel

In the family room I changed out the wooden tool box for simple planters with a little more green.

My mother gave me this mirror and I love it.


The patina and crumbling texture look so pretty against the iron mantel.


Library Pallet Table

In the living room I changed out the curtains for blue and white.

Added a few new accessories from the family room.

And put the best trash to treasure project ever in front of the french doors.

master bedroom makeover

master bedroom armoire

master bedroom

The bedroom got a new bed and new drop cloth curtains.

And a new view of the back yard with its beautiful new coat of green grass.

I brought in the chairs from the living room and this small table with all its knicks and dents from the gatehouse.

farmhouse table

flower in pitchers

farmhouse kitchen hutch and chair

The kitchen got rearranged a little.

And some new white dishes from a yard sale.

And flowers from the yard.

spring porch decorating flowers

back porch flower

Container Garden Tips

And the back porch where it all started?

It got flowers.

Flowers, flower and oh wait….more flowers.

sweet tea back porch

And finished it all off with a glass of sweet tea. 🙂

So happy you are here today.

So happy we spent a little time together.

summertourofhomes- button

And good thing we had a little refreshment….you are going to need it!

Oh the places you’ll go on the rest of the tour today.

Next stop?  My friend Jessica from Decor Adventures with her favorite new colors for summer!

Have fun house touring today!

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  1. Image for Marian@CMShawStudios Marian@CMShawStudios

    New bed! So fun with you hide in there with your not drive through Diet Coke and read stories with twists and turns and eventual happy endings? And I love the blue curtains. That completely changes the look of that room. And where did you get the long tin container full of plants on the table? So cool. I totally need one. I am teaching myself to upholster. Of course I chose a super hard project with tufting and requiring replacement of everything but the springs and webbing. But I am succeeding, little by little. I am also laying a flagstone and gravel patio. Also slow going because everything is heavy! But it looks gorgeous! And yes, I will be posting again soon. I have changed a ton of things and made a ton of things and reworked a ton of things. And we all know I have a hard time being quiet, especially when I'm doing something cool. So help me cross fingers that those posts get done this summer. Glad to see you've got your summer on, The Other Marian

  2. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi Karianne, every space has it's own lovely personality and beautifully styled. I have to say, your kitchen is still my favorite room in your house (that and the room with the shutters-lol). It's great how the additional of plants and greenery helps to transform the space as well. Everything is gorgeous as usual. Enjoy your day.

  3. Image for Kristi Kristi

    Oh Karianne, it's all SO dreamy! I absolutely adore your home with all of it's bright & airy touches and the most perfect balance of wood and white! Everything looks so lovely and full of life with all of that new greenery added to the mix! That gorgeous bed is definitely my favorite part - SOOOO pretty! Have a wonderful week!

  4. Image for Susan Susan

    Brilliant and beautiful as always! I have just moved to a house on a lake :) I am looking for some inspiration, I am trying to add a few new pieces that go with my current furniture and style...wish me luck!

  5. Image for Laura Laura

    Karianne, everything looks wonderful! Your home has that magical combination of old things looking new and fresher than new things would look. Did that make sense? Have a wonderful week, Laura

  6. Image for Mari Mari

    Love, love love your blog. And I enjoy your stories so much! Love the drapes. Did you purchase the material or were these already made? Another question......what color of paint is on your walls?

  7. Image for Mary W. Ferguson Mary W. Ferguson

    WOW, everything looks terrific and I really like all the changes that you made. The green plants make everything stand out. Thanks so much for the tour and I am going to have my second cup of coffee. Have a wonderful day. Mary

  8. Image for Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse

    Everything looks just beautiful. You have such a knack for adding a few touches to each room to really make your home warm and inviting for those you love. The colors are soothing, the way you put things together is inspiring. Happy Summer Karianne!

  9. Image for Pat Pat

    I also love the changes, we are moving from a big 2 story to a ranch, ugh, health reasons, so I am desperately in need of ideas. My daughter is suggesting turquoise/ browns/creams??? I do like the idea so afraid it might be trendy. Any suggestions?

  10. Image for Julie Timmerman Julie Timmerman

    Hey Karianne, You have such an amazing gift( actually a lot of gifts) putting things together. Inspiring as always, thank you! Where did you get that lovely metal cloche( the white one). With all the inspiration you have given me I have been very busy painting and spray painting! My hubby is afraid to stand still to long for fear of getting painted!! Hugs, Julie

  11. Image for Marie@The Interior Frugalista Marie@The Interior Frugalista

    KerriAnne your home is so stunning inside and out. Reading about drinking sweet tea on the screened-in porch during a thunderstorm, a gatehouse, listening to crickets, and living in the country makes my heart go pitter patter. Your photography is absolutely stunning too by the way! Enjoy your summer and thanks for the tour.

  12. Image for Funky Junk Interiors Funky Junk Interiors

    Ahhh... yes, your home made me say that. Loving all the plants! I wish... I wish. But you are younger than I and will remember to water yours I'm certain... :) (jotting down on my list 'pick up faux plants from store')

  13. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Looks beautiful as always! I spent my weekend doing yard work, planting flowers and getting the back patio all ready for some summer fun. Now that I think about it, I would have preferred to hang with you on your porch with a sweet tea! Speaking of cooking a roast...I found my new favorite way to cook a electric pressure cooker!! Seriously the best thing ever. All I do is sear the meat and season it, a little liquid and toss it in, and in about 40 minutes I have a fully cooked roast that tastes amazing, complete with carrots and potatoes. No more waiting hours and hours...and the best part is the house still smells amazing when it's cooking.

  14. Image for Bre Doucette Bre Doucette

    Excuse me while I wipe up my drool!!! LOL, LOVED it, and all the fresh greens are perfect and fresh for summer, but seriously your pictures are just stunning! Great Job!! :) XO

  15. Image for Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home Dagmar ~ Dagmar's Home

    Everything looks so lovely, Karianne! I'm so excited to see that you will be speaking at Haven -- I will try to make your session for sure! There seem to be a lot of amazing ones right on top of each other. If you see me, please say hello! BTW, I'm loving Feedblitz -- thanks for the suggestion! Dagmar

  16. Image for Debbie W Debbie W

    Love your house and the simple greens vegetation is my fav way of decorating as well! Love the idea of the drop cloth curtains. It's funny, because I had scoured the fabric stores for that very type of material, then walking down the paint isle at Lowe's I see what I've been looking for all along was drop clothes!! The ones I bought are so stiff though and after washing them, they are still stiff and wrinkly. Would love to know your secret for working with them and getting them to hang so nicely!!

  17. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Boy! Can I ever tell you've been working your fingers to the bone!! Everything looks beautiful and not a dust bunny in sight :-) After snooping *ahem* looking around I was parched so the iced tea was the perfect finish -- Thank you!! I simply love rocking on your porch and gazing around. It's so relaxing. Big Hugs!!

  18. Image for CD Loken CD Loken

    Your home is absolutely GORGEOUS, Karianne! I love the blue and white curtains in the living room-and your bedroom looks like an oasis that I wouldn't ever want to leave!

  19. Image for Trish Trish

    Every room is gorgeous. I love the light and airiness of all the rooms. I used to own a frame bed like that. Seeing yours just makes me want mine back. I love those drop cloth curtains

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