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Top Five Reasons to Make a Collage at PicMonkey


(5)  It’s free.  

As in nada.


Simply joyfully and wonderfully free.


linen and stamped silver


(4)  You will look like you are all that and a bag of chips.

And not the just the generic kind of chips.

The kind of chips that come in a fancy bag made from recycled materials and call themselves potato thins.


spoon project


(3)  It’s so simple.

All you do is go to PicMonkey.

Choose the collage features button.

Upload your pictures.

Choose from about 20 options of how you want to the boxes arranged in the collage.

Click to put the pictures where you  want them (or click auto fill….if you are feeling bold).

Download your collage as a picture to your computer.


stamped spoon name


(2)  Making a collage with PicMonkey is a great way to feature a project.

Like this silver stamping project that was inspired by this.


silver stamps


A silver stamping project I made using these metal stamps.


craft metal


And this piece of super thin tin sheet metal from Hobby Lobby.

So thin you could cut a rectangle out of it with scissors.


cut out craft metal


Like this.


linen and stamped silver


And then I stamped the rectangular piece of tin and stamped the spoons and hot glued everything to a piece of linen.

And framed it.

And made a collage about it.

And then I was so all about the collage that I started making this list….

…..which leads us to the number one reason that you should make a collage at Pic Monkey.


(1)  Making a collage with PicMonkey is kind of like using the word plethora in a sentence.  

It seems like it might be hard to do, but once you start you will never stop 🙂


PS  If you have questions about stamping or spoons or rectangular pieces of tin or have a plethora of questions about anything else that was not addressed in this rather random tutorial.  Please e-mail me.  I love random silver questions.

PPS  If you are interested in silver stamping and you need supplies.  Please visit The Bead Box (one of my new sponsors on my sidebar) for a plethora of silver stamping options.

PPPS  I am sharing this over at Between Naps On a Porch and Funky Junk.


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  1. Image for Suzy @ Worthing Court Suzy @ Worthing Court

    Hi Kari Anne. Thanks for the plethora of good reasons to create a collage using PicMonkey! And thanks too for the plethora of photos of your really cool stamped silver! Looking forward to a plethora of more goodness from your blog! Have a great day!

  2. Image for lynn lynn

    i just use the collage yesterday and you are so right --its awesome! the stamped project is so very clever and would make a cute wedding gift idea:) tfs!

  3. Image for shirley@housepitalitydesigns shirley@housepitalitydesigns

    Kari, now I really need to use that barrel of picmonkeys......love the collage, but love the "spooning project" more!!!....What a great idea for a shower or wedding gift....I love it!!....Will have to pop over to the Bead Box.

  4. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I love this!! It is so cute and seems pretty simple to make - right :) I thought about getting a stamping set recently but wondered if I would really use it. Now I am definitely getting a set!

  5. Image for Heidi @ Decor & More Heidi @ Decor & More

    Okay -- A) I ADORE this project! Totally pinning this. B) I always thought that photo-collaging thing was too complicated. BAH! Leave to a dust-bunny girl to demystify! Thanks bunches!! xo Heidi PS-- love using the word plethora... and the blank stares from my husband when I use it on him. :)

  6. Image for Diane Diane

    Love your stamped spoons, totally gorgeous, looking more gorgeous on that background, in that frame! I just used the collage feature at Pic Monkey for the first time yesterday, lol! I have a tip for you, if you find the auto adjust is a bit too much, try using the exposure auto adjust first. It can make a crummy photographer look good.

  7. Image for Pinky Pinky

    You have convinced me: I am going there now and TRYING to do this. Any problems and I will come back with a PLETHORA of questions:):) XO, Pinky

  8. Image for Pinky Pinky

    I guess I will have to try later. I tried and clicked on the collage button but all I get is a monkey winking at me. Nothing happens.....................

  9. Image for Drama Mama Lori Drama Mama Lori

    Had to laugh. Just (as in about 1/2 an hour ago) told my husband I was making one of these for us and another to sell. Tried to explain it to him and he just sort of stared blankly. I open up your page and BAM, of course you've done one perfectly! My only question is, what size are your stamps? I think mine area a size smaller because they don't show up as well. Anyway, it looks great! Thanks for sharing!! ~Lori

  10. Image for judi judi

    those spoons and plaque are beautiful. i must get stamping with my set of metal stampers that i found at harbor freight, a tool store in our area. now i need to find the piece of metal that i had in my craft supplies, that hopefully, i didn't get rid of it from my former tin punching, primitive, folk art decor days.

