Close-up of a distressed white wooden chair with ornate carvings, showing visible brown wear and tear on its edges and patterns, featuring a basket tray, against a blurred background of greenery.

Yesterday I was cleaning up the family room that’s located in the back of the house.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but there are two sections this room. One you’ve seen a zillion times with tufted couches and a coffee table and chairs that swivel and the prettiest khaki and white rug.

But there’s another area of the family room that never gets a starring role on the blog.

It’s tucked back into the corner of the room in front of the french doors in front of the hutch with all the houses on it.

I set it up for all the puzzlers and game players in this house.

We are all about a good card game or board game like Catan or a 500-piece puzzle featuring cupcakes with sprinkles.

I never really photograph this area.

It’s usually covered in puzzle pieces.

Or crumbs from a late-night snack.

But mostly? I don’t photograph it because it has one of the most imperfect yard sale finds I’ve ever brought home in the back of my car.

A close-up of a decorative pillow with a textured zigzag pattern and the word "hello" stitched in a raised, fluffy white yarn. The pillow rests on a subtly patterned chair, complemented

A cozy, white-themed corner featuring a distressed white chair with a "hello" pillow, next to a tall indoor plant and a dresser with open shelves filled with white crockery and decorative houses arranged

A couple of years ago I found a set of 4 of these chairs at a yard sale.

And in amazing news?

They showed up just like this.

Chippy and wonderful and distressed and oddly sturdy (which is the best of juxtapositions that ever was).

A vintage, shabby chic dining area featuring a distressed white wooden chair with ornate detailing and a round table with a large basket tray containing wooden blocks, surrounded by plants.

Have you ever seen a finish so beautiful?

It’s like they have my name all over them.

They were $20 a piece.

But wait. Before you get too excited. Before you say, Texas has the best yard sales (which actually we do).

These chairs came with a challenge.

A cozy dining area featuring a round marble table with four vintage white and teal chairs around it. A basket tray with cookies is placed in the center, under a rustic mantel with a green wreath

Because those four chairs had a challenge.

There were three white ones and one that was oddly turquoise.

At the time? I didn’t hesitate—all I saw was $20 and sturdy and distressed and those lines.

So I brought them home and reupholstered them. You can see how I reupholstered the chair seats here.

And told myself that I would paint the turquoise chair white.

A vintage turquoise chair with intricate wooden carvings stands behind a table adorned with a patterned tablecloth, partially showing a basket tray filled with brown objects in the foreground.


Except that was almost two years ago.

And for almost two years, I’ve puzzled and played games and asked if spades were trump and if I could  buy Reading Railroad for $200 in a TURQUOISE CHAIR that didn’t match anything else in the entire room.


You’ve never seen this super imperfect chair because I edited it away.

Or I didn’t photograph the space.

Or I pulled it out so all the chairs matched.

An antique wooden chair with a distressed aqua paint finish and ornate carvings, paired with a beige cushioned seat, placed on a hardwood floor beside an elegantly styled basket tray.

But somewhere along the way–I think it was this holiday when 2023 turned into 2024.

I decided I LIKED IT.

I know, random, right? I lived life with that chair and I found something oddly endearing about the courage it took to be different from everything else. To not match. To stand out. To be different. To be unique.

There is such a life lesson there.


Sometimes we are so busy focusing on all the perfection and the matching and the decor we wish we could change.

That we miss the beauty that is already there.

We let that imperfection steal our joy.

A cozy dining area with a white vintage-style table and chairs, a basket tray of cinnamon buns on the table, and a cabinet displaying ceramic dishes in the background.

Instead of trying to change the chair?

I’m celebrating it instead.

I cleaned the floor and added a bowl full of random wooden houses and adjusted the village on the hutch.

And when I stepped back and looked at this section of the room with fresh eyes.

The light fixture sparkled and the hand painted table top shined and the other chairs grinned at me and the turquoise chair waved.

It didn’t look perfect.

It didn’t look like a showroom.

It didn’t look like it belonged in a magazine.


