Laundry room


A little less than a month ago I asked you for a big opinion.


And 631 of you gave me one.

You are my heroes.


I needed your help with where my wayward railroad sign should go.

And you voted on four options:











Choice B (over the chalkboard) won…..hands down.

Now, I love Choice B.

And Choice B was truly a great option.


Choice B had the whole transportation thing going on.

I liked the idea of the train and the chalkboard and the giant clock I was going to hang in the center of the window turned chalkboard and the whole general railroad station reference.

It really made sense.




But I forgot to tell you.

There was another choice.

As in Choice E.

As in none of the above.

laundry room cork board


Meet my Choice E.

My none of the above.

Meet my laundry room.


Basket with a ruffled shower curtain


I guess in the end…..I had to put it where I needed the most inspiration.


The place where I am currently working on submitting my lint collection to the Smithsonian.

Where all the piles of laundry go when they want to have a night on the town…..

…..and where the unmatched stinky socks are buying time shares in a high-rise apartment in the sky.



With four children….the laundry can get a little overwhelming at times.

So in order to keep the sock partying to a minimum…..I spend a lot of time here.

And there are days when I feel like I need to take up residence with a sleeping cot and a bag of coconut M & M’s.



So on behalf of the laundry room, I did want to tell you how much I truly appreciated all the big opinions on the fate of the wayward railroad sign.


Thank you so much.


And if you get an unsolicited e-mail from one of the socks about the high-rise apartment time shares, just be careful…..

……I wouldn’t want them to take you to the cleaners 🙂

PS  Oh wait…..forget submitting the lint collection to the Smithsonian…..maybe I’ll just use my lint to make these.

Or not 🙂

PPS  So many of you asked about the ruffled shower curtain….here’s a great resource (please note this is an affiliate link):

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  1. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Too that email last night....When "he" presented himself as a "member of the family" and truly sounded athletic...I bought that time share in Bora Bora... Love your "none of the above" placement...perfect.....and the laundry room is the cutest!...Now did you paint those storage boxes?

  2. Image for Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions

    I love your laundry room, Karianne! Probably because I have the same color scheme going on in my living room! : ) What is the wall color in here, by the way? If you know. We are going to have to repaint and I'm thinking a little darker than the color already on the walls.

  3. Image for Kim Kim

    Is there a room in our house that isn't cute? I doubt it. Love your laundry room and the sign is perfect in there. I wouldn't mind setting up a cot in there. Love the boxes.

  4. Image for Pam@frippery Pam@frippery

    Oh a dryer lint bunny would be perfect there. Your laundry room is gorgeous. I would take up residence there immediately! The sign is perfect over your bench/message station. I am ruthless with mismatched socks. They will definitely not be calling me. Although I do not make dryer lint crafts we have saved it to make fire starters for the fire pit and the fireplace as well.

  5. Image for Bliss Bliss

    OK, so this is another one of your rooms that makes my mouth hang open with drool as I utter a four letter word of envy and amazement. Seriously, only you could make me want to go to someone elses house and do their laundry. Do I really have to say it's beautiful or can you tell I like choice E from the four letter word? ~Bliss~

  6. Image for Erin Erin

    bahaha just you wait...lint will be the challenge item the month you are our craft judge. ;) Seriously, though, how has your house not been featured in a magazine yet? Or maybe it has and I am just clueless. It is stunning. Your house, not my cluelessness.

  7. Image for Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers

    Your laundry room is beautiful! I would love to do my laundry there.

  8. Image for bj bj

    Now, THAT is an awesome laundry room. Man..if I were washing for 6, my laundry room would NEVER look this clean and cute. You are amazing !!

  9. Image for Catherine Catherine

    I would hang it in the laundry room too if mine looked like yours! I would do laundry even if I didn't have laundry to do just so I could stay in there!

  10. Image for Jen Jen

    I hear the train a comin',it's rollin round the bend....I'm stuck in laundry prison since I don't know when. Prettiest laundry prison I've ever seen! :-)

  11. Image for Pinky Pinky

    Seriously??? This is your laundry room??? I could live in there for sure! Please tell me what those ADORABLE ruffles are hiding? I LOVE this laundry room. The RR sign looks great in here. XO, Pinky

  12. Image for Susan Susan

    Your laundry room is so cute!!! I love it. Having four kids myself I know what its like to spend a lot of time in one room. The railroad sign looks perfect.

  13. Image for Carla Carla

    Love it! Thanks also for the belly laughs! My clothes also have many "nights on the town!" Your laundry room looks so restful and inspiring--if mine looked like that maybe my sweet hubby wouldn't call it "The Abyss" anymore....

  14. Image for Beverly Beverly

    You're right. Again. You're right once again. E is definitely "it". Do you think it was wise to show all of us this gorgeous laundry room? Knowing how gorgeous it is could entice all of us to assist you to be able to have more time in there. My laundry is the one in the wicker basket by your back door. I don't want you to confuse it with all of the other baskets of laundry everyone has left for you. And, please don't put my underpants in the dryer. The last thing I need is for them to shrink. And, just give me a call when it is ready. I'll drop by to pick it up. No delivery is necessary. ♥♥♥

  15. Image for GinaE GinaE

    Your laundry room looks better than my best room in my house. But, I have to ask.....what is hiding behind that pretty ruffled curtain?

