Ten Minute Decorating Ideas

This we had the first snow storm of the year.

It was all over the news with warnings about days of freezing snow and ice and frigid temperatures.  And so I did what everyone else in the county did when faced with the prospect of spending extended amounts of time indoors due to inclement weather.

I went to the Dollar General and bought milk and bread.

Of course, I did.  Wouldn’t you?

And after I shopped, I thought to myself.


Why not oranges?

Or pop tarts?

I can’t explain it.  And I’m not even sure why instinct drives us all to the dairy aisle.  I just know I feel better knowing if it’s 10 degrees with snow covering the ground and I want a glass of milk….

….I can.

And maybe a piece of toast to go with it. 🙂

So if you are snowed in like me and starting to decorate for the season….

….here are some 10 minute decorating ideas for Christmas.

Ten Minute Christmas Ideas Tree Topper

1.  Ceiling Tree Topper

Looking for a simple idea that makes you look like you should have your own HGTV show?

Instead of a traditional star on top of the tree….hang it from the ceiling.

I tied the star to a ribbon and used a super thick piece of white adhesive tape to attach the ribbon to the ceiling.

10 minute Christmas decorating ideas skates

2.  Simple Door Decoration

These are the skates I used on the pond when I was little and it iced and snowed.

I wore them long before I made trips to the Dollar General for bread and milk.

I simply tied the skates on an existing swag of greenery and topped it off with a bow.

10 minute decorating ideas Christmas tree

3.  Stacking under the tree

There’s always that awkward phase in the life of a Christmas tree.

You know….the part where you’ve only wrapped one or two gifts and they are waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive.

I always add a stool or basket or crate under the tree as a place-holder until Santa brings the rest of the presents.


4.  Make a no-sew pillow

Cut a piece of burlap.  Add iron-on fusible bonding to create a pocket for the pillow insert.

Using fabric glue, glue on pom poms in the shape of a Christmas tree and glue a spool for a trunk.

Finish the pillow by gluing a ribbon to the flap of the pocket.

10 minute decorating ideas mantel

5.  Simple mantel display

Create a simple mantel display with a dollar store silhouette and numbered advent votives.

Light one every night until Christmas.

(total aside:  about day 10 last year I went and got battery operated candles because I kept having to replace the tea lights.  Just keeping it real.)

10 minute Christmas decorating ideas desk

And here’s where I sat and stared outside at the falling snow.

And wished I had bought the pop-tarts instead of the bread and milk.

Did I say pop tarts out loud?

My healthy-eating self meant to say broccoli.

Of course I did. 🙂

10 minute decorating ideas

And now I’m so excited to be joining some of my blogging friends to share their simple Christmas decorating ideas.


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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Just don't go rushing off to Hobby Lobby like you did last year and do a lovely grand jete on the ice. Since we're snowbirds my lovely idea is to take our over-sized snow shovel, add some lovely greenery to the handle and top it with a bow and add a lovely message such as - Gone South!! We will hang it somewhere NOT to be used!! My Honey and I chuckle over the people who rush to the stores to get all "stocked" up. I don't believe that in "our neck of the woods" - that's Hoosier talk - we've ever had the roads closed for longer than two days. But I do believe that some pop tarts or snickers -- followed by a chaser of broccoli would have been just the thing to munch on while starting at the snow :-)

  2. Image for Barbara Neubeck Barbara Neubeck

    ... I love these decorating ideas , KariAnne .....especially hanging the star from the ceiling.... I think that's great... Hugs and blessings.... Barb xxx

  3. Image for Chloe Crabtree Chloe Crabtree

    I wish you had gotten your pop tarts! I hope you weren't snowed in too long (which means I hope you aren't in Buffalo). Lovely ideas. My favorite is the star hanging above the tree, that is a lovely idea that I think I will borrow!

  4. Image for Michael Wurm, Jr Michael Wurm, Jr

    I always look forward to seeing your home around the holidays! I just want to snuggle up next to that fire with a cup of cocoa and chit chat for hours. Can we make that happen? ;) xo Michael

  5. Image for Marian@CMShawStudios Marian@CMShawStudios

    I really love the ice skates idea. And the glued together pillow cracked me up, but I know a ton of girls who would find that super empowering. So great job! I spend so much time doing insanely hard things (like making a slip cover out of painter's tape-it's on the blog right now, if you're curious) that I forget there are 10 minute options. Thanks for bringing me back to earth. I am feeling much more grounded now. I think I'll go cut off some of the boxwood in my yard and stick it in a metal bucket and and tie some burlap ribbon around it and feel an amazing sense of completion. Have a happy day, The Other Marian

  6. Image for Laura Putnam Laura Putnam

    Love it all - but I think my favorite has to be the numbered Advent candles - it is one of the first projects that brought me to your blog - and then brought me to our friendship!!! So thankful for you friend!

