I just ran the numbers and looked up the top posts of 2022.

And it’s official.

You like thrift store makeovers.


Three of the top posts were about things I found by the side of the road and the aisles of the thrift store.  Who knew?  And that made me think.  Should I post more thrift store finds in 2023?  Are there things about shopping at thrift stores you wish you knew and wanted to ask someone who wears lipstick and new fancy bobby pins she got for Christmas?

And can I follow up that query with another question?

Are there any other decorating posts you’d like to see in the new year?

Because I have 10 bright red fingernails that would love to write them.

So today as part of the end-of-the-year series with my friend Leslie from My 100-Year-Old-Home I’m posting all the posts you all loved from 2022.

Here they are counting down from 1 – 10.

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Number 10: How to make a scarf bow

Apparently, you all love making bows.

This post on how to make a bow from a scarf was my most popular post in December and rolls in at number 10 on our list.

You can see the 1-minute bow here.

Number 9: How to paint curtains

Yes. It’s true. You can paint curtains.

And it’s so much easier than it looks.

Here’s our number nine entry and all about painting fabric and curtains.

Number 8: These 17 furniture makeovers

See what I mean?

You all are all about a thrift store furniture makeover.

And here are 17 of them.

You can see them here.

Number 7: My 10 favorite drugstore make-up finds

I’m as surprised at this post as you are.

But when I shared this post about all my tried and true make-up finds, you all clicked.

And we all celebrated this $5 mascara together.


Number 6: This Cape Cod beach house tour

We went up to the Cape in April this year and I shared our family’s beach house.

It’s full of a mix of antiques and beach finds.

Take the entire tour here.

Number 5: These organizing ideas

I’m so happy that organizing ideas made the list.

I shared this post in January of last year and it rolls in at number 5 on our list.

See all the organizing ideas here.

Number 4: This thrift store furniture makeover

I shared this thrift store makeover as one of my top 10 projects of 2022.

And now it’s number 4 on the most popular post list.

You can see the before and after here.

Number 3: These side-of-the road shutters

I found these shutters by the side of the road.

Free. Free. Freeity free free free.

I transformed them with a little paint and hung the wreath from a hinge at the top.

You can see the entire transformation here.

Number 2: This painted checkerboard floor

When we peeled up the carpet in our bedroom, we discovered plywood floors.

So we painted them with the cutest checkerboard.

See the entire before and after here.

Number 1: The day we painted our house

Drum roll please.

The number one post from 2022?

A little house before and after. We added shutters and painted the house and it completely transformed the exterior of our home.

See the before and after here and some of the best exterior white paint colors here.

And now?

Here’s what Leslie had to say about her top 10 posts:

“This top ten list is one that you all chose! There are definitely some surprises but going back and reading these blog posts was so much fun!

I loved that you all really responded to different types of posts! I was most surprised about the posts I wrote where I didn’t agree with some of the latest trends. They might have been a bit controversial but as you all know, I have no trouble sharing my opinions! I can’t wait to see what you think of the list.”

You can see Leslie’s top 10 posts here.

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  1. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I remember reading all of them and enjoying each one. You've had so many I'm sure it was very hard to stop choosing. Lol. Have a great day

  2. Image for Lynn Lynn

    Dear KariAnn, I love your style and bubbly personality. You are precious! Do you have ideas for those of us on an extremely tight budget? I, too have an old house but yours seems so well maintained, neat and organized. I would love some of your secrets to a beautifully appointed home. Thank you so much! Lynn G. Columbia, SC

  3. Image for Janice Jordan Janice Jordan

    What color did you use on your external doors….I’m thinking about painting my doors and it looks like a nice black.

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