School has started.

Notebooks and rulers and protractors and calculators and polka-dotted backpacks and pencils with erasers that sing a song have all been purchased for the four future college graduates that live within these farmhouse walls.

Summer is over and life is once again in full swing.

Days are filled to the brim with cheerleading practices and track practice and girl scouts and youth group and environmental science club…..and homework.

And middle school baseball.




I love baseball.

I love the crack of the bat and the whoosh of the ball as it sails through the air and sound of cleats hitting the dirt and the smell of fresh popcorn and the cheers of the crowd.

And there is nothing better than sitting in the stands at a middle school baseball game and watching your middle school baseball player play ball.


The only challenge with baseball is…..between all the batting and the throwing and hitting and base running…..

……sometimes there’s a lot of hurry up and wait.


Chairs with books in back


Waiting for the pitcher to get ready.

Waiting for the batter to step up to the plate.

Waiting for the runner to steal a base.

Waiting for the umpire to call strike or ball or foul.

There is a lot of waiting in baseball.


And then….just when you get tired of all the waiting.

When you shrug your tired waiting shoulders and you start to head to the concession stand….

……there will be a moment of absolute brilliance.


Kentucky Map


One of those moments happened the other day.

Bases were loaded and the opposing team hit a fly ball to the outfield.

As the ball sailed through the air into left field… could almost hear the crowd holding its collective breath.

It hung in the air for a moment…..suspended in time….looking like it was going to fall just out of reach of the outfielders.

And at that moment the left-fielder leapt into the air, stretched out his glove with all his might and with an almost herculean effort and an arm that looked like it grew another five inches….

….. caught the ball.



And the silence was broken as the crowd roared and screamed and cheered for the left fielder who caught the ball and saved the inning.

In unison they yelled his name as he stood in center field grinning from ear-to-ear with the ball still in his glove.

Everyone that is…..

…..except his mother.

She wasn’t watching.

She had decided to take a break from all the waiting.

She was on her phone…..checking her e-mail.



Good thing that wasn’t me.

I wouldn’t want to turn in my “mom of the year” award.

I wouldn’t have wanted to spend hours watching the catcher and the pitcher and the umpire and the left fielder…..waiting for that brief moment of brilliance…..only to miss it in a single second when I glanced down at my phone.

Good thing this story is about another mother who missed the catch of the century.


We have another game on Saturday.

And I’ll be there watching and waiting in case the left fielder gets another opportunity……

……but my cell phone is definitely benched for the rest of baseball season 🙂

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  1. Image for Upscale Downhome Upscale Downhome

    I love watching my son and his team play baseball, too. He's going to be a Freshman. I don't have a problem missing a play because of my cell phone but I could very easily miss a play because I was talking to another mom. You were still there to bask in the afterglow of the awesome catch.

  2. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    I don't have a child or grandchild playing any sports, but I'll admit to being guilty of looking at my phone when we're out and about -eating lunch, playing at the park, etc. Thank you for the gentle reminder to BE IN THE MOMENT because these moments are so fleeting! Congrats to Angie! Looking forward to meeting her in October at the Southern Bloggers Conference!

  3. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Ah, yes, I remember those baseball days!! That whole hurry-up-and-wait drove my boys to football and soccer, where the action is pretty much non-stop. No cell phone use opportunities for those games. Enjoy every second -- fun times! TGIF my friend ~ xo Heidi

  4. Image for Laura Laura

    Oh boy that is so me. I remember when my daughter won her first dance competition. Well I remember after she won her first dance competition. I was busy yakking to someone when it was announced and had to be nudged. She was 4 then and she is 31 now. I still see moments when she shoots me a sad and disappointed look. It must be for that.......right?????

  5. Image for

    Lol. That post was too funny. Sorry you missed the big moment. I, too, have sat in the stands for many a year watching baseball and this summer was the first year my 15 year old son chose not to play. Golf has stolen his heart. I must admit I missed it and your post brought it all back. Enjoy these moments because sadly, they are fleeting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Image for Barb @ Grits and Glamour Barb @ Grits and Glamour

    Well, at least you were not on a cruise when you're son made the winning home run in the All-Stars tournament. (red faced) My hubby had been on a 6-mont deployment and we booked a cruise for when he got home. It was booked over 3 weeks out. Who knew he would have such an awesome season, make the All-Stars and end of winning the tourney in a tie game? Who knew? He was 9 yrs . He is now 28. He still holds that against me. :) Love those old school chairs. You have the coolest things. Congrats to Angie!!!!!!!

