Paint for front porch steps : $34.70

Paintbrush to paint front porch steps:  $6.97

Frog tape for creating crisp lines:  free swag from Haven



Totally transforming your front porch steps for $41.67 while wearing these:                priceless




I think my favorite thing about my new porch steps is that I went all Genevieve Gorder and painted them wearing giant silver hoop earrings.

Actually…..I think I was one step away from cork wedges and a pair of leopard skinny jeans.

Design Star would have been so proud.



Painted Striped Step Tutorial



Concrete Paint

Frog tape


Measuring tape

Paint brush



Step 1:  Discover Debbie’s blog featuring Debbie and her amazing painted stairs.

Immediately decide that Debbie is one of the premier stair painters on the planet.

E-mail Debbie and ask her all kind of questions about stair painting.

Marvel at her patience and understanding.


Step 2:  Paint steps and porch with base paint.

Wait for it to dry.

Get impatient.

Walk on it before it’s dry.

Touch up and try to curb your impatience by watching the Olympics.



Step 3:  Determine how wide you want your runner to be.

My front steps measure 9′ 9″.

I measured in two feet from each side, which means the entire width of my runner (including the stripe) is 5′ 9″.

I marked the two feet down the side and lined up three pieces of Frog tape.

Debbie used a DVD movie case to measure her stripes.

The girl is brilliant, I tell you.



Step 4:  The best stripe painting tip EVER.

After I taped down three pieces of tape…..I just peeled up the middle piece of tape, leaving a perfectly spaced stripe…..without ever having to measure.

I’m not sure where I read this tip.

If you told me this tip or I read it on your blog… perfectly spaced stripes applaud you.


Or it could have been just the giant silver hoops whispering in my ear.


Step 5:  The second best stripe painting tip EVER.

Paint a strip of the base coat to seal the edges of the tape.



Step 6:  Peel back the tape.

I did it right away….while the paint was still wet.

Pull it slowly back towards you for a clean crisp edge.



Total front step transformation brought to you by Debbie and a pair of giant silver hoops 🙂


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  1. Image for Courtenay Courtenay

    I pinned stairs like these a few weeks ago! They've been on my mind ever since every time I walk up the back steps to the kitchen. Too bad that's like item number 4,687 that needs to be done in that back hall. I'll probably need to paint over all the baby blue that's on every single surface back there including the crumbling ceiling first... Oh, and we should probably do something about that ceiling too, I guess. :)

  2. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns are you saying that all along I just needed to wear a fabulous pair of silver hooped earrings and that would help this DIY challenged person!...Fantastic steps Kari...what a difference some stripes can make....Off to the mall to buy me some fabulous silver hoop earrings!....

  3. Image for Keeping it Cozy Keeping it Cozy

    They are gorgeous! Your entire front porch is just beautiful... I wish I could keep my front porch looking that good! Usually I have little mud footprints within minutes of cleaning it. ;-)

  4. Image for Heather H. Heather H.

    Ooh, they look beautiful! I did that same thing with the tape a few weeks ago when I was painting chevrons, but I have no idea if you read my blog and saw it there :/

  5. Image for Bliss Bliss

    While I do like the steps, and I'm a hoop earring gal, (skipping the leopard skinny jeans) what I can't help but wonder is how long before Front Gate comes calling to make fake snow at YOUR house? ~Bliss~

  6. Image for Gretchen Gretchen

    What a elegant touch to the entry of your home! Great job. I'm loving those little planters with those round balls too. Very classy!

  7. Image for Jen Jen

    Well done! A gracious and lovely entryway is just steps away from being a guest judge on Project Runway's next an outfit for the stylish DIYer. Knowing how to use the accessory wall thoughtfully has never been more important!

  8. Image for Linda Adams Linda Adams

    Karianne, Great tutorial, I've never heard of FrogTape before. I don't get out much though. Your front entrance, the door, the porch, the flowers beds, and your amazing steps are gorgeous. Only in my dreams. If you have time stop by to see my current backyard. : ' ( - : ' ) Joyous wishes, and hugs, Linda

  9. Image for kelly kelly

    Your stairs look great! that was such a great idea to paint the center white like that. It almost looks like a white rug laid out for your guests.

  10. Image for Roeshel Roeshel

    Wow! Karianne! You did an amazing job! Your entire front entry is stunning and knowing you created that beautiful welcoming entrance in styling silver hoop earrings will probably start a new trend. I may have to wear my DIY hoops today too, if it means gorgeous results! And woo hoo! Thanks for the shout out! I've been using FrogTape for years and I'm so excited to be a FrogTape spokesperson. It's truly the best painter's tape and makes being creative easier! ;)

  11. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    The first thing I did was share this with this husband. Then I looked and looked and looked some more. I do hate the brown bricks on my house, and this made me double hate them! The pale gray and white accented with black is so elegant. You are a rock-star in your own right -- and big hoop earrings are my favorite kind -- rarely am I without them.

