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What does farm house style mean?

I’m always talking about farmhouse style on the blog.

You probably noticed.

Maybe because I live in a farmhouse and was farmhouse and galvanized metal and fruit-pickers baskets and white farmhouse platters before they were ever in style.  Back when AquaNet hairspray and shoulder pads that look like they might belong in their own branch of the military were a thing.

To me farmhouse means home.

And kicking off your shoes.

And sweet tea.

And chalkboards and measuring cups and burlap curtains and old chippy signs from the side of the road and mismatched chairs.

That’s what farmhouse means to me.

But what about you?

What does farmhouse style mean to each of us?  

This family room embodies farmhouse style

Farmhouse style decor is easy to find and follow

(pillow found here)

I started my quest about farmhouse style with a local resident expert.

Someone who has braked on multiple occasions for bed frames in the trash and hauled broken windows across town and driven yard sale chairs across the country.

Someone who truly understands the importance of adding a little farmhouse to any decor.

My husband.

This cute sign is a great accent for your farmhouse decor

(farmhouse sign found here)

And the conversation went a little like this:

Me: (smiling encouragingly):  Can I ask you a question?

Him: (bracing himself for the next sentence):  Yes?

Me:  What does farmhouse style mean to you?

Him: Farmhouse style?  What?  You mean like a house on a farm?

You can decorate with eggs in the springtime

(similar tray found here)

Me:  (nodding encouragingly)  Yes.  Like a house, but what about inside of the house.  If you were decorating with farmhouse style, what would you add?

Him:  (hesitatingly)  Hay bales?  Ducks?  Eggs?

Me: (internal sigh) Maybe not so literal?  More like decorating.  You know.  Like our family room.

Him:  (pausing and thinking frantically)

Me:  (blinking encouragingly)

This farmhouse clock is a great accent piece in your room

(farmhouse clock found here)

Him:  (eyes lighting up with an expression on his face like you see on Let’s Make a Deal when they get to see what’s behind door number one)  I know!  I got it!

Me:  (excitedly) I knew it!  I knew you would have an answer!  You are amazing!  What does farmhouse mean to you?

Him:  Christmas.

Me:  (stunned silence)

Him: (smiling widely)  You know.  (continuing on with great enthusiasm)  Like when you go to a grandmother’s house at Christmas and sit around and open presents and drink apple cider then go outside and play football.  That’s farmhouse isn’t it?


O Little Farmhouse of Bethlehem.

Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

Farmhouse style decorating is easy to add to almost any room

And now it’s your turn.

I’d love to hear your version.

What does farmhouse style mean to you?

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Just enter below and leave a comment telling us what farmhouse style means to you.

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Can’t wait to see your farmhouse style!

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    1. Image for Tricia Nowicki Tricia Nowicki

      What Farmhouse means to me....cozy, and warm. I think of vintage. Natural wood tones, neutral tones. Natural materials. Bringing the outdoors in. A place I want to hunker down in on a cold winter day with a cup of tea, or a place I want to sip tea on a hot summer day.

    2. Image for ronda ronda

      LOVE and family working together. Vegtable and flower gardens to bring indoors. Milk glass, fireplaces, chicken wire and wooden floor. Big farm table where everyone eats and prays table chairs and benches too. Kitchen is central...big sink, baskets, herbs, eggs and a cookie jar.

  1. Image for Lourdes Lourdes

    Farmhouse style to me means lots of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, burlap, grain sack. Natural wood and painted, chippy wood too :-) galvanized metal containers, buckets. lots of white walls, shiplap. Wood floors, throw blankets on furniture to snuggle with in the evenings while reading or watching TV. Also barn doors, wreaths hanging on doors, using old windows as wall decor. This all just makes my heart sing! :-)

  2. Image for Angela K Angela K

    I love your blog and it's what I think of when I think of farmhouse. It's all the things that make it comfortable and with so much history and charm.

  3. Image for Janis Raines Janis Raines

    Farmhouse--Mason jars, real flowers, old-fashioned white bedspreads, benches in the kitchen with an old rectangular table, old hardwood floors, iron bed frames

  4. Image for Charma Charma

    Farmhouse means loving your house so much you don't want to leave. It means comfort and natural elements. Wood floors and black wrought iron. Crisp white and barn doors. Farmhouse is not only a style but a way of life. It's rocking on the front porch and waving as your neighbors walk by. It's inviting friends over for cards on the back deck. It's visiting with your neighbors over the backyard fence. It's the neighborhood kids feeling safe enough to want to spend time at your house. It's not just a style. It's a lifestyle.

  5. Image for Amy Amy

    To me, Farmhouse is light and bright using reclaimed accent pieces and comfy furniture. Natural materials are also a part of it. It sounds as if Farmhouse style is celebratory and comfortable for your husband; he has a great way of viewing it :-)

  6. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Comfortable, practical, simplistic, windows, rocking chairs, fresh baked apple pie cooling on the window sill. Blessings, Cindy

  7. Image for mary mary

    Farmhouse style to me means incorporating things from the past that represent real hard working people and honor their history so they are not forgotten.

  8. Image for Terri Terri

    famhouse style ..... wide planked hardwood floors that have a little creak... and a screen door that slams shut behind you .. ( it has a little creak toooo... ) and lots of mason jars.... used in all kinds of ways!!!! Oh and most of all..... a front porch with rockers and a swing!!!! and the décor?? .. Well.. lots of stuff that is used in ways that the "Stuff" wasn't meant for! :) .. does that make sense?? Love this post Karianne!!!!! ( maybe you should give your 1 true love another chance ??? :) )

  9. Image for Stacy Simpson Stacy Simpson

    Farmhouse to me would be a simple and comfortable home. Lemonade in a mason jar, chicken wire baskets, fresh cut wildflowers from outside the screen door. Chalkboard with the name of whatever pie you baked that day written on it!

  10. Image for Yvonne Shafer Yvonne Shafer

    I think you've got modern farmhouse style covered! I love everything you described. I'd add dogs and cats and wood floors and rag rugs, grandma's china used every day, smell of coffee, wild flowers in mason jars...

  11. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    This may sound a bit odd but 'farmhouse' to me encompasses a lot of senses. Farmhouse means snuggling in a big, soft down-filled bed underneath Aunt Ruby's quilts and waking up to the sound of a rooster cockadoodledoing, the feel of a soft breeze across my face through the barely cracked window in the little bedroom upstairs, the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing and knowing there's homemade biscuits and jams to go with that. Farmhouse means wearing Aunt Ruby's flour sack apron at every meal because I wore my food as much as I ate it, hearing the screen door creak and slam every time someone went through it, no matter how many times Aunt Ruby instructed, "Don't slam the door!" Farmhouse means gathering fresh berries until my little hands were all purple and red from the berry juice, and then standing on a chair next to Aunt Ruby the kitchen while I helped her make a little pie just for me in a little pie tin from the berries I just picked. Then again, Farmhouse also means hearing Aunt Ruby call, "Here chick, chick, chick" and hiding behind the sofa because I knew what was in store for that old hen and what was for dinner that night. All in all, though, Farmhouse means happy memories for me and a vacation for all my senses.

    1. Image for MAH MAH

      Ah, Michelle, when I read Kariannes post the first thing I thought of about farmhouse style was my grandmother's house. Especially her kitchen. The description of your Aunt Ruby was beautiful. Lovely, lovely memories. My grandmother's kitchen was wonderful with a long wooden table in the center of the kitchen with a shelf on the bottom for her bowls, pots and vegetables from her garden. She made her biscuits, pies and everything else on that table. She also cooked on a wood burning stove. All of the furniture was free standing. She had a pie safe and the curtains fluttered in the Georgia breeze. She brought in water from her well to cook with and heated water to wash dishes in. Oh, my so many memories. When I see her kitchen, I see wooden tables, painted chairs, metal buckets and pails, flowers in a glass jar sitting on the window sill and the smell of wonderful food. Farmhouse style isn't new, just refined. It was a way of life long ago, now it is a hope and a dream of beautiful farmhouse style. My grandmother would laugh at that.

  12. Image for Sandra Vigil Sandra Vigil

    Farmhouse style means comfort, items reminiscent of days gone by, and Decor indicating the " simpler times."

  13. Image for stephanie stephanie

    Farmhouse to me means that when you walk in the door the house wraps its arms around you and says, "welcome home".

  14. Image for Denise Denise

    Farmhouse style to me is as much a feeling as a look. It's walking in to a space and instantly feeling at home. It's knowing you can kick off your shoes and be comfortable, whether curled up on a sofa with a quilt or sitting around the kitchen table talking it up with your family. It's gently worn surfaces that tell a lifetime of stories with just one look. For me - Farmhouse Style is home.

  15. Image for Lisa Lisa

    When I think of a Farm House, I think of seeing chickens around the yard and a nice vegetable garden growing out back. Inside I think of more rustic things like ladderback chairs around the butcher block table! Thanks!

  16. Image for Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie Jeanne @ I Dream of Jeanne Marie

    First of all, thank you KariAnne , for this giveaway opportunity! Since we live in a cottage style house, I hadn't really explored too many other styles, but if I had to pick another style, it would most definitely be farmhouse...just like yours! I mentioned to you before that your writing was "enough" for me...I enjoyed it so much. But I really think I would miss the pictures after all... I love your home with all the lighter colors and simplified details. Blessings, Jeanne

  17. Image for Dotti O. Dotti O.

    Farmhouse style to me is all about comfort and use of décor that has a connection to those who live there. It means that nothing is so precious that family, friends and pets are banished. Love your style!

  18. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Farmhouse is when you have company come by and when they get ready to leave they tell you that they felt so welcomed, and cozy and like the house gave them a BIG hug and asked them to stay awhile. I have people that tell me that a lot. Where you cuddle up on a big old couch covered in a cream colored couch cover, because you know the dogs and grands will get it dirty but who cares, its washable, and tobacco baskets and Ironstone and dough bowls, and cookies in the oven and should I go on??????

  19. Image for P C P C

    Ironstone, wood,white walls,plates,wavy glass lights, old items, kitchen tools, big windows, rag rugs, metal things used for containers, big kitchen table, slipcovers, moss rose, wood signs. You can do French farmhouse with careful collection of items, and American or English.

  20. Image for karen karen

    I always think of Farmhouse style as having beauty in it's simplicity. Very Comfortable and Inviting- somewhat cottagey but also using functional items in decor.

  21. Image for Suzanne Suzanne

    When I was 6years old my family moved to a farm. I remember a curtain under the kitchen sink and how the screen door sounded when my Grandfather went out to milk the cows. The walls were all painted white, and we had a swinging door between the kitchen and dining room. And I loved playing in the glassed in sunroom at the front of the house. But what farmhouse means to me is all the love that lives there.

  22. Image for Jessica Jessica

    To me, farmhouse style today is white, inviting, repurposed, and timeless. (Back when I was growing up that wasn't the case! Farmhouse meant dark wood, dark everything and red... Lots of red. And Norman Rockwell.) I, too, have been a lover of farmhouse style even before it was popular! When I got my first apartment, I bought an iron rod headboard and searched everywhere for a white armoire. And I repurposed an old window to make a holder for my earrings and necklaces!

  23. Image for Vicki Brawley Vicki Brawley

    Farnhouse style is cozy living where a house feels comfortable...pillows, natural fabrics, checks, flowers in mason jars and " found" containers, sweet tea, the smell of homemade poundcake...kick off your shoes kind of living!

  24. Image for Anne Porter Anne Porter

    Farmhouse Style is sturdy, strong, practical and purposeful...hand hewn; hand rubbed; and "hearty". Farmhouse Style invites us in with its warmth and its heart and allows its charm to speak for itself.

  25. Image for Lauren Lauren

    I love your husband's answer! I totally get it! That feeling of "togetherness" that farmhouse style creates... To me, farmhouse style = timeless! The calming neutrals and whites, the elements of antiques/history, and the cozy, yet functional, furnishings create an inviting energy. A home is supposed to be your "happy place," and the farmhouse style is the epitome of "home".

  26. Image for Jane Craver Jane Craver

    Farmhouse style to me is my grandmother's big ole farmhouse I spent many summers of my youth in. Big comfy beds for lots of cousins, piled high with quilts. Huge kitchen with standing cabinets and big farm style kitchen table to feed all the hungry cousins. My own house is geared towards making sure all of my grandchildren get a feel of what I had as a child. Farmhouse table, quilts, plenty of fresh flowers and books and a swing on the porch. This is just a few of the things that I think of when I hear farmhouse. Oh, and lots of white ironstone and birds and nests captured under a cloche and on and on...

  27. Image for Dotte Dotte

    Comfortable and easy... galvanized, chippy peeling painted furniture, architectural salvaged pieces, when friends and family stop by it has the essence of cozy and welcoming to all, including the fur babys!!

  28. Image for mary o mary o

    Farmhouse is a clean, simple and honest lifestyle. It's not just decor it's a way of life, getting back to basics and a simpler less complicated time. It's a haven of calm in our hectic world.

  29. Image for Libby Libby

    To me, farmhouse means relaxed..........a place where you don't have to worry about messing something up if you take off your muddy boots at the door, plop down on the sofa and put your sock feet up on the coffee table! It means that things are lived in, maybe a little bit worn, and well-loved.

