We live in a world that’s weary today.

I see it online and on social media.  I see it in the faces of the Walmart checkout line.  I see it across the miles and the hearts of so many who have written me and e-mailed me. The hurting. The overwhelming. The challenge of waking up and facing the day and putting one foot in front of the other.

So many of us are facing giant mountains that look insurmountable where we can’t even get a foothold to face the climb.

I get it.

I understand.

We all need an extra dosing of hope right now.

And that is exactly why I wrote You’ve Got This Because God’s Got You.

This devotional book is filled with 52 stories that uplift.

Stories full of joy. Stories that celebrate imperfection. Stories of walking through the valley. Stories that will help you shine with the strength and the confidence that God’s love can bring.

It’s a tiny, pocket-sized, power-packed message of hope.

So just in case no one else has mentioned it today….

….let me be the first.

You are incredible. You are amazing. You are such a rock star that astronauts can see your sparkle from outer space. You are unique and special and wonderful and creative and in all this whole wide world there is no one else like you.

And the best part?

You’ve got today.

You’ve got tomorrow.

You’ve got all the mountains and journeys and challenges and hurdles and overwhelmingness and the steps yet to be taken


You’ve got this….

….because God’s got you.