This is what the window seat looked like when I walked up the stairs for the first time after we bought the house.

You can see more before pictures here.

You can read the story of the window seat cushions here.

You can see the before and the story of the entire house here.


That was a lot of Reader’s Digesting the last seven months of my life.

I always had a picture of what the staircase could look like and might look like and should look like.

But first, we had a kitchen to remodel and a hot water heater to replace and a new air conditioning unit to install and fireplaces to remove.

But now?

Now the staircase and the window seat got a little love.

Here’s what the staircase looks like now.

Here’s the view going up the staircase.

Here’s the view when you round the corner next to the window seat.

Here’s the view from the top of the landing.

And here’s the view going down.

There have been a lot of chhhhanges.

The walls were painted SW Sandbar.

The gray and white runner was installed (there are brass stair rods with the cutest pineapple finials that we still have to install left over from when my mother owned the house).

I added the roman shades to the top of each window.  It helps with the sunlight in the afternoon.

New, fluffier window seat cushions were made for the window seat that fit the area perfectly and I took off the pink velvet chain cover from the chandelier.

I made the pillows for the window seat from two contrasting fabrics and filled them with 24″x 24″ down inserts from IKEA to make sure they were extra fluffy.

But my favorite new addition to the space?

These typewriter patent pieces of art.

Remember when I was looking for art for these walls?

I found this idea that’s going to be installed on the other wall.  But I wanted something with a story on it for the wall going up the stairs.  Then one day I was watching Fixer Upper.  And randomly pausing the television screen and taking pictures of the television screen with my phone because she is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT when it comes to ideas and I want to remember them and sometimes I forget the idea 10 seconds after the episode ends.

Can I get an amen?

And in this episode, she had a local artist transform patents into artwork.


Patents into artwork?  What a brilliant idea.

I like patents.

I like artwork.

I’m a writer.

What could be better for the staircase than a series of typewriter patents showing how the typewriter has evolved over the years?

Like this patent from 1885.

So I reached out to one of my favorite sign makers Vintage 450 and asked if it could be possible to transfer the patents onto wood?

And then frame them like this.

Could it be done?

Was it even possible?


Why, yes, KariAnne, it can be done.

And so several weeks later these showed up at my house.

Here’s the first patent from February 12, 1878.

And the next patent from August 12, 1878.

And this patent from August 27, 1898.

And this patent from December 10, 1878.

And this patent (which looks way more like the typewriters I’ve seen) from August 18, 1885.

These patents were created before my house was even built in 1908.

A little piece of history for the walls of the staircase.

I cannot even put into words how perfect they are for this space.

Who knew patents could be so beautiful?

Vintage 450 you all are ROCK STARS.


And the best part?  If you know a writer or just like patents or prints or signs with typewriters on them, Vintage 450 is offering these signs for sale in my Painted Fox shop.

You can see all the signs here.

PS  The staircase was so happy, look what it gave me for Mother’s Day.

Extra sparkles. 🙂

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  1. Image for Gina Gina

    Extra sparkles! The frames are a perfect size. That window seat...memories just waiting to happen! The typewriters! I kept thinking this is a house of rock (your geologist dad), paper (your book), scissors (your fabric) the game. sorry, but that's what I was thinking.

  2. Image for bj bj

    It is beautiful...everything about it says Kari Anne. You have done a LOT in the short time you bought your childhood house....and it is all so pretty. You are very blessed to have been able to purchase this lovely house that holds so many memories for you. Has your sweet sis got to see it yet.?

  3. Image for Teresa Gonzales Teresa Gonzales

    Brilliant!!!! Looks so finished and perfectly appropriate that typewriters are used. The staircase looks polished....

  4. Image for Kris Kris

    If I lived there, the window seat would be my second home. A cup of tea, a cuddly cat, a throw, and a good book and I'd be sooo happy. Wish I had your visionary eye, KariAnne.

  5. Image for Jillian Jillian

    Ok...I will be buying the house next door to you. I will come over and be inspired and we will be friends. I will make you cupcakes and we will be happy neighbors. The new art is awesome. Not too heavy or distracting , yet personally meaningful and pretty.

