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I wake up my house with Christmas trees.

Every. Single. Morning.

It’s dark in the house.

I grab coffee and I tiptoe around and turn the trees on and watch the sparkle.

In the early morning dusk, it’s my own personal symphony.

The lights dance off the trees onto the floor and the windows and the mirrors and the vintage glass on the front doors.

A new day.

Filled with promise.

And hope.

And amazing things just around the corner.

Like more coffee.

This was Buddy and I this morning.

He’s patiently waiting for his walk.

And I’m humming Christmas carols to the light of the tree.

Do you ever get a Christmas carol stuck in your head?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

I’m always helping God rest his merry gentlemen.

Or rocking around the Christmas tree.

Or watching the stars brightly shining on a holy night.

All that humming.

All those songs.

All those lights.

And the coffee?

Did I mention the coffee?


I think it makes the lights sparkle more.

And so today.

On this morning that was so full of sparkles I had to hum and sing.

I wanted to wish you happiness from my living room to yours.

May your day be full of joy.

May your weekend bring you gifts of friendship and moments of wonder.

May your heart be welcomed and welcoming.

And from my messy bun and sparkling trees.

And from my heart.

May your day be as amazing as you are.

PS  If you look closely, you can see my eyebrow that I randomly plucked a hole in the middle of.

I couldn’t help it.

I got distracted by the humming.

Here’s the source list for this tree which was inspired by Christmas carols and Christmas movies everywhere:

Brewer Spruce

Winter Wishes Frosted

Silver and Gold Finials

Antiqued Snowflake Set

Royal Pearl Tree Garland

Wooden Rolling Tree Stand

Antiqued Snowflake Topper

I’m so happy to be joining some of my favorite blogger friends today who are full of Christmas inspiration.

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  1. Image for CherylB CherylB

    Girl! Loovvve the messy bun ( my hairs not thick enough so my messy buns are messy cupcakes 😭) Your posts and blog are uplifting... I check you daily ... well maybe every other day) I’m a non social butterfly that does not participate in social media but I do creep around at decorating blogs lol Love YOU, Stonegable and Layla Palmer the MOST As for Christmas songs ... I’m a traditionalist, as I am in life lol, love Andy Williams The most wonderful time of the year. To bad you sold the KY map 😭 Thanks for your blog KY girl Cheryl

  2. Image for Shelly B Shelly B

    Lol! I have plucked a hole in my brows many times! It is usually because the gray hairs are having a party and gathering together in the middle! I go in to get them out and before you know it I have a bare patch! UGH! Love you beautiful decorations!

  3. Image for judy judy

    Such a lovely post...Thank you Karianne. I am so glad to see Buddy patiently waiting for his walk. How is the sweet boy doing these days?

  4. Image for Kathryn Kathryn

    What a fun daily routine, quiet and uplifting to start the day all by yourself and maybe your doggie. I love your sense humor and enjoyment of daily life at home as I sit in my home in Montana looking out at the snow today.

  5. Image for Cheryl M Cheryl M

    I love your decorating, so light, peaceful....I could visualize you with your coffee, turning on your trees and lights, just brimming with a joyful heart. LOL on the eyebrow....sounds like something I'd do! Have a Very Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your home with us!

  6. Image for Pat Pat

    Beautiful tree and those gorgeous antique snowflakes are coming to my house soon! Thanks for always bringing the joy with your uplifting posts! xo Pat

  7. Image for Theresa Theresa

    I need to get a new tree these ornaments and your decorated tree is so pretty! I feel so behind this year but, I traveled before and through Thanksgiving. I'm all for messy buns, sparkling ornaments and christmas songs. Thanks for sharing at the inspiration spotlight party @DearCreatives

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