Looking for fall door decorating ideas? Here are a dozen. Add a little fall to your front door with these simple and easy decor ideas.

fall door decorating with corn husks

This looks like a blog, right?

It’s not.

It’s actually a fall door decorating idea factory.

Especially if you have a door that needs a little fall?  This is the place.

(total aside:  I went all Grease The Movie in my mind with that last phrase.  Grease is the time.  Grease is the place.  Grease is the motion.)

Apparently, this is an idea factory that chases rabbits, too. 🙂

Are you ready for some ideas?  I have three different doors with three different looks and tons of easy, simple projects anyone can create in minutes.

So buckle your idea seat belt….

….because here we go.

Here are 12 fall door decorating ideas just for you.

fall door farmhouse


Idea 1:  Lanterns are your friend

Fill them with baby pumpkins or gourds or squash or grapevine spheres.

Idea 2:  Shop the grocery store

Cabbage is so budget friendly and gives extra texture to a display.

Tuck it in pots or wood containers or even a stack of grapevine wreaths.



Idea 3:  Add a little pine cone to your grapevine pumpkin

I attached an eye hook to the base of the pine cone.  Next, I threaded strips of burlap through the eye hole at the base of the pine cone.  Then I repeated all the steps for the other end of the burlap strip.  Lastly, I tied the pine cones on the grapevine pumpkin.  You could also drape the pine cones around the lantern or even add the pine cone to just one end of the burlap strip and group them together in place of a wreath.


Idea 4:  Add corn husks for height

I got mine from across the road.

They came from the free department.

If you don’t live in the country, you can find them at garden centers and home improvement stores.


fall front door decorating with pumpkins

Idea 5:  fall door decorating with a pumpkin and grapevine urns

Simple fall front door decorating idea. Place a piece of wood over the top of an urn.

Add a grapevine wreath.  I love these grapevine wreaths with the larger pieces of grapevine.

Fill the wreath with tiny pumpkins and gourds.


Idea 6:  Add a specialty pumpkin

Sometimes a little extra is all you need to make the rest of the pumpkins shine.

This glass pumpkin adds that little something extra.

Purchase a half dozen inexpensive pumpkins and then splurge on one special pumpkin to make all the others feel like they won the lottery.

fall door decorating ideas with a runner

Idea 7:  fall door decorating by adding a door runner

Instead of a traditional wreath, think outside the box.

This is actually a table runner.

I loved the graphic elements of the runner and how it makes the whole space pop.

I simply attached it to the top of the door on the other side to secure it.  This idea works best if your door has a little bit of shelter to protect the runner because it’s fabric.



Idea 8:  Add a monogram

Or a coaster that’s a monogram.

This fun letter K started out life as a coaster.

I simply glued it to the front of the pumpkin to create a vegetable that is calling my name.



Idea 9:  fall door decorating by adding a pumpkin topper

To make this pumpkin, I simply cut up the table runner and cut leaves out of it.

Then I glued them to the top of the pumpkin to carry the colorful theme to the rest of the display.


Idea 10:  Add color to the space

Color.  Glorious, wonderful, incredible color.

I love this pumpkin with all its brilliant shades of fall.

It makes the entire display pop.

fall front door decorating with pumpkins


Idea 11:  Add a wall hanging in place of a wreath

A wreath doesn’t have to be a wreath.

This is actually wood pumpkin wall art that I hung from a fun polka-dotted wreath hanger.

You could add a letter or monogram to personalize it, too.




Idea 12:  fall door decorating idea to make a pumpkin address sign

To make this fall door decorating project, I started with three polka-dotted pumpkins.  I painted my address numbers onto the pumpkins with acrylic paint.

Then, I glued them to a board and stacked them against the wall by the door.

I love how this project turned out.



I’m almost there.

The outside is done and I have a little bit more fall decorating to finish up inside the house.

I just need a few more projects to make it perfect.

Good thing I know someone who runs an idea factory. 🙂

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I love your idea factory -- it is an assembly line, for sure!! Now I do like all of the ideas but my favorite is the first one with the corn stalks and lanterns :-) The stalks give me this feeling of wildness , dare I say savage? :-) Today you went beyond lemonade and into factory production!! Have a sun-filled day!!

