This neutral rug in the front foyer pairs well with the dark wood floors.

 Last week I got a question about the rugs in my house and I realized two things.

1.  I’ve had these rugs for over five years.

2.  And like that awkward relative at the family reunion that you love, but you’re never sure why they have a lego collection….

….I never talk about them.

Until now.

Today is rug public service announcement day.

And here’s the rug 411.

This seagrass rug against the wood floors is farmhouse chic.

Let’s start with my favorite rug of all time.

The seagrass rug.

I’ve always been drawn to natural fiber rugs and the different types of these rugs can be overwhelming.  I’ve tried them all and for different reasons, most of them didn’t work in my home.  For example, sisal rugs are pretty, but they stain very quickly and really show wear and tear.  Jute rugs get snags and can unravel over time.  But the seagrass rug?

Here’s a close up of the rug in the foyer.

After five years it looks almost new.

And this is the rug in the front entry and it’s seen dogs and cats and kids and snow and rain and wet boots and mud and dirt….

….and it still looks like this.

The blue window curtains in this living room pop against the gray walls.

Here’s another five year old seagrass rug in my front living room.

The thing I like best about seagrass rugs is that the dirt just disappears through the rug.

It’s like magic.

The kids have spilled orange soda and crushed cheetos and oreos and I just blotted the stain with a little water and it looks brand new.

The neutral tones in this master bedroom compliment the white fireplace.

And another five year old seagrass rug in the bedroom.

This was the rug that started it all.

I needed a 12 foot by 15 foot rug for this room and I needed it to be cheap.  I found this rug at Home Decorator’s Collection for under $300 which is the perfect budget when you are trying to convince your husband you need a rug and a clawfoot bathtub.

The only drawback to the seagrass rug is that they aren’t the best to walk on with bare feet.

But I just think of all that disappearing dirt and get a pair of slippers.

This colorful orange rug adds interest to this guest room.
Sometimes I’ve layered the seagrass rug (this one I bought at Lowe’s) with a smaller rug to add a little color.

This orange rug adds a pop of color, but I can change it out if I get tired of the bold color and still keep the seagrass rug in the room.

You can also get the seagrass rugs with different color borders….I am just drawn to the neutral edging.

This Thanksgiving themed table featuring a colorful centerpiece is festive.

Enter my favorite rug number two.

This is actually an indoor/outdoor neutral rug I found at Home Decorator’s Collection, too.  I don’t think they sell this particular version any more because I bought it five years ago, too.  But I’ve seen similar rugs at Ballard Designs and Pottery Barn and the scratch-and-dent store around the corner from my house.

This neutral rug works great indoors and outdoors too.

Here’s a close-up of the rug.

I have two of these 5 x 8 rugs in my kitchen.  I bought them about five years ago after we refinished the floors because I wanted to break up all the wood in the room.

Best purchase ever.

I think they were about $50 each and because they are indoor/outdoor….they make stains disappear, too.

Here’s a similar indoor/outdoor neutral rug.

This stair runner rug pairs perfectly with the silver hardware.

I also bought the same rug in an indoor/outdoor runner and cut them to fit on the stairs.

This picture was taken yesterday, five years after I bought them.

The positives are they are easy to walk on and they have held up remarkably well.

The only negative is that I wish they had a little more texture like the seagrass rug.

These blue accent pillows look great on the white vintage chair.

That’s my big natural fiber rug opinion.

What about you?

Inquiring rugs want to know. 🙂

Here are some of my other favorite indoor/outdoor rugs:

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  1. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Thanks so much for talking about these things. I saw an 8 x 10 jute rug this weekend for $70 but I just couldn't buy it because it looked and felt so scratchy and I thought it would shed. I love the idea of an indoor/outdoor rug inside. With the dog and the kids it just makes sense but I wanted to make sure it would look ok indoors so you definitely helped me out. Thanks!

  2. Image for Becky Becky

    Karianne, Great information. I love neutral rugs also and always wondered about the wear and tear issue. I'd love to have one up the stairs like you've done. You've got the wheels turning in my head now.

  3. Image for Julie Timmerman Julie Timmerman

    Thank you so much Karianne for answering my question. I am amazed at how wonderful your rugs look for being 5 years old! When I went to the store to look at natural fiber rugs it was a bit confusing, jute,sisal, seagrass ect. So I am happy to get this info from my blogging expert friend! I am so excited to have found you out there in cyberspace! Happy Monday!

  4. Image for Barbara Bussey Barbara Bussey

    This is great to know. I bought some sea grass area rugs for Tahoe and thought I was buying sisal. Glad sea grass is the better option! Great option on the stairs as well! I'm looking at Home Decorators for a bathroom vanity. I was mentally questioning their quality. Hopefully, it's as good as their rugs! Cheers!

