This is the next post in my Makeover In a Month Series.

You know.

The one where I’m joining my friends Leslie and Marion and Melissa to makeover an entire room in just 30 days.

You can see all my plans and where I’m going and what I hope to accomplish with this space here.

Here’s the thing. You might not know this? But you all are my accountability partners.

The ones who keep me going.

The ones who keep me on track.

The ones who keep me keeping on.

I once read a needlepointed pillow that said, “There’s no inspiration like a deadline.”

Truer words were never spoken.

And my deadline?

It’s breathing down my neck.

So let’s see what I’ve been up to in this space this week.

In my original makeover post, I showed you this hardware.

I cannot sing its praises enough.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When you see a space that you truly love, look at the details. Most of the time it’s all the little details and little things in a room that add up to an incredible space.

Like this french door hardware.

These door bolts look like they stepped off the pages of a French historical romance.

They are 24″ long and the perfect brass color with all the architectural detail. They go on the side of each of the doors and the hardware slides into place to keep the door bolted.

I bought one for each door.

And then?

I bought these 8″ footer sliding bolts to go at the bottom.

Now just between us.

They are a little mcpricey.

I have had them on my wish list SINCE WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE.

I saw them on a house tour and knew they’d be perfect and I finally decided to splurge.

And I’m SO HAPPY I did.

I need to shop at yard sales for the rest of the room, but these bolts make the door so beautiful, I’m happy to do it.

Here are the doors and new light fixture on this side of the room.

Just look at that hardware on the doors.


I need to get new door hardware now, I just have the plain door handle from Lowe’s.

But my budget is pacing itself.

Here’s a close-up of the hardware on the top of the door.

The brass color is pretty true to this picture.

You just grab the handle on the bottom and slide them up and down into the brass plate at the top.

And here’s a close-up of the door bolts at the bottom.

They are a reverse of the top.

You just slide them up to unlock the bottom of the door.

And here’s the new chandelier for the space.

So many of you sent me e-mails asking me where I got it.

Lamps Plus actually sent it to me last year and we just hadn’t gotten around to hanging it.

(See what I mean about accountability).

In sad news, in the time it took me to hang this up and show it to you?

It’s out of stock now.

But no worries.

I found two other chandeliers that are similar.

Like this one.

And this one.

I love how it picks up the brass accents on the door and the brass frames on the wall.

It has a dimmer switch so I can adjust the lighting in the space.

This is where the table with the faux finish is going and where we play cards and work on puzzles.

We needed additional task lighting for this part of the room and this is perfect.

Here’s just a hint of some of the accessories I’ve been adding to the room.

And next week?

I’m going to show you the table.

The faux finish only needs one more layer and it’s DONE.

I’m so thankful for YOU.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Thank you for following along as I decorate.

But most of all?

Thank you for being my friend.

I adore you.

You’ve got a friend in me.

Always and forever. 🙂

PS Be sure and stop by my friends Leslie and Marion and Melissa to see their progress on making over an entire room in just 30 days.

PPS Who is all about brass right now? I used to be only about silver finishes, but brass has my heart.

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  1. Image for Mary S Mary S

    That hardware!! That LIGHT!!! Oh my... I too am getting more excited about "gold" or brass. But the nickel finish is all over my house... It's a little late (and expensive) to even think about makeing any changes. So, I'll just watch what you do. It will be great I'm sure. Keep us "posted". :)

  2. Image for Lyn Lyn

    WOW WOW WOW - yes indeedy, it's the small touches that really make a huge impact. My current project is "curating" everything needed to decorate my front porch for fall. The house is white/black shutters with a full front porch. A new indoor-outdoor rug in black/white just arrived moments ago. I have the exact same tall plant planters as you for either side of the front door. Every year I buy huge 3-color mums for those. I am using a black wicker bicycle basket instead of a wreath - off to find just the right greenery for that. In place of a summer hanging basket of flowers we are hanging our big black lantern with a battery candle. That's my thoughts for today - I want to keep it simple. I can't wait to see your room when it's finished. After asking my husband if it would be possible for "us" to hang the lantern from a black chain on the porch I told him that I believe you said that you get the ideas and your husband brings your dream to reality! I can do most of the things we do here - but, I want to make him think he's part of the process. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Image for Cheryl Cheryl

    YOWZA!! Beautiful hardware! I remember when we bought our first house in the early 90s and brass ruled - decor, fixtures, etc. Then it became passe and oil-rubbed bronze and anything chrome became the must have. Remember the makeover shows and they would look at the “hideous“ gold/brass bathroom fixtures and had to redo the whole bathroom 😉?(Still waiting on the bell-bottoms to come back that went with the popular again braids back in the hippie 60’s & 70’s. Whoops, showing my age!)

  4. Image for Diane Diane

    Yep, I'm onto you KariAnne -- one big tease you are!!! You are loving torturing me with just a snippet and slight reference to the table I'm dying to see and read all about. We want it ALL now! (I've never been long on patience)

  5. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    Oh wow. Just whew. What a GREAT decision. And the chandy is amazing too. And the accessories "hint" board - whoo hoo - love those neutrals!! You are rockin' this, KA!!!!!


    You love to tease us! Love the french door hardware-adds the jewelry to the room. Can't wait to see how the lighting, accessories and furniture all work in the room. I know it will be beautiful as you are doing it :)

  7. Image for Alice Genzlinger Alice Genzlinger

    I love the new hardware on your French doors, they are classic. I believe my home should be decorated with things that will always be in style, ie. classics. The latest fad quickly becomes out of date and you find you are spending money to get that look. In the most beloved homes we find that the homes are beautiful even after being decorated many years ago. Updated only when the fabrics fade or are damaged or the rooms need to be refreshed with new paint.

  8. Image for Colleen Rademacher Colleen Rademacher

    All I can say is how in the sam hill do you find that much time to do everything you do? Good job. I'm not a fan of brass but you rock it kiddo!

  9. Image for Jeannette Jeannette

    We just did our living room and bought that same door hardware for our French doors!! How gorgeous are they huh? I love them here and at your house. Great job 😁

  10. Image for Jeannine McCaig Jeannine McCaig

    I’m finding that mixed metals makes things interesting and have used champagne bronze fixtures in a bathroom with silver and gold accessories.

  11. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    Those doors needed that brass and look how glamorous they are now. Just giving me little tid-bits is better than none i guess,lol!!

  12. Image for JC JC

    These look even prettier on! I love how all the brass ties together, and will look great along with your warm rug and accents to come!

  13. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Door hardware cest tres belle! No need to escape to the chateaux! You're creating your own paradise! I'm so glad you didn't show more of the table if there is another layer to go on. More teasing would have killed me! LOL! I hope your sweet husband's back is doing better. Sending out positive healing vibes now!

  14. Image for Stephanie Wethington Stephanie Wethington

    I absolutely love the French Doors with the beautiful brass bolts, door knob and the light fixture looks as if it was made for that space. Amazingly beautiful! I can't wait to see the completed room...Now, I want to express to you how grateful I am for you for sharing your wonderful tips and thankful for how you encourage all of us with the way to do things. You truly are a Rock Star Karianne ! I am stealing your words...I adore you also and I am so thankful the day I saw you site and clicked on it and I have been clicking ever since. You have a friend in me. Always and forever!!! Thank you for all that you do. xoxo

  15. Image for Pat Pat

    That mcpricey door hardware is glorious! What a perfect splurge, and that new chandelier looks great . Looking forward to the rest of the room redo, and that table project. Pat

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