A classic blue and white porcelain vase filled with vibrant pink roses, gracefully placed on top of a book, with a backdrop of elegant decor.

You all loved my “things I wish I would have bought sooner” post so much last month (it was my top post of March).

So I thought I would make it a regular feature.

I love it when I discover products that I never heard of.

Products that make my life easier.

Products that solve problems.

Products that amaze me every time I use them.

There’s no gatekeeping around here. Friends tell friends when they’ve discovered something amazing.

So just in case you haven’t heard about these products? I had to share.

Here are 11 products I wish I had known about sooner.

Two botanical prints in wooden frames hanging on a textured dark blue wall. the upper frame displays branches with leaves, and the lower frame features a flowering plant.

A golden frame containing a white backdrop with indigo ink botanical illustration hangs on a dark blue wall, illuminated by a sleek golden wall-mounted light above.

// battery-operated picture light //

10 Products I Wish I Would Have Bought Sooner (April Edition)

1. This battery-operated picture light

I just ordered a third one of these for those brightly colored pictures in the office.

It’s GOLD, my friends.

Absolute gold.

It’s a battery-operated light you can put on top of artwork or pictures and highlight them. You don’t need an outlet because it runs off batteries and there’s a timer and a remote.

You can see the battery-operated picture light here.

A white decorative pillow with blue tulip designs resting on a striped blue and white chair in a stylish room setting.

//this embroidered tulip pillow //

2. This embroidered tulip pillow

I’m so so so happy I discovered this pillow.

The detail on it is amazing and it looks so high-end. It looks just like a version of a much more expensive pillow and it’s SO PRETTY.

You can see the blue and white embroidered pillow here.

You can see even more blue and white pillows here.



A set of elegant gold-colored utensils, including a pair of tongs, a butter knife, a fork, a dinner knife, various spoons, and a salad fork, neatly arranged on a white background.

// 8 piece serving set//

3. This 8 Piece Serving Set

This set is at the top of my list.

I got it on sale (the entire set is under $20 and there’s an additional 10% off coupon you can stack).

I cracked myself up when I opened it and saw the knife with all the holes in it. I had NO IDEA what it was for. It’s actually a super fancy butter knife. When you scrape it across the top little curls of butter show up.

Super fancy.

The set is amazing quality and all you’ll need to host a party.

You can see the serving set here.

A collection of suction cup tools, including a large black lever-activated suction cup, two smaller orange suction cups, a red cup, sandpaper, and blue cleaning cloths.

// car dent puller //

4. This car dent puller

We had a dent in the car door.

Someone pushed a shopping cart into the side of our car and it was going to be SO EXPENSIVE to get a new car door.

So I thought I’d try this instead. It was under $17 so I thought for $17 I would give it a try. It worked so well and got out the large dent. There are a couple of mini dents left, but you can barely see it. Best $17 I ever spent.

You can see the car dent puller here.

A vintage white sideboard with a vase of white flowers, flanked by two white lamps, against a dark blue wall with a golden octagonal mirror.

A white textured vase filled with lush white hydrangeas and sprigs of green leaves, placed on a white surface in front of a navy blue wall with contrasting white and navy curtains.

// this faux hydrangea //

5. The best faux hydrangeas

You know how much I love hydrangeas.

And hydrangea season is here.

I’m actually growing them out in the garden, but these hydrangeas look like they came straight from the garden.

You can see the faux hydrangea here.

And you can see the faux branches here.

A product package displaying six led light bulbs by feit electric, labeled with different color temperatures from 2700k soft white to 6500k cool daylight, indicating dimmability and energy efficiency.

// adjustable lightbulbs //

6. Adjustable lightbulbs

You know how much I am all about lightbulbs.

I recommended these dusk-to-dawn lightbulbs before and got emails from so many of you about how much you loved them.

Let’s GO.


I have a new lightbulb friend that takes all the guess out of the shade you need to buy because this lightbulb is adjustable.


You can choose the white temperature with the click of the button on the lightbulb. You can choose 2700K Soft Whit, 3000K Bright White, 4000K Cool White, 5000K Daylight & 6500K Cool Daylight.

You can see the adjustable lightbulb here.

Two candles in antique brass holders on a white mantelpiece with a blurred floral painting and vibrant flowers in the background.

A smartphone displaying a candle remote control app stands in front of a traditional brass candlestick with a white candle. in the background, part of a blue and white decorative plate is visible.

// battery-operated candles //

7. Battery-operated candles

I have these candles on my mantel.

They feel just like wax and they operate off batteries and have a remote.

You can even adjust the flicker and the flicker looks so real.

You can see these battery-operated candles here.A product image of a 24k gold eye mask package branded by taimand, featuring four black sachets and two gold eye patches, highlighting benefits for skin firmness and hydration.

// undereye mask //

8. These undereye masks

I am a late-nighter.

And when I wake up—sometimes my eyes get so puffy.

These under-eye masks make such a difference.

You can see the undereye masks.