  5. Image for Wangu Wangu

    I love how new they look.. and the natural look really compliments the wood in the floor.. See the baskets at the base of your chimney, Love them! I will try to diy some and will let you know how it goes :)

  6. Image for Cindy@Diybeautify Cindy@Diybeautify

    I love your rugs. I've never tried seagrass but now I want it (oh wait, I still have yucky carpet in my house). I had a jute rug in our last house that had hardwoods and hated it, it was so messy and always dirty underneath..and it scratched my beautiful floors :( We had a yard sale when we moved and I could not give that rug away (it was the $99 Ikea one). Actually, we did give it away, lol. Some hippie guy decided to make a giant hammock out of it...not sure if it worked for him or not! I'll definitely consider seagrass next time :)

  7. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I've always wondered. They all were the same I thought. Oh how wrong I was!! I have a rather vivid rug in my entry that plays off the bright drapes I chose yet I'm still glad for my understated wool Persian style rug under our seating area in the great room. My house is small so I've not tried sea grass. But I think it sounds like a good choice for by my French doors which does get lots of wear. I had to go back up: sea grass rug. Sea grass rug!!!! Nothing else!!!!!

  8. Image for Donna Donna

    I just bought my indoor/outdoor at Lowe's. Spent about $100 for it. Just love it. Worked out well for my dining room.

  9. Image for Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns Colleen@LilacDriveDesigns

    Ah, rugs...I've been through more rugs in my day than I can count. Two years ago I purchased a 5x8 jute rug from Pottery Barn and it sits under my dining room table. I still love it and it really doesn't get much wear and is holding up nicely. What I don't like about it is that even though I put the rug pad under it (you know, that white thing that is supposed to keep it in place) it really doesn't work all that well. The ends bunch up and I have to flip back the corners and straightened it constantly. Any suggestions for a better rug pad for sea grass and jute rugs?

  10. Image for Robin Stephens Robin Stephens

    Such a helpful post. I have a few places I could use hardy area rugs... I do have a question, thouugh. What kind of (if any) floor treatment do you put under them, the generic holey rug pads or something else? Thank you!! =)

  11. Image for Shelley @ Calypso in the Country Shelley @ Calypso in the Country

    Great info - I always wonder how well certain rugs hold up. I have been thinking about a seagrass rug for my dining room but have always been hesitant with a golden retriever. As for the indoor outdoor rugs - love them! I have had one from Ballard in my kitchen for probably 5 or so years and it has held up really well. There is only one spot on the far end where the dog scratched it and pulled a section when she was in her crazy puppy stage. It really is the perfect rug for under a kitchen table though! Shelley

  12. Image for Karen Karen

    The picture with the orange rug and map that in your house? I don't remember it on your house tour... I really love it! I love your style, and it has helped me a lot in figuring out my own style. I like color and have some pieces in color. But I always have had a hard time making it work. Since I discovered the blog word a little over a year ago, your blog has been a staple I keep going back to and measuring from. I finally realized when I kept looking at all these places with color that I don't love those colorful places AT ALL! Weird right? I love some color, and bold color, just not so much of it. I keep coming back to your blog, which for the most part is much more neutral ... but I love it, and I love it ALL the time. So I have been really working hard to join a dose of color to more neutral and carry it through my house so it blends. Seeing that picture of that room was like "YES" ! I am always working on a free or thrift store budget, as my hubby is a new Pastor and he only has a part-time church so funds are really limited! Thanks for ALWAYS being such a great inspiration to so many including me...and I always love your witty stories and your brand of humor! You make me smile!

  13. Image for jae jae

    Thanks for a great, informative post! I love the look of seagrass, but was afraid of scratching my wood floors. Also curious, what type of rug pad do you use underneath? I have done sisal before...that, too, is a little rough to walk on, but our cats adored it! Go figure.

  14. Image for Sherry Fisher Sherry Fisher

    I'm getting new flooring due to water damage from a water heater leak, and am going to get a new area rug. I know what style I like, but never thought of seagrass! I am going rug shopping!

  15. Image for Janette @ The 2 Seasons Janette @ The 2 Seasons

    When we were riding our bicycles in India last year, we stopped and watched women spin coconut husk fibers into the ropes that are woven to make the rugs that we use. It was really cool. Of course, the seagrass rugs aren't made from coconuts, but it's the same method. I was glad to see they were working in good conditions, seemed to like their jobs, and were happy. It wasn't a sweatshop, thank goodness.

