Back Porch Pumpkin

Random thoughts on a chilly fall morning.

1.  I just heard turkeys outside my window.  There was a herd of them.  Or do you call it a gaggle?

2. Today is Texas v. OU.  My husband already has his game shirt on and greeted me this morning with coffee and a hook ’em sign.

3.  Bonzai the Yorkie got a new sweater for fall.  It lasted 3.5 seconds on him.

4.  I completely re-did the front porch with orange pumpkins and an orange wreath.  I like it but it is a LOT of orange.  The astronauts called and they can see it from space.

5.  I’m in the mood to go to a parade today and bake a pie.  Maybe pumpkin.

Good thing that’s what is on the agenda. 🙂


I’ve discovered a new blog crush.

It’s called Rustic and Woven.

I’m all about that name and this fall decorating.

You can check out all the whole house tour here.

velvet pumpkins

Here’s a great tutorial for all those velvet pumpkins you’ve seen everywhere.

So much better on the pocketbook.

DIY found here.


This fall wreath has to be one of my favorites.

You know my love affair with wood slices.

DIY for the wreath found here.


When the weather gets cooler, soup is my go to.

And my favorite is chicken vegetable soup.

Easy recipe found here.


And in random news this week:

This styling literally took my breath away.

Marble pumpkin brownies?  Yes, please.

I thought this wreath was so pretty.

Not sure about this trend.  I like it and then again….not so sure.

It was a fun pumpkin palooza this week….but of all the pumpkin projects….

….this one was my favorite.

And I’ll leave you with this oldie but goodie.

This is a video of my fall tour my brother put together for me several years ago.

Happy random Saturday to you friend!

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  1. Image for Linda Miller Linda Miller

    My daughter, granddaughter, and I just returned from a wonderful trip to the Smokies. We traveled through your beautiful state and stopped at the horse park in Lexington, which we LOVED! The mountains in Tennessee were simply breathtaking. I was introduced to a wonderful artist named Paul Murray from Gatlinburg. Such amazing was one of the highlights of my trip. When you have time, check it out. Don't you just LOVE fall? Happy Saturday!

  2. Image for Mimi Mimi

    That may not have been turkeys that you heard--it might have been me laughing over the astronauts calling! :-) We must be feeling the same autumn vibe...I have vegetable beef soup in the Crock Pot (sorry, no chicken) and a crustless pumpkin pie in the oven. If you lived closer, you could come on over! But I would have to insist that you wear a Husker shirt. ;-)

  3. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    I have a craving for an apple pie!! I love the spices in apple pie. Or apple pie ice cream. I could even go for pumpkin pie ice cream. Do you think I'm hungry?? A parade sounds good -- perhaps that will take my mind off of dessert but town is having an art show where I have to pass lots of stands such as caramel popcorn, homemade ice cream, hot dogs. I think I'll just stay here and go through your thistlekeeping. It's much safer. I don't think I like the sputnik lights. I think older homes should be able to let their style shine through. I could see that in a modern New York apartment. Well, I guess I'll go munch on some celery sticks -- my tummy is still distracting me. Have a great weekend!! Big Hugs.

  4. Image for Susan Susan

    Gosh, the teacher in me had to go and look up what a gathering of turkeys is---A group of turkeys is called a rafter. A group of turtledoves is called a pitying. A group of turtles is called a bale. Somewhere, in my library, is a book that explains how people categorized a group of animals. One of the ones I do remember is, a murder of crows. You would be surprised how extensive the namings can be! Now, since it is a 3 day weekend from school I am going to go out and buy myself a fall treat.

  5. Image for Preppy Mountain Farmer Preppy Mountain Farmer

    My husband and I were hiking on our mountain at dusk the other night, and we watched several wild turkeys fly into the tops of trees to roost for the night. I don't know why this surprised me, but it's the first time I've ever seen turkeys off the ground (except when they're in my roasting pan, that is.) ;)

  6. Image for Kris Kris

    Rustic and Woven is beautiful. Thanks for putting the rest of us in the know. :) I am keeping my eyes peeled for a new kitchen chandelier or pendant for over our table. It's interesting to look at different styles--I like to see different choices. I think the one you showed would be too trendy for me--I will have to love whatever I choose for many long years ahead--my hubby won't be too excited about changing out light fixtures if I get bored with them. That's the life I live--the price I pay for marrying a non-handy man. ;)

  7. Image for Jane Jane

    Thanks for all the links...always love to visit new blogs. Those velvet pumpkins are never going to go out of style but...I've seen them in shops for $40 and up, for small ones!! So, we need to make our own for sure! Happy Fall! Jane x

