How was Christmas?

Here? The handmade Christmas WAS NEXT LEVEL. I think I have seven posts to share with you on what my brothers and sisters created (even my mother made handmade gifts for us). She also gave me the most beautiful carving set I’ve ever seen from my grandmother’s silver that we used on Christmas Day to carve the turkey. I think this year was so full of poignant moments because we came so close to losing my brother this year and it brought home the reminder to all of us that family is so important so we all tried so hard to make it extra special. I cried and laughed and celebrated and I can’t wait to share all of it with you.

But I Christmas digress.

This is the start of the week where I share all my top 10s from 2023. Kind of a way of looking back—of celebrating the year that was. So today? I’m joining two of my friends this week, Leslie from My-100-Year-Old Home and Jeanine from Happy Happy Nester to share the best of 2023 starting with the top 10 decor items that you all loved this year.

Drumroll, please.

Here are the top 10 readers’ favorite things of 2023.

The things you asked me about.

The things that made you smile.

The things you we talked about and shared and celebrated together.

Here’s the complete list of all the favorite things from 2023.

10. Family room rug

Coming in number 10 is this rug from my family room. 

It is SO PRETTY in real life. Every time I post the family room I get so many questions about this rug.


The top layer is cream and textured and looks hand-hooked.

The border is geometric with tiny squares and it’s the perfect contrast for the circles and geometric pattern in the center of the rug. I did a little research on different prices from different places and I found it for the best price here.

One last rug side note.

It also comes in blue, too.

It’s super similar to the rug (except the blue and white is reversed) from the post where I showed how to maximize your rug budget at the farmhouse.

I layered this blue and white rug with a sisal rug.

You can see the blue and white version of this rug here.

9. These blue and white striped chairs

Rolling in at number nine are these blue and white striped chairs.

Affordable. Check.

The CUTEST farmhouse legs. Check.

No back or bottom cushion so they always look neat. Check.

Good size and good value. Check. It goes in and out of stock so often, but I just checked and its in stock on Walmart.

You can see the chairs here.

These same chairs come in four different colors including this set that I have in khaki in this picture from the office several years ago.

I’ve moved them all over the house from room to room.

They used to be in the office downstairs before I moved them up to our bedroom.

You can see them in khaki here.

8. This spindle table

This spindle table is number 8 on our list.

I get asked questions about this table all the time when I share the living room.

Where to buy them? Is it sturdy? Is it constructed well?

I actually wrote an entire post just on this table.

Yes. This spindle table is a pretty, affordable, beautiful option and holds up so much better than some of my other higher-end tables and apparently you all agreed because it made its way into the top 10.

You can see the table here.

7. This set of blue and white planters

This set of blue and white planters was number seven on your list.

As well they should be. 

They are seriously the cutest and I use them all the time with everything from fresh flowers to topiaries.

The set comes in three different sizes and has a drainage hole at the bottom of each one if you want to plant real flowers in them.

You can see the entire set here.

6. This boxwood wreath

Just in time for the front door?

This boxwood wreath rolls in at number six.

You all loved this wreath and I completely understand. It’s under $30 (which is so affordable for boxwood) and it’s 20″ wide so it’s the perfect size for a standard door. This is NOT preserved boxwood. The leaves look real, but they are actually made from a kind of plastic so it’s perfect for outdoors. 

You can see the wreath here.

5. This dining room rug

So many of you (just like me) love rugs. They can make such a difference in a space without spending too much money.

The dining room rug is number five.

It really is the prettiest rug and comes in tons of different colorways.

You can see the rug here.

4. These candles

These candles were one of my FAVORITE new finds this year. I have used them over and over and over again. 

They feel like real wax come in a set of six and operate on AA batteries and have a remote and a timer.

And when the flame flickers they look so real (you can adjust the flicker, too).

You can see them here.


3. These embroidered pillows

This set of pillow covers was one of my favorite home decor finds of the year and I’m so happy y’all loved them too.

