Have you noticed all the talk about success everywhere you look?

And all the people chasing it?

All you have to do is look at social media. It’s everywhere. There are tons of experts and gurus and professionals telling you how to be successful. They show you beautiful homes that you should be living in and beautiful places you should be visiting and all the money that you should be making.

It’s like a success race.

People running at breakneck speed at the chance to be famous.

They plan for it and hope for it and dream about it and put off living and base all of their happiness on being “successful.”

But here’s the thing….

Success is fleeting.

It’s a mirage.

It’s temporal.

It’s here for a single moment and then gone tomorrow.


Because success is based on how OTHERS see you.

Success is how the world defines you.

It’s other’s interpretation of how you measure up to OTHER people.

It’s what THEY think of you.

Whoever THEY are.

(total aside: just between us THEY are always getting on my nerves)

It’s how great you are or how wonderful you are or how much money you have or how many homes you have or how many individual personal possessions are parked in your driveway or if you have enough or if your life is how it should be AS DETERMINED BY OTHER PEOPLE.

Just press pause and let that sink in for a moment.

Other people.

It’s THEIR definition of YOU.

It’s blurry and undefined and all according to them and their ideas and their perceptions.

When life gets blurry? It’s time to change the focus.

So what about YOU?

What about what you think of yourself?

Your goal should be to be happy RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Happy with yourself today.

Happy with where you are on the journey.

Happy with what you have and what you are doing and recognizing the amazing self THAT IS RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

That’s called SATISFACTION.

Satisfaction is way better than success.

It’s how YOU feel about yourself.

It’s how YOU see your life.

It’s how YOU feel about your circumstances.

Not someone else.

Not the world.


The wonderful, amazing, incredible that is YOU.

I know.

I understand.


Life is hard sometimes. The bends and turns in the road are full of highs and lows like we never imagined.  The days can get frustrating and overwhelming and lonely. Sometimes taking just taking a step is hard. It’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have or didn’t accomplish or what mountain we must climb and forget about what we have or the amazing things we have accomplished or the steps in the journey we have already taken.

Instead, take a minute to focus on YOURSELF and YOUR heart today.

Choose satisfaction over success.

You are ENOUGH.

Always and forever.


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  1. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Amen to contentment my friend! Preach it, the world needs to hear it! BTW the link from your email took me to a different post than this one :) No biggie, but thought you might like to know!

  2. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    A wise woman. That is what you are. Since my husband passed, I have learned to be content with each day and to be still.. I only care about what the Lord thinks of me.

    1. Image for GLENDA GLENDA

      And Amen to that that Sharon. So sorry for your great loss. The LORD thinks you are a wonderful daughter of His. I think you are as well. GOD bless you today and always.....

  3. Image for Robbin Robbin

    So So True!!!! Social Media is both a blessing and a curse. Watching everyone else's highlight reel can many times makes us feel so "Un-Successful." I honestly don't know where these people get their money LOL. I see MANY, MANY couples who appear to be in their late 20s, early 30s, with a stay at home mom and they're building, and decorating a home that I know must cost hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars. How in the world?? And so young couples who either can't afford, or who have decided they don't need, a home like that wonder what they're doing wrong. Thank you for being real. Success is NEVER determined by our job, or our bank account, or our home. And I'm not saying it is wrong to want to have a good job, or money in the bank or a pretty house. But those things don't bring happiness. Having a real relationship with Jesus. That is the only success that is eternal. Thanks for letting me preach!! Blessings from Missouri!

  4. Image for Linda Linda

    Hold the horses! This could not have been better timed and, therefore, I see you as one of God's messengers today. Thank you so much for putting this into what I refer as "Karianne language" The 12 year old who will hear and read this will understand those words.

  5. Image for Minnie Minnie

    Amen sister!! I always say when the world of “THEY” pay my bills that’s when “THEY” can have a say. “THEY” run around like headless chickens. Never high enough up the ladder. Not enough money. House not big enough. Car not new enough. Spouse not perfect in whatever way. Funny how “THEY” will never ask me what I think about “THEM”...... Blessings to you! Minnie

  6. Image for Karen Karen

    KariAnne, you are so genuine! Definitely a mark of success that no changing styles or opinions can ever take away from you! You're a rock star! Has anyone told you that today?! ;) I love your blog and your style! Even though your new (old) home has a different style than the old farmhouse, I always find something to inspire me in your posts! And, you tell a heck of a story!