  8. Image for Susan Susan

    Those pumpkin-shaped chargers are soooooo adorable, but waaaaay outta my league because you have to cut wood and not just straight cuts, but pumpkin-shaped cuts...I'd probably lose a few limbs, so maybe best for me to opt out of that project...hehe! Those velvet pumpkins are pretty sweet, though...and I'll bet they are sooooooo soft to snuggle with...I'd be tempted to use them as a pillow and fall asleep, then I'd never get my pumpkin/chocolate brownies made and I sooooooooo NEED those! :) I love orange, but realise that it can be a difficult colour sometimes. I hope you will share some photos of your front porch with us! Little Mr. Bonzai is a wee little stinker...doesn't he know his Mommy is trying to keep him warm? LOVE the sweet video your brother made for you think he could be convinced to make another? Maybe you could offer him some of that pie you are baking? If he's anything like me, he will do ANYTHING for a slice of warm homemade pie with some french vanilla ice cream...mmmmmmmmm! Happy weekend, friend!

  9. Image for mdn mdn

    Hey, KariAnne (and Susan)...If memory serves, isn't a domesticated group of turkeys called a "rafter" and a group of wild turkeys a "flock"? Anyway, like you, also am enjoying the start of the season's colors and cool, crisp, mornings and evenings. Used to enjoy a crackling campfire during chilly evenings...all of the scents and sounds! That brings to mind a possible call for the other type of "Wild Turkey" for which our state's famous (a "sip of corn")! But think that hot apple pie (with cheddar cheese on top) beckons even more! PS - Nice to learn of Bonzai's name - even tho he's not a "sweater man". Guess your kiddos are too old to enjoy "leaf houses", huh?

    1. Image for Susan Susan

      Hi mdn, My first thought was, a flock of turkeys but then thought I should look it up. Yesterday, I stopped on a back road and got others to stop by flashing my headlights, as a family of wild turkeys crossed the road. There easily were fifteen of them. All I know is that when I am trying to control a bunch of fiesty first graders, I feel like I am herding cats, which we ALL know is impossible. I love this fall weather but the thought of another long, cold and snowy winter in Maine is beginning to wear me down, sigh. My dream home? Hawaii.

      1. Image for mdn mdn

        Such a COOL experience, Susan! Always love it when Mother Nature discloses her secret offerings! Re turkey group names, had always heard the differentiation I'd mentioned above; but looked it up after posting - and came across this interesting article with names of 172 animal "groups". A murder of crows is appropriate, as is a wake of buzzards, considering how both groups function, huh? Before he passed, Dad lived (literally) at the edge of the Hoosier Natn'l Forest - and during weekly travels there, had to be very alert - w/ turkeys and deer about, ya know? Always mesmerized during those "encounters". BTW, for those who don't know, deer almost always travel minimally - in herds (or gangs or leashes) of two - or more, so if you're driving and miss one that jumps out in front of you, you're not necessarily out of danger, since the other one(s) is/are likely to follow the leader in quick succession! (Is that where "herd mentality" originates?) Am happy living here in KY, w/ all four seasons - but Winter can get really long/dreary, and Summer awfully humid. Hope you don't have a repeat of last year's Winter up there in Maine! PS - corralling human "kids" must be similarly difficult as trying the same with baby goats (he he)!

  10. Image for Christine Christine

    KariAnne, Imma thinking I'm allllll about the sputnik lights!!! I love Thistlekeeping - I find so many cool sites on here. Thank you! Christine

  11. Image for Marian@CMShawStudios Marian@CMShawStudios

    Sputnik! Woot. I love them. But I may be in the wrong house for them. VA houses are a bit too Colonial for that. But then again, I am going clean lined modern in the stairwell... I suppose that could work if I can't make up my mind on a metal orb chandy. I love Thistlekeeping posts. It's like having a chat over Diet Cokes about what you've been reading online. And pie is one of my husband's great loves. I am often making pie in the fall. I do love the fall. Sigh. Happy Sunday sweet friend, The Other Marian

  12. Image for Nancy @ Slightly Coastal Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

    What a great round up. I really love the wreath and of course Marian seems to get it right every time. I'm not sure about the lights either. I think in an uber cool downtown loft they would look smashing. In a suburban tract home? Eh?

  13. Image for Jolyn Jolyn

    I just can't get into the sputnik light fixtures. They remind me too much of my bell-bottoms and frizzy hair. There was a time when I had to put up with those things, but thankfully those days have passed! Love you blog!!

  14. Image for Carol Carol

    I just love your blog. So many great ideas. BTW: they are only called a rafter of turkeys if they are domesticated turkeys. A group of wild turkeys are called a flock?

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