plant an herb garden

Have you noticed that there’s a way of talking that’s taking over the airwaves and the internet and the local news media?

It’s kind of random and sometimes annoying and it sounds liiiiikkkkkkeeeeee thiiiiissssss.

When someone talks like this, the words at the end of the sentence just trail off….

… if the speaker is kind of bored with life.

As if they can barely summon the energy to finish what they are saying.

I just found out it has a name.

It’s called Vocal Fry.

Herb garden clay pots project

I had no idea.

I didn’t know it was a thing.

I never knew it had a name until I watched this clip from CBS Sunday Morning.

And now I hear it everywhere.

It might be like totally for me.

Herb garden onion chives planting

The actual definition from Webster’s goes like this “A vocal effect produced by a slow vibration of the vocal cords and characterized by a creaking sound and a low pitch.  As with other types of laryngealization, vocal fry is produced by constricting the larynx.  The effect is typically used at the end of phrases and sentences.”

When I was in high school we had our own way of talking, too.  We all said “like” about 50,000 times and our words went up at the end of a sentence so everything sounded like a question.

This is just like that only hipper and cooler.

Studies have shown that when you speak with vocal fry you project confidence and authority and gain the respect of your peers.

Who knew?

herb garden planted rosemary

So today when I’m talking to you about herbs and how to grow them in your kitchen….

….I’m going to go all vocal fry on you.

I mean, I want to be an authority on the subject….right?

I want to project confidence and be listened to and I’m sure vocal fry is my ticket to success.

So here goes.

How to plant an herb garden project

Planting herbs is eaaaaaaassssy.

You can grown them from seeds, but I skipped that step and planted herbs that were seedlings from my local nursery.

Like rosemary and onion chiiiiiivvvvvvessss.

Two of my favorites.

Herb garden rosemary plant

I just transplanted them into small terracotta pots and placed them in a sunny area in the kitchen.

The key to promoting growth is to water them and plant them in good soil with adequate draiiiiiinnnnnaggggggge.

I’ve had these plants for about a month now and I love the addition of herbs to the kitchen.

And the rosemary smells wonnnnndeeeerrrful.

planting a herb garden

Why not start your own todaaaaaaaay?


I don’t know if I can keep this vocal fry thing up.

It may be authoritative and influential, but it’s a little exhausting.

And it’s like wearing me out and like overwhelming and maybe like totally not for me. 🙂

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  1. Image for Rachel Going Rachel Going

    Hahaha!! I could LIKE TOTALLY hear your vocal fry! ! But just in case you would take your herbs out for a job interview. ..don't let them use the vocal fry there. ..from what I've read it doesn't score well there. ..but maybe I LIKE TOTALLY don't know what I'm talking about! :).

  2. Image for Nancy @ slightly Coastal Nancy @ slightly Coastal

    ohmygosh! I sat through a lecture on vocal fry when I went to the Miss Georgia forum weekend. She was trying to tell the upcoming contestants that even though it is a trendy thing to do right now, in actuality, it makes the speaker appear less confident and that they don't have breath control when speaking. Ever since that lecture, all I hear is vocal fry. I so annoy my family when I hear people on TV do it. I yell out "Like, totally vocal fry!" Ya know? Have a great day friend! Nancy

  3. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Hilarious!! Hard to read, too!!! ;-) my herbs are happy in their pots and reminding me that warm days are around the corner! Happy Wednesdaaaaaay!!!

  4. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Laughing is bad for me right now--bronchitis--but, girl, you had me going this morning! I even watched a couple of Youtube videos on Vocal Fry. Some vocal experts go so far as to call it 'vocal abuse.' And one vocal expert even gave instructions on how NOT to speak Vocal Fry. Now that was funny. But I digress...I loved the simple instructions you presented for growing herbs and, truthfully, I like totally have always wanted to grow my own herbs. No. Wait. You should know that's not the whole truth. I like totally have always wanted to not KILL the plants I grow. More hilarity. I know, right?

  5. Image for Susie @ The Chelsea Project Susie @ The Chelsea Project

    I'm from the South....where we fry everything in sight...but vocal fry? It's a new one. LOL. But, as usual, your posts are charming...AND informative. Now I know...and I'll be on the look out... XOXO to you, Susie from The Chelsea Project

  6. Image for ellen b ellen b

    I'm going to try that today on my family and see if I can get a response out of craaazzzzyyyy! Thanks for the inspiration. I really am going to go buy some chives to put in a little pot in my kitchen and maybe some thyme. Rosemary grows real well in my yard and I have a nice plant out there already. Have a beautiful weeeekkkkk, eh.

  7. Image for Gail Gail

    All those herbs you are growing in your kitchen can be put outside also, they will get huge and make your whole yard smell wonderful. You just need to be you.. Sweet, kind and gorgeous. I want to hear some southern talk.

  8. Image for Ariel Ariel

    I had no idea that had a name! In my opinion, it makes young women sound unintelligent and unsure of what they are saying. Or like they are trying to sound like someone else. Not a fan. Your post made me laugh out loud, thoooouuuggghhhhh. Haha.

  9. Image for Cassandra E Cassandra E

    This is funny. I love that you did not know it's a thing. You're probably way less irritible than I. It needs to totally not be a thing. (Gag me with a spoon). Your herbs are sweet. xo

  10. Image for TwoPlusCute TwoPlusCute

    Like totally projecting coooonfiiiideeenceeeeeeeeeeee! (Did it work? Did I sound like an authority?) Hahah, what a post! I am gonna, like totally, gonna plant some herbs this week! :)

  11. Image for Janet Cole Janet Cole

    OMG I DESPISE vocal began with the Kardashians, supposedly - anything that comes from that family can't be good! love you!

  12. Image for Sheila Sheila

    This is my current pet peeve. I can't even... Five minutes of any TV show with the word "Kardashian" in it and I'm running for the OFF switch. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  13. Image for Debra Debra

    Funny you should mention thhhiiiissss. My niece moved from the Midwest to the sunshine state. Now her vocal fry is in full swing along with calling her partner "Baaabbbeee" every five seconds. Oh my!

  14. Image for Michele Michele

    LOL. To me with all my years in public speaking vocal fry sounds anything but informed and educated. If the Kardashians are doing it I am walking the other way, okaaaaaayyyyyy? Ugh. Nice herbs, vocal fry is icky. : - )

  15. Image for Kris Kris

    The first thing I thought when I read this was how horrible it is for your vocal folds. If there are any singers out there--don't do it!!!! Or your singing days will be over before you know it!!

  16. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    Hysterical, Karianne!! I didn't know that it had a name....just thought it was a variation of the valley girl talk. That's how old I am!!! Loved this one. You hit it out of the park.

  17. Image for Jean McGee Jean McGee

    Stick out tongue, put finger on tongue, and GAG. Voice Fry sounds like an animal with laryngitis. Sick! Jean McGee

  18. Image for DeMarie DeMarie

    "Like", if this is what young women think makes them sound like upwardly mobile, intelligent women, I'm living in an alternate reality. It's as annoying as stuffing a lot of "you knows" in a sentence. Ackkkkkkkkkk :-)

  19. Image for Rachel Rachel

    Amaaazzziing! I've been doing it for years and never knew it was an actual "thing" - thank you for pointing this out! I feel soooo much better now...hee hee hee

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