Elegant white house facade with a black front door adorned with a spring wreath, flanked by topiary in urns and a prominent 'seven hundred one' sign above.

A serene front porch with light gray steps, adorned with a dark urn featuring lush green shrubs. Matching sconce lights are mounted beside each step, enhancing the elegant, welcoming ambiance. Quick spring

// this faux boxwood //

9. This faux boxwood bush

I shared this last month, but we just redid the front porch and have never seen an outdoor boxwood that looks more real.

It’s side by side with my real boxwoods on the front porch and they look SO SIMILAR.

I bought one set and loved it so much that I bought another set. The individual branches twist and turn and I think that’s what gives it such a realistic appearance.

If you are going on vacation this summer or live in a place where watering is super challenging? This is the faux plant for you.

You can see the faux boxwood here.

A pink rose quartz gua sha stone next to its packaging box labeled "plantifique superfoods" on a white background.

// gua sha tool //

10. This Gua Sha Tool

I just started using this about a month ago and I’ve been telling you all about it.


It makes my face feel so invigorated and fresh. I use it with face oil like this and it glides over the skin.

I’d start with a YouTube video on how to use it. I just went over to YouTube and searched “5 minute gua sha routine.”

You can see the gua sha here.

A bright and elegant room with large windows, featuring striped blue and white armchairs, a vintage white dresser with floral arrangements, books, and decorative items. the room has a fresh and airy feel.

Have you already used all these products?

Did you already know about them?

I hope I shared at least one thing that was new.

And if you have anything that’s been changing your life?

I’d love to know, too. 🙂

A promotional image featuring a white house with a black door, adorned with a wreath, flanked by symmetrically placed potted plants and shrubs, overlaid with text about desirable home products.

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  1. Image for Donna Marie Donna Marie

    I've purchased rubber finger protectors for my garden gloves. My right-handed glove aways wears out, leaving the left- handed one alone. I find that if I put the rubber finger protectors (used for going through papers)in my right-handed glove, it lasts forever!!!

  2. Image for Esther Esther

    Do you know if it's possible to buy just the remote for the candles? I bought a set last time you mentioned them and now I can't find the remote! I love these posts - there's always something I can use, but haven't thought about or found!

  3. Image for Karen B. Karen B.

    Kerianne, I have wanted an art light for years but found it too expensive to have one wired and installed. This battery light will do the trick. Thank you for the heads up. Karen B.

  4. Image for Marti Marti

    Glycerin (natural, vegetable glycerin purchased from Amazon) has been a miracle cure for my ezcema & dry skin skin. After years of Rx creams from the dermatologist, I tried pure natural glycerin on dry patches. Even my dermatologist was amazed! Now I especially use it on my heels since I love to wear sandals all summer. You will never have dry heels. I, too, use a gua sha stone, but I use castor oil with it. I also started putting castor oil on my eyebrows at night, and I definitely see a difference.

  5. Image for Anita Anita

    After an unfortunate driveway mistake, (don't want to talk about it) I'm left with a nasty dent in my front passenger door, which the local body shop wants to replace for "only" $2,400. I decided to just live with it, as it's not too badly noticeable but after reading this, I ordered the dent-puller---Thank you for listing it! It might not work for my dent, but it's sure worth a try at that price. :-)

  6. Image for T J T J

    Love the things you have listed! I have the battery powered candles. They are on my mantle - pretty! I really like the tulip pillow. That will be my next purchase! Thank you!

  7. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I bought the battery powered art light and put it above my kitchen sink. It is my new night light. My hubby loves it, he doesnt have to go "bump in the night " anymore!!! Big Hugs,

  8. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    So many great items. I do have some of them and like the ones I have. Glad you are happy with all of yours.

  9. Image for Pam smith Pam smith

    Hello! I ordered the gold serving pieces as soon as you posted them. I love them! I have also saved several other items to my cart. Thank you for always being on the lookout for us!

  10. Image for Betsy Betsy

    I love the candle product. While ordering I saw a great deal on microfiber clothes , I use them for dusting . A friend added me if I used the clothes and a spray bottle of half vinegar half water for my windows. I told her I used glass cleaner and paper towels. She told me to give it a try. Oh my goodness!!! I’ve never had such clean windows! Less scrubbing and no streaks! All because you suggested the candles. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Thank you- ordering the dent remover right away. My husband is the dent maker master! He has dented all of our vehicles at one time or another. Can’t wait to try it!

  12. Image for Laurie Laurie

    So funny that you have the car dent kit! I need one because in a COVID fog years ago I hit our garage. AND…just today, I just read that a car dent kit can help remove dings from the fridge!! We bought a French door fridge discounted due to door dings. I have to see if this kit will work on them!

  13. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Just put the eye masks (I am a late nighter and definate puffy-eyed lass) in my cart, and also thinking about those faux boxwoods. Boxwoods do well here but where I want them I don't think they'd get enough sun - so it may work well. Thanks for the ideas.

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