  6. Image for Janice Baker Janice Baker

    Love all that you are doing in your childhood home.. I can see you as a child reading and dreaming as you looked out the window. I have recently moved into an adorable cottage. Have lovely old hardwood floors. Thinking of buying a jute rug. An area rug for the living room. Any recommendation?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Janice, Pottery Barn makes an amazing jute rug that we've used at the beach house and it's held up really well! If you are looking for a seagrass rug, I'd look at Home! Hope this helps! karianne

  7. Image for Carrie Carrie

    sparkles! yes. Signs of approval from Up Above. And who knows what own invention these patent prints may inspire??? Brilliant.

  8. Image for Cindy@countyroad407 Cindy@countyroad407

    That was one of my favorite spots during the tour. So cozy and now even more cozy! Love it. Quick question. Do y'all measure and remeasure when haging things on the wall or do you eyeball it? Love those prints by the way. Perfect choice.

  9. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I have a vintage typewriter, as well as a later, but old, one that my Dad used ... and I think these would look great hanging over them! But, the prints aren’t on your site, or in a search yet ... maybe later?! Will check back ...

  10. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Your choice of art is perfect. When you choose something that has meanig to you, you'll never tire of it and there will always be a place for it. Once again, good job following your heart!

  11. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I LOVE the ARTWORK!! I was looking for heart gift ideas for the boys for Christmas a couple of years ago and thought prints of the 7 patents that Gary's Dad had on amusement park rides would be great pieces of artwork for their homes. When I was searching...I found a tool that was patented by Gary's grandfather that we never knew about! I had it printed and framed for them and they were ecstatic!! This past Christmas, we gave them signs that hung in their grandfather's office that were actually the logos of rides that he manufactured. Again, they were loved. Yours prints are so very perfect for you as a writer. And the stair runner. Love.

  12. Image for Linda Andry Linda Andry

    Hello dear cyber friend. I have the same staircase configuration as yours but with only a single eindow. Always thought my space was too narrow to have a lovely window seat like yours. How much room do you have between the base of the window seat and the newel post? I know looks and photo angles can be deceiving. Your response may be the beginning of my next diy project! Thanks so much for all you do to inspire all of us every day!

  13. Image for betty in arlington betty in arlington

    oh kariann! what a brilliant decoration! My husband's uncle has patent on radial tires...his aDear Aunt has the blueprint patent framed in the kitchen. Its' such a great idea! Beautiful stair props! need to add that to the hall! Thanks for putting us in your life...

  14. Image for Sara Sara

    Love all your hard work! Do you know the name and Manufacturer of the runner! Love it along with the prints! You have a God given talent for sure!

  15. Image for Susan J. Sias Susan J. Sias

    Love the rugs! We are in a remodel as well! Using a similar wall color, lighter flooring, and loving Grey's!! This is truly lovely!!


    KariAnne, I love what you have done on your stairway wall with the framed patents. What a great idea you had -- just so unique! You are so amazing with all your fabulous ideas! Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! Always enjoy seeing what you have been doing! Have a wonderful week! Blessings!

  17. Image for june june

    I love the patent pics. I actually learned to type on an old manual typewriter that looks very similar. My sister still has it....she used it as well in hugh school. I remember typing my senior paper on it...UGH. Thinking it has to. be 75 years old🤣

  18. Image for phyllis phyllis

    As always, I love your creative ideas. There are many welcoming areas in your home, but the window seat would be a favorite for me. I love all of the beautiful angles and fabrics and sights to inspire daydreaming. I am in awe at how much you have finished in the short time you have lived there. Can you please share a link for the typewriter art? Neither one listed above provided that option. Until your next project is unveiled!

  19. Image for Fay Fay

    OMGOODNESS I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who pauses the tv on fixer upper to take screen shots! & now thanks to you I’m gonna re-think the deeds I have of my Great Grandfather’s back in the late 1800’s that I thought of doing when I saw that episode of fixer upper lol By the way everything you’ve done looks fantastic!

  20. Image for Sarah Sarah

    Aaahhhh!!!! I love these prints - and your woodwork makes me swoon 😍😍😍 Do you happen to know the stain used on your hardwood floors? It’s exactly what I want for my floors!!😍xoxo

  21. Image for Anne Anne

    Wonderful! We have a landing on our stairs and haven't figured out how to "turn the corner" with a runner like this. How did you do it? It looks beautiful and I bet it absorbs sound nicely.

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