Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Fiskars.

Isn’t it amazing what inspires a craft or a DIY?

If you are a crafter you COMPLETELY understand that statement.

Sometimes it’s a movie.

Sometimes it’s a walk outside.

Sometimes it’s something you saw a long time ago, but you can’t remember when. 

For me?

It was these tiny wood slices from a Christmas garland. I used it on my tree for years and then the garland kind of fell apart and this was what was left.

Wood slices with silver and copper and gold metallic edging.

If you opened up your Christmas tote and saw these, what would you do? What would you create?

If you were me?

You would make these.

A forest of wood and felt and metallic trees.

Please tell me they make your heart as happy as mine.

I love a little quirkiness mixed in with my Christmas decor.

These trees are a little Charlie Brown, a little rustic wood lodge and a little shimmer all combined into one.

And the best part?

They took me 15 minutes to MAKE THE ENTIRE FOREST.

Here’s a little step-by-step for the project if you want to make a forest of your own.


Wood twigs from the yard

White felt (make sure you get the kind that’s a little thicker)

Wood slices

Hot glue

Fiskars scissors

Step 1: Trace a template

Cut out a tree template from cardstock.

I just folded my cardstock in half and cut out triangles on the edges.

I cut a larger tree and a smaller tree.

Trace around the template on the felt with a pencil.

When you are finished tracing, your trees should look like this.

You just want a faint outline of the pencil on your felt.

Please note that you’ll be flipping the pencil side over when you glue the two trees together.

Step 2: Cut out the trees

You’ll need two of each cut out felt piece to make one tree.

I used my new Fiskars scissors for this step.


These scissors are amazing.

Fiskars are my go-to scissors (they are my mother’s favorite, too) because they cut like butter.

And they have this fun new gold glittered scissor for the holiday season that was the perfect scissor for this project.

Here are what my trees looked like after I finished cutting them.

I cut three larger trees (2 pieces for each tree).

And three smaller trees (2 pieces for each tree).

Now it’s time to put the tree together.

Step 3: Glue your branch

The next step is to hot glue the branch to the center of one of the felt trees.

I put the hot glue on the felt.

And then?

I just pressed the branch in place.

Step 4: Hot glue the felt trees together

Next, I added a hot glue outline on the sides of the tree and then pressed the tree in place.

You will want to work quickly because you don’t want the hot glue to set before you have your top tree in place.

Check to make sure the two sides of the tree are attached properly.

Using the Fiskars scissors, I trimmed any pieces of felt that didn’t line up properly.

I also thought about fringing the edges, but I decided I like the clean lines of the tree.

You could also glue pom poms on at this step, too, if you wanted a more whimsical look.

Step 5: Add branch to wood slice

Next, drill a hole in the wood slice.

You want it to be big enough for your branch to fit, but not so big that the branch is loose.

I added a dot of hot glue and then inserted the branch into the hole.

That’s it.

Just rinse and repeat for the other five trees.

I added them to the hutch in my kitchen and stacked them on some books.

One quick tip?

I glued the trees at different heights on the branches to give them more of a staggered look when I decorated with them.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Fiskars and I am over-the-moon to get to work with them.

Here are just a few of my favorite Fiskars products:


1) Premier 8” Orange Handled Scissors 

I love the bent handle design that keeps material flat for mistake-free  cutting 

2) Premier 8” Fashion Sparkle Scissors – Gold 

These are the ones I used in the project and they are so pretty!

3) Premier 8” Fashion Sparkle Scissors – Silver 

Another beautiful color for holiday crafting.

4) Premier 8” Fashion Sparkle Scissors – Copper 

I think it’s a tie between these and the gold for my favorite color.

5) SureCut 12” Deluxe Paper Trimmer

This is what I’m using for Christmas wrapping. It’s easy-to-grip to help you     make accurate cuts quickly. 

6) Large Circle Squeeze Punch 

If you have a lot of circles to cut out, this makes the job so much easier.

7) Easy Change Detail Craft Knife + Blade 

A great choice for cutting thread, cotton, silk, polyester, linen, upholstery, canvas  and more, the knife comes with a seam ripper blade,  buttonhole blade and a standard #11 blade for versatility.

8) Quartz Paper Gem Template 

You can cut precise, 3D paper gems, quickly and consistently with Fiskars Paper Gem Quartz Template

9) Scoring Stylus (for use with Paper Gem Template) 

You can score, crease and smooth precise, 3D shapes with the Fiskars Scoring Stylus and it’s designed for use with Fiskars®  Paper Gem Templates.

10) Titanium Softgrip® Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter (45 mm) 

Perfect for cutting fabric or quilting materials.

11) 3”X18” Acrylic Ruler

12) 18” X 24” Folding Cutting Mat 

I have this out on the table to protect the surface.

13) Turquoise Pointed-tip Kids Scissors (5″) 


Thank you, Fiskars for this amazing opportunity.

It was fun creating a DIY for my Christmas hutch.

I love taking something that was about to be tossed and giving it a new life.

Whatever inspires you to create this holiday season….

….may your decorating (and your crafting) be merry and bright.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Fiskars.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.


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  1. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Love this idea! I may try this in different shades of green... I could needle felt the two pieces together and even stuff them a bit (with wool fleece) to make them thicker... Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    These are awesome KariAnne! I would not have thought to do that with the wood rounds. So cute and now I need to check out Fiskars. Love their stuff too! Have an amazing weekend!

  3. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I love Christmas trees the more the merrier, thanks, Fiskars scissors is the brand i use and i love mine.

  4. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    SUPER cute idea! They turned out soooooo adorable! I think red ponpom "ornaments" on them would be a cute add=on too. You mentioned it but not sure if you meant dangling or glued on staggered like "lights" or ornies. I always love your clever ideas, KA!

  5. Image for Ann C Ann C

    I could see these made with green felt & colorful mini pompoms on them. Or green felt trees with white felt cut to look like snow or a white marker drawn branches .

  6. Image for Susan Susan

    KariAnne! What a cute idea! I do have a quick quest for your list of Fiskars products. How do you use the SureCut 12” Deluxe Paper Trimmer to cut wrapping paper? Isn’t your gift wrap much bigger than 12”? Thanks for your wonderful Christmas tips🎄

  7. Image for Jan Jan

    I love that you are so creative and I get to copy what you do. I don't have a creative bone in my body so I'm thankful that God gave you such creativity, you got it ALL girl. Merry Christmas!

  8. Image for DeAnna DeAnna

    "just rinse and repeat" Needed the smile this morning. Along with the easy craft I may do with my grand kids this week!!

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