screed n back porch


In my e-mail I have 31 folders.

Some of them are fancy with fancy names.

Like “Recipes I Hope One Day I Have the Courage to Make” and “Promotional Ideas I Should Have Thought Of” and “Stories I Want to Tell Someday.”

Folders so fancy that I want to add $5 dollar words to the titles like “plethora” and “myriad” and “amalgamation.”




Some are reminder folders.

Some folders are things I hope to accomplish one day.

Some are just folders with clever ideas I found.

31 folders…..almost all of them fancy.


So fancy that f you opened them you would know immediately that they were one step away from an Ivy League folder education.


screened in porch


And right between where fancy folder and even fancier folder are having a conversation…

…there is one a little folder….tucked away where no one would really ever notice.

No fancy title.

No ivy league pretentiousness.

Just one small folder….

…..called ‘Notes.”





Such a simple name for something so wonderful.


You see….when I read a comment or an e-mail or something so extraordinary that I want to remember it.

To treasure it.

To file it away so I won’t forget.

I tuck it away in my “Notes” file.


back porch table


Sometimes it’s things that are funny.  That make me spit out my coffee and make my eyes water and bring out this extraordinarily odd laugh that sounds like those old men who used to sit in the balcony on The Muppet Show.

Sometimes it’s  things that make me cry.  That bring tears to my eyes because of the sincerity and vision of the writer.

Sometimes  it things that make me want to reach across the thousands of miles of blog land and take someone’s hand and say… touched my heart today.


And sometimes…

…’s something that gives me wings.

black iron piece


But every one of those comments is treasured and filed away because someone somewhere took a moment to encourage, to inspire, or to simply share their heart.

And I want to remember.

Each and every one.


So when storms appear on the horizon.

Or when my day is dark and dreary and I need a glimpse of a silver lining.

When something happens that is cruel or hurtful or mean.




When faced with life’s challenges….I simply open my e-mail and rush past the fancy and fancier ivy league folders to my safe haven.

My little folder called “Notes.”

And I pause…and catch my breath….and then open the e-mails and sit on my back porch and read and read and read.

And then read some more.

Until my heart is full.

Full to the brim of the words and thoughts and sentiments that someone….in a fleeting moment….took time to write.


iron piece


And it gives me the encouragement I need to continue on my path.


But now I’m changing the name.

Changing it to something that will make all the fancy folders sit up and take notice.

So that one day they will tell their children about the little folder that could change the world.


Entitled….“Things That Make My Heart Smile.” 🙂

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  1. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Testing. Testing. One. Two, Three. And, it works. I couldn't resist. I've always wanted to say that. Love to you my sweet friend. You can always add my love to your extra special folder.♥

  2. Image for Anne Anne

    You made me inhale my coffee with your old muppet men comment. I'm still laughing, I'd forgotten all about them!! lol My wishes for you: That you will always have a folder so full you can't possibly read all the comments in it; That when you experience hurtful, cruel or mean things, you don't feel any pain or hurt from them because you know it isn't about you, it's about them; That your heart is so full every moment of every day that you only experience joy; and that you are sick & tired of that drop leaf table and I will be by to pick it up next weekend :) Have a happy day Karianne! xox

  3. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Anne, I think I live closer, so I will beat you to that will not want it anyway, as it is not aqua! KariAnne....I can have a folder titled "Kari's Inspirations"....and the hurtful comments....well there is a folder for that called "TRASH"... So keep on inspiring all of us, so that we can keep our "folder" full each and every day with your inspirations, whether it is those eloquently written posts or the Mac and Cheese kitchen, or the turtle with the fried chicken in his mouth wearing red lipstick, with a banjo strapped to its back..... Love, love your gorgeous porch.....maybe one day I will be lucky enough to sit out there, sipping tea and watching the turtles race.... Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Image for Anne Anne

      Hmph! There's always paint Shirley!!!! I just picked up a tester of Wythe Blue that would be PERFECT for this table. Besides, I asked FIRST! Good thing we don't all live closer to one another, we'd be fighting with each other for garage sale and thrifting finds and stealing from one another's homes in the dead of the night.. lol!

      1. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

        Yes.....that's true, but think of what fun we would have!!!.....In the dead of the night?...I would spot you a mile away, with that Glow in the Dark Wythe Blue on your face!

        1. Image for Anne Anne

          LOL!! You are HILARIOUS! I'd go treasure hunting with you anytime - dead of the night or middle of the day, but you have to wear aqua camo or at least stripes on your face. :)

  4. Image for Kim Kim

    What a sweet post and gorgeous shots of that porch that I want to come sit a spell with you and just chat. Did you know your post is doubled? When I opened it up in my email it says error 404 so I typed it in and got it and then kept reading and then it starts all over again. Just a heads up.

