Painted Fox Chandelier

If you are part of the super secret e-mail crew….

…you already know what I’m about to type.

My new Painted Fox Shop is LIVE.

But while that’s amazing  and wonderful and fun and so many of you lit up the internet and shopped until you dropped and now we get to re-stock everything….

….that is so not even the point of this post.

Painted Fox Mason Jar Rack

I’m writing this today because I read all of your e-mails and saw all the encouragement and watched the orders that filled up the inbox and right there in the middle of my kitchen in front of my computer….

….I cried.

Not like a soap opera cry where the girl is wearing smudge-proof mascara and a tear slowly drips out of the corner of her eye and she looks so tragically beautiful that your heart aches.

This was not that kind of crying.

This was eyes swelling up and tears flowing and random nose blowing and stacks of tissues next to the computer kind of crying.

And here’s why.

Here’s the rest of the story.

Painted Fox Farmhouse Stool

A long time ago in a land far away before internet and cell phones, a couple of my mother’s friends got together and hosted a couples wedding shower for us.

We were getting married right after Christmas and so it was a Christmas ornament shower and we invited couples and everyone was supposed to bring an ornament to help us start our life and our Christmas tree together.

The night of the shower we were so excited.

We wore coordinating Christmas outfits and arrived 30 minutes early to help the hostesses set out the chips and dip and fluff the Christmas tree.

Painted Fox Industrial Shelving

And then we made small talk and sat in the living room and waited for the guests to arrive.

Except they never did.

No one came to our shower.


Later they all told me different reasons why they couldn’t come and it all made sense and I understood.

But in that moment, sitting on that couch with my future husband awkwardly staring at the Christmas tree and the chips and the dip and the ceiling and my hands and anywhere and everywhere except the hostesses eyes staring at us with sympathy….

….it was so sad.

I tried to make the best of it.  I opened the one shower present and oohed and ahhhed over the two cherubs telling each other Merry Christmas.  I laughed and ate some chips and gripped my almost husband’s hand like it was a lifeline and tried to pretend like it wasn’t any big deal and that it didn’t really bother me.

But it did.

Painted Fox Perpetual Calendar

And even now, after all these years, whenever I have a party….

….a little part of me worries that no one will show up.

Like last night.

I sent out the party invite and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

And you know what happened?

You came.

You brought words of encouragement and sprinkles of happiness and laughter and giggles and fun.

E-mail after e-mail full of joy.

And I for that my wonderful, incredible, amazing friends, I am grateful and humbled and overwhelmed and truly, truly truly blessed…

….and so thankful that I didn’t have to eat the chips and dip all by myself. 🙂

Enough mush. 🙂  It wouldn’t be Thistlekeeping if we didn’t have a few bits of random news this week:

Love this simple fall centerpiece.

This blogger spoke my heart.

Beautiful fall decorating (loving the pops of orange).

New blog crush.

Pumpkin Spice playlist.

thistlewood farms painted fox sale

And of course, the sale.  You can visit here if you want to check it out.

And be sure and use the code thistlewood for 20% off.

Happy random Saturday to you….I’m off to a parade. 🙂

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  1. Image for Amy W. Amy W.

    Oh KariAnne I'm reading this with such regret that I missed out. I have a sad excuse. My husband and I are 3 days into a separation. Unbelivable. People are praying as this was not my life's dream for our marriage, and recovering from foot surgery. I'm totally numb...and tho I read your post....I don't know what the future holds...and can't buy much less eat anything. Am going to get myself out to see the movie "War Room" today. Heard it was a super great movie! Take care and wishing you loads and loads of blessings with your new adventures!!!

  2. Image for Susan Susan

    Ms Karianne, you did it again. You made me cry and laugh at the same time. I look forward to spending time with you each day and you do not disappoint. So excited for you in your new adventures. Wish I lived closer, I'm in Maine, so I could visit you in person and give you a big ol'hug. You made my day. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Image for Sharon H Sharon H

    well, Miz karianne, I went and looked and looked and LOOKED some more at the wonderful things you have for sale. I love them....I just wish I was in a position to buy something! But I am so very proud of you and all that you do, everyday. You are such an inspiration and joy to all of us who read your blog....errr, you heart. Continued blessings for you, little one.

