Random thoughts on a Monday morning:

1. First really good yard sale of the season on Saturday.  I knew it was going to be good by the lettering on the sign.  I found a vintage swivel chair for the office and a mid-century dresser for the upstairs bedroom and a tiny table that I may or may not paint.

2. Where have all the really good romantic comedies gone?  Every time I think I may go to the movies, I look at all that’s playing are horror films or superhero movies.  No judgement Superman, but I need a really good Sleepless in Seattle sometimes.

3. My littlest twin is in Nicaragua this week with my mother on a mission trip.  She was so excited about going.  I am excited for her, too, but I’ll be more excited when she’s home.

4. The new Trading Spaces comes back on April 7 on TLC.  I can’t wait.  Did you watch the original one?  I hope they bring back Hilde and her flower walls.

And now?

Let’s see what the internet has been up to last week.

My favorite decorating budget is FREE.

It looks like Lauren’s is too.

Here are 14 ways to decorate your house for free.

And for a little more free.

These farmhouse spice labels are free downloads.

See the entire set here.

And look at this simple spring vignette.

It’s so fresh and so easy to recreate.

See the entire vignette here.

And everything about this spring tour makes me happy.

This is one of my favorite blogs.

See the entire tour here.


And in random news this week:

How to do everything better

These dyed Easter eggs

This kitchen

This runner

These paper flowers and their pots

This house tour

These fun DIYs

And these Easter egg ideas.

When did Easter get even cuter? 🙂

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  1. Image for cheapdiva cheapdiva

    Go see Game Night! We typically see dramas but nothing appealed to us last week so we saw this. Four of us agreed we had not laughed that hard in years!!

    1. Image for Jenny W Jenny W

      My daughter and I also went to see Game Night :) The entire movie theater was laughing so hard! I even had tears LoL! Just the pick-me-up I needed on a dreary evening.

  2. Image for Teresa G Teresa G

    Love this new photo of you! I am also awaiting the return of Trading Spaces!! Didn't Hilde also do black walls? I think she was ahead of her time.

  3. Image for cindy cindy

    OMG! Lake Junaluska is in my neighborhood! I walk around it all the time! I'm looking forward to Trading Places too!

  4. Image for Kathy Kathy

    Can't wait for Trading Spaces! My favorite was Frank. Does anyone remember Hilde and the straw walls? I remember reading the homeowner had to remove them because she had allergies. Your hair looks great in the new pic. Happy Monday!

  5. Image for Gina Gina

    Trading spaces: Can't wait to see how their styles have evovled. Yard sale: I bought a ten piece outdoor wicker set and may have made a mistake. The color isn't my favorite and I have yet to bring all the pieces home! Nice photo of you!

  6. Image for Patty Nanney Patty Nanney

    I am soooooo excited for Trading Spaces to return! We loved it the first time around. Believe it or not, we see and visit with Frank from time to time at our local HEB. He’s a sweetheart.

  7. Image for Teresa Teresa

    Cant wait to see you reveal the yard sale finds! I love the clean lines of mid-century furniture and I cant resist a great vintage swivel chair. I just heard they were brining back Trading Spaces and the one episode I remember most was a British woman who just HATED her re-do. All I can remember is her saying over and over "This looks like complete rubbish!"

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    Wow, two loved ones in Nicaragua. I'm sure you are feeling a lot of emotions--pride, maybe a little worry .... but what a wonderful opportunity for both of them. I want to move into So Much Better With Age's kitchen. And thanks for the link for the house in Charleston--it's my favorite city, ever, and I want to snoop through all of the beautiful homes!

  9. Image for Tammy Tammy

    I loved watching Trading Spaces back in the day. I can hardly wait for it to be aired. Love what you find at yard sales and thrift stores.

  10. Image for Melissa Dell Melissa Dell

    Hey! I’m super excited to see what Trading Spaces comes up with this go-round! I would have rung Hildis neck for MOST of her designs!! Lol Lovubg the free designs!! If it’s free it’s for me!!

  11. Image for Donna Donna

    K, So happy you are getting out and about but we Northerners feel left out. (Minnesota here, so I understand why you don't want to journey all the way here especially in the winter.) I am sure you have fan support here. Thanks for all the sharing in thistlekeeping. I subscribe to just a few blogs and sometimes clean my blog house and narrow the amount to condense my email. Yours is one of the keepers. You could share some of your classic stories once a year in an anthology format and we would enjoy them (you know the ones, the taking the roast to the garden club or was it the book club, and losing your makeup in the New York cab.) These are the K classics. Congrats on your success, you deserve it.

  12. Image for Jeanne Jeanne

    I hope you'll be visiting a Kirkland's in the Chicago area! And take a look at the movie Dan in Real Life- loved that one.

  13. Image for Jenny W Jenny W

    My husband just ordered your book for me on Amazon - does he know me or what? :) I can't wait to be inspired, and to try out a new look or two in our home this spring!

  14. Image for Michelle Michelle

    From the bottom of my heart, I apologize for not being here lately. I've tried to read the posts each day, with some success, but I've had something going on I had to deal with and little or no ambition or energy to do much else. I've missed this. Its good to be back. And thank you, as always for a wonderful post. I especially love the thought of the mid-century dresser for the bedroom and can't wait to see it in its new home!

  15. Image for Jenny Young Jenny Young

    I agree with the no-fun movies anymore. My husband & I watched 'Steel Magnolias' again recently & laughed so hard! We cried quite a bit too. We'd forgotten just how good it was. Not a romance but a great fun movie.

  16. Image for Kate@CentsationalStyle.com Kate@CentsationalStyle.com

    You are such a treasure! I always love your Thistlekeeping links, so thanks for including the flip house kitchen. Hugs!! xo Kate

  17. Image for Audrey Johnson Audrey Johnson

    Very nice spring ideas. I am a flea market lover too and get very excited to see what will be there when spring comes along and others are spring cleaning. Treasures are coming. Thanks for sharing all of the info.

  18. Image for Miriam Miriam

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your new yard sale finds. I am looking forward to yard sale season, but it has still been pretty cool here in Missouri. It’s even snowing today!

  19. Image for Deb Deb

    I'm reading this Thistlekeeping on Tuesday, the FIRST DAY OF SPRING (!!!!!!!!!!) - every link is so perfect for my celebratory mood today! Yeah, Spring👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!!! I, too, cannot wait for the return of Trading Spaces - Hildi plastering the homeowners' walls with hay was my favorite "ohnoshedidnt" memory! And does anybody remember that she painted a homeowner's sofa looooong before it was cool to do so??!?!? And what an epic fail it was!!!😂😂😂

  20. Image for marshatjones2014 marshatjones2014

    Karianne, Omgoodness! were you in Fort Worth at the Kirkland's off I20? I past right by you and thought to myself, that lady looks like Karianne from Thistlewood Farms. I stopped and watched you walk into Kirkland's and said It couldn't be. Why would she be shopping way over here instead of her area. Please tell me I didn't miss the opportunity to meet you personally!!! If so, we have to meet for lunch like we planned at the end of last year. All the best and more!

  21. Image for Kristen Kristen

    Have you seen Midnight in Paris? That's a good movie. I think I am the only person not looking forward to Trading Spaces. Sorry. Any chance you are coming to a Kirklands in NJ????

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