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Join the Thistlewood Mastermind Community and discover how to turn your blog into a business (one full of more potential than you can even imagine).

ever dreamed of having a business where you can work from home and make a part-time or full-time income?

just between us?


Let me help.

Here are just a few of the things we will cover in the monthly Thistlewood Mastermind Community:

  • Five things every blog needs to be successful
  • How to pitch a brand
  • Creative marketing ideas for your blog
  • How to grow your e-mail list and make it profitable
  • 50 ideas for blogging content
  • a proven daily checklist to help promote your content
  • 10 simple tips to grow your social media and connect with brands
  • How to monetize your blog to make an income
  • How to connect with brands and get noticed
  • 7 simple ideas to create campaigns that work (and get rebooked)

The price? $47/month

Membership in the Thistlewood Mastermind Community includes:

  • Access to a private Facebook group full of other bloggers and influencers you can network with
  • 2 monthly ZOOM calls hosted by KariAnne where you can interact and ask questions
  • Monthly Q & A sessions
  • Weekly challenges to keep you on track
  • Sharing threads to grow your social accounts
  • Accountability and goal-setting
  • Up-to-the-minute blogging, SEO, social media and branding tips
  • And most importantly? Encouragement and support and education to help you meet your goals

Here’s what people are saying:

“KariAnne has been my mentor and friend and truly inspires me every day. Not only is she brilliant, but she is the hardest and smartest blogger I know. I have learned so much about blogging from KariAnne. She is the best!” ~Leslie from My 100-Year-Old Home

“A fount of knowledge that you won’t find ANYWHERE else and an endless source of inspiration and positivity, KariAnne Wood is absolutely the best of the best when it comes to the blogging, social media and influencer worlds. She is the first person we call when we need advice and always goes above and beyond to make sure that we understand and implement her tips and tricks. If you’re looking to expand your platform—or simply make it better—you won’t find a better mentor.” ~Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson Harvey from Design Chic

“KariAnne is such an inspiration and she has taught me so much about blogging and business- and she makes it so easy to learn and grow!” ~Courtney from French Country Cottage

“KariAnne is an amazing teacher, and I have learned so much from her. Not only does she know every aspect of blogging thoroughly, but she is willing to share and help! She is truly someone who wants to see others succeed, and that’s what makes her so special.” Shelia from Maison De Cinq

“I met KariAnne several years ago as a new blogger when I used her consulting services and I found her to be not only exceptionally knowledgeable but incredibly generous with her time.  She genuinely enjoys sharing her expertise and helping others.  Now, several years later, I am still learning from her with every conversation we have.  Her energy and drive is both boundless and infectious and her wealth of knowledge seems limitless. She is well versed on an infinite number of topics and her instruction is clear and, more than a little bit entertaining!”~ Lori from Designthusiasm


“When I was contemplating starting a blog, I looked to KariAnne for her honest opinion and expertise. KariAnne is one of those people who you meet and she instantly becomes your best friend.  Not only is she engaging and funny, she is a marketing wizard.  Her depth of knowledge and expertise is endless.  But more importantly, she loves sharing what she knows to help make YOU successful.  I have attended two KariAnne workshops, and each time I come away with a thousand ideas.  Her excitement is contagious and she lifts your confidence in navigating the world of social media.  I highly recommend everything and anything KariAnne does.” ~Mary from Life at Bella Terra

“KariAnne is not just inspiring, she also gives you specific steps pertinent to your blog to be able to grow your brand and expand your reach!  Learning from her has opened up so many more possibilities for me to monetize my brand!” ~Chloe from Celebrate Decorate Design

“KariAnne is Gem.  She is a “One of a Kind” teacher!  I attend KariAnne’s Inspire Gathering and have had many follow up phone consultants with her.  KariAnne is a great teacher and mentor.  She motivates and inspires others to focus on their goals and where they are in the journey. KariAnne has a wealth of experience and is always willing to advise and assist.  I have learned so much from KariAnne and so appreciate her.” ~Cynthia from Create With Cynthia

“KariAnne has the gift of being able to drill down and simplify what each individual should be doing. She validates each student’s unique goals and unique spot on the common blogging road. She smoothes that road and points out many opportunities with enthusiasm that is contagious!” ~Diane from Southhouse Designs

“I have learned so much from KariAnne!  Her wealth of knowledge and experience has helped me understand where to focus my energy on my blog.  We’ve covered SEO, Pinterest, Keywords, Traffic, Email Marketing, Working with Brands, Trends & Content Calendar, Time Management, and more.  She is my go-to when I have a question regarding my business, and I know I can trust her.” ~Chas from Chas’ Crazy Creations

“KariAnne is as experienced as they come in the world of blogging! She’s delightful to work with, is always willing to answer any questions and freely shares her hard-earned blog knowledge. She is the cream of the crop of Blogging Teachers!” ~Kristin from Perfectly Distressed

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