Looking for simple curtain hacks? Here are five of the easiest ways to add curtains to your room without spending a dime.

And the best part? All of these curtain hacks are no sew. Which makes them the perfect solution for any space.

curtain hacks

Remember when I posted this room?

In case you missed it you can see all the befores and afters and room details here.

And you can see how we painted the checkerboard floor here.

It feels like a lifetime ago because I’ve had a birthday since then (which was totally amazing and I celebrated with containers of peony bulbs and the best homemade salsa).

When I posted this room I got tons of questions about the space, but can you guess what the number one question was?

(total aside: it wasn’t even close on the question race. This one won by over 50%.)

Everyone wanted to know, “What did you do about the grommets on the curtains?”

The curtains I linked to had grommets and then they showed up at my windows appearing to be completely and utterly grommetless.

In amazing news?


Here’s how I did it along with all my other favorite no sew curtain hacks.

curtain hacks bedroom

5 Simple No Sew Curtain Hacks

First, let’s start with the curtains.

You can see them here.

They are such an INCREDIBLE find. I have four windows in this room and my goal was to decorate this room on a budget. I found these striped linen curtains (they have gray stripe and blue stripe and sage stripe, t00) and they come in a SET for under $33.


Under $33 for the pair.

And they are 95″ long.

Let’s GO.

The only challenge with them is they have grommets. And the grommets are silver. And my curtain rods and my curtain rings both have a brass finish.

Enter curtain hack number one.

curtain hacks rings

1. Curtain hacks: how to disguise grommets

All I did was flip the grommets over and add curtain clips.

Here’s what the back of the curtain looks like after I clipped them onto the new top of the curtains.

The best part with this curtain hack?

The area where the grommets are has a built-in header that is a little stiffer than the rest of the curtain. It creates a natural fold.

curtain hacks clip on rings

Here’s what the clip looks like clipped onto the fold.

These clips are the best value I’ve found.

They come in a set of 28 for under $20.

You can see them here.

curtain hacks striped curtains

Here’s a close-up of these linen striped curtains with the grommet part folded over and clipped in place.

I was worried you might be able to see the grommets because the curtains were linen, but you really don’t notice them.

They are hung above the window frame so the light doesn’t filter through where you have the grommets clipped over.

And then?

If I ever want to have grommets?

I can just unclip them and use the grommets.

So simple

Or NO SEW simple. 🙂

curtain hacks sheets

2. Curtain hacks: use a sheet

This is a version of the curtain hacks from number one.

However, instead of curtains, I’m using flat sheets.

Same principle.

Same clippable curtain rings.

The only difference is that instead of clipping curtains, you are clipping a twin flat sheet.

You can see the sheets I used here.

It’s so much easier if you just find flat sheets by themselves, but sometimes I find the pattern I like in a set and then keep the pillow case and fitted sheet for the twin beds.

I really like using twin sheets because they are typically 96″ long and 66″ wide which adds a lot of curtain to a window.

3. Use a sheet to line a curtain

This third hack involves sheets, but instead of using them as the actual curtain, I’m using them to line the curtain instead.

You can see how I did it here.

I know, right?

ISN’T IT the most BRILLIANT of brilliant curtain hacks?

I wish I could tell you I discovered this, but my mother is the one who told me the easiest way to line curtains.

Back when I rented my first apartment and wanted curtains for my house and I was trying to figure out how to line curtains, I actually used sheets for the actual curtains.  I would take white sheets (or printed sheets) and cut a hole in the border at the top and thread the curtain rod through it.  Then one day I found the most amazing decorator fabric at a yard sale that worked perfectly for the window in my living room, but it needed a liner.  We were living on love and couldn’t afford to worry about lining curtains, so my mother suggested using the sheets at the window as curtain lining.

And I’ve never looked back.

You can see the sheet liner curtain hack here.

4. This no sew roman shade

Now before we get started on the whole no sew roman shade, I do have a tutorial where I actually sewed a roman shade out of drop cloth.

You can see my drop cloth roman shade tutorial that involves sewing here.

But this easy curtain hack?

It only involves pins.

That’s right.

All I did was take the rectangle and pin it in place.

That’s it.

You can see my entire tutorial on how to make a faux no sew roman shade here.

5. No sew valance

For this no sew tutorial I had to go all the way back to my kitchen at the farmhouse.

I made these no sew valances for the windows.