  5. Image for JoAnn JoAnn

    Hi Karianne! That was a beautiful, sweet post! For the short time I've been following you and chatting via email, I know you deserve every word of encouragement, inspiration and of praise you receive!! And your porch....absolutely gorgeous! I want it! :)

  6. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    What a fabulous amalgamation of photos! I need to have a folder titled "Old Man Laugh"! The laugh my girls and I long for - the one where we laugh so hard, all that comes out is a silent wheeze! Nothing better than that and will be creating a folder right now so I can sit on my patio and get a good chuckle when I need it!! Kelly

  7. Image for lynne@lynnesgiftsfromtheheart lynne@lynnesgiftsfromtheheart

    Your porch is incredible. Your thoughts as we traveled through the pictures truly touched my heart, many of those thoughts had crossed my mind. Creating folders full of hopes and dreams and then bringing them into reality.. priceless. hugs ~lynne~

  8. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    What a special post! A reminder of the sacrifices made by so many to keep our country free! Your porch is lovely- so inviting! Congratulations on your feature! Your home is gorgeous! You're as special too! You share your gift of storytelling, laughter and decorating with so many! Happy Memorial Day!

  9. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    What a beautiful post! Not just your fabulous porch, but the content of the inspire me! Hugs, Penny

  10. Image for Claudia Claudia

    Visiting from your feature at BNoTP - gorgeous home, beautiful post, I am definitely a new follower, I think I will discover many lovely things here.

  11. Image for {Adventuresindinner} {Adventuresindinner}

    Gorgeous, gorgeous porch. You must have the best stack of books to plough through there. I have one called 'special'. If I've had a crappy day I reread one from that file that is from someone wonderful in my life and surprised me with a great note.

  12. Image for judi judi

    karianne, thanks for a great idea. i've had some of those days (quite recently) and this is a way to lift spirits for sure. it's so great, this land of blog, to share what makes us tick and what tickles our funny have the uncanny ability to do both. i'm so blessed to have found you and your's been a gift. (sorry if this is a bit gushy...but it's so true as many will and have attested to it above!) have a WONDERFUL weekend! judi

  13. Image for FABBY FABBY

    Karianne, I just came to visit from Betweern Npas on the Porch, where I saw and read about your move to this magnificent home. Everything you did is stunning, every room and every place. Love it!! I specially the little girl's room in brown and pink, so elegant. Your kitchen is I said, I'm loving it. Have a great week. FABBY

  14. Image for FABBY FABBY

    Great porch, love it in black and white..a very city combo. Did you live in NYC? Iam ffrom there and it's my fav city in the world. Hugs, FABBY

  15. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    I am so happy to see your post at Between Naps on the Porch today because I lost you when you changed to Wordpress. The posts stopped coming in the email, and then I tried to get it delivered another way, to my homepage. Didn't work. Then I couldn't even open the blog! So, it was fun today catching up with what I had missed over the last couple of months. The opening photo of your house over at the Porch should be a painting -- so beautiful. This post is very poignant, and so sweet. Your blog is always so beautifully written, which to me makes it one of the best. Ellen

  16. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Really? Are you for real? Are you a figment of my imagination? Perhaps I'm imagining this wonderful person, with such amazing style, who writes the most inspiring posts (Whereas my posts are more of the "here's my bedroom, ain't it purty?....nothing of the word mastery that you write). Oh wait, I can't be imagining this, because if I was, you'd also be my neighbour and we'd be sitting on that wonderful porch right now talking all things inspiring and wonderful.

  17. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    This is such a sweet post, KariAnne. It really made me stop and think. I don't always save all those notes - especially ones received via cyberspace - but I should and will from now on. BTW - congrats on your feature over at BNOTP!

  18. Image for Nancy Nancy

    Hi Karianne, I read your post from BNOTP, just Beautiful! I hear that little word jump all the time especially when I was being treated for Cancer. I just wanted peace and quiet and dreamed of living in the country. But my husband does not. Your Blog here is just as Beautiful!! I'll be back for more Inspiration of your Beautiful thoughts and pictures! Huggs, Nancy

  19. Image for Michele Michele

    YOU, my dear are a brilliant writer, and I am blessed and lucky to have this opportunity to be part of Blogland to "meet" and read and amaze myself with your incredible blog - truly one of the very best out there - and I thank YOU for that. Gorgeous photos too btw - love the entire clean lined black and white - is awesome. And congrats on your feature with Susan - she is another amazing blogger gal, and I have been a big fan of hers for years, too. Hugs.

  20. Image for Kelly Kelly

    That is such a good idea! I copy pictures from the computer (all the time) and put them in folders that I can look back on too. I never thought to do that with emails. I just save them. I have a few dating back a few years......still in my stinking inbox! Guess I should be more organized. Ha! Love your porch pics too, btw.

  21. Image for Pam Pam

    What a beautiful porch! I love the colors and textures. I'm visiting from BNOTP and looking forward to your posts. Have a great day. Pam

  22. Image for Diane Diane

    Gorgeous porch Karianne! I kept looking as I read your post waiting for you to say this beautiful porch is is in one of your folders labeled awesome inspiration or the utmost perfect places. I should have known it was your porch. I am sure it is in those folders all over the blogosphere, readers like me who have labeled this for their ultimate wish list. Congrats on the feature I left you some love there too.

  23. Image for melissa@joyineveryseason melissa@joyineveryseason

    I found your blog today via Between Naps on the Porch … we also forsook the city and moved to the country … I was not expecting the vast difference country life makes in the still waters of my soul. Your blog is lovely, I’m so happy to have found you!