  30. Image for Ange McAlister Ange McAlister

    KariAnne, A couple of months before his death, my husband and I had a similar conversation about style and just what our's was since we would be starting a remodel soon. I described farmhouse, eclectic and vintage to him and he had that man look on his face when he asked "but which style are we?" I told him that I felt our's was Nostalgia as he loved his Detlefsen paintings and re-purposing old things and making barn tin art. He asked me a couple of weeks later what our style was again. When I said Nostalgia, he just smiled. More than ever, I am coming to realize that home is a person, not a place as our 16 and 18 year old sons and I begin his remodel of our new place. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and the opportunity to share the story of our style. Ange

  31. Image for Rachel Going Rachel Going

    ALSO! Farmhouse style to me is comfort and cozy in its feeling and in its style anything you would find while digging through your grandad's barn! Old windows and chippy tables and galvanized buckets and jars and burlap and cotton feed sacks.

  32. Image for Peg Peg

    To me, farmhouse style is unpretentious, memories of days gone by, mixed with unexpected, simple treasures. Love, love!!

  33. Image for Dinelle Dinelle

    Farm house style to me is simple, comfy and a place you can put your feet up. Where guests feel right at home too.

  34. Image for Kari Cox Kari Cox

    Farmhouse means chippy and rusty and things that have been loved by someone before me. It means home, taking off your shoes and feeling welcomed and loved., like you are in exactly the right place.

  35. Image for Sue Sue

    Farmhouse style to me is comfort. Soft chairs, burlap everything and that feeling of family. Have a great farmhouse day!!

  36. Image for Patty Marker Patty Marker

    Farmhouse style to me is more of a feeling than a style. It's coming in and sitting down after a full day and not being afraid to put your feet up on furniture. Grabbing something cold to drink and gathering on the front porch to unwind and watch the kids play ball out front. A big family style dinner at the table with someone passing a big bowl of mashed potatoes. Your husband got it right...farmhouse is the very best kind of country Christmas.

  37. Image for Karen Umbrello Karen Umbrello

    Natural neutrals! Whites, creams, shades of gray and blue, natural woods, and galvanized metal. But mostly welcoming comfort! Karen U

  38. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    I'm going to say DITTO to Michelle R.'s meaning! But I think it just really means Home. It's when you feel loved, and cozy, and your house just sort of wraps itself around you and says, You are loved....Just the way you are.....and if your special memories bring you happiness, so much the better. Your husband actually had it right....Christmas goodness with the's joy....a sense of belonging....a sense of love and acceptance that you carry all through your life. Whether it involved an actual farm or farm house is beside the point. Nostalgia. A longing for the good ole days, even in the midst of all the white and repurposed roadside finds and the hustle and bustle of life in today's world. Happy Day, Miz karianne

  39. Image for liz piccione-volger liz piccione-volger

    Farmhouse style means screen doors slamming, natural fabrics, well used kitchen, white clapboard, wood floors, quilts on beds and lemonade in mason jars under the tree.

  40. Image for Pat Pat

    Farmhouse style is a big wrap-around porch decorated with red geraniums in full bloom, and comfy seating scattered around. And oh yes a lovely porch swing with pretty pillows for an afternoon snooze. Pat

  41. Image for Carrie M Carrie M

    To me farmhouse style is broken in, laid back and yet clean. It's a fresh feeling style, with touches of charm that takes you back to your youth. It's a feel that reminds us of home cooked breakfasts, hard working grandparents, and a time when having the best and the newest wasn't the most important thing in life. Mixed with modern touches farmhouse style is classy and comfortable.

  42. Image for Kimberly Kimberly

    Farmhouse style to me means texture and items that have been well used and loved. It is finding beauty in the practical.

  43. Image for Paige Paige

    Farmhouse to me is cozy and comfy. Old mixed with new. Wood. Lots of wood. Hardwood, barnwood, painted wood. A place you love to be.

  44. Image for Trudi Trudi

    Farmhouse style is planked walls and wood floors. Flowers on the table and laughter in the kitchen. Screen doors and wood trim. Breeze ways and carports (although I gotta have a garage!) Wood and metal accents with enough white to remind you of cotton and summer breezes. Farmhouse style is more than just a look. It's a feel. Does that make sense? It's warm and inviting, kick your shoes off relaxing. It's home.

  45. Image for Susan Susan

    Large tables to host family (farmhouse of course),clay pots,open shelving,braided rugs,the list goes on and on...

  46. Image for Sarah Fink Sarah Fink

    Farmhouse style to me means not a set. It's wood that's been loved, tables that have ring marks from lots of cups of tea, candles that are half burned, paint on the porch floor that's a bit chippy from all of the little feet running in and out of the house. It's not perfect, but it's comfy and clean and home.

  47. Image for LMBB LMBB

    I think it's reusing things from around a farm as accents and just generally being simple and pretty. I don't know. I'm not good at explaining!

  48. Image for Vik Vik

    I grew up on a farm and ranch in southern Idaho and had no idea that decorating with practical implements and make do furniture was a style. I ran away from the idea of farmhouse style and wanted a more sophisticated decor but that was not satisfying to me and gradually, I have returned to my roots!

  49. Image for Ellie LaJuett Ellie LaJuett

    To me it means informal, simple, and comfortable. Homespun fabrics, quilts, crocks, painted furniture mixed with wood. Braided rugs, hooked rugs. It needs to look like things you accumulated over the years, mixed with some new. It needs to look loved and lived in and a place where you want to sit a spell on the porch and smell the roses.

  50. Image for Renae Reis Renae Reis

    Rustic items with some patina, cotton fabrics with a bit of nubbiness, cozy blankets, a dog, flowers cut from the garden. Sigh. And where, my dear, can I get a hold of that clock?!

  51. Image for Erika Erika

    Farmhouse style to me means lots of textures, old items mixed with new, comfy and inviting! Thistlewood Farms is my epitome of farmhouse style!! :)

  52. Image for Moriah C Moriah C

    I just love reading your posts. You are gifted in so many different ways. May God continue to bless you, your family and your farmhouse as you are a blessing to all of us. Thank you.

  53. Image for Raquel Raquel

    I don't have a farmhouse nor a home that truly is farmhouse inspired, but for me (and thanks to you) farmhouse style means a bit rustic, lived in, with elements of wood--chipped and faded, and a little metal like you'd find on a farm. A home that is collected rather than bought.

  54. Image for Amy K Amy K

    Farmhouse to me is any look that makes you feel welcomed. Simple décor honest décor that doesn't look contrived in any way. Furniture that says "I'm comfortable" and soft throws that just want to cuddle. Fresh is good. Fresh flowers, fruit and air that smells like cookies.

  55. Image for Jessica Jessica

    Farmhouse Style means easy living. Taking from nature and using what already exists from our 13 acres. We made a coffee table from a tree stump and spray painted a deer skull for our wall. We pick fresh flowers for our vases and use twigs to make frames. We rock on weathered rocking chairs while we watch our horses gallop. We have metal trash cans in our kitchen solely for the scraps we give back to our deer, turkey and foxes. It's functional and resilient enough for three boys, but pretty for mama with special touches I know they'll grow to remember like our blue cabinets and pine walls in the room we eat dinner in. It's chinky throws to snuggle and wood piles for fires. It's Violets around the house and mason jars holding silverware for guests. It's the Rag Wreath my son helped me make on a rainy day and the pile of work boots out the back door.'s style but also necessity.

  56. Image for Linda C Linda C

    Farmhouse style is heart strings. It's a style that embraces our history and has room for the new. To me it is about what we love- faith and family and friends. Farmhouse style is a warm embrace. And sharing that embrace!

  57. Image for Shannon Ingle Shannon Ingle

    I think farmhouse style is all about the layers. Soft fabrics, furniture in various wood tones or painted along with elements from nature give the room a cozy rustic feel.

  58. Image for beverlee beverlee

    Natural, my G'ma had very few choices of colors. Warm and happy. So, I do that...warm and natural and clean....(she scrubbed everything with no regard of surface) and to me, with all the different changes through the years, this feels 'right' I love to walk in my tiny place of white and galvanized and ironstone....I feel like 'mine' and 'right'................after all the rest, this is the best.

  59. Image for Sharon Smith Sharon Smith

    Farmhouse style is my very favorite style. It means fresh eggs on the kitchen counter. Maybe a few chickens roaming free range outside the back door. The house painted white outside with porches all the way around. Vegetable gardens every where. Old fans sitting around just a buzzing. Windows open in spring. Lots of simple decor made of old wood and wire baskets. The smell of fresh air. The kitchen smelling of fresh food being cooked morning and night. Old dishes and pirex dishes. Old quilts with a story. Pictures of family friends and all past animals that were loved sitting everywhere. Clothes line always full of clean linens and cotton chenille bedspreads. Painted floors in some rooms. Canned fruits and vegetables sitting in the pantry. Red barn out back . Cows, horses, donkeys for loudness!!!! Baskets sitting and hanging with things needed right away. Dirty shoes and boots on the back porch. Lots of white paint and maybe a little chippy. Old furniture in all the rooms. The smell of soap in the bathroom. Yea I love it and of course cotton used for simple decor because I live in high cotton during the summer❤️

  60. Image for Jennifer Ozanich Jennifer Ozanich

    When I think farmhouse I think family, heritage, welcoming. I love to use things that have been used and loved by people before me. Even better if they belonged to family! Farm families of the past used things for generations. They made do with what they had. That's my favorite type of decorating. I want everyone who comes to my farmhouse to feel welcomed and loved! ❤️

  61. Image for Renie L. Handler Renie L. Handler

    When I was a kid we used to go to my neighbors house who owned a farm with cows & chickens. We bought our eggs and milk from them. I used to love the home and how it was decorated. Lots of white, wood grain, metal and the smell of fresh baked goods. The mom of that house was a decorator and didn't even know how great she was at it. I STILLl remember how welcoming she made everyone feel who entered her home and that was 35 years ago. That type of decorating is the best kind. Instantly feeling like home!!!!

  62. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Bless your husband's heart! He sure enough nailed it. Farmhouse style is so much less the things and so much more the feeling. For some it's trying to feel something they've never felt before and for others it is sorta like wallowing in the memory of those people and times that were so dear to us. For me it's setting in my Papa' s lap at what looked like a old wood table from the schoolhouse up the road and yes every chair a different one unmatched and not nearly thought out the way we try to imitate it these days and Grandma that pushed you out from under her feet cause she had a whole mess of snap beans to can. She'd probably be ashamed of the way I set my jars all around when they ought to be filled with vegetables. I can't forget those quilts made from scraps I'd awaken to; I'd have slept so still because she'd piled so many on my toes hurt in the morning. The smell of a wood stove fired up with bacon or fatback mengled all up together. And for goodness sake staying far away from anything fake or put-on. I don't know if I've helped out with the definition of farmhouse but it sure was fun for me to talk about. I wish you a blessed day!

  63. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I am blessed to live in an 86 year old farmhouse. To me farmhouse style is very casual and rustic. It also includes pieces from days gone by that bring back fond memories. I love to reinvent new uses for old pieces.

  64. Image for Pamela Pamela

    use it up, make do, and wear it out! And other phrases like 'sides to middle in' 'as the crow flies' 'wipe your feet', 'are you grow in' taters in them ears?'. lunch was called dinner and dinner was called supper. My grandma's words were displayed in patch quilts, rag rugs, mason jars full of ditch flowers, garden brimming with colorful veggies, the larder full of gem-toned canned fruits/veggies, ladder back chairs w/rush seats, an aluminum glider on the porch,lace Priscilla kitchen curtains, chenille bedspreads, and aprons.

  65. Image for Cindy Cindy

    Hmmm...farmhouse style reminds me of the house I grew up in. Hardwood floors, cozy seating, a fireplace, a big kitchen that kinda makes you feel like it's a living room...and moms apple pie;)

  66. Image for Angie M Angie M

    I like your husband's answer. It works in an odd way. Farmhouse to me is a space with history and a feeling of welcoming comfort. Sometimes that history might be very recent history; like picking up something that looks old or a DIY distressed project. Everything has a purpose or at least holds some meaning.

  67. Image for Sandi Dogget Sandi Dogget

    Farmhouse style: I came from a family of 11 children, all the same parents---we were poor but my mom was a wonderful cook, gardener & seamstress---she used old flour sacks to make my underwear & old skirts to reinvent dresses for me & my sisters. She made wonderful potato-salad & iced tea and cinnamon buns, and managed a huge garden. She was a "can-do" woman and I soaked it all in growing up. I think Farmhouse style is taking what you have and making something better with it---enriching life for your family. It isn't just about "stuff"---it is about attitude, desire and hope. . . the hope of instilling deep love & values in your family---by the choices we make and the thankfulness we have for what God has given us.

  68. Image for Lynda Shilhanek Lynda Shilhanek

    Farmhouse to me is more a feeling than an actual decor. It's what makes you smile and makes you feel like a real family lives in that home. It's galvanized--because every farm has galvanized buckets. It's comfort--sofas you can curl up on and pass the time away on. It's floors with character--worn and distressed and NOT perfect. It's lighting that is simple--not chandeliers, but just simple lights, especially made awesome with Edison bulbs. It's lot's of metal accents and lot's of warm wood. It's painted kitchen cupboards and painted bathroom vanities--like I grew up with. It's crocks and stoneware--tons of them because you just never when you're going to need them or what you're going to need them for. It's uncomplicated. It's anything that makes your heart happy.