  16. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Ok seriously are all the rooms in your house completely amazing? If I had a laundry room like yours I think I would actually enjoy doing all of my boys stinky clothes. Well maybe not but I don't think I wouldn't mind it as much as I do. Love the placement of your railroad sign and all of the other goodies going on in that room.

  17. Image for Kathryn Cain Kathryn Cain

    I love this spot...I love th crisp black and white...very chic and cute at the same time....Now how many times does it look this perfect because this is son has 3 and they run a small daycare too....never can they keep up....sometimes he says the only time laundry is caught up is when Mom takes care of the kids.....I just have to stay up until 2 am and never stop....whooooo u'rs looks beautiful and very chic

  18. Image for Kimberly from Serendipity Refined Kimberly from Serendipity Refined

    Aw shoot! Really?! High rise SOCK living now?! So now, I have another thing to worry about? You see, my "single sock support group" has been meeting in a vintage enamel wash basin on the top of my dryer for over a year, perfectly content, leaving the high rise living to the French Body pitchers. NOW, I suppose I'll have a "situation". I already heard my valance muttering something about the gingham and my sink base saying something about "ruffles". My entire laundry room is jealous, not that I blame it! Your lint collection, girl, don't get me started? I keep hoping that they'll find a way to turn it BACK into the clothing that it came from. You know, like my fluffy towels that are now, well, NOT fluffy. Sometimes I blame the's less intimidating than trying to blame the dryer. xo

  19. Image for Diane Diane

    I did not know they made coconut M&Ms! I love choice E, I would have chosen it if it were one of the options, it looks gorgeous there. The whole room looks gorgeous! I love that ruffled curtain too!

  20. Image for Peggy Peggy

    By far the best location!! and now I have to tell you... you are just so wrong!! Here I had forgotten all about coconut m&m's... now its all i can think about. that chocolately goodness, the hint of coconut, the crispy shells that melt in your mouth... sigh.... I'll guess I'll have to take my mind off it by wondering what is behind the ruffly curtain. So what lurks behind the curtain? 'cause I'm thinking I see a good deal of inspiration and a room makeover in store for us! Oh joy I know my dear sweet husband will just be jumping for joy! :) Have a wonderful day and thank you so very much for sharing with us!

  21. Image for Kolein Kolein

    Inspiration is sooo delicious! Your washing room is BEEE-utiful! I'll call you The Laundress from now on! ps - just make puppets out of those stray socks (after a good washing, of course)! xo ~K

  22. Image for Gee Gee

    Note to self : never be drinking coffee while reading a post from Thistlewood Farms. The chances of messy things happening are very high. Thanks self!! Such a bright and cheery room. Wouldn't mind doing the laundry in there for sure. Chez Newbanks is getting a slow but steady over haul. Back to light neutral colours after a 7 year sojourn into the bright saturated Italian phase. Walls are now Valspar Natural , with a shade darker ( forgot the name) in the enrtyway, hallway and baths. Laundry room is planned, sketched, but awaiting fulfillment. Thanks for the inspiration. .... and the giggles. Now to wipe up coffee.....

  23. Image for Andrea Andrea

    Just yesterday, as I was doing the laundry from our week long camping trip, I was staring at the patchy mustard yellow walls and trying to figure out a plan for our laundry room update. I love your laundry room, and it will surely be an inspiration to me as I get ready to update ours this fall!

  24. Image for Kim P Kim P

    I previously voted for the "over the door" option because I thought it made the "over the chalkboard" area look a little cluttered. I do like the looks of it in your laundry room :) I have a little story about lint though. Back when my younger brother was still living at home, he had a pile of new jeans that my mother had purchased. She wanted to know why he was still wearing his old worn out ones and hadn't yet worn his new ones. He said because he like the lint in the bottom of the pockets of his worn out ones and the new ones didn't have lint in the pockets. If you knew him, you would know that he was totally joking with her. Well, she got him back by taking the wads of lint from the dryer and stuffing the pockets of his new jeans. You should have heard him laughing when he finally broke down and decided to wear one of those pairs of jeans. He left the lint in them too.

  25. Image for Heather Heather

    Oh, you are such a sneak, Karianne!! To not tell us there was a Choice E!!! But it is the best choice, for sure! Luv your laundry room, like the rest of your home it is a-maz-ing! You rock girlie! :)

  26. Image for carmel carmel

    Well, if my laundry room looked like that - I would never complain about having to wash clothes! GAH - can I come live in your laundry room?!

  27. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    The perfect spot for the sign- Your laundry room is gorgeous! I think I would love washing clothes if I had your laundry room! Love your boxes and vignette on top of your furniture! Your laundry room rocks!

  28. Image for missy george missy george

    OMG...Even your laundry room is beautiful..Nice place for the sign..I don't remember that being an option..You cheated..What are you hiding behind those lovely ruffles?

