Elegant living room with a blue and white color scheme, featuring chic patterned curtains, matching decorative plates on the wall, cozy sofas with patterned pillows, and a stylish area rug, all bathed in natural sunlight.

Did you see?

Amazon just dropped a giant sale to celebrate spring.

It’s being advertised everywhere I and went over to check it out and just between us?

There is a LOT on sale.

Tons of good deals and tons of good finds but just in case you didn’t have time to sift through all of the sale finds?

No worries.

I went first. 🙂

You know how much I love to shop so I combed through all the deals and whittled my sale list down to my top 10 finds. Everything that’s on the list either I own and love or I just put the item in my cart.

Are you ready?

Want to shop with me?

Oh, good.


An elegant dining setting featuring a blue and white floral table runner, with a coordinating striped napkin and cushion, complementing the stylish chair in a serene room.

Close-up of a floral fabric with blue patterns on a white background, showcasing a variety of flower and leaf designs with a traditional feel.

// blue and white tablecloth//

1. This blue and white tablecloth

You know we had to start with the blue and white.


This is one of the prettiest patterns (and the weight and texture of the fabric feels so high-end.

The tablecloth measures 60″ x 84″ and is perfect for an Easter table. There’s a border around the edge and the tablecloth is over 50% off right now and it’s under $20.

It comes in several other sizes, but those are sold out right now (hopefully they will come back in stock soon).

You can see the tablecloth here.

A set of two plush white bed pillows with a blue "brand new upgrade" tag attached, possibly advertising their comfort or an improved design.

// set of cooling pillows //

2. These cooling pillows

Let’s GO with these pillows. They are absolutely amazing and have the perfect amount of give and fluff.

I’m not even sure it’s a thing, but it seems like the perfect way to describe them.

We have them here at the house and the twins even requested them when they left for college.

The set of two is on amazing deal right now—75% off and an extra 15% off coupon.

You can see the set of pillows here.

An assortment of colorful coffee pods neatly arranged in a metal holder on a kitchen counter, with a coffee maker and toaster in the background, ready for a quick and convenient brew.

A black metal mesh drawer organizer filled with a variety of coffee pods, viewed from a slight angle above.

// k-cup organizer //

3. This k-cup organizer

I tried several different options for storing the k-cups including using a vintage milkglass bowl.

But none really worked that well—especially because we are short on space in the butler’s pantry.

And then?

I found this drawer option that pulls out and sits under the coffee maker. It is so fancy and it keeps all the k-cups in perfect order.

You can see the k-cup organizer here.

A motion-activated outdoor security light mounted on a wall.

A wall-mounted light fixture casting a glow at night, with vertical elements of a structure framing the image, creating an ambiance of quiet and simplicity.

Four identical solar-powered led wall lights with motion sensors displayed against a white background.

// set of four outdoor solar lights //

4. These outdoor solar lights

I want to sing the praises of these solar lights from the rooftop.

I bought them last fall and they are still working so well.

We have them on the back fence as well as the carport.

The sun charges them and ours stay lit for 6-8 hours after it gets dark. They are on sale for quite a bit cheaper than I paid when I bought them.

You can see the set of four outdoor solar lights here.

A person standing on tiptoe showcasing a pair of black leggings with a side pocket.

// my go-to leggings //

5. My go-to leggings

I have talked about these leggings since I first found them three years ago.

They feel like a much higher-end brand and are so buttery soft.

They also have pocket and a tummy control band at the top.

You can see my favorite leggings here.

A neatly organized wooden drawer containing office supplies, including pens, scissors, paper clips, pushpins, binder clips, and a few adhesive hooks.

// drawer organizers //

6. Drawer organizers

I have these all over the house.

They come in 4 different sizes and you can mix and match them to fit your specific drawer.

These organizers are the best price I’ve ever seen and there’s an extra 15% off coupon right now, too.

You can see the drawer organizers here.

A line of spherical light bulbs with a modern, minimalist design suspended from a bar by stylized holders that resemble vintage pulleys, creating an industrial-chic lighting feature.

// outdoor string lights //

7. Outdoor string lights

Hello spring and summer parties, I’m looking at you.

I’ve been waiting for a great deal on outdoor lights for our backyard pergola and this is such a good deal.

These outdoor lights are on sale for under $13 right now.

You can see the outdoor string lights here.


// Little Green Machine //

8. Little Green Machine

I’ve discussed how much I love this little green machine before.

It works wonders at getting stains out of rugs and upholstery.

Especially if you have a Buddy.

You just spray and pull the nozzle across the stains and it gets them out—even stubborn stains that have been there for a while.

Trust me. I know. 🙂

You can see the Little Green Machine here.

A neat stack of fluffy white towels in various sizes on a white background.

//six-piece towel set //

9. Six-piece towel set

I’m always on the lookout for good towels at a good price.

This set has over 100,000 ratings and comes in tons of different colors.

Great price at over 50% off right now.

You can see the six-piece towel set here.

Modern handheld garment steamer with a translucent blue water tank and ergonomic handle design.

// this travel steamer //

10. This travel steamer

I seriously can’t remember life before I found this steamer.

It may or may not have involved an iron.


All I need is this to keep everything un-wrinkled. I use it on everything—from duvet covers to dresses to curtains.

You can see the travel steamer here.

Elegant living room with a blue and white color scheme, featuring chic patterned curtains, matching decorative plates on the wall, cozy sofas with patterned pillows, and a stylish area rug, all bathed in natural sunlight.


That was a LOT and so much fun all at the same time.

There are TONS more deals over on Amazon with the Big Spring Sale if you are looking for something specific.

You can see all the deals here.

If you need any help with recommendations or finding a deal on something you are shopping for? Just drop it in the comments and I’ll research it.

After all, shopping is so much more fun with friends. 🙂

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  1. Image for Judy Young Judy Young

    Karianne, Good Morning! Just wanted to let you know that the link for the cooling pillows takes you to the tablecloth. I am interested in the pillows, they look great!

    1. Image for KariAnne Wood KariAnne Wood

      I'm so so so sorry! Here's the link to the pillows: https://urlgeni.us/amazon/Sa6dI They are a set of two and there's a 15% off coupon you can stack! Just click the box! Happy day!

  2. Image for Kristine M Bourret Kristine M Bourret

    K cups are another source of unnecessary plastic that goes into landfills...how about using individual sized filter for coffee...

  3. Image for Christine Christine

    Hi, I think it was last spring and you used a helpful machine to clean your outdoor patio cushion. I’m cleaning my with a spray on cleaner and lots of elbow grease. They still look yucky. Would do please share what you used. THANK YOU 😊

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