  69. Image for Theresa Kane Theresa Kane

    Farmhouse style to me is warm and cozy... earthy and green. It's sitting in a big kitchen with homemade bread baking in the oven, sweet tea in a jar on a porch swing and warm blankets on a cool night. Your home evokes all those things when I look at your gorgeous pictures. It's bringing nature indoors in a relaxed and worry free way! love your blog and you!! xo

  70. Image for Amy Amy

    It is a feeling...relaxed, comfortable, easy. Muted colors, lots of greenery, items that have character-that were used and not purchased new at a store. Old things, a style that isn't fussy or out of a magazine. It is home.

  71. Image for Liz Thomas Liz Thomas

    Farmhouse style: freshly scrubbed woodplank table tops, galvanized anything, wire baskets, wooden baskets, neutral colors, painted floors (I adore my BM Bennington Grey floors), ironstone tureens and pitchers, wool plaid blankets starting in the fall to spring, painted furniture and ticking slipcovers. Probably think of lots more but those are my favorites. Have a fantastic day, Karianne!!! and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  72. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    Lots of neutrals: white, gray, tan, brown; with pops of color. No chrome or shiny surfaces, unless of course it's marble; and even then, it should be honed.

  73. Image for Kathy Kathy

    A home that is is so comfortable, everyone feels welcome when they walk in the door. I love the fact that those inexpensive farm auction finds and family pieces (that no one else in the family wanted), are now in style.

  74. Image for Ginny Ginny

    Farmhouse style.....'come sit a spell'...laid back feeling- no hurry...natural elements...eclectic mix...white or light cabinets...white chippy table with turned & white fabrics....'y'all come back soon!'

  75. Image for Rita B Rita B

    Farmhouse style is lots of things to lots of people. Incorporating a lot of new with a lot of old. Making it your own and not trying to copy what everyone else is doing because it's the going thing. I remember my mom canning, frying chicken, sewing and making do with what we had. I remember my stepdad feeding the cows, putting up hay and always putting out a garden. Our farmhouse wasn't "stylish"; but it was clean, warm and safe. I have some quilts, crocks and handmade baskets along with good memories. Now I'm trying to make my home a farmhouse, because I want to hang on to those memories and preserve as much as I can.

  76. Image for Sally Dinsmoor Sally Dinsmoor

    Farmhouse style means not having to worry if the kids add a nick or dent during their play time. It only adds character!!

  77. Image for Jere Jere

    Farmhouse is just a name. It is really memories. Times we are recapturing. We walk through our "Farmhouse" style home and get a walk down memory lane with every piece of the past we have so excitedly collected, found or created. Our souls need and crave happy memories. How fortunate we are to be able to bring back those happy times , and we call them Farmhouse. As I write I am remembering cookies ...Wagon Wheel Cookies..named by me because my Grandmother made them so big. Now there will be a generation who will have Farmhouse memories . Jere

  78. Image for Kathy Schermerhorn Kathy Schermerhorn

    Farmhouse to me is something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue....and then you will be married to your farmhouse. Ha!

  79. Image for Lisa Lisa

    washable white slipcovers that kids and dogs can play on, a coffee table you can put your feet on, a kitchen that is the heartbeat of the house, a home that is warm and welcoming and gathers you in

  80. Image for Teddee Grace Teddee Grace

    I grew up in a farmhouse, but it wasn't my idea of a farmhouse then or now. It was a four-room one-story house my father built right after World War II and the fourth room, which was supposed to be a bedroom for my sister and me, became a "junk" room and we didn't get our own bedroom until my father built on two bedrooms and a bath (yes, a real bathroom with indoor plumbing!) when I was in the seventh grade. Up until then we either slept on a pull-out couch in the living room or on a rollaway bed in the kitchen. We both have the scoliosis to prove it. So, my idea of a farmhouse, and farmhouse style, is one of those big, at least two-story, farmhouses painted white with a huge porch and inside...which is what you're asking is decorated with Victorian antiques. So, these are wealthy farmers who live here and they have lot of children that never marry and stay at home and sleep in all of those upstairs bedrooms and help farm the farm. Very Victorian. An age that's passed.

  81. Image for Kay Kay

    Iced tea on the front porch, a cat on the window ledge, kids playing on the hardwood floors, fresh vegetables in the apron front sink, and cozy living in the wide open rooms. That is true farmhouse style to me!

  82. Image for Sherry Sherry

    A house anywhere that looks like it belongs in a children's story book. You know the kind. The big pecan trees in the front yard with one boasting a tire swing. The big two story house with a large front porch, rocking chairs, a creaking swing, and a welcoming front door that's waiting to show the special joys behind it. Simple, warm, comfortable, and pleasing to the eye. Ticking clocks, beautiful crisp linens, coffee pots, tea kettles, and a pretty calendar. Lightweight curtains, scalloped shades, tablecloths and napkins..dishes, dishes,dishes and more dishes! Framed pictures that evoke memories of hard work and fun times. China for special events and a worn but prized biscuit pan. Aprons, pretty lamps, and a big dining table. Useful baskets, beautifully made beds, and soap smelling squeaky clean bathrooms. Can you close your eyes and see it? Can you feel it? Can you smell it? Everyone who walks inside will experience joy. And they will smile and not be able to help it. Sherry

  83. Image for Lisa Spence Lisa Spence

    Farmhouse style is my great grandfather's table with benches my dad made from reclaimed barn wood. Oh and anything that belonged to someone else first, from family antiques to thrift store "treasures". Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Happy Spring!

  84. Image for renee renee

    How cute you two are! Farmhouse means to me: a place where everyone can gather and feel comfortable even if the furniture comes from the side of the road and has been repainted and repurposed, and the dishes don't match or the decorations are made from paper and old wood pieces or metal. Lots of light peeking in from the curtains made from drop cloths. Flowers in every room that came from the backyard. Cute pillows on the couch that are all different but blend in their own way. Rooms that greet you with wonder and amazement each time you enter them and a feeling of "I am Home!" Farmhouse is not a fad...It's a way of LIFE! :) Farmhouse is not a fad it's a way of life!

  85. Image for Kitty Kitty

    Farmhouse style to me is a combination of sight, sound, taste, smell and feel. If one part is missing, it is just a stage set. Notice that I did not say "location", for I have loved some farms in vastly differing places with different looks, trees, buildings and climates. The key for me is the overwhelming feel of Safety and HOME.

  86. Image for Jennifer Dynys Jennifer Dynys

    Warm, inviting , comfortable. It touches all of the senses and puts you at ease. Nothing matchy matchy or fussy. Family working and playing together with hearts full of thankfulness.

  87. Image for Rebecca Musser Rebecca Musser

    When I try to describe Farmhouse style to my husband (who pretends to act interested), I tell him it's sorta like country style that has evolved and can take on different facets (like Farmhouse Chic, Industrial Farmhouse, Vintage farmhouse, etc.). The common ground is that it incorporates unpretentious, humble and/or time weathered materials, with a focus on comfort and practicality and re-purposing. FS might be totally on trend now, but my description of it is something I've always tried to reflect in my home. and can't imagine that ever changing.

  88. Image for Janice Janice

    All the above. I'm trying to bring this feeling - look into an old home we are restoring. A special place of comfort and being loved while biscuits are baking and sweet tea on the porch.

  89. Image for jae jae

    A big front porch with rockers and hanging baskets. More formal front rooms and casual kitchen/breakfast/family rooms full of lounge a while comfort. Wood floors, maybe a screen porch. Carefully curated accessories looking as if they have a story to tell. Good smells, like baking cookies! And mostly, a warm, loving atmosphere that makes the house home.

  90. Image for Eileen Eileen

    For my 200 year old farmhouse it's all about warmth and comfort and using items with meaning to my family. My mother in laws hand pieced quild covers a slipcovers sofa, his grandmothers paintings hang on the walls. A clay bust of a child's head created by my mom sits on a shelf in a guest room. My fathers walking stick and shillelaghs his parents brought over when they immigrated from Ireland are. Used for decorating. Hand made furniture mixes with antiques found by myself and my husband. Everywhere I look in my home there's a memory and joy.

  91. Image for Sally Sally

    Fresh vegetables from the garden, fresh flowers from the yard, homemade bread baking, curtains on the Windows, the table set for supper. A pitcher of lemonade. Love, family and laughter.

  92. Image for Barbara Warren Barbara Warren

    Water bucket with dipper. Home made biscuits. Buttercups in Spring. Pumpkins in Fall. Family Reunions in back yard. Family bible in open view. Bench seats at kitchen table. Apron hanging on kitchen chair.

  93. Image for Eileen Eileen

    For my 200 year old farmhouse it means using items passed down from loved ones to create a warm inviting space. My home is small but full of items that have stories behind them.

  94. Image for Rebecca Rebecca

    Farmhouse is casual and beautiful all at the same time. Stripes and checks come to mind with some burlap thrown in. Lots and lots of pieces of history with loving heirlooms to display. Love of home is farmhouse to me. It's the new casual elegance! Have a great day....Rebecca

  95. Image for Sheila Casey Sheila Casey

    Farmhouse to me means a home full of welcoming peace for all who enter! Where everyone is welcomed anytime with open arms. Stay for dinner. Stay the night. Anytime welcome. It doesn't matter if there are dishes in the sink and the pillows on the couch aren't just perfect. It's my mismatched furnishings and creaking screen door. It's sitting in the rocking chair talking, watching the children and lightening bugs dance in the yard. It's home!!

  96. Image for Lisa K. Lisa K.

    Farmhouse style to me is: wood floors, big windows with lots of sunlight streaming in, comfortable furniture that you can put your feet up on, flowers in an ironstone pitcher on the dining room table, a large porch lined with white rocking chairs, and a glass of sweet iced tea.

  97. Image for MeganC MeganC

    Farmhouse style to me is galvanized metal (like my grandpa's bait bucket filled with dried flowers), well loved chippy furniture (like my great grandma's Hoosier cabinet that is white-ish with green paint showing through in spots), ladder back chairs in every room and a feeling of cozy - kick off your shoes - what's that great smell coming from the kitchen!

  98. Image for Linda marsh Linda marsh

    Farmhouse to me is is a comfy couch a good book on a spring day in front of a big window of sunshine with a glass of sweet tea in a mason jar with everything home surrounding me:)

  99. Image for Cindy in Oklahoma Cindy in Oklahoma

    Farmhouse style to me can be summed up this way... As you wander around your farm one day you decide the chickens no longer need that old feeder.. so you whisk it away and make a desk organizer out of it and that cow trough would make the cutest back porch ice tub or conversation piece sink in the powder room. And voila! A new style is born.

  100. Image for Amy Newell Amy Newell

    I live my life with my 3 kids & hunky hubby in one of most historical & beautiful farmhouses in our county. I had adored it for 17 years! & when it came on the market, my husband set up a viewing w/a realtor & surprised me. We bought it that day! (My hunky grew up on a farm...I grew up in the city Peoria Il) we have lived here 3 years now...We rewired it, put AC, new flooring, repaired plaster, rebuilt the fireplace, added an island in the kitchen and a double oven in an abandoned chimney....and we recently put it up for sale. (Gasp). Because, year and a half ago my hunky's father (my father-in-law & one of my favorite person on this earth) passed away suddenly. It was & still is heartbreaking to think about his passing. My father in law lived on the family farm about 10 miles down the road from our farm. He was born in the 4 square farm house that his father built in 1911. It was the farm/land that had been in the newell family since 1876. My hunky was also raised there. We decided to sell our beauitul farm house to go back to my hunky's roots. We have torn down walls, dry walled, new bath, new kitchen, etc.... But more than that, now our kids will be the 4th generation to live in the renovated Newell farmhouse in southern illinois. My kids, hunky & I are living a new life...taking care of the cow herd my father in law religiously tended to. We moved our chickens and goats there and we not only making our life on the farm, but in the farmhouse. So farmhouse to me ... Means life, family heritage and love- along with slip covers, ironstone, and repurposed unique finds. You can see pictures of our remodel of the newell farmhouse on my Instagram amyjo24

  101. Image for Linda Andersen Linda Andersen

    Well, to me farmhouse style is Karianne's house. I can't take a picture of it because it is in my head still. I have been living with my elderly Mom for over 13 years in a dark 70's style house. Yuk. When my husband and I find a home of our own, it will be light and bright and filled with the fun things I have been amassing over the years, like an old wooden chest with different types of saws inside. Old window frames from a 100 year old barn. A wooden chicken cage I am turning into a coffee table. Oodles of old things to be placed into a nice bright home, with wood floors and I can put all my stuff on display and it will be gorgeous, even if it won't look like a farmhouse from outside! Soon I hope. Soon a cozy farmhouse style I can take a photo of. But for now, just look around at Karianne's home and that's pretty much gonna be my house, but a bit smaller and all on one floor!!!