  16. Image for Scribbler Scribbler

    Thanks ever so much for your public service announcement! Reading it this a.m. over coffee, I showed it to the husband. Immediately after breakfast, we hotfooted it up to Home Depot, where we ordered just what we needed. Seagrass, neutral border in 7 x 9. It is going in the hard work area of the kitchen (in front of sink, stove, under island), because I am seriously tired of whitewashing the tiles in that area all the time. Yes, I painted the tile. I suppose I need a rug pad?

  17. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    Currently, we have old carpeting throughout our house. We are waiting to get the $$$ to install hardwood floors. After all, with one dog, two cats, and three females with long hair, my vacuuming situation is a constant nightmare. I had hardwood in my last home and it was SO much easier to keep clean. Once we install the wood, I will need several rugs. Thanks for the advice about the seagrass rugs. They seem to be a great choice - and I will certainly remember this post when the time comes to purchase rugs. Best, Michelle from

  18. Image for Cami Graham Cami Graham

    I have a jute rug - absolutely love the chunky natural look . . . but the shedding makes me crazy! Had it in the living room until I was tired of all my kids looking like they rolled around with dogs. Moved it under my dining table where no one crawls around on it, and I like it much better. It too hides all the crumbs until I get around to vacuuming. Just a little paranoid about grape juice ;)

  19. Image for Linda Linda

    Love all your posts, and want to thank you for the ongoing inspiration. In the closeups of the rugs I couldn't help but notice your beautiful wood floors. I'm in a 100 year old craftsman and have taken up layers of vinyl and crud from my kitchen floor and am down to bare century old heart pine. Very torn over "modern day" finishing with poly (for convenience) or hand waxed and buffed for beauty. How are your beautiful floors finished - hope you don't mind sharing this information.

  20. Image for Julie Julie

    Hi Karianne! Your favorite rug #2 is still available at Home Decorators b/c I just bought two of them. After seeing your stair runner I did the exact same thing on a set of stairs here at the inn and it is holding up beautifully. Anyone looking for it should google "saddlestitch rug" and it should come up in the search. Thank you for your great posts!

  21. Image for Suzanne Melton Suzanne Melton

    I'm so glad you like Home Decorators Collection. I love their selection and their customer service. AND THEIR SALES! When I was looking online for a dining room rug, I knew Spring in the Farm in black would be beautiful (obviously, I'm not quite a neutral home decorator!). The 7'9" x 9'9" was $599. Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to convince Dave that we need to spend six hundred dollars on a rug. Don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I save fives. Anytime I get a five-dollar bill in change, I rat-hole it in my office with a note about what outrageous thing I'm going to buy. When I get enough, I bank them and then buy the outrageous thing. In the past, it's been a bidet toilet seat, a double-round barber chair needing restoration, and a color laser printer. I was so excited when the rat-hole got to six hundred dollars. When I went to the Home Decorators website, they were having a 25% off rug sale with FREE shipping! The second-best thing about a black rug: we have five cats. When Dave vacuums the rug, the rug always looks new when he's done.

  22. Image for Sandra Sandra

    How do you keep the rug borders clean? I like the rugs but I'm sure that the fabric borders must get stained/dirty eventually.

  23. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    The rugs look great! I also love the blue and white fabric of the drapes. Could you please tell me what the name of the fabric is and where you found it. I have been looking for blue and white fabrics to do my living room over with and can't really find anything I like. Also, any ideas on where to look for fabrics on line. Thanks so much!

  24. Image for Terri Terri

    Great info.... the rugs are gorgeous!! I've been on the look out for new area rugs myself... mine in the living areas have seen better days... not to mention I'm tired of the floral / lots going on look!! :) ... want to tone it down a bit.. and have neutral rugs!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  25. Image for DottieK DottieK

    Question about seagrass rugs standing up to having a cat. I had two house cats and they totally shredded areas of a costly leather sofa and chair. Have one cat left and he knows he shouldn't claw at the leather pieces but he knows he can get away with his shenanigans when I'm asleep, outside or away from home. Does a seagrass rug have a chance? Just how well do they hold up against cats. I will have wood floors in my new pad and would love to have something like seagrass rugs in areas.

  26. Image for Jillynn Jillynn

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I have a whole cartload of rugs on home Decorator and couldn't decide but now I know! Sea grass it is for my dining room rug! Our three young kids can't ruin it!!!! Yay! Like you we have soooo much wood, and don't get me wrong I LOVE my old farmhouse quarter sawn oak floors but I need something to break it up! We are building a 10' dining room table too so it needs to be huge.... And not cost a second mortgage:-) I'll keep you posted on that table:-) and the rugs!!!! I think I will do one in my front entry too and move the gorgeous white and cream one to our bedroom! Oh I'm giddy with the possibilities!

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