We are almost at the end of our top 10 lists of 2023.

And I just wanted to say I see you.

Every. Single. Day.

You show up.

You write the sweetest comments.

You keep my little corner of the internet afloat with your support and your encouragement and your celebration of all of life’s amazing moments.

And guess what?

2024 is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER.

I just know it.

But before we take the first step into 2024? Let’s take a look back at the year that was with the posts that you all loved the most.

Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2023.


10. The Best White Paint Colors Of 2023

If there’s one thing we can all agree on? You all love a paint color post.

Good think I speak paint.

I love talking about it and picking colors and finding paint colors I love and telling you all about it.

This was a post from the very beginning of the year and I love all these paint colors just as much now.

Here are my recommendations for the best white paint colors of 2023.

9. Ideas For Wrapping a Porch Post

We had iron porch posts on the carport right off the back driveway.

I priced out removing them and it’s so expensive.

Then I came up with the idea of simply covering them instead of removing them.

It’s such a great solution and so cost-effective and I think you all agreed.

Here’s the DIY solution for our iron porch posts.

8. How I Organize a Day In My Life

I was kind of surprised by this one.

I wrote it on a whim because I get so many questions about how I get things done and what do I do in a day as an online content creator so I wrote down what I do hour by hour.

And you are all about organizing and days and a little life.

You can see how I organize a day in my life here.

7. 10 Things I Can’t Believe I Found At a Yard Sale

The only thing getting me through the sadness after Christmas?

Knowing that spring and yard sale season are just a couple of months away.

The amazing thing about yard saling?

The fact that hope springs eternal. There’s always the potential. Always the opportunity. Always the potential for something amazing to show up.

I know. I have been the luckiest duck in the world when it comes to yard sales.

Here are 10 things I can’t believe I found at a yard sale.

6. How To Get Stains Out Of Slipcovers

These two sofas took a journey down to Waco at the twins’ apartments.

I love, love, love a white slipcover.

The challenge?

The slipcovers are sometimes a magnet for stains–especially at a college apartment.

Apparently, you all have stains, too, because this post was so popular.

Good thing I have a solution on how to get stains out of slipcovers.

5. My Favorite Bedding Combinations

I was so happy this post made the list.

This was the bedding challenge. I found all this amazing bedding that was so affordable and I created different combinations with it on my bed and then we all discussed which one was our favorite.

And because you all are amazing—you came up with even more combination ideas. The comments on this post are so sweet.

Here are my favorite bedding combinations (and where you can get them).

4. When Life Comes Full Circle

This moment.

This moment was one of my favorites of the entire year.

This is the story of my full-circle moment in the year that was 2023.

You can read the entire story here.

3. Before and After House Tour

Here’s the story of the house I live in now.

Where we started. When we have gone and all the stories in between.

This was one of my favorite posts of the year and you all agreed with me.

Here’s the before and after house tour of the house I grew up in.

2. And Right Before They Roll the Credits

If you have been reading the blog recently you may recognize this post.

It’s the story of a tiny house and the beauty of loving your home right where you are.

And one PS to this post?

I had the artist make houses for my siblings to match their houses, too.

You can read the entire story of the tiny house journey here.

1. Spring Living Room Refresh

Drumroll, please.

The number one post of the year was actually on January 12 of this year.

All those months ago I asked for your help.

I had two rugs and I couldn’t decide (spoiler alert I ended up keeping both of them) and you all showed up (like you always do) and gave me your opinions.

Can I just tell you? Your opinions never get old. I treasure them. Each and every one.

You can see the rugs and the epic rug dilemma and all the opinions here.

So what do you think?

Were you surprised?

Is there another one you think should have made the list?

I’m just so happy that you were here for 2023.

But now?

Buckle up butter cup because 2024 is going to be EVEN BETTER. 🙂

And now?

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  1. Image for laura laura

    Hi Leslie, Popped over from karianne's top posts in 2023. I saw your Banff trip! We travel with several friends from our boys' Jesuit highschool. We have done the "leaf peepers" trip back east, Boston/Martha's Vineyard and most recently New Orleans! We are looking at Canada for next fall. I think we are doing a separate ski trip to Whistler, but I have heard Banff is Canada's larger version of Vail with flowers etc. Did you guys do Airbnb's or hotels? We starting booking flights and a car in mid-March! Happy New Year! laura in Colorado

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    KariAnne, surprised you asked? Everything you write about surprises me. Your mind is always on the go. Thanks for a fun happy year. Happy New Year to you and your family. ❤️

  3. Image for Harper Harper

    Not sure what I like the most, your stories or your ideas. Look forward to seeing you everyday! Don't change a thing. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Day after tomorrow will be a new year. A new start. And many new ideas and experiences for all of us. I cant wait to see what you bring. Your wonderful, silly, amazing stories have been the start of many a morning for me. Thank You KariAnne. Big Hugs,

  5. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I love everything about YOU and yours posts! I clung to them last year after I lost my best friend, my mom. They brought me such joy and they still do. You continue to bring fresh, fun ideas and you bring us in your personal journeys! Reading your posts is like reading the best book ever. I never want to put it down, but I must finish the chapter and wait for the next one. Thank you for all that you bring to us. Happy New Year Dear Friend❣️🎊🎉 See you in 2024.

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