  102. Image for melinda melinda

    Farmhouse is ....being with my grandmother;when I was a little girl...letting the chickens out to run around the yard,throwing feed out of the ole smokehouse where it was kept and watching them run for it:) looking out the window at bedtime,when it was really dark and seeing fireflies lite the whole yard . smelling the wood burning in the cookstove..knowing it was almost time to eat..sunday dinner after church which meant fried chicken and milk gravy.....banana pudding:) oh and cornbread..this is all farmhouse memories to me..Now that I am grown and all,the old basket I used as a child to gather eggs in....the quilt that my Aunt Katielee made...I could go on and is a lifestyle that you can't make is in your dna:)

  103. Image for Bonnie Green Bonnie Green

    Farmhouse style is all about making myself and others feel comfortable and relaxed. It's the ability to use common and ordinary items to decorate with. It's just the opposite of "fancy".

  104. Image for Debra W Debra W

    Farmhouse style to me means: Comfy chairs and pillows. Creams and white. Rustic wood, metal, burlap etc. Rocking chairs. Puppies and kitties. Everyone at the dinner table. Laughter and love. Church on Sunday. Family.

  105. Image for Jeanie Jeanie

    treasuring items used in the past by your grandparents and great grandparents and using and displaying them in your home

  106. Image for Gee Gee

    Farmhouse style is comfort. Farmhouse is home.... Nice relaxed pieces that beckons one to sit and linger..... décor that is a mix of yardsale an inherited... choppy and natural. Every ding = a life story.

  107. Image for Deb Davis Deb Davis

    Farmhouse style means everyone is welcome and made to feel at home. Anyone entering the home is greeted with the aroma of home cooking and the scent fresh flowers; there's always something to eat or drink, a comfortable spot to sit, put your feet up, and relax in rooms that are harmonious and simple. It's a style that eases stress levels as it hardens back to a quieter, gentler lifestyle.

  108. Image for Margie cooper Margie cooper

    Just like your husband always go with your first answer. Back in the day when it was called "country" yes we literally decorated our homes with hay bales, ducks, eggs and more. We were so clever! Maybe hubby was at my house in the 80's or 90's. Now I look at farm style as using the real old rusty pieces found in old barns and repurposing them. It's a new kinda clever!

  109. Image for Claudia A. Claudia A.

    Farmhouse Style to me is an essence. It can be anything from elegant to rustic. I dredges up feelings of comfort, security and homey family times. For me, because I live not on an actual farm it reminds me of days gone by, my life in the past. It's not necessarily a specific item. Farmhouse Style evokes memories of people and the past. It does lack high glossy facets, reeking of newness and pretentiousness. Farmhouse Style is awesome and I love it!

  110. Image for Susan Susan

    Wooden benches, galvanized tubs filled with ice and gallon jugs of sweet tea, kittens on the steps, long worn out table heavy with cornbread, turnip greens and black eyes peas. Quilts across the iron bedcsteads, feather beds, caned bottom chairs on the porch across from the wooden swing. Old fashion farmhouse style...with love

  111. Image for Susan Susan

    To me it means rustic and cozy, a little industrial with some clean lines, crisp white with a pop of color, homespun and utilitarian, easy and well loved, not fussy and warm.

  112. Image for Kathleen (kj) Kathleen (kj)

    Oh, my! Several of our relatives have had wonderful farm (or ranch!) houses ... To me, I see wonderfully sun dried clothes gently swaying on the line, wrap around porches w/pleasantly squeaking rocking chairs (and probably a glider), the fragrance of baking bread wafting out from a kitchen filled with aprons and plenty of iron cookware ... I could go on and on! What a fun idea this is, ka ~ now I'll go back and read everyone's comments!

  113. Image for Missy K Missy K

    Weathered surfaces, a focus on comfort. Beauty found in timeworn and practical things. Muted colors. Natural fabrics. Peaceful-- a home you can relax in.

  114. Image for Kris Kris

    Wow, you struck a chord with this post! I loved reading through the comments. I think that, for your husband, "farmhouse" is the emotional aspect of the word. It's a place where you feel safe, secure, loved, and relaxed--where you can take the time to smell the roses (or play football--I'd rather smell roses, thankyouverymuch). When you, Karianne, say "farmhouse", you are thinking of the details that help evoke those emotions--it's hard to feel stiff and formal with chippy furniture and mismatched chairs. You decorate in a manner which encourages sitting on porches drinking sweet tea (can I have mine unsweetened when I come to visit??) and peering outside to see what flowers have newly bloomed. I think most husbands are a little obtuse when it comes to decorating, but they appreciate the end result. My decorating style is probably more "cottage" than "farmhouse" but I like both for their cozy informality. I don't remember what was being advertised, but I saw a tv commercial shortly before Easter. In it, the mom had carefully decorated a stunning table for the meal when her little child came up to her with his homemade decoration--I think it was a bunny made of construction paper and a paper bag--and mom, of course, was a good sport and used his decoration even though it wasn't quite the sophisticated look she was going for. I had to laugh, because this is sooo much of what my life looks like. I will get everything looking just so, only to have a child come excitedly into the room saying "Mommy, mommy, look what I made to decorate the house with!". And then I change my priorities to include my child's work of art. :)

  115. Image for Jennie Jennie

    I think it's more about a return to simplicity. More wood, less manufactured materials. Natural elements brought inside. The drastic change from chic city style to rustic natural is appealing right now. I think in a lot of ways it's either a home we want to return to, wish we always had, or remember from from storybooks.

  116. Image for Leslie Leslie

    That conversation with your husband is hilarious. My husband would probably be the same way. When I think of farmhouse style (trying not to be influenced by the versions in recent trends) I immediately think of the kitchen. A rustic wood table with spindle-back chairs. Faded cafe curtains at the window. Loved pots and pans stored on open shelves.

  117. Image for Leslie Leslie

    To me, farmhouse style means vintage useful things in a comfy welcoming setting. Vintage things that are not for using are not allowed.

  118. Image for Christopher Christopher

    Farmhouse style to me is warm, comfortable, and cozy. Feeling safe and loved in your environment surrounded by the things you love. Items that have been around for a while and have a story to tell. And I have to agree, I think grandma's and Christmas fit into that!

  119. Image for Anna Starner Anna Starner

    Farmhouse is warm worn woods, natural fabrics, ironstone dishes, fresh flowers, throws, quilts, crocks, tin and enamel ware.Trays and old books, pillows and typography, hardwood floors with rugs and simple panels or curtainless windows. I love baskets, bowl and old jars to hold all those piles so many of us would have without something to hold it all. Simple easy to use and maintain, a home where comfort and friends are key.

  120. Image for Debbie w Debbie w

    A relaxed home with counters full of wooden bowls and wooden spoons (made by my husband!) . A farm table w/mismatched chairs and accent furniture also made by my husband. I grew up on a is in my blood!

  121. Image for Patty Patty

    Farm House style to me is someone new coming to my home and saying I feel so comfortable here, it is warm and cozy. Exactly the feeling I was going for and so glad I achieved it. Thanks for doing this.

  122. Image for Colleen P Colleen P

    That is too funny! That's why we do what we do and men do whatever it is they do, lol! Farmhouse style to me means home. A mix of chippy and natural wood, comfortable and cozy furniture and a place to put up your feet. Nothing fussy or fancy, just casual and time-worn décor mixed with old family photos and fond memories.

  123. Image for Christa Christa

    Farmhouse means a home filled with love. It is safety from the storm outside, comfort after a long day and happiness from the people that live there with me. It is pictures on the fridge that my kids made and tables that have seen lots of family meals and homework that has been done. It is couches that are slipcovered because the dogs went out in the rain and got muddy and tracked all that mud back into the house and went to take a nap on them. It is white duvet covers on the bed to snuggle under and fresh flowers to remind us that with a little sun, water and patience all things grow. It is memories of times gone by with family photos on the walls and paintings made by those same family members. It is hardwood floors that are scraped and scratched because we like to move things around from time to time and windows that show us the view of the sun and the moon. It is a front porch to visit with neighbors and watch the world go by. It is everything that home should be and more. Enjoy your farmhouse wherever your home may be.

  124. Image for Megan Megan

    Farmhouse to me means relaxed, casual, and comfortable. It has lots of natural materials like wood, cotton, and greenery.

  125. Image for Laura Anderson Laura Anderson

    Farm house style to me has a casual and friendly feel. You can have objects that were used outside and brought inside with a new purpose whether it is for decoration or utility. I also like that farm house style is welcoming and comfortable. I think of sturdy pieces of furniture and an airy openess or simplicity in the decorations. Not a lot of little fussy things about. For me the colors of cream, white, green and brown. Sometimes with a pop of red or yellow.

  126. Image for Mildred Hoppe Mildred Hoppe

    Farmhouse style means comfortable furniture in neutral fabrics, sisal rugs, white dishes, open shelving, and a warm, lived in place to relax and hangout with family and friends.

  127. Image for Brenda Brenda

    Farmhouse style to me is cold water well, fragrant lavender, beautiful jars filled with canned goodness, worn hardwood floors, a dinner bell, and top it off with lots of love and laughter.

  128. Image for Jean Jean

    To me, farmhouse style is lots of white with touches of warm wood. I then like to throw in a few pops of color because color makes me happy!

  129. Image for Chris Chris

    To me, it's a feel of nostalgia of a slower time where people spent hours of time together in their homes, really talking and interacting with family and friends. It's sturdy furniture that will hold up longer than we will and is handed down generations. It's items that continue on from past lives that mattered. It's simplicity and function mixed with the natural beauty of little personal touches like handmade throw pillows or a mason jar full of flowers that add the love and warmth to a home. It's a feeling of comfort that you get when the house speaks to you and says "come in and sit a while". Like the wisdom of a loving Gramma, the house and/or it's contents has lived the test of time and just accepts you the way you are and always welcomes you with open arms. And when you step into those arms you feel safe and secure and at home.

  130. Image for Vicki Vicki

    I think of quilts stacked in an old hoosier cupboard. Blue mason jars filled with wild flowers. Homemade breads and cinnamon rolls... Vicki

  131. Image for Nicole C Nicole C

    When I think of farmhouse, I think of purposeful and natural decor. I think of wood rocking chairs on the porch, white plates displayed on the shelves (but used!), glass pitchers to drink from, and chippy furniture of years of loved use and sunshine.

  132. Image for Shannon Grundy Shannon Grundy

    Farmhouse is comfortable, welcoming and can even be a bit glamourous. It reminds us to live simply and enjoy our homes with loved ones and friends.

  133. Image for Lori Lori

    A farmhouse to me is simple, cozy, welcoming, uncomplicated and filled with love, family and friends. The front door is open, you can kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. It's hardwood floors, stoneware, natural fabrics and soft colors.

  134. Image for Pamela Pamela

    I am slowly switching from Shabby Chic to Farmhouse. So I have named my style Shabby Farmhouse Chic. I think that describes my style right now. Not so sure my husband gets it either, but then I never asked him. Maybe I will. *Smiles*

  135. Image for Ariel Ariel

    Farmhouse style, to me, is the essence of my home. A collection of items, personal belongings and decor that evoke a certain feeling. Feelings of comfort, love, inspiration and happiness. These "things" have history and a story to tell. New or old, family heirlooms, yard sale finds or just bought at Kirkland's. The farmhouse table in my dining room that once belonged to my grandmother and lived in the farmhouse my father grew up in, my mother's china cabinet and the ironstone and blue transferware that fills it, the antique grain bucket that was my husband's grandfather's, antique glass bottles, old tattered books, paintings, family pictures, house plants and flowers, antique linens and tea towels, wooden spoons, scales, urns, planters, antique flatware, white dishes both old and new, ticking and grain sack pillows, soft blankets, neutral paint, white kitchen with warm wood accents, my linen sofa, cast iron, rusticand galvanized metal, french doors, flowy curtains, reupholstered chairs, refinished tables, dressers, etc. These are all things that are farmhouse style, to me. Home. Farmhouse style can be many things, I love mixing the old and the new, but what I enjoy most is giving old things a second chance at life.

  136. Image for Karen A. Karen A.

    Farmhouse style to me is a mixture of old and new with lots of textures and wood and blue Ball jars filled with flowers! It's a style that embraces you and says welcome when you come through the door. Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. Image for Michelle Michelle

    Farmhouse style to me is home. A home that is cozy and inviting with the ones that I love. It is a home with hardwood floors, natural lines, glass jars, stoneware and decor that has a purpose. Farmhouse style is simple.

  138. Image for Liz Young Liz Young

    Love love love your farmhouse style! We live on my Mother in Law's family homestead house and land, so farmhouse styling is very prevalent here! :)

  139. Image for Cindy Jones Cindy Jones

    Farmhouse style means chippy painted dressers, weathered wood & galvanized metal objects. Sometimes includes ironstone and vintage finds. It means "come in, relax & put your feet up. We're not pretentious around here."

  140. Image for Kathy Kathy

    To me, farmhouse style makes you feel and say, "ahhhh!" It's welcoming and comfortable and something you want to sink into. It's simple and fresh and airy with tons of texture and character. Family, great friends, good food, fun, and lots of love.