  29. Image for Shar Shar

    So glad I found your site! I used to visit the old Kari & Kijsa site & was really bummed when the posts stopped. Y'all are so creative--anyone that can make a laundry room look THAT good!! By the way, I love the chalkboard that ALMOST got the railroad sign. Since I am new to this blog, is there a tutorial on that somewhere?

  30. Image for Laura Laura

    Uh oh, I'm thinking I might have just made a bad investment, but I did it based on the fact that I do trust your impeccable taste. Love the sign placement. Hugs, Laura

  31. Image for judi judi

    oh sorry, what were you saying? i got mesmerized with the coconut m & m's and the dryer lint. the closest i got to using dryer lint in a craft was packaging it up for a gag white elephant gift as 10 yrs. worth of belly button lint. ;/ anywho...the sign looks great and i'm not offended that you didn't take my advice, really, i'm not. not in the least. really,it's ok. (i'm going south with the socks to that high rise condo.) ps. karianne, you SO crack me up. thanks for making my mouth grin from ear to ear. judi

  32. Image for Ally Ally

    KariAnne, we're like doppelgangers with our 4 kids and hardwood color. Other than that, you leave me behind choking on your fumes. Where do you store/hide the dirty socks? Behind the ruffled curtains? Inside the teeny burlap bags? Oooo, I've got it - in the bench?

  33. Image for Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista

    Even your laundry room is beautiful and calming, I'm so impressed. I'm also impressed by the amount of laundry you have going on, we have 3 kids, but they are still so little the clothes are tiny and cute and don't take up too much space:)

  34. Image for Mary Mary

    Well, I would say your option E looks quite nice! ;o) Such a happy & pretty space to do laundry! You and your home are amazing, my Pinterest twin! Lol! Mary

  35. Image for Zolane Zolane

    Karianne, that has got to be the prettiest laundry room I have EVER seen. With a laundry room like yours, I don't think I'd mind our son changing his clothes four times a fact, I might encourage it! Love the railroad sign in there as well :)

  36. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    Nobody should have a laundry room that beautiful - I mean, what does it tell you when most of us want to come live in your laundry room! Love your attention to detail, every little thing is the perfect touch. And I'm still coveting your railroad sign. Sigh.... Barbara

  37. Image for Patty/BC Patty/BC

    Craft ideas for dryer lint - what a hoot! And as for the rail road sign in the laundry room - it's a great spot. Now you can just chug, chug, chug your caboose down the hall to the laundry station.

  38. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I love your laundry room...I am jealous of the window looking out into the field. :) I would sit there and not get any laundry done. Your totes crack me up. When we moved into our house, my mom helped us pack. She marked some boxes with "stuff" and "more stuff". Thanks Mom. Kelly

  39. Image for Lynn Wood Lynn Wood

    I had somehow missed this post and the final resting place of the railroad sign! What a perfect place for it! ...and those dryer lint crafting ideas, WHO KNEW??

  40. Image for Donna Donna

    Came over from Shabbilicious to see a dream of a laundry room. It is like a retreat! Please note that I live in a 1950 Cape and the laundry room is under the stairs. Full size washer, dryer, and hot water heater all under there. At least we cannot gain any more weight - we would not be able to reach the washer! I desire and lust after this space....and a window, too!?! You lucky girl! Distressed Donna Down home

  41. Image for laurie laurie

    Lolol! YOU, my dear, always make me laugh til tears run down my fat little cheeks!!! lolol! I ADORE the way you write and the stories you tell. And....excuse me.....Coconut M&Ms???? What - have you been hiding these from us all along or something...??? xoxo laurie

  42. Image for laurie laurie

    Oh....forgot to tell you that I am now officially lusting after your laundry room. I wouldn't mind sleeping there OR eating coconut M&Ms there either for that matter..... :) xoxo laurie

  43. Image for Becky Becky

    Another gorgeous room! Did you make the ruffle curtain? It's lovely:) I have material for a ruffle white linen crib skirt for baby girl's room. Of course, she's here now, and it's still not finished...good thing she still sleeps in our room!

  44. Image for Angela Angela

    ...COCONUT M&M'S........ Are you serious... do those really exist? I am totally going to have my feelings hurt if you're fibbing about those! I'm going to hunt them down now! P.S. Sweet Laundry Room!

  45. Image for Kristine Kristine

    Love the laundry room!! What is the paint color? Sorry if I missed it in all the wonderful comments/replys :)

  46. Image for Margo Margo

    Where did you get that fabulous ruffled curtain? Oh, and....what's behind the curtain? I love your entire house. You are an awesome decorator. And in the country...ROCKS! Congrats on your big "jump".

  47. Image for SharK (lol) SharK (lol)

    You are totally hilarious and your house looks amazingly fab, but I think there's a consensus here...please don't leave us in suspense... 1. Where did you get the ruffled curtain-it rocks...and what is it hiding? 2. Where do you get coconut M&Ms? I actually googled it I was so intrigued and it looks like they're limited edition and prob not available in Canada with my luck...booo You are motivating me to finish our laundry room-love that spot for the rr sign

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