  12. Image for Anne Anne

    Fabulous look! I am going to copy this if I ever get to my front porch project. It's number 3102 on my list of things to do... lol Enjoy your bangles girl!! :)

  13. Image for Heather @At The Picket Fence Heather @At The Picket Fence

    So I'm picturing you in my mind rockin' the hoop earrings and painting away...but then you brought up the leopard skinny jeans and red lipstick and you went all Peg Bundy in my mind....and I "came all apart" ;) Love ya girl! Your stairs are gorgeous...but I never doubted they would be. And a big congratulations to our friend Roeshel! Frog Tape couldn't have a better spokeswoman! Heather

  14. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Great idea! Love the hoops too! Lipstick and skinny leopard jeans- you rock! Love these subtle crisp stripes! What a great idea to refresh steps! Congrats to Roeshel! She's great too!

  15. Image for Laura @ Elegant Nest Laura @ Elegant Nest

    Your porch looks awsome! Great job...hoops and all. I must may or may not see me in 3inch wedges and a can of spray paint out on my side yard putting on "one last coat" before heading off to a summer lunch date...just sayin! DIY does not stand for Dressed in Yucky clothes! :)

  16. Image for leslie harris leslie harris

    Kari, this looks great. Ya gotta love that frog tape don't you? I had a question about the paint. I'm thinking about painting my cheapo wood flooring in my office, and heard porch paint works well for this. What did you use on your steps? Right now, I'm finishing up my foyer but it's the next thing on my agenda. Do you anything about painting wood floors? Thanks!

  17. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Why am I always surprised by you? You think I'd learn by now: When reading one of Kari's posts, you will be blown away by her talent and by her beautiful home. End of story, no surprise there.

  18. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    I love your painted striped porch steps! Thanks for the tutorial and tips...

  19. Image for Erika@BeBookBound Erika@BeBookBound

    And this is precisely why you deserve rock star status in blogland---because you not only do amazing projects, but you look like a million bucks while doing it. I, on the other hand, look more like Vern Yip in sweats while doing home projects. (No offense, Vern.) Pinning and loving, as always.

  20. Image for Sheila @SZInteriors Sheila @SZInteriors

    Wow, they look awesome! Yup, there I did it... went and used 'awesome' a-gain! Ooops ;-) But they ARE awesome!!! I love the colours, and how crisp the stripes turned out. Great job :-) PS - love your hoops, too!!!

  21. Image for Debbie Christianson Debbie Christianson

    So thrilled to see how your stairs turned out . . . and that you can get a little inspiration from me. Wahoo! And that you learned from my mistakes. Whaoo! Oh yea, I think we should be BFFs since we both "talk" with a lot of periods used for pause . . . . . if you know what I mean.

  22. Image for Melanie Melanie

    A girl after my own heart there Karianne, I have been known to garden in my oldest, shabbiest clothes whilst wearing pearls ! There's always a place for fashion when one is working ! lol Your stairs look just glorious, I love them. I have been wanting to paint the boards on my front porch for years now but I somehow never quite get there.........One day perhaps (there's always room for procrastination too ! lol)

  23. Image for Jo-Anna Jo-Anna

    Your front step is beyond gorgeous! I love absolutely everything about it and I'm trying to find a way to make your painted stairs happen on my wooden porch! ;) Lovely, lovely! Jo-Anna

  24. Image for Taunnie Taunnie

    Your steps look gorgeous! Don't you love how simple and inexpensive projects make such a huge impact? This is going onmy to-do list, thanks for the inspiration :)

  25. Image for Linda@Coastal Charm Linda@Coastal Charm

    What a charming idea!!! It really adds so much addd charm to a already charmed filled entry. Blessings, Linda

  26. Image for Heather Heather

    Karianne - you are so lucky you can rock a big silver hoop! I've tried but they just look weird on me!! Drat!!! They look lovely on you as does your new front steps look to the front of your home! Simple transformation for huge impact!

  27. Image for Claire Claire

    Hi Karianne! Your steps look amazing - just like everything else that you create! Your projects and photos just keep getting better and better every time. I wanted to let you know that I link to your tip on how to create perfectly spaced stripes without measuring in my newest project post: I hate measuring so this was exactly what I needed to get the job done! Thanks again!!!

  28. Image for Ellisann Edwards Ellisann Edwards

    Thank you soo much for creating this masterpiece of a porch! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my screened in porch and voile I stumbled upon your idea. I absolutly love the black, grey and white. My homes exterior color is a light beige so I think I will use blak, white, and umm, well I will still have to think about that. Anyway thanks soo much for the inspiration , you are Tres Magnifique!!! Thanks Again, Ellisann

  29. Image for Jordan@the2seasons Jordan@the2seasons

    I love this and I showed my husband last night. He was a fan and said go buy the paint!!! Now I just have to wait for the weather to clear. They are now calling for snow tonight and the 7 day weather outlook is all rain. I guess this project might be down the line.

  30. Image for mary mary

    I did it in a rust color and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I get people starring at my steps wondering if its carpet or paint!!! A man actually pulled over in his truck to take pictures.............I think I'm the envy of my neighborhood, or I'd like to think so.......... LOL Thanks for the tip!!! ;-) Mary

  31. Image for mary mary

    P.S. I too though got alittle impatient and pulled the tape too I have paint on the faux stripe, what's your best remedy to take the paint off? :-( Thanks Mary

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