  24. Image for Becca Becca

    Alright. Alright. I have to know- where did you go to college for writing. You are incredible! I love your posts- you write beautifully! And of course- your sace is beyond gorgeous. Adding it to my "porches" pin board! xo Becca

  25. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Visiting from BNOTP and am a new follower. I don't think I have the words to talk about what I've seen just now. First your lovely house tour and then this porch. I will have to come back and read some more when I have awhile.

  26. Image for NanaDoll NanaDoll

    thank you thank you thank you...i am going to start a note file just like yours. i needed a fill up of encouragement and your lovely porch and the folder of notes summed up my need. we all have days when our heart has been poured out, squeezed out, and just plain emptied out...time to refill that reservoir with sweetness and happy memories...

  27. Image for Jo-Anne Jo-Anne

    I also have a heap of folders in my email I have something like your Notes Folder mine is called Remember..................................I do love coming here you add such great photos and the way you write is just so wonderful............

  28. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I can only imagine that your folder brimmeth over and spills out with great and wonderful words so much so that the other folders eye it with deep and unquenchable envy...

  29. Image for Ellie Ellie

    Ok, I love this post and the idea of saving the special, encouraging emails and comments you get is fantastic! Your porch is adorable and I'm just a little envious (in a good way). But I'm really here because I saw your post on Naps on the Porch and just had to tell you how much that encouraged me! We're in the middle of a transition and I needed to hear your words today. Thank you for sharing them!

  30. Image for kristin kristin

    There is something so special about a "note". I too save those that have been handwritten, thrown in the mail and those through e-mail that touch my heart are kept forever :) And ofcourse your patio is just stunning. XO Kristin

  31. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I am SO glad I found your blog. I love your writing style, you are so good and inspiring. Your porch is gorgeous. That is a fabulous idea to make a file of sweet comments!!! Love that. Have a great week. XO, Pinky

  32. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    KariAnne - I think you featured your lovely porch on one of your first posts. I loved it then and even more now - so charming! My porch is envious of your porch, especially the classy black and white striped cushions, and I guess I'll have to take a number behind Anne and Shirley for the darling little drop leaf table. I hope your "Notes" folder continues to overflow with happy, encouraging, loving comments.

  33. Image for Maury @ Life on Mars Maury @ Life on Mars

    That's a great idea! My mom used to have a "Good Things" folder (an actual physical folder) full of notes from my Dad's patients (he's a pediatric cardiologist). He would get so down when he would lose a patient, and when that happened should would bring out the Good Things and remind him of all the patients that he helped save. People need a little encouragement and it always amazes me how much one negative comment in a sea of sweet things can you get down. Totally unrelated... I love this black and white room! So crisp and clean!

  34. Image for Vickie H. Vickie H.

    You had me at "Notes"...and then I read your paver/grass post and I HAD to subscribe! I first came over from BNOTP to check you out. You feel like family to me so I am staying. Thank you!

  35. Image for Tammie Tammie

    Your porch is so inviting and I love the name of your new folder ; ) Sounds very familiar! Have a great day, Tammie

  36. Image for Tisha @ Delectable Home Tisha @ Delectable Home

    Your porch is beautiful, just like your home & your blog! Even though I don't sit with you on that wonderful porch, I do stop in with each new post and enjoy every one. Hope your smile file will grow fat today with readers' comments!

  37. Image for anne anne

    Karianne, Your porch is lovely.I don't think I could ever leave that spot on a gorgeous summer day.Congratulations on being featured on Between naps on the porch and no minimalist here.I love the name of that file.Perfect inspirational file! (((((((Hugs))))))) Anne

  38. Image for Sandy Sandy

    I gasped when I saw the photos of your porch. Classic black and white look fabulous together. I love your sense of humor and your warm heart. I can definitely see why you werer featured on Between naps on the porlch and no minimalist here. Congratulations!

  39. Image for Julie Julie

    Beautiful porch. You had me at the black & white stripes. And I know what you mean about the emails. I have one in my inbox from my grandad who's been in Heaven for 5 years now.

  40. Image for Laurel Stephens Laurel Stephens

    Speaking from my bloggy experience, you are such a nice person you should have a 20 gig backup drive to hold all the complementary emails you deserve. Really. Your back porch is Amazing! What a beautiful and peaceful place to renew oneself.

  41. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Your back porch is so extra ordinarily gorgeous, I can't believe that it's not a movie set. You must be a trained interior designer, that would explain it, or else you simply have a natural talent for it. Your house is perfection and your porch is a good example of perfection. Hugs, Cindy

  42. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Kariann, right now I am watching "What would you do"? It is about if a homeless man tried to buy food in a bar and the bartender won't serve him. Almost every person stuck up for the homeless man and told the bartender he was wrong. One guy even bought the homeless man a lunch so he wouldn't have to use the money he had. It restored my faith in people. XO, Pinky

  43. Image for Sandy Sandy

    New follower - I found you through BNOTP. Is the birdhouse (?) on the coffee table a recent find? If so where could I find one, I love it.

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