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Sometimes you just have to say it.

The other day I was on the phone with my friend Vanessa talking about books and blogging and conferences and grilled chicken when all of a sudden I paused mid-conversation and said, “I can’t help it.  I have to tell you something.”

“What?” she said.

“At this exact moment in this exact light if I hold my head to the right and pull one wisp of hair out of the pencil holding up my curls….

….my hair looks amazing,”

She literally laughed out loud.

I know you’re not really supposed to say stuff like that.  I get it.  I understand.  You are supposed to be modest and self-effacing and keep your spectacular hair moments to yourself.  But sometimes you can’t help it.  Sometimes it’s so awesome you just have to share it with the world.

So promise me this.

The next time you are amazing (which I’m sure will be today) ….

….you have to let me know, too.

Us rock stars have to stick together. 🙂


These moss spheres look like they stepped off the home decor runway.

And they are so easy to make.

DIY found here.


Have you ever tried freezing herbs before?

Oh good.  Me, either.  But I’m starting now.

Simple instructions found here.


I’m so thankful for friends.

Especially when they are going to be maple syrup moguls.

Follow along with their business journey here.

Thistlewood2 12

Love the idea of embroidering fabric.

Especially when it’s fabric I designed.

Here’s an easy coffee cozy project with embroidered fabric from one of the Sweet Tea ambassadors.

DIY found here.

And in random news this week:

Best quote ever

Fun outdoor project

What I’m making from wood slices

How to clean white shoes

Love this before and after

Rookie mistakes bloggers make

Super cute free phone wallpapers

And if you are selling your home this summer these are the tips for you.


One more for the road.

Easy DIY ribbon basket project (you could also add printed burlap ribbon, DIY found here).

It’s amazing, too. 🙂

Happy Random Saturday to you!

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  1. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Oh how I wish you would have taken a selfie and shared it with us :-( Now that perfect moment is gone. If it comes again, put down the phone and take a selfie of your Rock Star Beauty! Now today is a special day for me. After pining, and longing, and wishing, and hoping -- Ihaveadslrcamerawitha55mmlens. I had to get that out in a hurry. I am so excited I can barely sit or stand still. Only problem is -- I have to learn how to use it. Do you think it's doable in 60 seconds? I don't think I can wait for hours of tutorials. Have a great day and don't forget the selfie.

  2. Image for Ellen Ellen

    Thistlekeeping is always one of the best parts of Saturday! The quote is inspiring and ribbon basket I will check out. The embroidered fabric is beautiful, especially because it is from your Sweet Tea line. I learned to embroider from my Gram when I was just a little girl. That was part of growing up back in the day, much like piano lessons! Useful and necessary skills at the time and still so today. I will have to work on being amazing today, so far not so much- but it is still early! Wish I could have seen your spectacular hair moment, but then you are always nothing short of amazing! Thank-you for this enjoyable post and have an amazing weekend too.

  3. Image for Sue Sondker Sue Sondker

    Our little group at church make 70 to 100 bottles of washing detergent per month. The joy while making it and seeing the recipients in our resource center receiving it is amazing. I just wanted to share this for our small group of soap angels. JOY

  4. Image for Carole @ Garden Up Green Carole @ Garden Up Green

    Well I'm happy to report I also had a great curly hair day yesterday and today I just finished my iced chai latte so I'm also wide awake and ready to see what this day has to offer. You are a kick and I love your zest for life. Coming over here just makes me smile. I'm checking out those home selling tips because we're so close to putting a sign on this farm. Also here's my wow moment from last week 43 K hits on Hometalk for my Sweet Tea Chicken Feed Planter. That was so fun that I think I may make another one. Have a Great weekend always fun stopping by.

  5. Image for Michelle Mortensen Michelle Mortensen

    I had surgery yesterday, and the best compliment came from two nurses in the recovery room. They said my hair looked perfect after they pulled the hair net-thingy off me. Just thought I'd join the rockstar club... :) Best & Bisous, Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  6. Image for Michelle Michelle

    I guess I've said it before but I just love exploring Random Saturdays with you and Thistlewood Farms! I got so many great ideas for gifts and projects for myself. Not to mention, being a new blogger, reading the mistakes rookie bloggers make was so enlightening and encouraging. And I laughed out loud about your amazing hair revelation :-) mostly because I'm lovin' my hair now that I've decided to 'embrace the grey.' I even selected a pair of glasses frames in plum to compliment it. Oh, and just to be a little more daring, I also purchased a pair of prescription sun glasses with (slight - nothing drastic) wing tips hahaha. The funny thing is that I had no idea I was so blind (haven't been to the eye doctor in a while). He said I couldn't see distances, couldn't see close up and had trouble focusing between the two. I said, "So, basically, I'm blind," to which he replied, "And you're driving!"

  7. Image for Celeste Celeste

    Ha! I have had some great moments, but today was a "I hope I don't run into someone I know" day. Literally, no makeup, greasy hair, pajama bra day. You're so right, when you're having an amazing moment, you just have to let yourself celebrate. Good friends will celebrate with you!