  4. Image for Barbara Moore Barbara Moore

    I gave my winnings to my best friend for her birthday. So that means you've made TWO folks deliriously happy!!! Wishing you many many more well attended sales.

  5. Image for Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces

    I'm so proud of you,'ve worked so hard to get where you are, and there's so much more to your journey! The shop is so wonderful!! Oh that shower must have been hard...I understand how those things stay with you. But I know that you probably grew in many ways from that experience, and have compassion and consideration for others. xoxo

  6. Image for Wendy Baarda Wendy Baarda

    Silly people.....look what they missed all those years ago!!! I'm an "almost" blogger and I watch for your email every morning before I leave for work! You are the blogger that makes me think I can do it!! Christmas parties mean the most to me as I having a boxing day birthday...and even though I will be 59 this year, I remember being told no one would come to my party at Christmas...I would have come to your party Karianne...and I'm sure I would have had an angel ornament because they were my Mom's favourite...and now mine (or maybe a cranky Santa cause I love them too!). How sweetly brave of you to share that story..... Wishing you much success and happiness in this new venture!!

  7. Image for Bluwatergal Bluwatergal

    Anytime you give a party Karianne we'll be there with bells on girl!! Congratulations on the PF shop, and I soooooo want that stool ~ and metal cart ~ and blue & white measuring cups ~ and metal urn ~ and 10 other things!! Happy day ROCKSTAR :-) Bwg ~~~

  8. Image for Barbara Barbara

    The most important thing is you got Mr. Sparkly Eyes!!! Now off I go to shop!:) Beautiful website and I'm crushing on that blog too!!

  9. Image for Tami Bator Tami Bator

    I loved and related to your story. It made me cry. As a little girl, I never was invited to birthday parties. It used to hurt my feelings hearing all of the kids talk about how much fun they had at so and so's birrthday party. Thank you for inviting to your party. I had a blast!! Can't wait to receive my goodies in the mail!! Xoxox Tami B. @wildflowerandwoodchuck

  10. Image for Sandra Sandra

    Congratulations! Your hard work has definitely paid off. I did place an order and am anxious to receive it and I wish you much success!

  11. Image for Jae Jae

    I soooo understand the only kid at the party feeling. Am glad you had hubby there to hold your hand. I looked at your wonderful offerings last night as soon as I got your email. I loved your selections and sent links to some friends so they could look also. Having to save right now for some house repair items, but hopefully can come back and shop soon. Really excited for you and glad all your hard work is panning out. Hugs!

  12. Image for Kim Banta Kim Banta

    Oh, KariAnne! I was SO tickled late last night to get your note about your NEW venture! I clicked on it right away, and, at 1 a.m. I was trying so hard to look around and click and wanted to purchase, partly because it was YOU, and partly because it was all so cool and rockstary! I don't know if it was my iPad or if the site was so laggy and freezing because so many of us were on it, but I couldn't do all I wanted to! So! Amazed that you have accomplished so much and so happy that you just keep on coming up with new and wonder-full feats, and so proud to know you. I will go try again to wander through all of the pretty products, knowing you had your hands in it! I, too, am always so afraid nobody will come if I ask them, so I tend not to ask. I feel that I don't want to bother them, or make them feel like they "have" to come. I would come to any party you ever have! I know exactly how you feel. Then and now!

  13. Image for Carol Bray@The Red Painted Cottage Carol Bray@The Red Painted Cottage

    So sad what happened at your shower, but this will make up for it. Even though I shouldn't have, I place a big order (for me) to take advantage of your special offer. I even got up earlier this morning to do so before heading to the airport. So happy for you!!

