Here are creative ideas for storage containers that will keep you organized. 10 ideas you can organize with today.

creative storage containers

Yesterday I ate my cereal with a fork.

And it wasn’t because I thought it might taste better that way.  I ate my cereal with a fork and oddly tried to scrape up the milk at the end with the prongs because the sink was full of unwashed dishes.  We have a housefull after the holidays. And they are eating me out of house and homes and leaving dishware along the way. Bowls and plates and cups and mugs….

…..and spoons.

Stacked to the ceiling in the sink.

I almost took a picture of my dirty dish leaning tower of Pisa.

But that might be grounds for un-friendom.

And then you would miss these fun ideas I want to share today.

Since we are all organizing right now, here are some creative ideas for storage containers.

creative storage container ideas

10 Creative Ideas for Storage Containers

1. Vintage bicycle basket

I found this bicycle basket downtown on the square at an antique store.

If you can find baskets like these, they work perfectly with a pegboard. I have this one in my craft closet and it’s the perfect place to store post-it notes or other office supplies.

I love the patina and the history and the fact that it used to ride around town and now it’s keeping me organized.

creative storage containers to organize with

2. Coffee crate organizers

This is SUCH a clever way to use those oversized crates.

Why not cut them in half and use them to hold your platters or placemats.

You can see how I made them here.

creative storage containers organization

3. Vintage plant holder

I use this every day. It holds my scissors and pens and pencils.

It’s proof that there is an organizing container idea around every corner.

I found this vintage plant holder at a yard sale and filled it with supplies in my craft room.

I can’t wait until yard sale season starts again to find more creative storage containers.

creative storage containers craft room

4. Rolling baskets

I got these several years ago and they’ve stored everything from extra linens at the end of the bed to my fabric stash.

Right now they are in the craft room. The one under the table stores all my studio equipment.

There’s a ring light and microphones and also a table pad that helps absorb sound.

The basket back in the corner stores extra throws and pillows for when I’m cold or need extra cozy.

kitchen organization project

5. Spoon handle trays

I found these trays at the Nashville flea market.

They are the perfect size to organize the hutch in the kitchen and I stamped spoon handles and attached them to the front of the crates.

The trays hold all of my holiday dishes, serving pieces and extra candles.

6. Vintage toolbox

In the center of the craft room table upstairs is a vintage toolbox that I found at a vintage sale.

There’s a compartment on one side that I added craft supplies to and on the other side, I added these little lidded boxes and a container for scissors.

These boxes hold tape and clips and other office supplies I need for the space.

7. Basket with button and ribbons

This creative storage idea is about decorating the container.

I took a regular basket and added ribbons and buttons.

It’s such an easy way to make a basket even cuter.

You can see the entire DIY here.

8. Vintage fabric storage cabinet

I found this giant vintage fabric storage cabinet from the 1940’s at an antique store.

It still has the original measuring stick on the side.

I repurposed it to store craft supplies.

There are books and magazines in the bottom and paint and brushes on the top.

9. Spray painted numbered baskets

This one of the first projects I ever showed on the blog.

And I’ve painted so many baskets since then.

You can see how to spray paint a numbered basket here.

10. over-sized metal basket

I use craft paper all the time and here’s how I store it.

These oversized metal baskets are the perfect creative container for holding wrapping paper or craft paper (or even umbrellas).

Then the craft paper almost becomes a decoration.

One last tip.

I find these metal signs at different places and add them onto the front of baskets with jute twine.

It’s an easy way to personalize a basket in five minutes.

Here’s to organizing in 2022.

It’s going to be fun and creative and cute.

Just like these containers. 🙂

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  1. Image for Anne Cockes Anne Cockes

    Absolutely brilliant ideas. I adore the old tool box painted white. Would be perfect in my recently redone bath. You inspire us all every single day. Sometimes I miss the post as I have severe illness in my family. I just want you to know each time I read anything you share I’m cheered and inspired.

  2. Image for Lori Lori

    I bought a desk paper organizer that was just too big and it was ugly and with your inspiration today I think I've figured out what to do with it...spray it white and use it to hold my Cottage, Martha Stewart and Garden magazines/books that have needed information. Thanks you!...this will do until I have a nice wooden cabinet for just crafts and supplies.

  3. Image for Janene Janene

    I have a question about the white wooden garland you found. Where did you purchase it? Thank you. PS: I love your ideas.

  4. Image for Val Val

    Great ideas for using cute and decorative items as storage. But I had to laugh at your comment about the stack of dirty dishes. We look at pictures of beautiful neat and tidy homes posted on blogs. It’s nice to know that we all have times when our homes aren’t picture perfect. That is life!

  5. Image for Betsy Betsy

    You’re so lucky the dishes arrived in your sink. Our son moved out and I finally found the missing plates, bowls and flatware. The dishes were under his bed with the forks and knives stuck to them. I had to soak them to separate the mess for the dishwasher. With 4 boys I expected them to clean their own rooms. Sure they did : )

  6. Image for Marlene Stephenson Marlene Stephenson

    I need to work some of these cute ideas into my storage container plus more containers. Thanks and have a great day.

  7. Image for Heather Bartlett Heather Bartlett

    I laughed so hard when I read about eating your cereal with a fork, I spewed my water all over my desk! Thanks for just being you. The good, the bad and the ugly.


    Thanks, KariAnne, for the great ideas for the storage issue using your cute baskets and wooden crates! You always give us such great ideas! I am going to add ribbon and buttons to my baskets because I want them to look as cute as yours! Hope the New Year is going well for you! Loved to hear you talk about your dishes in the sink! It happens at our home, too! Take care! Blessings!

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