  141. Image for Emma Miller Emma Miller

    It means bright whites and neutral colors with pops of natural greenery. It means natural materials like woods and metals. It also means lots of funky antiques!

  142. Image for Connie Connie

    Farmhouse style means that your home does not look interior designer decorated! You can feel the presence of the family that lives there because everything reflects personal use and love.......kid and adult friendly. Nothing garish; a quiet inner might say a quiet harmonious simplicity and beauty!

  143. Image for susan b susan b

    To me farmhouse style means being able to see something great and artistic that most (other than Thistlewood readers!) people only see as junk. Seeing the old oil can used to hold wild flowers. Seeing the old minnow bucket re-purposed as a carry tote for my sons' little cars. I know it's "farmhouse" when I bring it home and my husband asks in an exasperated voice, "what are you doing with THAT?!" My farmhouse style means finding stuff in the woods and displaying it - the giant hornets' nest (removed in winter from the tree) - the blue jay feathers under my feeder - the sticks cut from my tree and displayed in a milk can. Auctions - yard sales - goodwill - my mom's attic - the neighbors' barn - my go to place for changing up my decorating :)

  144. Image for Be Be

    Farmhouse style means a screen door leading to the porch from the kitchen, and hearing it slam as you go outside. It's the smell of chicken and dressing as you come through the house and seeing the cotton patch painting your Mom did on the wall. The little red and white metal table used as your island completes the touch.

  145. Image for Patty Soriano Patty Soriano

    Perhaps there are modern farmhouses, but to me they are the ones that my grandparents had, on working farms in Minnesota. In today's world I envision old wood on walls, floors and furniture. Subtle colors. Overstuffed chairs near a bookcase full of classic reading. Generations of family photos on the wall. A great wraparound porch for watching the fireflies at dusk or reminiscing with friends over cocktails. Thank you for the giveaway!

  146. Image for Janice@ Curtains In My Tree Janice@ Curtains In My Tree

    First thing I think of of Farmhouse is the old kitchens with a rolling pin and old wood dough board setting on the counter and a galvanized bucket to go get some water out of the hand pump outside the back door of the kitchen sometimes the old hand pump was on the counter. also always pretty white curtains in the windows

  147. Image for Jessica Jessica

    I totally get the comparison to Christmas at Grandma's. Comfortable, warm, inviting, practical, safe... all ways I would describe farmhouse and my granny's house.

  148. Image for Lauren Faczan Lauren Faczan

    Farmhouse style, to me, means warm, cozy, and very, very family (& friend & neighbor) friendly. Nothing too fragile or precious. Simple decor and lots of white. Antiques and family heirlooms. Never ending pitchers of sweet tea and always plenty of food. Laughter and love and precious memories. Farmhouse style to me means home. :)

  149. Image for grammy goodwill grammy goodwill

    Farmhouse makes me think of one of my dear neighbors. We built similar style houses about the same time, but she definitely had the style down while I've never quite gotten the hang of it. She used an old mantel from a farmhouse in her foyer 30 years ago before I ever saw that done on a blog. She recovered well-worn and well-loved upholstered pieces of furniture. Everything was so cozy and welcoming.

  150. Image for Rebecca Turner Rebecca Turner

    It looks like you are getting a big response on this one, but perhaps not exactly what you were hoping for...because like your husband's answer, they don't seem very specific. People know the feeling, but not necessarily the ingredients. To me, farmhouse style is really about a hardworking LIFESTYLE that requires utilitarian things TO BE AT HAND. The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it is what I think of first. There would certainly be a back door to a farmhouse kitchen (and likely a small porch or mud room). Practical wooden hooks would hold everything from aprons to jackets. Cafe curtains would hang at the windows, and the kitchen sink would be situated below, with a view to the fields outside. A big wooden work table would take center stage, and there would almost certainly be a fruit bowl in the center, along with some wonderful old mixing bowls and a bread board at the ready. Handy utensils would be located next to the stove in a crock, rather than tucked away in a drawer...and cooking pots would be hanging overhead from a rack, or else placed on a wrought iron stand nearby. And yes, one might see canning jars, but chances are they would NOT be empty, but rather, filled with homemade jams and jellies. Accessories and furnishings in a farmhouse are kept minimal. Art might include something handcarved, or perhaps a needlework sampler on the wall. Every self-respecting farmhouse needs a porch for enjoying pleasant evenings, and rocking chairs, to sooth, not only babies, but adults as well, with their creaky comforting continuity. A galvanized watering can might be seen perched on a porch step nearby...not for show, but for service. These things, to me, speak "farmhouse."

  151. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    Farmhouse style is truly an inviting and welcoming sense of home. So much of my childhood spent in farmhouses that reflected warmth and comfort...from handmade quilts, hard wood floors, porch swings, and passed down decor that always held stories and memories...burlap, embroidered linens, flour sack tea towels, pie racks, glassware and crocks...barn doors, feather beds and rocking chairs...screened porches, gardens and filled mason jars displayed. Always invites you to share life with family and friends!

  152. Image for Sally Sally

    Farmhouse style means furniture with chipped paint, old windows hanging on the wall , flowers, vintage material,..... the list goes on and on.... it is home sweet home.

  153. Image for Julie Julie

    Farmhouse is relaxed and comfortable. It has wood floors and different metals. There are lots of textures with baskets and crates. There are fresh flowers and fresh food. Love your farmhouse style!!!

  154. Image for Linda Linda

    Farmhouse style is put your feet up and relax. Breathe in the the fresh air when the back screen door swings open as children run into the house giggling. It's white and crisp, bright and comfortingly familiar. It's history and stories, making old new again and being content. That's what farmhouse style is.

  155. Image for Tracy Smith Tracy Smith

    Family, cozy, warm, linen, whites, comfort food, laughter, ironstone, grandchildren, baskets, bonfires, handmade, antiques, contentment. That's my farmhouse style.

  156. Image for Stephanie Henry Stephanie Henry

    Farmhouse means comfortable, lived in style. In my house, that includes lots of texture with wood, galvanized, burlap, rust, etc. It also means things have a story like the rusty windmill in my front yard that came from my parent's house!!

  157. Image for Carolyn Carolyn

    Hi! To me it means light open spaces, rustic touches, casual slipcovers and white! Neutrals with different textures, some antique touches, wooden floors and chippy paint. Duck egg blue, white kitchens, rustic beams and handmade quilts. Soft bedding and fresh flowers. Family pictures and relaxation. Calm and warm. My house is not all these things yet, but a girl can dream! :)

  158. Image for Carla Carla

    Farmhouse style is comfort and family and peace at it's best. New and repurposed things, rustic and vintage and a place to call home!

  159. Image for Suzanne Melton Suzanne Melton

    Every room in our house has (or will have) a theme. I call the kitchen and dining room "1940's Hen House." Black and white with jadeite and red accents. Lots of chickens and cherries.

  160. Image for Laurie Laurie

    It means the place you are sad to leave in the morning and can't wait to get back to in the evening. It feels like a refuge. I think it is perhaps more of a feel than a look, but if I had to describe the look it is living among things that have been well loved. I know I have achieved it when my daughters ask "Mom, can I have that when you die? Or now if you are sick of it?"

  161. Image for Jill Jill

    Decorative doorknobs that are original to the house, extra squeaks and creeks in the floor boards, a view out my windows of grass and fields, and decor made of treasures that have a story.

  162. Image for Mary Mary

    casual, homey, relaxed, cozy, comfy, lived in, feet up on the furniture, breezy, light and airy, .... and all that contributes to that look and feeling!

  163. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Farmhouse style means light, bright, uncluttered living. Touches of vintage and pieces of history that belonged to my grandparents. Warm, welcoming, and surrounding yourself with things that you truly love.

  164. Image for Kathleen Grace Kathleen Grace

    I was raised on my grandparent's farm in Southeast Michigan. Grandma's house didn't resemble much of what I see called farmhouse today. It was white clapboard and two story and charming, but farmers aren't usually wealthy and grandma an grandpa were no exception. No white sofa's and they would never have used some of the rustic elements we use today. However, the feel of the farmhouse was what mattered. Everything neat and in place, the oilcloth covered farm table in the kitchen was a place for drawing, sewing, talking with friends and relatives who dropped in, and of course, for eating those home cooked meals. The living room didn't contain a lot of vignettes, but it was cozy and warm and you ould cme in on a hot summer day and grab a book and put your feet up. Grandma was very particular about soft towels, and line dried, crisp white sheets, and good food all made from scratch. Farmhouse is comfort, and happiness, and a place you know is yours.

  165. Image for PamM PamM

    Farmhouse style has wood floors, NO frou-frou, but personal items that have special meaning, and giving guests the feeling that comfort reigns supreme. It should have some rustic, unique touches either in the house itself or through personal decor items. And it definitely involves some SWEET TEA.

  166. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Your husband sounds adorable. Farmhouse to me is comfort and home. I grew up on a ranch, which I think it pretty much the same idea as a farm. It’s combining the old and the new into a cohesive style. It’s appreciating what you have because you can’t afford to buy everything that matches. It’s love and warmth and family (like Christmas). I don’t really have a farm house, but we’re buying a new house this summer and I’m busy planning how I’m going to make that house into a farmhouse.

  167. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I guess I don't really it's not hay bales and chickens? I do love what I think is farmhouse style - weathered wood, galvanized tin, cotton fabrics, screen doors. Farmhouse style is the place you miss in the morning on your way to work and the place you can't wait to get back to at night. For me, my cozy house style involves all of the above and the beach. So does that make it a "farmhouse style" without the "farm"...I know(!)...perhaps a farmhouse in the that such a thing? I do love your style...whatever it's titled. :)

  168. Image for Karenann Karenann

    Farmhouse means to me always welcoming, warm and beautiful style, lots of wood and just a classic comfortable feel to your home.

  169. Image for M Lindsey M Lindsey

    I agree with all of these answers. I do love having parts of my grandparents old farmhouse all over our home. The old windows that were painted many many times...hanging on my wall. Their old door that sits in my dining room...that I'm sure my dad thinks need to be refinished. All of the vintage & rustic items. It just reminds me of home & how they lived.

  170. Image for Cathy Buckman Cathy Buckman

    Farmhouse is comfortable and filled with things you love and that remind you of another time. My favorite!!!

  171. Image for Sherrie Pfeiffer Sherrie Pfeiffer

    I don't have any connections with a real farmhouse(wish I did!) , but I think for me it just means uncomplicated, easy, light, and all being welcomed into a space with open arms.

  172. Image for Wendy Lou Wendy Lou

    Farmhouse is a place that invokes a feeling of being home - through re-purposed items from simpler times and new things mixed together - peaceful but full of life as well - representing work and rest.

  173. Image for Diana Hall Diana Hall

    Farmhouse style to me is a welcoming, homey, uncomplicated feel that is functional, not fancy but very pleasing to all who enter.

  174. Image for Carey Carey

    Farmhouse style is cozy, warm, simple, rustic, serene and above all loved-in, lived-in and Always Inviting! Farmhouse style calls out quietly "c'mon in friends! relax! you're family here!" It's also got wonderful stories to tell and secrets of treasure hunts and adventures that make everything about it just ooohhh so much more interesting to look at, linger on & share. (PS... I am so glad you are featuring Kirkland's items! Their retail store moved out of my area but I found a zillion items on their website now & discovered another location not too far! Thanks Karianne & Kirklands) ;)

  175. Image for Pendra Pendra

    Farmhouse to me is, cozy, natural woods, overstuffed pillows, throws to keep warm by the fire, a farmhouse (apron) sink in the kitchen... squeaky wood floors and quilts on a big feather bed. I think it means many different things to many different people. But we all agree is means cozy and warm!

  176. Image for Dale Deacon Dale Deacon

    Farm house style is a mix between old/new, a life time of collections with quirky stories of how it was found, treasures passed on from family, DIY projects here and there, warm sunshine and open hospitality.

  177. Image for stephanie bauling stephanie bauling

    Farmhouse style means to me...comfortable, warm, sunny, history, wood, "finds" that make you happy and you aren't afraid to use!!

  178. Image for Kathi Wilson Kathi Wilson

    HOME, coming home to warm bread, fresh milk, big airy rooms, hand me down, well worn, but comfortable furniture. Hand knitted throws. Clothes line dried and fresh smelling sheets and hand quilted bed covers. I was raised on a working dairy farm and ranch. Mom made home made bread, we had fresh eggs and milk every day. Farmhouse style just feels like home to me. Many of the items used for decorating farmhouse, had a working purpose on a farm. In the center of my dining room table I have a replica of a rotating chicken feeder, painted blue, with a small cast iron bird on the center spindle. I have napkin wrapped dinner ware, salt and pepper and other condiments stored in it.