  11. Image for Kelly @ JAX does design Kelly @ JAX does design

    I just used PicMonkey for the first time yesterday - it's so much fun! I didn't try out the collage option, but I did some photo re-touching and added some funky effects. I can see how it can become VERY addictive! Your stamped spoons are beautiful, and you and your collage are most definitely all that and a recycled bag of potato thins! Hmmmm, that doesn't sound as good as a bag of chips, does it? Well, you know what I mean :-)

  12. Image for katie goldsworthy katie goldsworthy

    I love the word plethora! I agree, once you start saying it, it is hard to stop! Love that project! I'm thinking this might just be what I need to be making people for wedding presents this summer! Going to have to try Picmonkey too. I've been making collages in Power Point! Ya, I know....I could be considered technically challenged! --Katie @ Creatively Living

  13. Image for Kelly Kelly

    I love that project! It's so cute framed like that with that whimsical message. I haven't tried making a collage yet, but will definitely give it a try. Thanks fr the tutorial.

  14. Image for Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com Lisa@budgetdesigngirl.blogspot.com

    K- You are brilliant! Seriously. Brilliant. You know I saw this pin on Pinterest, but I adore the way you put yours together!! I love the linen choice, and the frame. Another genius project, which in my opinion, is just as fabulous as the photos and collages you have created in pic monkey!!!!!! I am so excited about this! I want to use a zillion exclamation points!! This was, by the way, the MOST perfect way to show some sponsor love! Talk about GREAT content!! You always seem to know just what to do to inspire us! I am DEFINITELY interested in silver stamping. I am heading over to The Bread Box to order some supplies! Now go look in the mirror, check those killer brows, and pat yourself on the back sister! You rock! xo-Lisa

  15. Image for cassie cassie

    why am i so lazy when it comes to pictures?!?! love using words like plethora, and conundrum, and effervescent.... but why do i shy away from picmonkey?

  16. Image for Savannah Granny Savannah Granny

    Hi, I just popped over from Shirley's at Housepitality Designs. I have used picmonkey but since I have been traveling I haven't been there for a few weeks. When I was there last I saw a notice that collage was coming soon. I am so glad "soon" is here. Love you silver stamped wall decor and the spooning label. My sweetieand I will have been officially spooning, fifty four years the 15th. Before that...I am not talking. I am feeling the need to go collaging tonight. Thanks for the heads up. Ginger

  17. Image for Andrea Andrea

    I haven't tried Picmonkey yet, but really should. My photos could use a little help =) Also, CA-UTE project! Do I sense an Etsy shop in your future?

  18. Image for Michele Michele

    Karianne, You make me smile with your plethora of humorous posts. And your amazing artistic talents. And your amazing PM collages. Smiling. Love PMonkey. They make me smile too.

  19. Image for Erin @ His & Hers Erin @ His & Hers

    Those spoons look so cool! And I had heard of PicMonkey but have never tried it. Knowing I might not be able to stop once I start, I better wait until the weekend to venture there. P.S. This post made me giggle a plethora of times.

  20. Image for melissa@joyineveryseason melissa@joyineveryseason

    Once my sister and I were skiing at Lake Tahoe … we were in a crowded gondola going up the mountain, and even though we were packed in there, everyone was very quiet. Except for two guys who were obviously just very happy to be themselves because they were so very … oh so very … impressive. They were clearly schooling the rest of us in How to Be Cool on the Slopes, having a loud conversation whilst studying the map of ski runs. In summary, Dude #1 says, “so all right. We get up there and we have VERITABLE PLETHORA of choices.” I still use the phrase quite liberally in honor of the Dudes on the Gondola. True story. Anyway, all that to say … I love your stamped spoons … I need someone to get married or maybe have a baby so I can give them as a gift!

  21. Image for sharon sharon

    You are right...this collage was a great way to showcase your stamping project. It is stunning!!! I love that you used the phrase "all that and a bag of chips"...I used it in a post the other day and wondered if anyone still uses that phrase. Glad to know I'm in good company! I love your writing style! Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  22. Image for Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias

    Your stamped framed silver spoons are so cute! I love it! You are always so creative. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful projects. I have been using PicMonkey but haven't done a collage yet. I am definitely want to create some now that I have seen yours.

  23. Image for Stephanie Stephanie

    Now THIS is just too adorable for words!!! Look!!! I used 3 exclamation points!!! This would be a perfect post to add to my WEDDING BLOG PARTY, Karianne! Stop by and link it up and sign up for my bridal giveaway, too! Big TX Hugs, Stephanie

  24. Image for Shannon Fox Shannon Fox

    Girl! You are getting all tech savvy on us now ;) LOL! It's super duper cute, I am def going to be trying something like this for Jimmy and I's anny coming up!!

  25. Image for Nataly Nataly

    I just wanted to learn how to make fancy spoons... but got lost somewhere between the skirt, Rush and plethora but ...loved your posts <3 thanks for making me smile :)

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