HGTV Dream Home Great Room


Have you seen the 2015 HGTV Dream Home yet?


It’s located on Martha’s Vineyard right off of Cape Cod.

I’ve taken the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard from Wood’s Hole many times.  It’s quinnessential New England.


Think gray shingled houses and weather vanes and beaches and shutters and adirondack chairs and jettys and everyone eating ice cream.

HGTV Dream Home Patio

It’s a place that’s warm and welcoming.

Where you want to kick off your shoes with the sand between your toes.

Where you can smell the salt air in the ocean breezes.

Where life is slower and coffee and a good book are your best friends.

HGTV Dream Home Kitchen Counters

This beautiful home incorporates the beach cottage style and warm and welcoming atmosphere to perfection.

Let’s take a tour together.

And here’s my top 10 favorite ideas from the HGTV Dream Home.

HGTV Dream Home Great Room Bookcases


1.  Paint the back of the bookcases dark gray

I’m not sure why I never thought of this before.

But it’s a brilliant idea.

Right next to the idea of using wood slices for texture in a book case.

HGTV Dream Home Molding

HGTV Dream Home Great Room chiar

2.  Molding is your friend

I’ve used bead board in my home.

But double bead board?

Why not add architectural interest with another bead board panel at the top?

Yes, please.

HGTV Dream Home Dining Room

3.  Rethink the seating arrangement

Who says the chairs have to match?

This table has two wooden chairs, two slip-covered chairs and a padded bench.

It’s kind of like some of the outfits at the Grammy’s last night.

A little random….but together it all works.

HGTV Dream Home Master Bedroom Sitting Area

HGTV Dream Home Master Bedroom Bed

4.  Large dressers as night stands

I always need storage.

I have tiny dressers next to the bed.

Why not full-size dressers?

And while we’re all at it….let’s add a pouf.

HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom

HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom Curtains on French Doors

5.  Add curtains to french doors

It’s hard to know how to decorate those french doors.

Here’s the solution.

Add panels on either side with a rod extending over the doorway.

HGTV Dream Home Master Bathroom Mirrors

6.  Smallest to largest

I’m never sure whether to put the largest or smallest one on top.

Here’s the answer.

Smallest to largest.

Especially if they have an incredible metal patina against all that crisp white background.

HGTV Dream Home Guest Bedroom

7.  Re-think the bedding

What about using one large pillow in front of the shams.

Especially if the pillow is orange.

Especially if it’s next to striped oars and an amazing metal anchor.

HGTV Dream Home Guest Bedroom Oars

8.  Clever window idea

Take simple white curtains and add ribbon to the sides

The ribbon on both sides is what makes the statement.

Kind of like color blocking for curtains.

HGTV Dream Home shower outdoor

HGTV Dream Home Outdoor Shower

9.  Rustic hardware

Most of us don’t really need an outdoor shower.

But that hardware?

Why not bring a little rustic to the laundry room or mudroom?

HGTV Dream Home Front Yard

And last….but definitely not least.

As amazing as this house is with its window boxes and working shutters and stone walkway and architectural details….

….and all of New England character….

….I would trade it all for this.

HGTV Dream Home Dog House

1.  The doghouse

Have you ever seen a doghouse like this?


What dog would ever leave this home?

Especially if it came with salt air and ocean breezes. 🙂

PS  All photos are credited to HGTV.

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  1. Image for Linda J Linda J

    I really do appreciate the luxury and beauty of this house. I must admit, though, it really makes me feel "less than".

  2. Image for Vicki Vicki

    My husband and I were fortunate to be able to travel to Martha s Vinyard last June. Of course, we fell in love! Thank you for pointing out these simple ideas, helping me learn more about what makes a good blend in a home for a certain style.

  3. Image for Karen Karen

    Karianne....what would you do if you won this HGTV home???? It is beyond BEAUTIFUL....and not to large to take care of...I would love winning, so how about you?

  4. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    Oh my I love the doghouse!!!! As well as seeing your sweet and beautiful Girls. So so polite!! Keep sharing and creating! Makes me feel guilty and time to end my mini ok Maxi vacation from Blogging! :) love you bunches!!!!

  5. Image for kathy kathy

    I have loved every single HGTV dreamhouse. I think the one at Rosemary Beach might have been my favorite but they are all so gorgeous including this one. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Image for Sue Farmer Sue Farmer

    I have three dogs who might go in that dog house IF there were couches and a lazy boy chair!!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Image for Denise Denise

    Be still my heart! Without exaggeration this is my favorite of all times! I live within a mile of a former HGTV home that I wouldn't want if you gave it to me! Have entered faithfully every day to win this cause it's the only way I can afford it - taxes and all.

  8. Image for Jordan Jordan

    I am loving these pics. I especially enjoy the nautical theme there - all the little details are gorgeous. Also, that's a dog house!? Way too fancy!

  9. Image for Sami Sami

    wow, that truly is a dream home!!! I love how each of the rooms have similar colors which makes the entire house uniform. Too beautiful!

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