  8. Image for Susan Susan

    Girl, you DO have amazing hair...everything about you is amazing...that is why you are THE Rock Star of all rock stars! :) I soooooo love your ribbon button basket...it is also amazing...and I think I need some of these in my life! Oh, m'gosh, your fabric looks as if it was meant to be embroidered...that coffee cozy makes me want to learn how to embroider so I can make beautiful, embroidered pillows from your fabrics...I may just set that as a goal for myself! I actually thought those little cubes with the herbs in them were the cutest little soaps until I read on. I usually just wash my herbs, dry them really well and throw them in a Ziplock bag to freeze them, but I will try this method this time out as it sounds like the oil may just bring out the flavours of the herbs a little more. That little watermelon picnic blanket is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen...it would be especially perfect for those with small children or grandchildren, I think. And I was thrilled to get the tips on how to make your house more presentable to buyers...not that I am looking to sell anytime soon, but it's never too early to start fixing up your home for just such an eventuality. Whenever I undertake any sort of change or renovation, I always keep in mind how I can add value to my home...this list is very helpful, in that sense...thank you for sharing it! If you do make that awesome little wood-slice table, I hope you will share it with us! I have a small home so it would be perfect as a small side-table here and, from the looks of it, it isn't too difficult to put together. As always, thank you for sharing all of this DIY goodness with us, KariAnne...you always bring together the best of the week every Saturday and I greatly appreciate the thought and effort it takes to do that! Wishing you and yours a most beautiful and blissful weekend! Rock that amazing hair every chance you get, Rock Star! ;)

  9. Image for Amy Amy

    I love those perfect hair moments just like anyone else but today I am rocking as I am a property manager of a high-rise apartment building and on Saturdays I like to spoil my residents with special treats. Today I made lemonade with cucumber and mint and the best cucumber tea sandwiches with lemony dill spread... and everyone is loving them! It makes me happy that they like the little extras I do for them. Happy Saturday!

  10. Image for Botanic Bleu Botanic Bleu

    KariAnne, I have to tell you that your hair was AMAZING in June when you spoke in the Dallas area to a small group of bloggers. I was fascinated by all your curls. PERFECT curls. Great hair is not one of my blessings... straight,fine, wispy, thinning... but the one amazing thing is my hair is retaining its color. No dyeing needed. The lady who does my nails comments on it regularly, and one of my friends has been asking me for years, "Are you ever going to get grey hair?" There are some grey hairs with increasing numbers for which I am grateful since that means those hairs are hanging around and not falling out. So, you have had more than one AMAZING hair day, Miss RockStar! Judith

  11. Image for Pamela Pamela

    Ok, admitting a decidedly "that truly ages me" moment... I saw the "super cute free phone wallpapers" in this post, and not considering just how it is that super cute wallpaper would be free, i excitedly clicked! I was already on the hunt for one of those mid-century telephone benches. You know those sort of a bench with one side a seat and one side a sort of shelf for your land-line telephone and maybe a shelf under that for your phone book? My Grandma had one in her house and I was always in awe of it. Wow, and now they have cute phone wallpaper! And that sweet KariAnne has found it and given me the link to it! My heart was racing! I could see already the cute phone wallpaper on the skinny wall that the Grandma phone bench would just fit on! One small wall of cute wall paper of the phones i learned to communicate on. Phones with rotary dials! Maybe even Princess phones! I was in the midst of those wonderful thoughts when the site came up on my screen... I hope my kids don't get wind of this :). Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Image for RoseMary RoseMary

    Keep up the blog. Love it. I thoroughly enjoy reading about what you are up to. Thanks for the laughs. RoseMary

  13. Image for Cindy Baugh Cindy Baugh

    I thought your hair was amazing Thursday at The Cherry Pit. And I loved that you liked my amazingly crazy hair! :)

  14. Image for Jane Jane

    Love ya, KariAnne, and I try to stop by a lot. Thistlekeepng has been a favorite weekly post for me to read. I won't beat around the bush...it's the same category of bloggers, as if they need more recognition and ad offerings. Simply can't feed into this anymore. My blog goals are to get writing assignments so I don't have a hidden agenda about any of this. I simply wish you would look beyond bloggers with 18.K followers... others have so much to offer and could use the recognition. You know who they are---they are your steady readers ;-D Jane

  15. Image for Greca Greca

    Nice collection of links...thank you. And if I have to go through another day looking this amazing I may scream! ;-)

  16. Image for Kristi Kristi

    Oh Karianne, you really are the sweetest friend! Thank you so, so much for sharing my little moss topiaries! Wishing you such a wonderful Sunday (complete with amazing hair)! xo

  17. Image for Impoverished Preppy Impoverished Preppy

    As someone who has dragged an entire gymnastics team into a Panera Bread bathroom to appreciate the flattering effects of perfect lighting - I totally get this!

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