These pillows come in so many different patterns and colors (these were just two of my favorites).

They look so high-end and so fancy and the crewel work is beautiful (and you won’t believe the price).

You can see the pillow covers here.

2. This blue and white rug

Way back at the beginning of 2023, I asked you which of two different rugs did you all like better in the living room?

We decided we liked the original rug better, but I loved this blue and white rug so much that I decided to keep it and put it in the office.

The pattern is more subtle than my original blue and white rug and I love them both.

It’s such an affordable option and it comes in tons of sizes.

You can see it here.


1. This blue and white rug

Please act surprised.

This rug has been number one THREE YEARS IN A ROW. It’s not even close between this rug and the rest of the favorites.

I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and I’ve ordered it for tons of clients and friends’ houses and it never disappoints. It’s hard to find a true navy and white rug and this one is the perfect color. It even has hints of gray to give the navy more depth.

You can see the rug here.

So what did you think of the list? Agree? Disagree?

Was there something that you liked that didn’t make the top 10?

And seriously? Thank you SO MUCH.

For sharing fun finds with me. For shopping with me. For making life just generally a little more fun.

Life is so much better with friends.

Just. Like. You.

And now?

Here are some more favorites from some of my favorite people

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  1. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Good Morning, Happy day after Christmas. Great list of favorite things. I bought the cream and circular motif rug for my living room. I love that rug! The only thing that didnt make your top 10 and should have... the white chairs with turned arms that you have in your office. LOL... Big Hugs,

  2. Image for Diana Diana

    These are great picks, but the dining room rug is my favorite. Oh, and I love the black and white one on the porch too. I can't wait for the handmade gift reveals. Yeah....

  3. Image for T J Nash T J Nash

    I just started reading Thistlewood Farms a couple of weeks ago. You are a great presenter of furniture, rugs, etc.!!! I'm going to enjoy your thoughts! Have a wonderful 2024!

  4. Image for Linda Linda

    I love your picks so much. I actually have two of your favorites. I've had the blue stripe chairs for a few years and love them. I just recently got the rug from your living room for mine, and love it too. Please keep the great ideas coming and wishing you and your family a happy, healthy New Year!

  5. Image for Jill Fox 🦊 Jill Fox 🦊

    Good morning! I just started admiring Thistlewood Farms! You have a keen eye to detail and style! I am a new website entrepreneur. I would love to invite you and your readers to check out my home decor website. Check me out at I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback and ideas you may have! So glad you enjoyed Christmas! Ours was wonderful considering I am currently recovering from an emergency appendectomy! Surprise Surprise! Lol. But seriously…thoroughly enjoy your vibe!

  6. Image for Laura Laura

    Thank you for always sharing your favorites and your readers . It’s always a pleasure to get your email. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas and glad your brother is better.

  7. Image for Erica W Smith Erica W Smith

    Happy New Year Karianne!! ALWAYS is so pretty in your home! Fantastic list!! The last rug is STUNNING and the PERFECT Navy even on the screen it looks perfect! Lol You're embroidered pillows are one of my favorites!! I got the set of Tulips and want the solid blue also! I can't wait to see your Homemade Christmas!! That's what we are doing next year all the way down to the youngest kiddos! Hope you have a WONDERFUL New Year!! May 2024 bring you blessings beyond measure, double the readers/followers, joy unspeakable, prosperity x's 100 & love over flowing!!! Blessings & Friendship, Erica

  8. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Hi KariAnne. I wanted you to know that I just ordered the tan and white rug you have in the room off your kitchen for my living room and the blue and white rug from your living room as well for my other living room!!! I’m so ex tied. I had new LVP put in in July and since both rooms are fairly large they needed warming up. I’ve looked at hundreds of rugs and I’m tired of looking!! I li e yours so I just ordered the! Now I can relax. I’ve probably asked you this before but did you place a rug pad u der yours or use carpet tape?? Thank you for your inspiration and taste. It’s so classy

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