Looking for ideas on how to decorate a kitchen island? Here are simple, affordable ideas to decorate your kitchen for spring.

Yesterday I turned to my husband with a sigh and informed him that reentry was a little challenging.



Defined as coming back to cold and wet and overcast skies when you have been dipping your toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

In my heart, I’m still swaying with Palm Trees and figuring out what I’m ordering for my three course dinner.

My solution for reentrification?

Decorating the kitchen island (and a little bit of the kitchen, too).

All my spring decorating was inspired by something I discovered at Walmart for under $4. I literally blinked when I saw the price and thought I still had the Caribbean sun in my eyes.

It hopped into my cart and it arrived on Tuesday and I spent the afternoon decorating my kitchen island.

And it turned out like this.

And this.

And this.

And it all started with this.

See that little topiary sphere? Isn’t it the cutest?

And it’s UNDER $4.

$3.97 to be exact and you can find it here.

I’ve paid so much more for similar spheres in the past. It’s the perfect size and the perfect decor piece for spring. You can add it to a clay pot or a piece of whiteware or a stack of books or a basket display like I created here.


And my $3.97 new addition to the kitchen gives me hope. It makes me feel like sunshine and flowers and birds chirping and blue skies are just around the corner.

how to decorate a kitchen island window

I know it’s freezing right now.

I know it’s cold and overcast and foggy and wintery.

But sunshine is JUST around the corner.

Spring is ALMOST here.

If you need a little early spring or some inspiration for spring decorating? Here’s how I decorated my kitchen island.

How to Decorate a Kitchen Island For Spring

Okay, so let’s start with what I used to decorate it with.

I used things I collected over the years to create the display, but I was able to link a few things in case you want to create a similar look. You may have tons of things in your spring decorating closet that you can use already–if so–just use this for inspiration.

I put the basket flat on the center of the kitchen island.

Then I placed a large stack of books in the center.

I added the large tree to one side.

Next I placed a smaller stack of books on the right side.

Next, I simply scattered my topiaries around the books and inside the basket.

I added a little mini topiary in front of the stack of books.

Then I added my amazing new $3.97 boxwood sphere in front of the topiaries. The key is just to keep fussing until it makes you happy. I still rearrange it sometimes when I walk by.

Then I placed the nest on top of the stack of books.

That’s it.

My kitchen island is ready for spring.

Then I added a few more bits of spring.

This nest poster is under $10.

You can see it here.

I’m going to do a tutorial on how to add the wood to the top and bottom. Stay tuned.

Remember the story of the house that an artist created that’s a miniature of my house?

I couldn’t put it away for Christmas.

Instead? I added it to a tiny pedestal and placed it under a cloche and now it sits on my kitchen counter.

I love these kitchen stools at the end of the kitchen island.

They have a rustic woven seat and great detailing on the legs.

The stools look so high-end, but they are actually really affordable.

You can see them here.

I added a row of topiaries to the window.

My window ledge is super narrow, so I had to use smaller topiaries with smaller bases.

(total aside: quick tip from my latest book, 10-minute Decorating Ideas–wrap the base of the topiary with brown craft paper to make it look more realistic.)

My favorite new find for the kitchen?

It’s kind of decor and kind of super-extra-helpful and useful.

Our dishwasher broke several months ago. It’s so expensive to fix, so I started washing dishes by hand. We don’t really have a ton of dishes and I discovered I actually like doing the dishes by hand and not having to dread emptying the dishwasher all the time.

I was using a towel on the counter, but the towel would get wet and the dishes wouldn’t really dry that well if I just left them on the counter.

And then?


This Panutta stone dish drying mat that looks like marble. It’s truly a miracle worker. The dishes dry super fast because the stone is extra absorbent and the stone sits on these little silicone feet so your counter doesn’t get moldy and it looks so pretty just sitting on the counter. It’s such a good size to hold tons of dishes when they are drying. I have marble countertops already so it just blends in.

You can see the stone here.