  7. Image for Lyn Lyn

    My daughter was just asked to give a prosfessional reference for someone who has a history of major shiplifting for years. This person lived in a $500K house and wanted to appear wealthy. Obviously she could not give a reference. Unreal

  8. Image for Dorothy Dorothy

    Heartfelt. It takes a strong woman to admit to having blurry moments in the midst of success. I really just want you to keep on being more and more successful and sharing these truths that you experience along the way. Praying for you, friend. You are an inspiration.

  9. Image for Linda Linda

    Dear Karianne, Your beautiful post today really hit home, not because I was ever on that wobbly ladder to success but because we lost EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING in the California fire that wiped out an entire town and yet we are content and happy and grateful to be alive. That is what success is to me, when you’ve spent your life working to just survive, being happy and content with what you do have, raising an amazing, beautiful, kind , loving child and being the kind of person that maybe can bring joy and happiness to others, THAT is living a successful life! When you go to the store and come home and empty the bags and can get so excited about a bag of rubber bands because NOW you have some when you need them , it really puts things into perspective! When it comes down to it, things are just things, but when you’ve spent your time building your character and inner self instead of an empire, that is living a successful life and nothing can ever take that away from you! Thank you for always making me smile , you are a true example of success!

  10. Image for Martha Woods Martha Woods

    You are blessed to have learned this truth at a young age. We are blessed that you share it with such honesty. Many years ago I found myself wanting to make a comment or question some of life's mysteries. I was afraid others would think I was terrible for having such negative, lack of faith thoughts. When I finally got brave enough to express myself openly I found I was not alone. We are all in that "blurry" place often in life - no matter our age. It's nice to know we are not alone. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  11. Image for Loryl Loryl

    This is why I consider you such a rockstar, you ALWAYS hit the nail on the head at the exact moment that I need it! Thank you for this post. I hope it helps other like me to realize how lucky we are and what success in LIFE we’ve had. I knew I was a success as a teacher when students would still remember me and my teachings long after I had them in class. But this retirement thing is another story. After taking early retirement I’m still searching for my next passion. I’m trying to find more purpose in everyday. Thank you for reminding me I am enough, even when I take a day to just relax🥰

  12. Image for sue sue

    Ohh, was this in response to my email yesterday? About taking the curtains I have and got all crazy and painted? And which made me so happy? About being your own crazy self? Which has done you so well, and I am so happy and grateful for. Just want to say thank you, again. I may never have a blog of my own, but you have inspired me way beyond all the others...

  13. Image for Janet Lavine Janet Lavine

    Well said and a great reminder. We define our own terms for what success means to us. Contentment and being happy inside beats having the latest and greatest cars etc. Money helps make like easier but we all know money can’t buy happiness.

  14. Image for Sandi Magle Sandi Magle

    I'm over that hill, that everyone claws their way up. Goals have been met, and the old saying, 'it's the things you didn't do that you regret'. Not the 'achievements' but the little things--I should have spent more time with my aging parents, I should have maintained my friendships, I should have hugged my grown children more---they never stop needing a parent. I was present when they were young---but, once they reached that 'puberty' stage---(boys) I handed them over to their Dad, for my 'career'. I worked three jobs, did art shows 40 weekends a year---, wholesaled at gift shows, had 6 consignment shops displays at one time....and it wasn't worth it. Bigger is not better---just more complicated and time consuming. Just, never regret---what you didn't do in your personal life.

  15. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    Dear KariAnne, You are a real, genuine person, the best there is . Thank you for running this blog and being you. You make my day!

  16. Image for donna bray donna bray

    To know Who's you are and how He views you as His Beloved, the apple of His eye. Yes embracing how God has made us. Uniquely perfect. ❤️

  17. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Oh, my heart. This post needs to be printed out and read daily. I didn’t know I needed to hear this, but it tugged on my heart. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t pushed the button. It’s safe when I’m the one measuring pouring my heart out. Not so much when others become involved in measuring it or stamping an “approval” on my heart. Thank you, sweet friend. You are hearing and sharing perfectly, not not meant to be measuring!—but confirmation.❤️

  18. Image for Kathy Kathy

    This is so, so, so true! I need to let you in on a little secret though. I know who “they” is. My cousins figured it out several years ago and when my cousins told me, I knew they were right! “They” is MY MOM!

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