  2. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    Love your ideas. The polka dot address sign is way too cute! I'm getting ready to spruce up my porch for Fall. Will be going as Texas as I can. My scarecrow just might have cowboy boots. :-D Have a good day y'all! Hugs Cecilia

  3. Image for Patricia Patricia

    I vote for Door # One, although all were charming ... especially love a black pumpkin. I'm going to get some more faux pumpkins and paint some black. And get out my grapevine wreath and DO COOL STUFF. Soon, I promise. I'm just busy right now sorting and purging and donating stuff....

  4. Image for Terri Terri

    I remember thinking last year and find the same this year, your house looks so good in fall. Thank you for the great inspiration

  5. Image for Brenda Dribin Brenda Dribin

    Loved you ideas and words as usual. Where did you find the chuncky grapevine wreaths? I love those and need those! Thanks.

  6. Image for Candy Candy

    Thanks for the great posting! Love love love that first one! Where did you find the 2 larger lanterns? Would love to purchase them! Thanks and Blessings, Candy

  7. Image for Terri Terri

    A table runner ???????????? Really????? I envy your imagination !!!!! :) :) ... I love this idea !!!! So "Out of the Box" !!!!! So many great and fresh new ideas!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Image for Sheila F Sheila F

    Thanks for the inspiration. Loved them all... for REAL!! I've been lamenting the end of summer. It flew by waaay to fast for me. ?⁉️ ☀️ ??? You're truly helping me to transition into fall with a better attitude! I am now looking forward to pumpkins, cornstalks, bales of hay, Indian corn, those colorful teeny weeny baby squash... ... all of the little nuances that celebrate this season. Thank you! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    WOWZA!!! Soooooo many amazing fall decor ideas, KariAnne...you truly are one genius idea factory and we are blessed that you choose to share with us! My personal fave is Door #1 cos I get I'm a bit of a traditionalist, but I'd be happy for my door to look as beautiful as any of the ones you've created here! I'm big on lanterns, but never thought to fill them with anything but candles...I'm going to buy up some wee pumpkins and ghords and fill my bigger lanterns up with them! Black pumpkins always rock and they are such a classy way to usher in Halloween! I think that little glass pumpkin is absolutely gorgeous...imma have to find one of those for myself...but I'd probably use it inside as I wouldn't want anything to happen to it. And c'mon...what are you trying to do to us here...a table runner as door decor??? SHUT THE...front door! I think you blew my everlovin' mind with that one! And it's something you can even incorporate into your front-door Christmas decor, too...but I'm getting ahead of myself here...these are all fantastic ideas, KariAnne...you've definitely inspired me to adorn my front-door with goodies for fall...my neighbours will wonder what got into me...hehe!

  10. Image for Nan, Odessa, DE Nan, Odessa, DE

    What brand, texture spray paint do you use on the black pumpkin? Will you have te,pets to share for painting pumpkins?

  11. Image for Shannon Shannon

    I love all of your creative fall ideas and your idea factory in general. I am a 3rd grade teacher at a small, rural school in the foothills of California. You have inspired me once again! I want to make collaborative art pieces like the leaf runner for our classroom door! How cute would that be! Each small group could make a layered leaf out of paper and embellish it! This blog of yours truly is an idea factory- keep them coming and thank you for sharing. Happy Fall!

  12. Image for Ellen Ellen

    This is definitely the place! These are the most inspired Fall doors ever, makes me wish I had more than one front door! Love all of them, but must say Idea 3 with the grapevine pumpkin and burlap and pinecones is at the top of the list. You are an idea factory for sure. Thank-you for this terrific post!

  13. Image for Donna Donna

    Thanks for the inspiration. My "door appeal" is lacking. Yes, I headed to the Kirkland website. What you did well was rethinking the basic decor items. Love the K monogram white pumpkin. I give you an "A".

  14. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    Love all the doors ~ but especially Door No. 1 ... !! And I think that's because I immediately imagined you sneaking, stealthily, across the road to "gather free department" corn husks/stalks! Just KIDDING! I'm sure your neighbors gladly contribute anything to you, dear girl ~ that you've only to flash a big (red-lipstick) smile! Who else would have so many ideas to share? I love the white dots on the pumpkins, too, and can't wait to get my Oil Paint Markers out (weather-proof!?!) and paint circles on a few! Thanks for the much needed inspiration ~ we're still hot here in TX w/90+ temps & humidity!

  15. Image for Lanita Anderson Lanita Anderson

    I LOVE all of your great fall decorating ideas and your door and front porch look amazing!! I think my favorite was the first one with the lanterns, pumpkins, corn stalks, etc. Looking forward to more fall projects......

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