  179. Image for Christina in FL Christina in FL

    With all due respect to your husband.... I .. .I... have no remorse with the following: Oh modern farmhouse in the USA how much we love thy style Your chippy styles and wood toned walls, are warming hearts of all. Still in the warming kitchen, The wood stove now does heat The rough hewn table in the room Where we now sit to eat. Mason jars and rustic bars Bless this house with warmth The lack sheers move with every breath Over hand hewn barnwood floors. Flowers adorn many corners With joy and love for all There are no “guests” just new friends Abounding in hearts so full. And so on…. :))))) 

  180. Image for Sherri Gonyier Sherri Gonyier

    I still have the pitcher I was given by my Grandma Helen that came from her farmhouse I keep it on my kitchen shelf! I still remember the worn table, the real butter and homemade bread. The fresh raspberries picked from her garden. Feeding a baby deer in her kitchen (yes a fawn)! I can see and smell it all perfectly from the summers we went to visit her in Minnesota! Thank You

  181. Image for vikki vikki

    Farmhouse style to me is a warm cozy home. Lots of quilts and fresh flowers in an old cracked cream pitcher. A large kitchen with fresh baked bread and wooden rolling pins. Hardwood floors with rag rugs. Repurposed castoff furniture painted and reupholstered. Just a wonderful place where you can raise your children as well as a few dogs, cats and chickens. A place where love abounds.

  182. Image for Pamela Smith Pamela Smith

    Farmhouse reminds me of my grandmothers house, but today's farmhouse is more polished. Comfort is big, so is warmth and good smells, like chocolate chip cookies baking. A place to make lots of great memories!

  183. Image for Lynn Wolf Lynn Wolf

    Farmhouse style is a certain look. Worn woods, linen, bouquets of flowers and pitchers of iced tea.....I could go on and on. More than that it is a feeling to me. It's a home that you want to spend time in with family and friends. Long dinners recalling funny stories, wine on the patio as the sun sets....never wanting these times to end. Having a home that makes you want to stay.

  184. Image for Patty Atkins Patty Atkins

    Tilting floors, weird layouts and doors that close on their own... Everything is "nonstandard" size....but you would never fix it all because that's the charm. Farmhouse style is everybody stopping in town to share their memories of your house from past years and decades...that's why you love weird the step down closet and the pocket door that sticks because you know someone else loved them years before you.

  185. Image for Jen Banker Jen Banker

    Farmhouse style to me is more of a feeling you get when you walk into a house. Comfortable, welcoming, simple, not fussy, put your feet up and relax.

  186. Image for Theresa Theresa

    I just adore everything farmhouse style from this blog site. This particular style makes me think of one love, generosity, kindness, consideration and hospitality.

  187. Image for Donna Coffeen Donna Coffeen

    Farmhouse to me means usable. It means using things in ways they were meant instead of keeping them pristine. Farmhouse means quilts, wood, metal, comfort and warmth. Farmhouse style is welcoming and has lots and lots of natural light. Handmade things are the best. Family heirlooms, things that make your heart happy without being expensive or overdone or ornate. I like medium to dark wood, open beams, wood floors, texture and color.

  188. Image for Colleen Colleen

    To me farmhouse is a mishmash. It is not matchy matchy. It is a combination of things you love, have family history or have a good story. It is warm and makes you feel comfortable. A place where everyone loves to gather for a cup of coffee or to snuggle and read stories.

  189. Image for Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson

    Farmhouse to me is clean simple. A mix of painted and wood furniture. Wide planked floors. Cast iron cookware, free standing cupboards. Big windows . Great porches with chairs.

  190. Image for Kimberly Bruhn Kimberly Bruhn

    Family. Farmhouse=family to me. I grew up until I was about 7 on a farm right on Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. My dad's family bought that land when they moved there from Scotland in the 1800s. Now, I'm located on the opposite side of North America in Southern Oregon but farmhouse still means family to me. Thanks for the chance to win, Karianne.

  191. Image for Michele Michele

    Hey KA- I read this post to my hubs and he said he didn't get it, which made me laugh even harder cuz I soooo did. Husbands are the best, but they just do it, don't understand it. I love your farmhouse style, always have. Hugs.

  192. Image for Tania Tania

    Ha Ha! That's funny... poor guy! :o) To me farmhouse means natural wood, shades of creamy white, lots of textures, galvanized metal, and items with a workhorse sort of feel... know what I mean?? Like something that has worked so hard for the family who is living with it but yet it still has such a great appeal to it... like rustic, beat up tables, cooking utensils that grandma used (wooden spoons, whisks, etc.), kitchen aprons, etc. and a clothesline with clothes drying in the breeze. Tania

  193. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    My dear grandmama and grandaddy lived down a dirt road in a simple white house in south Georgia. I've wanted to replicate the happiness I felt in that sweet place my whole adult life. They would get quite a laugh if they knew it was now called a 'style'! Farmhouse to me means watching my grandmama form freshly made butter with a little wooden box, eating grandaddy's pure sugar cane syrup on a warm buttermilk biscuit, napping in front of an oscillating fan, picking up buckets and buckets of pecans that fell from the two big trees in their front yard - all while feeling completely safe and loved. And now everyone thinks it is all Joanna and Chip's idea! I love every second of Fixer Upper, but farmhouse style originated in small, rural areas a long long time ago. For me, it won't ever go out of style.

  194. Image for Pattie Pattie

    Farmhouse style means homey and comfortable and relaxing and a little bit modern and a whole lot country. Buffalo check also helps me set the tone in my farmhouse. Love your post.

  195. Image for Ceri Ceri

    My great-grandparents lived in a farmhouse, a little cottage out in the sticks, with crop fields on two sides and dust on the others. The windows were propped open, with worn floral curtains ruffling occasionally in what passes for a breeze in South Texas. A huge wooden quilting frame stood proudly in the living room where my great grandmother spent so much of her time and bits of fabric were folded and stacked on nearly every surface. Ice-cold Cokes, in the little glass bottles we thought were fancy, were waiting in the fridge. The air smelled like earth and Ben-Gay, the furniture creaked, the floors swayed and the screen door slammed. But it felt like home like home and love and history. I’ve tried to recreate it in every home I’ve ever had.

  196. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    A kitchen with painted cabinets and white porcelain sink, a well worn wood dining table, practical not frou-frou, comfy furniture, homey. That's farmhouse to me. Your husband's answer cracked me up but yeah, I get it...Christmas can feel very 'farmhouse'. :-) Cecilia

  197. Image for Jennifer Mae Jennifer Mae

    This is such a great question... because I stumble with it all time. I love what I believe is farmhouse decor, but struggle to find ways to incorporate these beloved "farmhouse" pieces into my home. When I think of farmhouse, I think of a lot of wood... mixes and/or layers of it - white chipped paint, gray weathered, a variety of stains, and even blacks. I think of vintage treasures cleverly put on display. I think of wrinkly linens and yes burlap too! I think of white, a lot of white - white dishes, white pitchers, white fabrics, white cabinets, even white {or nearly white} walls. I finally think touches of handmade - such as quilts. To me farmhouse means = rustic + charming, mixing new + old.

  198. Image for Jenn Jenn

    Farmhouse style to me means repurposed, reloved, cherished, vintage, timeless and classic decor that never goes out of style.

  199. Image for ruby ruby

    awww, what a sweet guy answer! when I think of farmhouse, I think of my grandmother's house too! (it was in Kentucky!) it was warm and welcoming with fabulous smells and familiarity and I never wanted to leave. I once hid in her chiffrobe so I wouldn't have to......

  200. Image for MaryE MaryE

    Hmmm... Warm woods, soft colors, family mementos, rubber boots by the door, mud on the floor (just my house?), fresh baked muffins, hot cup of coffee... Roosters crowing, cows lowing (?).. Fruit trees and honey bees... I'm getting kind of fanciful now.. Ahh, yes.. About all I've got right now is the mud. *sigh* ;)

  201. Image for Michele Riggsbee Michele Riggsbee

    Comfortable furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, birch branches nestled in the corner. The smell of coffee and fresh flowers. Your house to me is what I picture in my mind! Thanks for sharing your home with us and all of your sweet stories!

  202. Image for Roz Roz

    My farmhouse style....Rocking chairs on the front porch, a wreath greeting you at the back door (because it's the Special Door), wood floors, fresh flowers from the garden, warm candlelight, quilts, furniture & China that belonged to grandmothers on both sides displayed proudly, and family photos.

  203. Image for Sharmon Gazawsy Sharmon Gazawsy

    Farmhouse means white beadboard, white enamelware with black or red bands, Hoosier cabinets, chipped ironstone, vintage utensils with colored wood handles, jute twine, clawfoot bathtubs, upstairs, attics with tiny windows and white wrap around porches. Blue hydrangeas and oaks desired but optional.

  204. Image for Sharmon Gazawsy Sharmon Gazawsy

    Farmhouse means white beadboard, white enamelware with black or red bands, Hoosier cabinets, chipped ironstone, jute twine, utensils with colored wood handles, clawfoot tubs, attics with tiny windows and wrap around porches. Blue hydrangeas and oaks desired but optional.

  205. Image for Patricia Patricia

    Farmhouse Style is a decorating with a feeling of naturalness. It's a style that is welcoming and unpretentious but still says dang, girl you've got that something extra! For me that means incorporating warm white, + wood + something green and then adding a little sparkle.Then I can kick it up a notch or two or ten for holidays or whenever the mood strikes- which it does, often.

  206. Image for Rig Rig

    Farmhouse style is comfort, cozy, cottagey, and my grandma's house, especially her kitchen. Benches at the table, silverware in a crock on the table and her asking if we were hungry just after we ate. Everything had a function but was still beautiful to me, because it was my grandma's house. Grandpa lived there too, and his part of the farmhouse was his hat, and long sleeve shirts even in the hot summer and cold watermelon he grew on the farm. Wicker rocking chairs inside (so comfortable), practicing my ironing skills on grandpa's handkerchiefs, the big log pieces on the porch for chairs when it was evening and too hot in the house. The sound of rain on the metal back porch roof, the oscillating fan that lulled me to sleep. Nothing fancy, just comfortable and grandma's house. That's farmhouse style.

  207. Image for Gloria Richards Gloria Richards

    My idea of Farmhouse Style is as eclectic as what I think it is. I am a comber, a picker, a junk collector, a searcher of treasures. My car knows when to turn as it spies a yard sale sign or sees an antique or thrift shop. My normal purchases are items of yesteryear and those prized possessions that have gotten a little gentle loving as the years passed. I my Farmhouse Style I love rugs, knick knack and brick a brack. I love the flowery materials and the kitchen utensils from grandma's cupboard. I want someone to come in and feel like they are walking into a warm hug and is always sure that the coffee is on and the cookies are in the oven. So in a few words, cozy, comfy, unexpected and yes, very eclectic. I love it when someone comes to my house and shouts out with joy... "My grandma had one just like that!!!" That's my Farmhouse Style.

  208. Image for mary beth at MBZ interiors mary beth at MBZ interiors

    We live in a 1940s farmhouse and the original owner was our town's milkman. The garage originally was huge, bigger than this original farmhouse, to accommodate the milk truck. We used part of the garage when remodeling to make a family room off the kitchen. Our home's current style is modern but we have a cow print in the family room to pay homage to the first owner and this home's history. Farmhouse style to me includes home cooked meals, a big hairy dog tracking in mud and thrift furniture repurposed.

  209. Image for Gwen Hostetler Gwen Hostetler

    Farmhouse to me means natural. Natural wood, natural white, natural plants....and being natural you. There is no pressure with farmhouse. It's easy and natural.

  210. Image for Anita Jackson Anita Jackson

    Farmhouse Love~ Big yellow and blue florals~ Quilts draping the beds~ Sunshine in the window~ A scenic view of chickens pecking their way around~ Buttermilk biscuits and home-made jam~ I love my country manor-Jackson Farms!

  211. Image for Linda Linda

    Welcoming, an iron skillet and quilts on iron beds is what farmhouse brings to mind. Of course today we have all of that and hopefully everyone who comes feels welcomed in our over 200 year old farmhouse. Our house structurally s nothing like the farmhouses I grew up around because I had family that were in fact farmers. I don't miss the old style vinyl flooring but we do have the creaky floors!

  212. Image for Jo Jo

    My view has changed over the years. It used to mean lots of rustic antiques, crocks, basic clutter. Now it's simpler. I live in a farmhouse - on a farm - and I've gotten rid of much of the clutter and the rusic-ness. Now I have choice pieces, old books, some old metal pieces - a doorknob for example - that I found while digging a new garden. Farmhouse to me means part of the earth - part of nature - sheer curtains blowing in the breeze, an old shutter hanging on the wall, and my old apron hanging on it.

  213. Image for PJ PJ

    To me farmhouse means a warm and welcoming home where comfort is valued over perfection and the history of the structure shows through. That is why I will not be changing out my wood floors that are patched. As my husband loves to say. "It's a farm." So kids, dogs, and barn boots are all invited in.

  214. Image for Leona Leona

    Farmhouse style.....Go to Thistlewood Farms Website. A house filled with recycled and repurposed glorious finds. Some wood floors or painted. Worn patina, slipcovered sofas and cushy pillows. Antique pieces collected over the years. Hutches, jelly cupboards, old signs or new made to look old. Neutral walls that let accent colors pop. And maybe a clawfoot tub, and a farmhouse sink. Accessories that are made to look old. Old wooden pieces that have aged and darkened with time. In my days we called it "Country". A house filled with old and new, and loved and lived in. And the lady of the house loves her home and talks to it every morning.

  215. Image for Kristie Kristie

    Farmhouse style means cozy and looks lived in. Even if something is brand new it doesn't always look new. It looks like it'a been in the family for generations.