  7. Image for Daniela @frugal ain't cheap Daniela @frugal ain't cheap

    I used to taech at a private school, and I had moms (and dads) dropping their children off (or picking them up) while they were on their cell phone! I finally told them to leave their phone in the car when coming to MY classroom. Are you glad it wasn't you?

  8. Image for Linda @ it all started with paint Linda @ it all started with paint

    Please tell me that it wasn't me who called at that very moment when you missed the amazing catch of the century ... My husband tries to talk baseball with me and my eyes glaze over ... and yet you held me captive through this entire post! Oh, and your photos are AMAZING! Seriously! AMAZING! :) me

  9. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Total bummer. Sorry about that. Ugh! Baseball. It is my least favorite sport. Why, you ask. Because of all that waiting. It just plain ole takes too long. I like faster, faster, faster. A boy I dated while in high school hit a grand slam homerun, and I, of course, missed it. We almost broke up over that one. I thought I would never live it down. Fortunately he isn't my husband - or I would still be hearing about it. Congratulations to the game hero!!!♥

  10. Image for Karen Karen

    Please tell that poor mom that feels guilty, that there will be another catch...she's still an awesome mom. I know a mom very well, that actually missed her little girl's Kindergarten graduation simply because she forgot. When she showed up after school to find a mom there had run home to loan Lucie...I mean the girl....a dress. You tell a lovely story and hope you haven't missed anything reading this :)

  11. Image for Kelly Kelly

    My oldest son used to play soccer when he was younger and I always enjoyed watching him play. I remember those days well. Unfortunately, my youngest son isn't interested in sports. He's a video game player instead. Oh well. Siblings can be so different, can't they? Sounds like you stay very busy with all of your kids activities. School has been back in session here for a few weeks already. Shocking huh? It felt like they went back in the middle of the summer. Wish it was more like September the way it was when I grew up. I'm sure baseball season is winding down and then we'll be on to football. There is always something to keep busy with.

  12. Image for Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Of course it wasn't you - and nobody would dare take your mom of the year title away (without a fight from you anyway)! Toothpicks are the trick! Prop two in your eyes - inhibits blinking so you won't miss a thing! I'm the the same situation - but with softball. You've guilted me into leaving my cell in the car during games! Kelly

  13. Image for Rita@thissortaoldlife Rita@thissortaoldlife

    I have been the crankiest mom of the year as I've been shuffling two kids to two different sets of daily doubles practices this week. Spent about 2 hours of time simply driving back and forth between school and home every day this week. (Not, of course, continuously. Broken up so that it was almost impossible to do anything else.) Not how I wanted to spend the last one before returning to work and the school-year grind. (Yes, it is a grind. There. I said it.) It is hard sometimes to support our kids and do the things we need/want to do for ourselves. We're never going to be perfect in it. I think we're still eligible for Mom of the Year! :-)

  14. Image for Ally Ally

    KariAnne! TELL about the pictures! They're absolutely gorgeous and I was drooling looking at them, waiting for you to say what this corner was all about. (I'm sorry about you missing that amazing catch) I love all the pops of red in your house. Once I was blah, blah, blahing at a hockey game because hockey is BORING, and the puck flew up and my dad caught it right in front of my face as I was talking. And the whole stadium looked at me and gasped. So, I understand your story. I'd have been checking my email in that story too if I hadn't been 14.

  15. Image for Anne Anne

    Can't believe summer is over either.I just have my daughter and she is in cross country,band and Jazz dance class.I LOVE baseball too! xx Anne

  16. Image for Maury @ Life on Mars Maury @ Life on Mars

    Aw... well you did say that they always try to get on the blog, maybe you could make it up to him by posting a picture of him in his baseball uniform catching a ball. Then he might give you back your Mom of the Year award.

  17. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    You brought back so many memories....of biting my nails when my son wound up with every pitch he made...praying for a strike...oh the tension...I think Moms are more nervous that their sons...I feel I have spent my entire life at the ballfield....I know I I have permanent bleecher marks on my behind!!!...Treasure these days, as they go by so quickly!!...Great photos Kari!!... Congrats to Angie!!....Looking forward to meeting her at the conference!!!...

  18. Image for Bliss Bliss

    The only thing worse than you kid making a great play and missing it is if you are also the coach. Shameful. But those kids are so forgiving. ~Bliss~

  19. Image for Jessica @ Mom 4 Real Jessica @ Mom 4 Real sad for that little boy...hopefully he didn't notice. There is nothing like a baseball game. My son is a golfer, so it's a lot harder to follow...lots and lots of walking ;) What a nice reminder to stop and be in the moment. Where did you get the Kentucky print? I need it!!!

