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Looking for simple ideas to makeover your bedroom? This room is full of ideas and inspiration. Wait until you see this before and after bedroom.

I’m not sure if this a before and after bedroom post or a life lesson.

Or maybe both.

In the spirit of COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY, I have decorated this room three different times since I moved in. For everyone who has ever sent me a question on decorating and how to get it right and how to make decisions and how do you know when you paint a room that it’s going to be the right color?

My answer is?

You don’t.

Sometimes you just have to keep trying until you get it right.

No one is decorating perfect.

Least of all me.

But just between you and me and this picture of the bedroom when we moved into the house? Part of the fun is in the journey. It’s the process. I don’t think you are ever really done decorating a room. It’s all part of the decorating cycle of life.

Want to see a few stops along my journey and what the room looks like now?

Oh, good.

Me, too.

Wait until you see this before and after bedroom.

Here’s another example of the before.

The room had molding and wallpaper and a chair rail at the top of the space and carpeting in the room and a fireplace on the wall that the bed should go on.

Here are the changes that we made:

  1. Removed the chair rail.
  2. Removed the wallpaper.
  3. Removed the fireplace.
  4. Painted stripes on the back wall.
  5. Added new furnishings.

And then?

The room looked like this.

Same angle.

New look.

Here’s the same room with a mirror on the wall instead of the plates.

A little less kitchen and a little more bedroom.

But just between us?

That carpet had to go.

Here are the new changes that we made:

  1. Removed carpet.
  2. Painted the plywood subfloor SW Stamped Concrete.
  3. Painted the walls SW Extra White.
  4. Painted all the molding in the room SW Extra White.
  5. Added amazing rods and curtains to the room.
  6. Added the rug from the living room.
  7. Changed out the mirror over the dresser and added artwork.
  8. Added a mirror over the bed.

And then?

The room looked like this.

I really do love blue and white and I loved the room and the furnishings and the baskets and the tassels.


But the living room missed its rug and I decided I needed a more neutral space.

And so?

And now?

Wait until you see this before and after bedroom

The room’s journey went from this.

To this.

And from this.

before and after bedroom changes that we made

Did you just let out a sigh?


Please press pause and look at the before and after one more time. It’s enough to make you happy to be alive.

Here are the new changes that we made:

  1. Painted the plywood subfloor SW Sandbar.
  2. Added new chairs and bench.
  3. Added quarter round to the molding on the floor.
  4. Added new rugs.
  5. Added a chandelier over the bed.
  6. Replaced the artwork with the artwork from the staircase.
  7. Layered in new bedding.

before and after bedroom chair

The chairs

Of all the changes that we made? My favorite?


At just over $250 they are such a BARGAIN. Seriously. They are SUPER sturdy and look really high-end with this beautiful tufting and the arms that kind of slope down.

I added this throw which is super affordable.

It’s made by UGG and it’s cozy and warm and the perfect throw to transition from winter to spring.

You can see it here.

(edited to add: it’s sold out now online–but you can still find it in stores.)

I layered in this pillow with it’s incredible raised pattern.

You can see it here.

before and after bedroom

before and after bedroom bedding

before and after bedroom with bed

The bedding

Then let’s discuss this bedding.

These quilted pom pom shams are amazing.

I started with this 450-thread count white duvet cover and added this pin-tucked comforter to the end of the bed and then added this cotton blanket for a little color.

Quick tip: when using cream and white bedding, a blanket or accent throw is the perfect way to pop out the neutral colors.

I also layered in this pillow and this pillow and this pillow.

before and after bedroom bench

before and after bedroom farmhouse

The bench

And then to finish off this before and after bedroom, I added this bench to the end of the bed.

You can see it here.

Isn’t it the prettiest bench with the carved edges and the detail on the legs?

It’s the perfect width for a queen-sized bed (which is what we have) and the perfect height for the end of a bed.

before and after bedroom lighting

the lighting

We also added a chandelier with a drum shade over the bed.

I love how it reflects in the mirror.

We also added table lamps on all the side tables for different tasks.

before and after bedroom frame

vintage finds

Lastly, I layered in a little vintage to keep the space authentic.

There are boxes that my brother made and old typesetter trays.

And a game board that he made for me one Christmas.

before and after bedroom vintage finds

See what I mean about a life lesson?

My father told me this when I was younger and it’s still true today. When you try something and it doesn’t work?

Don’t be sad.

Don’t be downtrodden.

Don’t let whatever you tried define who you are or who you hope to be.

Because guess what?



Because the joy, my friend?

It’s in the journey.