This kitchen island just makes me so happy.

Almost as happy as know that the dark clouds are going away because spring is just around the corner.

And thanks to all that spring decorating?

Reeintrification just got a whole lot easier. 🙂

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  1. Image for Diana Clark Diana Clark

    I love your house under a dome! And the fact that you shop on Amazon often which is my go to place. Always nice to click on your post and go to my own Amazon and save it!

  2. Image for Grace Thomas Grace Thomas

    With just my husband and me, we don't always have many dishes. So I do the few by hand and then I stick them in the dishwasher to dry and then they're off the counter.

  3. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Well that just looks great on your kitchen island! I love topiaries. Also, I love that view into your kitchen. I never realized there was a step down in to your family room/living room. And, you can see your entry area from the open door in the back of the picture. So now I know when you enter through your front door your kitchen is to the right. I'm sure you've shown this before but I just noticed it. Love your house!

  4. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I no longer have a dishwasher! We got rid of it and installed drawers. I love standing at my sink, looking out at my back yard. I have a 100 year old Crimson Maple that is home to many Poindexters (squirrels) including an Albino we named Albie. My hubby built a cafe for them and between their antics and the birds I enjoy doing dishes while watching a show!!! P.S Love that you put your house under glass ❤. Big Hugs,

  5. Image for JC JC

    Happy Home Coming! I'm sure the sandy beaches and ocean sunshine was AAAAmazing, but still there is no place like home! That's a sweet spring vinette on the island and I love that bird/egg poster. Yours looks much whiter than the link 🤔 which I like yours better. I've never heart of the drying stone. I think it looks so clean and efficient and that fact that it is heat resistant is a win too! Thanks for sharing! Welcome Back!

  6. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Island is So cute. It looks adorable. I loved the marble drying rack and almost bought it. But I am trying to minimize my buying stuff. I went a little crazy the last 2 years so now time to slow down. But loved the look of it. Spring is coming...

  7. Image for Shelley Shelley

    KariAnne...welcome home and ( almost) Spring! I see you love texture, as do I! Love your center island decor. Gives me some good ideas. Looking to incorporate some covered books, and love the topiaries! I have a similar look on my dinning room table with a large basket and floral. Great idea to display your home under the cloiche...so cute! Thank you for posting all!🤗

  8. Image for Donna Donna

    I like the pictures of your kitchen. Never realized the “TV Room” was a step down from the kitchen. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    It is in the 60s today here in Ohio. My sister is going to Scottsdale, Arizona tomorrow with her hubs for a week for a business trip and a visit to see their 3rd child who lives there now. Sis checked the weather and it is warmer here than there!!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on?????? My crocus are about 4 inches up now - and today my eldest daughter's best friend sent garden pics: a dandelion bloomed, her yellow crocus is in full bloom and there was a honey bee on it!!!! Mother Nature is waking up but I think she got her regions confused. This is beyond weird. It always snows here in Feb!! I went to the store in my flip flops today! (Too cold for most but so comfy I just did as I ran in and out fast.) And I love your fresh island display, KA.

  10. Image for Kathy Menold Kathy Menold

    We have been on alot of cruises and I certainly can identify with reentry to the real world. What do you mean I have to make my own bed and that there's no breakfast buffet!! Glad you found spring decorating is a good way to come down to earth. I am adding small bits of spring to our home and yesterday brought home a big bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and divided them into three arrangements to put around the house. Also picked a bunch of pussywillow branches to put in a vase on the mantle. Even was able to open some windows to let some fresh air in and old winter air out

  11. Image for Candy Candy

    Thanks for this inspiration! Love the topiaries. The little house is lovely under the dome. I too have counter tops like yours and would love to have one of those stones. Yours looks like marble but the link looks gray. Where did you get the marble looking one? It looks great.

  12. Image for Lynn Mosher Lynn Mosher

    Love it! Looks lovely as always! Love your house in safe keeping! 😉 So okay, where did you you get the dirty sign? 🙃🥰

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