  216. Image for Cynthia s. Cynthia s.

    A blending of hearts. People are always sharing with me upon entering my house , how they become soo calm and just want to chill.It's like when you wrap yourself in a cuddy throw and go ahhhhhh! Life can be frantic and country takes you back when life was simpler. I love it and even though my home incorporates a little more french country , I still lean towards american country. I grew up with it , guess it got in my bones. Wish me luck and thanks Kerrianne for the giveaway...Cynthia

  217. Image for Jennifer Jennifer

    Farmhouse style to me is simplistic, but welcoming! There's something to be said for a style that is forgiving of you digging through your neighbor's garbage to find your next farmhouse treasure!

  218. Image for Cassandra E Cassandra E

    Farmhouse style is home to me. It's making sure needs are met in a way that the utilitarian is graceful and lovely. It is also all the feels of Christmas.

  219. Image for Robn Robn

    Hmmm. I totally get what your husband was saying. Like at grandma's house its cozy and your comfortable in the space. I always felt that way at my grandparents house. I love to evoke that old feeling in my farmhouse style. I love your blog and your "farmhouse" is amazing.

  220. Image for Susan Susan

    Farm house to me is rustic wood, big bright windows that let in a lot of light, a soft and comfy couch with a mix of pillows in varying colors and textures ,a beautiful kitchen table that a large family can have family dinners, a mixed variety of colors and fabrics used through the space. A welcoming,comfortable and happy place :)

  221. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    Farmhouse style starts with an old farmhouse and includes things that are "warm" and make you feel at home the moment you enter. It also includes old dishes, farm accessories, wire baskets, comfortable furniture and wood floors and furnishings, to name a few! Farmhouse means welcoming and feeling at home....a great place to be, whether you live there or are just visiting!

  222. Image for katzcradul katzcradul

    Your husband's answer was perfect and a tremendous tribute to his upbringing. Most of the 'farmhouse decorating I see on the Internet is not farmhouse. It's 'farmhouse illusion'. True farmhouse is not something you can go and buy at At Home, Pottery Barn, Joss and Main, or any of the other decorating store. It's something you buy at Farm and Home, or Tractor Supply. It's beautiful jars of brightly colored home canned vegetables sitting open shelves, it's wire baskets filled with fresh yard eggs from your own hens, it's milk jugs filled with branches laden with peach blossoms from your own peach trees. It's well-worn apron hanging on a hook that you made with your own hands. Anything else is just pretend.

  223. Image for Paula Paula

    To me, farmhouse is my beautiful white farmhouse sink! This is my favorite kitchen feature by far. It's also my galvanized planters and my wooden candlesticks, and my blue mason jars filled with fresh flowers!

  224. Image for Terrie Terrie

    In my mind, I see farm house as white painted kitchen cabinets with a big old island that used to have a different purpose in another life. Like maybe a really cool old dresser or something that was used for storage in the barn. It has old chippy paint on it with lots of dings and scratches that each have a story. It also means pretty dishes and cow creamers like my Granny had. You also need one of those old stools that have the fold out steps.

  225. Image for Debbie S. Debbie S.

    Farmhouse style to me means kick your boots off and relax kind of style. Lots of white cotton fabrics, comfy, sink in sofas, not so perfect wood furniture. Just comfy, homey, lovely, style. xoxo Debbie

  226. Image for Rosanne Rosanne

    My husband thinks I am nuts. Yesterday I asked him... since birds have eyes on both sides of their heads, and they turn their head to see you, what does their other eye see? Legit question right?? Farmhouse style, clean, bright, white and lots of wood.

  227. Image for Debrah Nash Debrah Nash

    Farmhouse style means to me my Aunt Ginny's. The sound of my Uncle Carl leaving the house at 4:30 a.m. to milk the dairy cows. Homemade everything at my Aunt Ginny's Kitchen Table that was a little scarred but was always a place of love, laughter and good food served on dishes that were my Grandmother's. Farmhouse style were the back stairs in the Kitchen that led up to this beautiful wide hallway with the old rocking chair that was my Uncle's grandmother's that came over from Germany on a ship. It was the lace curtains that billowed out when the Summer breeze brought the smell of freshly cut hay and the lowing of the Holsteins through the window. Farmhouse style was being dressed up for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the family at the Dining Room table set with the "Good china, Sterling silverware, damask table cloth and special dishes only served on Thanksgiving. Farmhouse style is mixing the old with the new, the family heirlooms with the new purchases and the feeling at the end of day when all was right in your farmhouse and blessings were so many they couldn't be counted.

  228. Image for Beth Beth

    Farmhouse style is cozy and inviting. It can be modern, yet incorporate hints of yesteryear and touches of whimsy. The farmhouse home atmosphere should be so comforting and peaceful that it causes all who dwell to hesitate to ever leave.

  229. Image for Katie Katie

    Farmhouse is the real deal. We live on a farm and actually USE egg baskets, canning jars, old buckets,etc. So when I heard there was a style called "farmhouse" I was happy because I was already using those elements (and maybe just needed to arrange them more artistically!)!! It's so much fun to see what you do on your blog!

  230. Image for Tonya Schoepf Tonya Schoepf

    Farmhouse to me is open windows with curtains flowing with the breeze, a cold glass of ice tea. lots of family and friends visiting on the front porch in rocking chairs. The sound of slamming scream doors, Brocken farm equipment that has been now declared yard art or a new container for followers. Fruit trees in the yard and plenty of canning jars to make jelly,store vegetables and other items for winter. Daily attending to the garden, and shooing away birds and rabbits.

  231. Image for Norma Jean Norma Jean

    Inviting, comfortable, familiar. Kind of like putting on a pair of cozy slippers on a wintry day. Or a soft breeze that gently caresses your skin on a warm summer day!

  232. Image for Jen H Jen H

    Farmhouse style to me means texture, warmth from a fireplace, wood floors, a big farmhouse table with benches, cookies baking on well used pans, dirt coated work boots tucked under a bench, coffee creamer served from a cow creamer etc..and most of all loved ones just being together.

  233. Image for Leslie Leslie

    Farmhouse style is a look that evolves over time. A mix of utilitarian and cozy. Metal and wood and white paint. Warm and inviting.

  234. Image for Betsy Betsy

    Farmhouse style to me means a mix of old and new, some painted, some left in its natural vintage, worn state. It is cozy warm, yet bright. Accents like mason jars and metal baskets with touches of flowers from the yard. Colorful throws on chairs invite people to stay awhile and chat. Farmhouse style brings the outside in and begs those on the inside to look out.

  235. Image for Deb Vlahakis Deb Vlahakis

    To me Farmhouse style means chippy, pastels in greys, beiges, yellows, blues and whites, wood and rusty metal, comfortable sink into cushions, lacy billowy curtains. Old china, oil lamps, deep shadowy porches and tire swings in the maple tree.Weekends are filled with family, BBQs and catching fireflies

  236. Image for Odelia C Odelia C

    Farmhouse means hardwoods, light colors, metal and vintage items, baskets and bowls filled with fruit and plants.

  237. Image for ELizabeth Menchaca ELizabeth Menchaca

    Farmhouse means comfort and coziness, light and airy with being pretentious. Time spent, hard work and valuing the beauty in worn things.

  238. Image for Tracie Cooper Tracie Cooper

    To me Farmhouse style is warm , inviting and comfortable! Farmhouse style reminds me of my grandparents farm in Pennsylvania and hand down my favorite - because of its family feeling! I have the perfect place in living room for the farmhouse sign in your post, I love that sign!

  239. Image for Linda Linda

    Farmhouse style is laughter, love, blueberries and fresh green beans, tree climbing, firefly hunting, humming birds, and singing out loud, little baby chicks and playing outside long after the cows come home.

  240. Image for Manette Gutterman Manette Gutterman

    To me farmhouse style is simple and rustic. It reminds me of cleaning corn outside with my mom in the summer, picking strawberries, cutting fresh flowers to fill our extra canning jars, treasuring Grandma's quilts or homemade pine needle baskets, and baking homemade goodies in the kitchen with our wooden mixing bowls.

  241. Image for Lisa Lisa

    You know I've been pondering this very thing for awhile now. I think farmhouse style is being very loosely interpreted right now. So for me farmhouse is a front porch with a squeaky swing and a screen door.❤️

  242. Image for Rhonda Dodds Rhonda Dodds

    Comfort peaceful, old things that bring back memories, grandmas apron, worn mixing bowls passed on , China cups n saucers that make drinking that afternoon coffe in the garden a little more special. Flour bags for tea towels mixed with ones embroidered u found at a great garage sale. Grandpas chair at the kitchen table in with ones uv found through the years. Stuff you love , inherited, collected and been gifted. Farmhouse style means home.

  243. Image for Ruth Ruth

    Farmhouse style means a way of living that brings a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It reminds me of my grandpa's house where we spent a lot of time and we were so happy playing there and eating on his enameled plates and he and my mom drinking coffee from an enameled pot and using tin cups. I am slowly turning my kitchen into a farmhouse kitchen and decorating with those kinds of decor. It is unpretentious and pretty. I am loving the transition. Thank you for your site. I absolutely love it. And I love shopping at Kirklands. Thanks for the giveaway.

  244. Image for Danyelle H Danyelle H

    Farmhouse to me is wood, greenery and gardens, texture, front porch, sweet tea, rocking chairs, simplicity, childhood memories, comfort, and family.

  245. Image for Pam Pam

    Farmhouse, in a word, means comfort to me. Casual and not too fussy. A place you feel you can relax. A place where indoors and outdoors blend.

  246. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    Farmhouse means to me a place you call home! Where there is burlap, ship lap on the walls, white dishes, and mason jars full of flowers! I love a farmhouse and it will never go out of style!

  247. Image for Heidi VANGELISTI Heidi VANGELISTI

    Farmhouse is a way of life. Reviving the old to combine with the new to create a warm inviting space that evokes feelings of family and contentedness.

  248. Image for MARTHAIA MARTHAIA

    Beautiful memories are made at Farmhouses' for many generations to visit & stay ,,many friends & neighbors stop to rest on front porch ,just to chat & gossip. with a squeaky screen door & retro fan seen blowing from the living room while home made meals are made for all the company.that are visiting

  249. Image for Molly Molly

    I think farmhouse style means utilitarian and full of life. The pieces are dual purpose, equal parts worn and beautiful - canning jars used as vases, old window panes fashioned as frames, rustic and upcycled furniture. White and wood, chippy and loved.

  250. Image for Mary Ann Mary Ann

    First of all, just the words "farmhouse style" make me smile and get this fuzzy, warm feeling of welcome! I see a farmhouse style table (which means a chippy white finish to me), green plants in terra cotta pots, hand painted signs with a chippy finish, and comfy chairs with soft cushions and pillows. Oh, yes, Mason jars with tarnished silverware in them is a must!

  251. Image for Kim R Kim R

    Respecting history and things that are useful or once were: Antique photos and maps, Papa's WWII aviator glasses, a relic from the family cottage, etc. There is a comfort in being surrounded by these things and the memories attached to them. There is also some pride in knowing you kept them from being discarded and gave them new life.

  252. Image for mary mary

    garden boots in the mudroom and sometimes actual mud, fresh flowers in old pitchers, a place that recognizes the beauty in utilitarian objects

  253. Image for Ashley C Ashley C

    To me it means something warm and inviting. Fresh and earthy but not stuffy. I grew up in the country (not on a farm) and I picture my friends' farmhouses when I think of farmhouse style demureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com

  254. Image for Lisa Mothersead Lisa Mothersead

    I have a farmhouse style kitchen and elements in other rooms. What it IS for me is sunshine streaming in through french doors and two corner sink windows that draw your eye outward, white cabinets slightly worn, galvanized this and that, white cloth napkins, white appliances, a pine harvest table with informal welcoming table settings, and a convenience and ease to meal prep and family living. Farmhouse style says welcome. Come on in. Let's not be too serious.

  255. Image for Peggy Peggy

    What an evocative question! Farmstyle is family, home, kitchen tables to visit around, snuggles under crisply starched sheets in Grandma's bed, burlap, sunshine, playing on the porch, feeling the dirt between your fingers as you plant the garden, the smell of fresh cut hay, white curtains billowing gently in morning breezes, canning jars rattling in the canner with produce lining the counters, the laughter of my grandson as he drags a stool to the sink to help with dishes and so much more. Farmstyle is the way we live.

  256. Image for Stefanie G Stefanie G

    farmhouse style feels like home to me! I've been a country girl my whole life and have always felt most comfortable in farmhouse style homes

  257. Image for Karyn Karyn

    Farmhouse means comfort, warmth, the smell of apples/berries/pumpkin, crisp whites and cool metals. It means lots of conversation in the kitchen and wonderful memories made in the parlor/living room.

  258. Image for May May

    Farmhouse means honest. Quirky things, found objects and family heirlooms. High end is not it, farmers are too practical to sink their money into material things meant to impress. It isn't trendy. Farmers aren't concerned with what others think is appealing. They know what they like, and it is often different than what the crowd likes. It is comfortable, because farmers work hard and need a soft place to land at the end of the day. It is welcoming, because neighbors may be few and far between, but they are there when you need them. Uncomplicated, unpretentious. Worn, but not worn out. A farmhouse sees a lot of family traffic because it is a warm haven where people are sit awhile.