It looked better than all of those things.

It looked like home. 🙂


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  1. Image for Kris Kris

    I'd be tempted to switch up the other chairs to match your turquoise chair. I love the color, and I love that you don't believe in "perfection". Quirky and unique are my faves.

  2. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Those chairs are fabulous KariAnne! You must have been jumping for joy when you came across them! They are literally perfect for your beautiful home. The turquoise chair is extra special, I love them all.

  3. Image for Diana Diana

    These are amazing chairs due to the details. They are so chippy and look like they are old and loved. I feel like a home that looks perfect looks sterile and one with chippy, worn items says love and cozy. I would use these chairs everyday and smile everytime I saw them. Hugs

  4. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Perfection is so overrated. None of us our perfect but we still love it when others accept us, flaws and all. You love your chairs like that. You have made over some beautiful pieces, I am sure each has its flaws. But look how gorgeous they all are.

  5. Image for Kristin Sands Kristin Sands

    I have those same chairs - in white. Mine came from Hobby Lobby. When we were renovating our 1932 Craftsman, my husband gave me everything I wanted in it. His only requests were that we have a fireplace in the dining room and that we have a dining room table that seats 12. He found the table. I saw these chairs at Hobby Lobby. We started early on a Saturday morning and drove to every Hobby Lobby in the five closest counties to us. Most only had one or two. Finally, we had 12! I love them. I left the original burlap covers on the seats although I've thought about changing them out. They are really sturdy!

  6. Image for JC JC

    So great that a decor choice can also bring a life lesson! It's all about our mindset. Your game space looks so charming. Living in a " magazine" is not realistic. Our families won't remember the decor perfection but the love of home. Just a thought....perhaps the winner of the last game can sit in the special chair which includes bragging rights! 😁

  7. Image for Jeanine K Jeanine K

    Every room needs a bit of that color. It’s a happy color. I’m glad you did not change it like you did not paint the desk in your office. Sometimes things are best left to tell their story. I love the chair.

  8. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Maybe you should RE-reupholster the hairs with a fabric with some turquoise in it! I love that chair! Let “ her” know how much we love her individuality and value her courage to be different! Make that room fit HER instead of ask her to “ blend in”! Isn’t that what we all want?

  9. Image for Lee Stearns Lee Stearns

    Whoops- that’s “ chairs” of course- not hairs! I’m riding in the car- can you tell- bumped right past the C!😁❤️

  10. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I'm so in love with the perfect imperfect chair ❤. It adds charm and character to your home... like you do!!! Big Hugs,

  11. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Funny I saw that initially and thought "Huh, the lighting makes it look blue" then continued reading. And my next thought was "Oooh, special chair - like for the birthday person, or Dad on Father's Day, or the one celebrating a graduation, or shower, etc..............I liked it being different. If different has to be a thing, what a GREAT color that difference is. I love that gaming area. Love your home and your stuff. And all those thrift finds? AWESOME!!!!

  12. Image for Jan Kinman Jan Kinman

    I love the game room chairs!! What a perfect find. I wouldn’t have changed a thing either. And the bar stool chairs are almost like ones I have. I will be sanding the seats to take them from painted white to a natural wood too. Thank you for this great idea and sharing your home once again! Happy Mother’s Day sweet lady! 💐🌺🌻 I hope your children spoil you!

  13. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I live the chairs just the way they are!!!! I can’t believe u got them for $20 a piece! I want to go to your garage sales!!

  14. Image for Sharon Sharon

    All of your projects turned out great. My absolute favorite is the white table that you stenciled and whitewashed. I loved it ever since I first saw it on your blog. I have a table that needs a makeover and your stencil idea is perfect. I just need to get busy and give it a shot! I love the muted look of the design.

  15. Image for T J T J

    I have, many times, thought about changing the color of some furniture. I think and think and think about it - for several months (or years). Then I look at the piece and decide that it is the color it should be! What was I thinking??? You decided to keep the chair that color because it should be that color! Good choice!!!

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