  7. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    Too funny...am actually sitting here devouring my morning coffee and (unfrosted) strawberry Pop Tart! (my favorite). So good to know I'm not alone. Yikes!!!! I've just divulged my unhealthy secret to the blog world. ;-) Love your ideas! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    Ooh, I love it when I'm brilliant and I don't know it. I've been using my old ice skates as decoration for years--draped over an old wooden sled, with a bow, on our front porch--actually, I leave it out all winter long because it makes me feel happy. I also have an even older wooden sled (with wooden runners--as an aside, just how the heck did THAT work when it was actually used as a sled??) that I use indoors and mount my Christmas cards on it. I tried a Pinterest kind of project with it where you attach ribbon on the sled and slide the cards in ... NOT so successful ... tape is easier (but not as pretty ... ). Love your ideas! You decorate during snowstorms ... I bake ...

  9. Image for Myrna In Wyoming Myrna In Wyoming

    The red cutout piece on the desk by the window is special. Is it balsa wood, cardboard, or other? Is there a pattern? Beautiful decorations. Thanks.

  10. Image for Linda@Coastal Charm Linda@Coastal Charm

    Gotta say...I'm lovin' that darling pom pom Christmas tree (might just take it and put a little twist on it...I will let you know if I do). Now stay warm and cozy and yourself a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Blessings, Linda

  11. Image for Lori Lori

    Very cute ideas, I am very impatiently waiting to decorate. Thanksgiving is at my house for the first time ever, which I am very excited about. So with that in mind, I am keeping it fall themed for one more week!

  12. Image for Michael @ Crafty Dad.com Michael @ Crafty Dad.com

    Great ideas, KariAnne! Every one of them. I'm guessing that we'll be hauling up the Holiday decorations from the basement this weekend. And I'm looking forward to adding a festive touch to our place. My wife and I have agreed that 'less is more' this year. So...instead of finding a place for all our decorations (and we have a TON of them) we're going to be very selective. Of course we'll have a tree. But after that, only the most-special items are going to be on display this Holiday season. And hey: like Michael Wurm, Jr. suggested above, I think ALL of your blog-followers should make a road trip to your house this season. Can you even imagine the fun we'd have? I'll even bring several gallons of milk and a big case of PopTarts. I like brown sugar cinnamon. What's your favorite? : )

  13. Image for Lynne Lynne

    What are Pop tarts? I keep hearing about them but we don't have them in Australia. They must be good because a book I've just read mentioned them a lot too! Its starting to get hot here, our summer starts on 1st December, so its always strange to read about how cold it is over there. Love your blog, its so friendly and happy!

    1. Image for Lee-Anita Lee-Anita

      Pop tarts are like two thin rectangles of pie crust with a thin layer of jam in the middle; some with a frosting others without. They are meant to be heated in a toaster. There are also a couple of other flavors: a brown sugar and cinnamon filled, and one with a chocolate crust with something white as a filling. My husband loves them.

  14. Image for Lynne Lynne

    I just googled Pop Tarts. They were discontinued in Australia in 2005 and brought back by popular demand in 2014. I'll have to try them! or maybe I shouldn't!, sound very figure-enhancing.

  15. Image for Polly Polly

    Good morning from very cold Indiana! We aren't suppose to get the snow but rain and thunderstorms, makes a person wonder what real winter is going to be like!! I love the hanging tree topper, how cute and original! Have you tried the peanut butter Pop Tarts? They are good! Take care in all that snow:) Oh, and remember that story about by first true love and my mothers strong opposition? Well, I am very happy to say he's back!!!

  16. Image for Tina Matteson Tina Matteson

    Oh, how I look forward to your Christmas decorating pictures! And I LOVE your idea of hanging a tree topper from the ceiling! I'm going to try that this year.

  17. Image for Julie Julie

    Can you PLEASE tell me where I can get those planter stands you have the poinsettias in on pic#5 "Simple Mantle Display" Thanks

  18. Image for Diana Diana

    Beautiful beautiful!! So where oh where did you find the red and white plates ... I'm looking everywhere for them!! Thank you for opening your home and your life to all of us! Diana

  19. Image for news news

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