    1. Image for May May

      Oh, dear. My husband came in and I was talking and typing there at the end. I meant to say---where people are happy to sit awhile.

  259. Image for kathy kathy

    Wow! What wonderful comments everyone has left! Farmhouse style is chippy white, wood with character, mismatched chairs, apron sink, vintage everything, uses for everything, stories to tell, freshly baked foods, and a memory of Grandma's house!

  260. Image for Maaike Maaike

    To me, farmhouse style is a look and feel that is both functional and welcoming, that gives a sense of history without being dated, and is light and bright and comfortable!

  261. Image for Linda Linda

    Farmhouse style is comfort and family, and enough antiques and old pictures that have been passed down, but still an element of clean, simple and fun.

  262. Image for Naz Hitzemann Naz Hitzemann

    Farmhouse style means comfort and a lived in feel from the moment you walk in the house. This can be in the form of whitewashed/distressed wood, lanterns, shiplap, pictures of rosters, cows, chickens, and natural elements in life. Organic and pure is the feeling. A big table and sink is a must

  263. Image for Tara Tara

    To me it means coziness and warmth. It is very eclectic but looks like it all just "goes together". Think wire baskets, reclaimed wood, shiplap, vintage anything!

  264. Image for Melody Melody

    Maybe I see Farmhouse a little differently, because I see lots of color. All the colors of the farm and the flowers brought inside. To me this is warmth, somewhere when others enter feel right at home and ready to kick their shoes off and plop down in a big comfy chair. No pretense just the coziness of a warm, relaxing home.

  265. Image for Amy Pruett Amy Pruett

    To me, farmhouse style means; Open the door and let this home tell it's story! My family had a farmhouse, and I remember the feeling of comfort and love just sang through the walls! There was a story to tell in almost every element placed throughout. The kitchen was a spaces for recipes of food, and love. The bedrooms reflected a place to leave the hard days work, and get absorbed into the comfort of bed. Even the outdoor elements gave the invitation to sit on the porch and swing with a glass of tea, and enjoy what the day had graced you with. Farmhouse means a story of family and love!

  266. Image for Kate Kate

    Farmhouse to me is repurposed wood, linen, burlap, metal; a lot of different textures. It feels simple, comfortable, and easy.

  267. Image for Amy Anne Amy Anne

    Farmhouse is braided rugs, white curtains billowing in the breeze, a front porch with a rocking chair or two, fresh brewed iced tea. Using Mason jars as food storage and drinking glasses. Handmade quilts, a basket with knitting needles in it and several balls of yarn, roaring fires when the weather is cold, the smell of cookies baking. Feeling comfortable enough to put your feet up on the couch, a stovetop percolator, white stoneware serving bowls and a clothesline out back.

  268. Image for Dee Dee

    Farmhouse style to me is using all the blessing around you to make your house a home. It's using the old treasures to make new ones and bringing all the light from outside in. It makes us want to gather around the kitchen table for scrambled eggs and biscuits! You can't beat the neutral, earth tones of a is a vision of the Lords perfection:-)

  269. Image for Jeannie W. Jeannie W.

    To me farmhouse style means family memories at my grandparents farm, and recreating those memories at my new home! There is a peaceful, relaxing, cozy feel that comes along with it. I'm in the process of creating a small farm on a piece of land I bought with a fixer upper home. It's a work in progress (going on 2 years now), but we currently have a plowed garden, several planted fruit trees, raised garden beds, chickens, 2 Dexter cows and several pigs. My grandpa just turned 101 on March 25th and I know he has lived a strong viable life because he grew up on a farm and he ate what he raised. I too, want to bring back my roots and live how my paw paw has lived.

  270. Image for Janice Janice

    Farmhouse style to me is warmth and love surrounded by comfort and beauty. It's practical but lovely, worn but inviting. It's things that make me smile, celebrates nature, family and friends. It's unpretentious and cat friendly.

  271. Image for sherry sullivn sherry sullivn

    Farmhouse style to me is just country. When I was a kid we would go to Slick Uhls Country store down the road and for 2 dollars you could get a huge brown paper sack full of all different kinds of popsicles. We would take them back home and our family and neighbors would come over and we would sit out in the yard and eat every one of them up. It was such a wonderful happy time. I love everything country. I realy like a mixture of country and contemporary in my kitchen, dining room and outside. My kitchen is decorated in apples and roosters. The outside of my house is decorated in all kinds of country and farmhouse items, horses, milk cans, etc. You cannot beat farmhouse style and country.

  272. Image for Linda White Linda White

    Farmhouse style means comfort, simple, cozy, unpretentious. Simple furnishing, family pictures, Bible out to read, homespun, calico curtains, yellow kitchens. Rocking chairs on the porch, dogs sleeping, kids playing in the dirt with spoons, grandma cooking, sweet tea and okra, garden delights!

  273. Image for Chrys Thomas Chrys Thomas

    Farmhouse to means mixing old pieces with new and all of them blending together and it means comfort!

  274. Image for Betsy Hindes Betsy Hindes

    Farmhouse means mason jars, old plank floors, overstuffed chairs, wood burning fireplace, fresh eggs, sweet tea, and a door that is always ready to greet guests. Nothing looks perfectly matched but is perfectly inviting.

  275. Image for Susan Ronnfeldt Susan Ronnfeldt

    Galvanized tubs, buckets full of fresh eggs for sale, chippy painted furniture, white painted woodwork, comfy sofas you sink into, wonderful aroma's coming from the kitchen. My Aunt Katie's farmhouse. How I loved her and how I loved going to the farm for a visit. She was "in style" and didn't even know it!

  276. Image for Jill Jelnick Jill Jelnick

    When you grow up in the South, I think it makes perfect sense for people to pair the farmhouse style with country living. It seemed to have originated there since many southerners own farm land or have have that space to live that type of lifestyle, so why not continue that farmhouse theme throughout the house and all the rooms? It makes sense. But for someone who grew up on the West Coast just south of noisy L.A. where everything and anything is modern.... it doesn't make sense for a girl like that to deeply appreciate and love farmhouse style... but somehow I do. I moved to North Carolina for school six years ago and I haven't left since. Being a West Coast girl in the South was a huge culture shock at first. The food was different, the stoplights were different, and the people were different. Well, actually the people are different just because they are a lot nicer and more sincere than what I was use to. Point being, it was a different lifestyle. A lifestyle I wanted to be a part of. A lifestyle with mason jars of sweet tea, rustic tables that fed families for generations, and chalkboards with welcome signs on every corner that made you feel home even though you were far from it. Farmhouse is a lifestyle to me. It's a lifestyle that I have learned to love and embrace during my time here in the South. It's a lifestyle that means you're home when your not, and it's a lifestyle that means you don't have to have all the cutting edge items to be happy. Farmhouse is more than just country, it represents the the type of life that has been known and loved in the South for decades and decades. But the secret is, you don't have to be in the South to enjoy that lifestyle. I will take my farmhouse style where ever I go in life because it will always be my home away from home, and the lifestyle I want to continuously live; a lifestyle that puts others before themselves, and that cherishes the little things in life.

  277. Image for Shannon Keller Shannon Keller

    Farmhouse style means the smell of fresh green grass, blooming daffodils, and a breeze blowing through the linen curtains. All memories of my summers spent on my grandparents farm. Farmhouse style = breezy, simple and functional.

  278. Image for Debbie Smith Debbie Smith

    Farmhouse is a place to relax, let your mind go, and be welcoming to family and guest. Being a farm girl...there's nothing like going back to the country. A mix of the new and the old....of the past not forgotten.

  279. Image for Meghan Hendrickson Meghan Hendrickson

    To me, farmhouse means a refuge to relax and enjoy the little things after a hard day's work in this fast-paced world we live in.

  280. Image for Robin Heitman Robin Heitman

    Farmhouse to me means sophisticated country. My grandmother's house with a new updated twist. Milk cans, mismatched chairs and tons of food, fresh baked bread and cookies all bake with tons of love.

  281. Image for Tamara Tamara

    When I think of farmhouse, I think of warm and inviting. Neutral and white, lots of natural wood and natural light. I think of cozy. I love the farmhouse style and look forward to heading to Kirkland's this weekend ( it's over an hour to the nearest one). I spent a lot of time and money when I go (-:

  282. Image for Cathy Morgan Cathy Morgan

    Oh, I get what you're husband is saying - it means home. It is comfortable and inviting. It's some place you look forward to seeing.

  283. Image for Joy Joy

    I lived in a farm house as a child. Farm house means open windows, gingham, lilac bushes and a banging screen door. A wooden kitchen table where a family sits to eat meals and laugh. Farm house means not fancy, lived in, and comfortable.

  284. Image for Charity K Charity K

    Farmhouse style is definitely old chippy doors and windows, wire baskets, grandfather clocks, chalkboards, fresh flowers and the wonderful smell of a fresh baked pie!

  285. Image for Carolyn simpson Carolyn simpson

    Farmhouse style means furnishing your home with things to make memories for your family. Growing up in a farmhouse 80+ years ago, I have precious memories of wood floors, screen doors, galvanized buckets and zinnas or wild flowers in mason jars on our table. We had rocking chairs on the front porch where neighbors came in evenings, walking home with a lantern to light their way. Yes, I have our old lantern and my parents pie safe bought for $2 from a sale when they started housekeeping. No need for a "welcome" sign, you feel welcome when you step inside!

  286. Image for Melva Melva

    I think of farmhouse style as comfy, laid back and not at all pretentious. Lots of wood tones and natural elements. Furniture pieces that have been loved and used over the years, perhaps passed down from generation to generation. Also items that have been repurposed.

  287. Image for Danilee S. Danilee S.

    To define Farmhouse Style to me is also the word HOME! It welcomes people with open arms and a touch of the past.....when things were simpler. Farmhouse is old doors, windows, wood floors, and beautifully chipped paint. It is neutral and airy feeling with greenery that brings the outside in. Farmhouse style is using old things in new ways and keeping in touch with the past. I love to use things that old and worn from time, like books, jars, white dishes, toolboxes, screen doors, and list is really endless. Farm house style to me is seeing beauty in the small things and using them to make a house a home.

  288. Image for Beth Beard Beth Beard

    To me farmhouse means clean and simple. Lots of white, hard wood floors and lots of natural light. Just like your home, which is so gorgeous! I drool over the photos and could stare at them for hours. Love everything about it!

  289. Image for Shellea Shellea

    Farmhouse Style means having a home where people are comfortable as soon as they step onto the front porch. It's a mix of new treasures you just had to find a place for, the warm and comfortable things you love, flea market and yard sale finds, homemade and handmade pieces that speak to your soul. Farmhouse Style is all about the feel of the home instead of the look of the house. It's walking into a room and instantly knowing that in this place you can relax, that friends and family are welcome, and life is good.

  290. Image for Kat Kat

    Farmhouse style is a cozy, lived-in look that is perfect for big families. It says, come inside, relax, and take a load off until supper is ready. Something good is cooking on the stovetop.

  291. Image for Lisabeth Hutchison Lisabeth Hutchison

    Farmhouse makes me think of antiques, wood floors, throw rugs and warmth. Comfort and peacefulness, I think it represents time gone by, and the realization that I can bring a little of that back thru honoring things of the past in my home.

  292. Image for Jan Jan

    Farmhouse to me means vintage table cloths and linens with strawberries and plums on them, chippy furniure, breezes blowing lacy curtains in the parlor and kitchen windows, clothes drying on the outdoor clothes lines, the fresh smell of rain. Memories of youth!!

  293. Image for Dana Dana

    Farmhouse style means to me recapturing innocense from childhood when life was simpler. It is being able to sit back, take in your surroundings from family and friends mixed with the hodge podge of things you grew up with and remembering where you came from. Soft quilts, hand made woods and scented parfume drawers. ahhhhhh.

  294. Image for Katherine Tino Katherine Tino

    Farmhouse style is comfort, warmth, family & light colors, distressed wood, opposite of matchy- matchy.

  295. Image for Robin Robin

    Utilitarian turned pretty. Rustic and elegance combined. I love farmhouse style! Just saw you are on the schedule for Country Living Fair this month. Look forward to seeing you! Robin

  296. Image for Lisa @ Cooking with Curls Lisa @ Cooking with Curls

    To me, Farmhouse means new beginnings! I have battled to find "my" style, because I was married to someone that had to control every little detail...and he likes very dark colors. I never felt comfortable in my own home until I moved away, got my own house, and started painting everything in light, neutral colors. It's only been six months, so it's still a work in progress...and I absolutely love it!!

  297. Image for Linda Olofsson Linda Olofsson

    Farmhouse style to me is right now my dream home. Creating a rustique feeling, not too perfect byt cozy, charming and welcoming.

  298. Image for Regina Anderso Regina Anderso

    The farmhouse style to me is one that is welcoming to strangers and comforting to my family. A house full of collected memories that always offers something "new" to be discovered by its visitors.

  299. Image for Jenn Jenn

    To me, farmhouse style means simple and fresh. It's not overly thought out and just all comes together. It's neutral and it's pops of colors.

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