What is it about succulents that makes us smile?

The tiny leaves?

The different colors?

The layers and layers of texture?

Whatever.  However.  Whyever.

Succulents rule the world….

…especially when you use them to create a project like this.

A vertical succulent garden.

I know, right?

Cutest project ever.

I’m partnering with Home Depot to show you how to build it next Monday, April 17.


With easy instructions and supply lists and my own take on the project above.

The class is a part of the DIH (Do-It-Herself) series.  Home Depot has the best classes–all about encouraging women to create and learn and figure out how to use a power tool.  I’m so proud to be part of the initiative to empower women.  You can follow along online, but I also sign up for classes at your local Home Depot.  You can learn more about the classes here.

PS  See you Monday. 🙂

disclosure:  This article was written as part of my partnership with Home Depot.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page here.

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