Hello 2024.

It’s nice to meet you.

But before we hang out and paint a few rooms and start an entire furniture painting series and redo the center hallway and add new moldings and new architectural details and reconstruct the upstairs bathroom?

Before all that happens can we press pause and take a look back?

There are lots of good projects in 2023.

Just in case you missed them?

Just in case you forgot?

Just in case you have a project folder that needs a few ideas?

Here are my top ten projects from 2023.

Spoiler alert: it was a really, really, REALLY good year.

10. Dollar Tree DIY wreath

I was kind of surprised that this fall project made the list.

These clip-on pumpkins came from Dollar Tree and I kind of invented a wreath around them.

The project started with a wire wreath form—then I made the burlap wreath and clipped on the pumpkins.

That’s it.

See the how-to on this dollar tree DIY wreath here.

9. DIY hand-hooked monogram

I’m kind of counting this project as an ode to the handmade projects I’m about to share.

My sister made this hand-hooked monogram trivet last Christmas.

I shared it—but instead of using it as a trivet, I decorated with it instead.

You can read the story of the non-trivet and what it turned into now here.

8. Wood slice branches

This project that showed up at number 8 is the easiest project on the entire list.


You only need two things to make these branches.

It’s the perfect project to make with friends or a Hallmark movie.

Or both.

You can see the DIY instructions here.

7. Craft room makeover

This craft room makeover was finished just in time for the holiday season.

It was the family wrapping room and keeper of all the Christmas secrets.

It started out as a neutral room.

And then?

I added a little color.

See the entire craft room makeover here.


6. DIY baseboards

I live in a 1908 house that’s full of architectural details.

Except in the office.

I wanted the office baseboards to match the rest of the house and so we came up with this simple solution to DIY historic baseboards that are affordable.

See the how-to for the baseboards here.

5. Hanging curtains in a bay window

The office has a very small bay window.

I wanted to hang curtains in the bay window that mimicked the other curtains in the room.

It was a challenge.


Until we figured out this simple solution for hanging curtains in a bay window here.

4. How to paint a fireplace

Have you ever thought about painting brick?

I know it can be a little controversial, but I am a fan.

It made the biggest difference in this space, especially with this brilliant navy blue.

See all the details on how to paint a fireplace here.

3. Bathroom Storage Hack

I am bathroom storage challenged.

The upstairs bathroom is so narrow and there’s not really a space for all the freshy powders that I use every day.

I had been storing them outside the bathroom in the hallway.

And then I found these cabinets at a yard sale and my huband built them in for me.

You can see how to DIY narrow shelving with this bathroom storage hack here.

2. Turning  a closet into a guest room

After I made over the office at the beginning of the year?

I wanted it to live it’s very best life—so we turned it into a guest room.

It was so simple.

I’ve tried several other solutions for the space and this was by far the best (and obviously popular) solution to the challenge of adding a guest room to a space that has another purpose like an office or craft room.

You can see how to turn a closet into a guest room here.

1. How to hide TV cords

Who knew this project would be number one?

It was such an easy solution to all those cords.

And don’t tell the other projects?

But it wasn’t even close.

This was the project (or solution to a problem) that you all loved the most.

Here’s how to hide TV cords.


Raising my glass to all the amazing that has gone before.

All the incredible before and after projects from 2023.

But now?

I can’t WAIT to see what 2024 brings.

I have a feeling the before and afters and DIYs and projects are going to be EVEN BETTER. 🙂

And now?

Here are some of the top projects from some of my favorite friends

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