Especially when it comes to decorating. 🙂

disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Bed Bath & Beyond.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Image for Debbie Debbie

    The bedroom turned out beautifully. I love how the chandelier reflects in the mirror, also. I love how light and airy the room feels. Oh, by the way...how is Buddy? Haven’t seen him in a while and I miss him.

  2. Image for Cindy@CountyRoad407 Cindy@CountyRoad407

    I love a neutral bedroom and this one with it's bright sun looks fantastical and magical and perfect. Makes the stays in a hotel even better because you know you'll be coming home to this! Love it!

  3. Image for Leslie from Fairview Leslie from Fairview

    The room is lovely, peaceful and relaxing. Decorating IS a journey. Just watch God's handiwork in nature!

  4. Image for Ann Ann

    This is a lovely room! BUT: How do you read in bed, or turn off the lamps on the bedside tables? Those lamps are waaaay out of reach of any person lying in the bed. Or did you maybe move them close to the bed after the photograph?

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      Ann, That's a good point!  I don't really read in bed---I read on my i-pad in those chairs and there's the perfect lamp there! Does that make sense? I needed the space closer to me for my phone and i-watch! Happy day friend! karianne

  5. Image for Paula Bradshaw Paula Bradshaw

    Karianne, I love the changes you made. Oh yes, that fireplace had to be moved! I laughed when you said it, because I thought you would. Lol. Each time I read your blog (newsletter) it just makes me laugh. You are so authentic and I just love it. And I love your book!

  6. Image for Leslie Watkins Leslie Watkins

    I love all of these! You are inspiring me to rip carpet out of a guest room and paint the floor...I’ll let you know how it works out, friend. Thanks for sharinf your journey. Always makes my day.

  7. Image for Andrea Andrea

    So beautiful both ways, but I love it now more. Care to share where the dressers are from? They look old and so beautiful. I would have thought that about the bench too.

  8. Image for Ann Pesch Ann Pesch

    This is so true. My husband asked me recently when I was going to be done with the house... I replied never honey never. 😍

  9. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    Absolutely LOVE the yummy new look & layers! And painting a sub-floor is so much better than carpet you hate. I've done it twice, and I'll do it again. LOL Enjoy your new space!

  10. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Sometimes we just have to change things up a bit and you did a great job in showing us it's all right. The end result was so calm and cozy, love it. Have a great weekend.

  11. Image for Sherrie Mock Sherrie Mock

    It’s stunning! I love the idea of ripping up the carpet and painting the floors...yet I am also terrified of actually doing it. Does the paint hold up well...because, well, dogs. 🐕 🐶

  12. Image for Kathy Kathy

    I’m adding a master bedroom suite downstairs this summer. Where did the side dressers come from? I love your inspiration as I can’t afford a designer.

  13. Image for Jeanine Jeanine

    I am still all about neutrals. I love how they make everything feel so light, clean, and serene, and your bedroom does that! I love the carvings on the bench. I will tuck that little tidbit in my pocket, as we are STILL working on our master suite, cuz we do the work ourselves, one stone, one tile, one large mountain at a time! I'm trying to enjoy it, and will more when we can sleep in there again😉! I didn't see the yummy rug info, friend. Source?

  14. Image for Denise Denise

    This is absolutely beautiful and yes, I did sigh! Could you share your source for the nightstands? I'm redoing a room and they are exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks so much.

  15. Image for Elaine Hewitt Elaine Hewitt

    Love everything! Question: We want to rip our wall-to-wall carpeting and paint the subfloor. But, when I did a sneak peak, the subfloor is this horrible particle board! Will the SW paint be thick enough to fill in all the little grooves, or should I go with a deck paint? Thanks!

  16. Image for Deedra Deedra

    That is such a beautiful and calming room! And I really like the punches of warmth scattered throughout the space. You have inspired me to go do a little work in our master bedroom. Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    I am a neutral person too and your crisp new look is awesome. Every room has a favorite of mine. Love your choices and they're affordably beautiful. I have to say I loved the antique vanity mirror you had above your dresser and loved the sweet sign you had above your bed wall in first neutral bedroom best, though. Everything else to me is spot on amazing. (Taste, not offense and not even sure why I am even telling you? Perhaps it is because the round mirror looks a little small and high on bed wall - bet if you put that above dresser and put back your sign it could look amazing too. But you are a pro and have to change often, and I understand!!) Question: what size pin tuck comforter did you buy for your queen bed? Wish they sold them in twin size too - I need two new twin comforters in one of my guest rooms. May get one for another guest room and was wondering what size you have b/c that bed that needs a new one is a queen as well. Thank you. Hugs. Have a good weekend, KA!!! Well done, looks so awesome.