  20. Image for Sheryl Sheryl

    Great reminder to live in the moment! Love the photos - anyone know what these student chairs with the book shelf in the back are called?

  21. Image for Andrea Andrea

    KariAnne, the school room is so sweet. I'd even be offering to do my kids homework, if we had a room like that =) The box on the desk is amazing. Oh, and your photography is equally amazing. You make it look effortless! Have a wonderful weekend. XXOO

  22. Image for phyllis phyllis

    Glad it wasn't you! I love your vintage school things :) I have that box...mine is painted white with no top. Remind me...where in Ky you are? I'm in the Southwest.

  23. Image for Angie Angie

    Hooray! Thanks so much KariAnne. Can't wait to meet you in October. And don't fret about catch. I missed one of my daughter's races last year and, of course, she got her personal record at that race. I dunno, maybe they do their best when we're not watching on purpose so we can have even more mother's guilt? Anyway, thanks again for the ticket! I'm really looking forward to it! And that room looks fabulous, of course! ~ Angie

  24. Image for Emily @ The Wicker House Emily @ The Wicker House

    You are soo good. I love reading your post, you've always got a story to tell. These pictures are great. I love it all, the chalkboard, the map, the chairs. what a cute little setting. I want you to come decorate my house.

  25. Image for Jill Flory Jill Flory

    I think it's all the 'hurry up and wait' that I've never loved about baseball! And I'm glad too, that it was not YOU who was checking your email - chuckle!!!

  26. Image for Susan Susan

    I'm so glad you were not the mom who has to turn in her mother of the year award. =) I love your desk series of photos here. I hope "that" mom gets another chance at seeing a moment of brilliance. Too bad, no instant replay!

  27. Image for Betsy(@coastal-colors) Betsy(@coastal-colors)

    Oops! I agree with Bliss; it could be worse! What a sweet reminder of the important things in life! Love this room! The box, map and chalkboard are amazing! It all has the Karianne touch! Love it! Have a blessed weekend!

  28. Image for Barbara F Barbara F

    Love the way the story was woven in with the pictures. Sorry the story didn't have a happier ending - I know it will next time! Meanwhile, the room tells a story all its own, and it's a lovely story!

  29. Image for Deanne Deanne

    We are at the end of soccer season here and about to launch into cricket season, baseball sounds a lot like cricket in the way of slow play and moments of brilliance- my phone will not be played with during a cricket match- promise!

  30. Image for Bonnie Hitchcock Bonnie Hitchcock

    Oh how I love this story! It's our story almost 14 years ago. Our son played baseball from 2 years old to 21! We loved those years! It's worth all the waiting, believe me! He went on to play college ball 7 hours away and we probably saw 8 games in those 4 years-only two of which were played on Georgia (our state) soil. Now he has a 9 month old and we are already getting him ready for the love of the game. Our children grew up on some field-for our son, it was baseball. Our daughter's field was a stage ad theatre and music. Oh, those days goes by so fast! Enjoy every minutes....even the waiting. It's gone in a flash! Bonnie

  31. Image for Michelle Michelle

    My waiting is done on the bleachers sitting by the pool deck. We have two swimmers in our house and I know about waiting. I also know how the mom you were refering to felt about missing that special moment. Unfortunately I missed a few moments of glory because I was either busy getting some fresh air or trying to play a word for major points. No worries though I'll have many more moments of glory to watch and so will that mom you were talking about. Love the tool box. I just recently scored one similar at a local antique shop. I'm also loving that map.

  32. Image for debbiedoos debbiedoos

    Baseball is my sport of choice too...however, my little man just signed up for Football. He loves it, even against my dislike, he still had to do it. Love your pics too Karianne...they are so virtual.

  33. Image for Lorrie Lorrie

    When my daughter graduated from university, I was so busy trying to get a good photo that I missed the moment. And the photo was so far away that it was worthless. So when the youngest graduated, I left the camera in my purse until I was close enough to see the whites of his eyes. Lesson learned! Love the map. Good old school days!

  34. Image for Katie Katie

    My vote has been casted for the Blue Ribbon blogger :) And um, where on earth did you get all those vintage sports pennants!?!?? Want, want and WANT!

  35. Image for Jenny Jenny

    Love the photo - and style. I really do. (but I have to ask...) How are the kiddos supposed to use the table with the wooden trunk on top of it? Don't get me wrong, it photograph's wonderfully, and I too have similar trunks (love them). But doesn't the non-purpose of it stick out to you? Although it's creative, it's like a shoe on the kitchen table - it just doesn't belong. Would be sweet to attach antique or reclaimed wooden legs to the trunk, upholster a whimsical cushion and maybe use it as a bench or footstool.

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