Looking for an easy recipe for peach sweet tea? This is our family’s tried and true recipe–and it only has two ingredients.

I almost forgot to tell you four amazing things that happened during my birthday week:

1. I watched the SWEETEST movie called Brooklyn. It’s set in the 1950s and it’s all about an Irish immigrant who comes to New York and falls in love with a super cute plumber with big dreams. Then she is called back to Ireland because of a family tragedy and finds herself falling for a wealthy young man from her hometown and she has to decide between the two.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

2. Just in time for my Easter dress, I discovered the most AMAZING self-tanner. If you’ve ever used self-tanner you know there are typically two different types of self-tanner. One that you spray (or apply with a mitt) and the tan shows up 6-7 hours later—in other words you can’t see it when it goes on. Then there’s the tanner that you apply (kind of like make-up) and you can see it when it goes on, but it washes off.

This self-tanner sprays on and you can see it immediately and IT DOESN’T WASH OFF. It looks kind of dark the first day, but it fades into the prettiest tan.

You can see it here. (total aside: if you end up ordering it and need tips on how to apply it—just email me and I’ll send you all the things I figured out on how to make it work the best).

3. I organized my kitchen cabinets and found the sweetest glass set I ordered last year. They look vintage and they have the prettiest hobnail pattern on them and in amazing news they are plastic so they’re perfect for summer. You can see them here.

4. To celebrate the glasses I discovered and the fact that it was 72 degrees? I made peach sweet tea.

The first glass of the summer. It’s amazing and delicious and there are only two ingredients and it’s perfect for all the parties this spring and summer.

Here’s my mother-in-law’s SUPER easy recipe for peach sweet tea.

This is the recipe that my mother-in-law has been making for decades.

Every time I have a party and she makes it?

Everyone wants to know the recipe.

I’m hosting Bunco next week—and it’s not even a question. This is what I’m serving. It’s just that good.

And all you need are two ingredients.

Easy peach sweet tea


Crystal Light Peach Tea

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

1. Pour one large Crystal Light packet into the drink dispenser (or pitcher).

2. Pour one liter of ginger ale into the drink dispenser.

3. Mix with spoon.

// similar drink dispenser //

4. Make sure to leave enough room in the pitcher or drink dispenser for the foam.

This creates a LOT of foam.

If I am adding another packet and another ginger ale, I wait for a couple of minutes or the foam will overflow.

You don’t have to make a large batch like that in a drink dispenser if you want to just treat yourself.

Instead, mix a smaller batch (cut the recipe in half) and mix in a small pitcher.

Perfect for company or just for an afternoon treat.

// similar set of plastic hobnail glasses //

That’s it.

Your peach tea is ready to serve.

Here’s mine ready to go in the set of glasses I discovered when I cleaned out the cabinets.

I’m raising my glass to toast my birthday week and now I have a really good book calling my name.

With a side of peach sweet tea. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lydia Buck Lydia Buck

    Hey Lady! My birthday was this week also and I’m stretching it out too! I still LOVE my birthday and it looks like you do too Happy birthday to you my sweet Friend! Ps You see we also share a love for exclamation points! 😜

  2. Image for Betsy Betsy

    My doctor has advised me not to drink Crystal Light or soda. Do you have any other drink suggestions other than water that are more natural? You've done such a great job losing weight. I keep trying.

    1. Image for Colleen Colleen

      Hi Betsy, I use Celestial Seasons Country Peach Passion herbal tea and I love it! It comes in regular tea bags and you can make it hot or cold. You can use Sweet-n-Low for zero calories or add whatever you like. I use their Peppermint herbal tea in the winter. PS- I love your name! One of my favorite book series was Carolyn Haywood's, Betsy books.

  3. Image for Jem Jem

    KariAnne, I would love to receive your tips for the self tanner! And…I will definitely try your peach tea recipe. I certainly didn’t expect ginger ale! I love it!🥰

  4. Image for Judy Allen Judy Allen

    The tea sounds delicious, however we are a “no artificial sweetener “ family. Those glasses are so adorable!

  5. Image for Loryl Loryl

    It was 67 degrees yesterday here in Chicago land! That tea looks tasty. I think Ill serve it at my next girls get together!!

  6. Image for Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown

    The peach tea sounds great!!! The glasses are adorable!! But I am really curious about the good book you are reading! 😉❤️📚❤️📚

  7. Image for Dee Dee

    Would you be comfortable sharing photos of you after using that tanner? I only ask this because you are so open but if you don't that understandable. I'm really light/fair skinned as you seem before getting any real sun exposure so that tanner seems like it would be way to dark and scream 'fake' in the worst way. Even back in the day with tanning beds I had to be careful to not over-do and get too dark or it's screamed tanning beds. Now of course we are much smarter and some of us paying the price. I usually stick with L O'real tanner and then I'm light handed when applying. I'm sure there are many of us with tried and true methods using any self tanner that are more trustworthy than the advertisements....as we know have one objective. Also how do you feel about the scent hours later? Can you still detect it? I'm not quite ready to give up on the look of a light tan. Thanks.

  8. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne I am ordering the self tanner and would love some tips and tricks. Patiently waiting in dreary Ohio.

  9. Image for Patti Patti

    Patti Feb 22, 2024 at 3:28 pm Hi KariAnne, I look for Thistlewood everyday online. I’ve used your pointers and suggestions many times. So up to date and and always appealing appealing.. I, too, would like more info on the self-tanners

  10. Image for N J N J

    KariAnne, Would love any tips you have with applying the self-tanner your recommended. No more laying out in the sun for any of us who now visit the dermatologist regularly but love some color for spring and summer. Thank you in advance! Like many of your readers, I've checked out and used your tips since signing on several years ago!

  11. Image for Brooksie450 Brooksie450

    Hi, Thanks for the self tanner rec. I'm always looking for a new one to try that goes on well, stays on, smells good and is natural looking. I would love your tips!! Thank you for always having such great info and tips on your site! :)

  12. Image for Mary Mary

    I would love your tips on the self tanner. I am very fair skinned. Do you think this would work for me. Can’t wait to try the iced tea. Thank you for the recipe. Mary

  13. Image for Cynthia Chilson Finger Cynthia Chilson Finger

    I scored the exact same glasses (high and low) for $1 a piece at Belk (a southern department store) at the end of the season. They are patio perfect :D Enjoy your tea !

  14. Image for Caroline Caroline

    I am the Palest of the Pale. I'd love your tips on applying the new fake tan. I'm afraid it's a bit dark for me, but I would like to know more. Thank you and keep up the good work. Love your blog!!

  15. Image for Mary Mary

    Hey, Karianne! Could you please send me your tips for using the self tanner? I’m so looking forward to wearing shorts again! And I can’t wait to try the peach iced tea recipe. 💕

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