  18. Image for Louann Louann

    Lovely BUT............where is the great fireplace? We have a fireplace in our master and it is the focal point. Would never give it up! However, we did convert the gas to an electrical insert. Never run our central heat upstairs and use the fireplace only when exceedingly cold. We live in a Historic District in OKC and it is such fun breathing fresh life into the spaces! Your home is beautiful and you did your mama proud! 🌹

  19. Image for Barbara Barbara

    Everything looks amazing- so calm and inviting! Funny how our decorating tastes change, evolve. The only thing missing is your cute hubby's guitar:) Put it back in!♥

  20. Image for Kathy M. Kathy M.

    The bedroom looks perfect. Don't know if you got rid of the fireplace or moved it. We had a fireplace in our bedroom in our last home. Everyone said how romantic. To me it was just scary to have crackling and shooting of sparks while I was trying to sleep.My own anxiety! Added a new master bedroom and bath without a fireplace but a big bay window overlooking my garden and a patio accessible by French doors. Much more soothing and romantic to hear the bubbling fountain and bird songs . Enjoy your pretty bedroom.

  21. Image for Marty Marty

    Oh wow, this looks so beautiful. I love the final room. I have rooms that I am constantly making over and hopefully getting close to what it should be.

  22. Image for Betsy Giduz Betsy Giduz

    LOVE this makeover! You are so amazing-ordered both of your books this year! Could you share the sources for the chandelier, white rug and mirror over the bed? So beautiful. Wish I could spend a day shadowing you!

  23. Image for Brenda Brenda

    It never ceases to amaze me how much a coat of paint changes things! Or maybe several coats. ;) It's so serene looking. Personally, When someone visits my house I want them to feel the peacefulness in it. Well done! I recently bought new art for our bedroom. That is going to bring about some more changes I think! ;) Have a blessed weekend!

  24. Image for Cathy Cathy

    Love it! Two questions: did I miss the link for the new area rugs? Also, will you share the source for your night stands & bed frame? Thank you!

  25. Image for Kris Kris

    So pretty. I think neutrals are hard to get right, but you sure did! I do miss your "Could I have this dance" sign, though. Love that song. Anne Murray--what a voice.

  26. Image for Jill Brewster Jill Brewster

    I like the way you decorated in each one of the pictures. It's nice to see someone else who moves furniture, rugs, decor from one room to the next until you find the room where it works best. Love your finished design (if you are really finished). Looks relaxing and peaceful.


    Just beautiful! Sometimes it takes a little while before everything falls into place the way we like it! It's just perfect now -- just like you who made all those wonderful changes!

  28. Image for Christiann Christiann

    I have to stop reading you! Now I know I have to redo my bedroom..... (after the kitchen, but before transitioning the room my granddaughter slept in when she was little into something else but not before I redo my living room! ) And here I thought I was going to be bored when I semi- retired!)

  29. Image for Donna Donna

    Nice comments from oh, so many. The woods and the whites are so soothing. The nightstands and the bedding are the icing on the cake. Would love the source for the nightstands. Your choices are Fab. u. lous. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Image for BeverlyO BeverlyO

    Karianne, Even though I am a lover of the blue & white look, I think this is the very best rendition yet! Love the chairs, love the bedside tables (you didn't tell about them, by the way), love the benches, and the soft surroundings in neutrals. Looks so restful and inviting for a place to relax and unwind!

  31. Image for Mary Mary

    Where did you find the matching dresser/nightstands? Please tell me they weren’t thrifted and I can still find them. They’re perfect!

  32. Image for Connie Connie

    Details on painted plywood sub floor please. We have two rooms that could be finished at last if we could paint the floors successfully. Thank you..

  33. Image for Kim Kim

    Outstanding! I'm normally a color girl, but your latest bedroom decor is making me want to whip out the white paint and go neutral. Enjoy that space!

  34. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    I love the changes! The room is so calming with the lighter neutrals and the medium toned woods. I would feel right at home in your room. Thank you for sharing the evolution of your room. I think you just know when something looks and feels right!!!

  35. Image for Lori Lori

    Karianne, this is lovely and you did it! My husband laughs at me as he's not into decorating nor does he have an artistic mind about any of it. He'd rather be off somewhere on a vacation but I see our home as where our lives are lived daily and it has to be warm and cozy plus pretty..to us. Where did you get the rugs? The white/off white large area rugs? Are those the same go to style you've posted before so I should know?....I think they would go great in my space.

  36. Image for Beth Y Beth Y

    Oh, this is perfect!!! Makes me want to sing...seriously! It is just so light and airy and beautiful!! I want to read in one of those chairs snuggled in that blanket! Homerun with this one!

  37. Image for Chris Ann Chris Ann

    So lovely! I checked out the shop the post and I didn't find any info on the great bedside chests...info please :)

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