It’s so easy. I started with a table runner then we simply measured from inside molding to inside molding and cut a piece of 1 x 2 board to fit using the dimensions of the inside of the window.

The board for the window was 36″ long.

Next, determine the length of your fabric. I started with 36: then I added an additional 6″ of fabric for each pleat (and a little extra to wrap around the end of the board.

That made my fabric 48″ long.

Next, I decided where I wanted my pleat to go and measured an equal distance from the edge of the board so the pleats lined up.  Then I folded the fabric in approximately 3″ on each side and stapled it in place.

Then attached it to the window.

You can see more detailed directions here.

I love this new room so much.

But you know what I love even more?


We have an unlimited question policy here at Thistlewood and I’m here for all of them.

They inspired posts just like this.

Ask away.

I’ll get my answers ready. 🙂

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  1. Image for Deb E Deb E

    Lovely post on drapes! I had to make about 45 feet of ceiling to floor draperies (with one rod over 20 feet long). I bought flat king sheets (used a medium gray as it picked up colors in the rug) and then picked up used neutral sheets at Goodwill (all the same color) to make a liner. I hung mine with clips, as well. The rods? I used galvanized pipes and brackets and when I was done I had really cool industrial looking drapes for the room (in my son's home), which made all the difference in the world when it came to keeping out the intense summer heat (I believe in at least 2x window size for widths for extra fullness).

  2. Image for Marianna Marianna

    Do you have any pointers about cafe curtains? I've seen suggestions to use tea towels with curtain clips, but haven't been able to find the right ones.

    1. Image for KariAnne KariAnne

      Marianna, The only ones I've ever made were made from dish towels! I clipped them on, too! happy day! KariAnne

    2. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

      The right cafe curtains or the right clips? Have you checked Amazon or Ikea for tea towels/dish towels? I'm going to make a new kitchen curtain from a tablecloth. I'll have to do a little sewing unless I use seam tape.

  3. Image for Elaine Elaine

    So, dearest Kari Anne, about those painted floors, which look fabulous. Our carpet is shot: the dog eats snow and then barfs on it - but he's the sweetest Irish setter around We can't afford carpeting but I am saving for flooring! I ripped up the carpet in the upstairs bedroom, just a corner, and sadly, it's particle board. Should I paint the particle board?

    1. Image for Mary Hite Mary Hite

      Karianne, Love these tips. I have also used table cloths for curtains. Often you can find them on sale. And for cae curtains, or in bathrooms, I use pillow cases. Makes it less light sensitive as there are 2 layers. I get ones with lace or decorations along the edge for a bit more decorative effect.

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    My husband has gotten me daffodil bulbs as gifts a couple of times. I so appreciate seeing them come up in the spring! Hope you enjoy your peonies. And thanks for the window covering hacks. It can be so darn expensive to dress up your windows and suggestions are always welcome.

  5. Image for JC JC

    Happy birthday month. You have one more week of celebrating! The curtains look great. I love the stripe. It adds in a subtle way. BUT, curtains aside, 😉where did you get that cute jumpsuit? It would probably come mid- calf on me, but still. Super cute!

  6. Image for Carol Tucker Carol Tucker

    Oh thank you for reposting the Grommets to Clip no sew curtain hack. Yeah..I couldn't remember the clips to order and see the final ...much appreciated. These curtains are gorgeous!! You're such s goid shopper! I've bought do ma y of your record..lipstick..concealer..mascara..the earrings holder should be here Thursday. My husband knows you by name..lol

  7. Image for Peg Peg

    I love the look of curtain clips!! I folded (and pressed) curtain panels that were way too long so that it looks like there is a beautiful header/hem at the top!!! xoxo

  8. Image for Cyndie Baker Cyndie Baker

    Happy belated birthday! It was my husband's birthday weekend, too :) I love the idea of folding over the grommet part--brilliant! Another thing I've done for a smaller window, like over the kitchen sink, is to fold a few cloth napkins over a rod. Super easy in a pinch if you find a fabric you love (also easy to change out). I don't fold them so the bottoms are straight across, I fold them over at an angle so that the points of the square are hanging down and I overlap them...hope that makes sense. Anyway, nice when you only need a valance. Love the kitchen tea towel clipped onto a rod also!

  9. Image for Jayne via Chalking Up Success Jayne via Chalking Up Success

    I love your curtain hacks KariAnne! That trick with the grommets is genius and the drapes look so beautiful.

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