Happy November

It’s here, Y’ALL. IT’S HERE.

The start of the holiday season. There’s the time change and shorter days and cozy nights and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and sweater weather and hot chocolate and movie marathons and cookie bakes and carols.

And I’m here for ALL OF IT.

And to celebrate I’m sharing 12 Days of Getting Ready for Christmas with my amazing friend Leslie from My 100-Year-Old Home.

It’s 12 days of recipes and crafts and organizing ideas and decor and decorating tips all designed to get us all ready so the holiday season will be so much less stressful.

And today?

We are kicking it off with what you should be shopping for NOW in terms of decorating and decor. Those shipping delays and limited products that they are talking about? They are real. So many things are selling out or out of stock or have shipping delays.


So to try to help I put together four different color and decor schemes for Christmas and linked everything so just in case you wanted anything new for Christmas? I got you.

Here’s what I found.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

I love a little farmhouse.

The only thing better than farmhouse is farmhouse sprinkled with Christmas.

Farmhouse is all about natural materials and tree collars and white wood snowflakes and jingle bells and green wreaths full of fir and cedar and vintage holiday decor.

Here are some of my favorite farmhouse Christmas decor finds

(Note: I tried to keep everything as affordable as I could. 🙂

Red and White Christmas Decor

This is the Christmas that’s merry and happy and bright.

Traditional Christmas colors but in the cutest new Christmas decor.

This Christmas decor is all about candy cane stripes and red ornaments and red and white snowflake pillows and jingle bell ornaments and wreaths with bows and the cutest advent calendar.

Here are some of my favorite red and white Christmas decor finds

Gold and White Christmas Decor

This is the Christmas that’s classic and glittery and shiny and bright.

A little Christmas with a little glitz and glamor.

This Christmas decor is all about furry stockings with gold ornaments and glittery snowflakes and bright shiny ornaments and bottle brush trees and burnished gold reindeer.

Here are some of my favorite gold and white Christmas decor finds

Retro Christmas Decor

This is the Christmas that I’m using in my dining room this year. I have it all ordered and most of it is already here. I shared it last week, but I wanted to link it again in case you missed it.

A little Christmas with a retro vintage feel.

This Christmas decor is all about tassels and bubble lights and bright happy colors and multi-colored ornaments and ornaments wreaths and giant confetti ornaments.

Here are some of my favorite retro Christmas decor finds

Happy November.

I hope you had fun with all the finds I discovered for us.

And now?

Be sure and stop by Leslie’s for all of her tips and decor ideas on how to shop for holiday and seasonal decor.

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun.

It’s all about Christmas themes and how to plan them.


disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

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  1. Image for Karen Karen

    I love the two white trees that are on the ottoman in the first photo. Did you make them? OR Did you buy them somewhere?

  2. Image for Missy Mangum Missy Mangum

    I love the white sleigh! If there is a purchase link, please let us know - I am sure that I am not the only person digging it!

  3. Image for Linda ingalls Linda ingalls

    I also love the white sleigh and the two trees on the ottoman. So do two of my friends. Could you give the sources here so they don’t have to write to you and ask the exact same question? Thank you!

  4. Image for PJ PJ

    Ah, KariAnne, you have set the wheels in motion and reminded me to order my wreaths from my local library. Happy Day to you!

  5. Image for Kim Kim

    Hi KariAnne! Love it all! As usual!! Can you tell me where to find the white Christmas trees sitting on the coffee table in the first photo? They reappear on the buffet later in the post. I ordered a few wreaths, so I have officially started…let the Christmas season begin! Thank you!

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    So many options! My biggest step to stay ahead of the shopping craziness is to make sure I have enough working lights for my tree. Last year I had to get creative ... although sometimes that works out to be an unexpected benefit. Who knew that the magnolia flower lights I made for my wedding many years ago would still be working? They looked like little snowballs on the tree. Or so I told myself!

  7. Image for Dee Turk Dee Turk

    Wow! So many amazing ideas! You certainly made it easier for us to shop I love it all! And we better get shopping because I noticed a couple things that already sold out! Thanks for sharing this awesome post and helping us on our way!

  8. Image for Bertie Bertie

    Karianne, Loved how you used the sleigh different places, etc. I have a White Milk glass sleigh , a black metal sleigh & a gold metal sleigh that I change about and do things with, plus a larger one I use on the front porch or by the fireplace at times. Sleighs remind me of winter, snow (not a fan of) and Holidays, especially Christmas! Love all the ideas. Happy decorating, a tad early for me, I'm still decorated for Thanksgiving!...

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