  14. Image for Lori Lori

    I consider myself more traditional classic in my decorating. BUT... I found so many beautiful items in your shop that will work once we finish our lower level of our home, which will be a family room with a bar, fireplace, 2 more bedrooms, a bath, and laundry areas. Have already wrote down some items that are so reasonably priced, that will work in these rooms. I enjoy looking at your ideas, and designs, and want you to know, you are not going away from me to see all your beautiful work you do. Growing up on a farm, might be why I have swayed away from the country farmhouse look, but still love to see all the things I grew up with. Keep up all the hard work that you do!

  15. Image for Stephanie Ray Brown Stephanie Ray Brown

    Oh sweetheart you broke my heart!! So sorry we need to have you an ornament party! I tried to get on last night but Internet in Hooterville would not let me or maybe it was all the orders you were getting kicking me out! So happy for you Cinderella!

  16. Image for Susan Susan

    You've GOT to be kidding? Who on earth would miss out on a party held in YOUR honour? Silly, silly people! As for me, I was only too happy to be at your party! Now, if Painted Fox would accept international orders, I would've bought up a storm, too! KariAnne, I am soooooooooooo very proud of you at this moment...look how far you've come, girl...YOU did this! Now wipe those tears away and smile, please...enjoy this moment...enjoy the success that you have reaped from all of your hard years of sewing...this is YOUR time, ROCKSTAR!

  17. Image for Kathleen Kathleen

    I have preordered the Twig and Wire Picking Basket, cannot wait to receive it since I have big plans for it. Also have my sights on those Woodland Concrete Planters. Congratulations on this new adventure. You are like a rock star, blockbuster actor or world class athlete ... You have made it, and I'm sure you have just begun to achieve all you are capable of. You have a tremendous group of loyal followers who think the world of you personally as well as your amazing talents. Can you hear the applause?

  18. Image for Vicki Vicki

    I am tickled at your success! I looked early on at your shop and I love everything in it! That light fixture at the top of your post is gorgeous. I just know if we were next door neighbors we would be close friends! Lol! And I would want to come once a week to see what is new, what project you are working on, and get the best ideas for my house. Good thing you are a blogger and I can do that very thing by Internet! So glad I found your blog several years ago!

  19. Image for Bob Bob

    About three years ago I began planning my retirement and a move from the northeast winters to a warm southern climate. I spent hours on line searching for a place to live and sites to help me furnish and along the way discovered the world of home décor and home making blogs. I come from creative roots but I never expected to find the depth of clever and beautiful ideas I found on the blogs I began to read daily. While there were way too many to count back then, your's and two or three others are all that I still read every day, three ( somewhat settled) years later. Your writing style is entertaining, and precious, and when I look at your farmhouse rooms I feel like I am at home, surrounded by wonderful things. I wish you all the luck in your new endeavor, and hope you never loose sight of how talented you are. Too many others in you field have gone too commercial and have lost the " Homey" touch. I pray that you will have continued success without losing yourself in the process, as many others have. And on an entirely different note, I can't help but notice that most of your readers are women, as they are on most of the blogs I come across. However, there are a lot of guys, fathers, grandpas, and single male parents who look to you for guidance in caring for their homes and families, however "family" is defined nowadays.

  20. Image for Shonee Shonee

    Congrats KariAnn! I love painted fox, but what is even better is know what your favorites are. I love them all. You are so sweet to give my fall center piece a shout out, truly, thank you! -Shonee

  21. Image for Gwen Gwen

    I went to your party!!! And ROCKSTAR. No place to put it on PayPal. My husband says, " nope. The party has stated CST. it's almost that here ( PCT). So I double gazed at my pots of wood for I'm hoping the one will withstand ElNino predicted. I'd better buy Thompsons best water sealant. I don't remember rain and rain. But I just sat there. And told hubby. I'm checking out through Painted Fox and YES!!! A place to type ROCKSTAR!!!! I truly truly felt very smart from the Lord for I do have a brain injury ( that's why I called in Supermans help. Was I missing the code box?!!" He said no. So I thanked the Lord. And told my hubby I got to go to the party!!! And now I'm even HAPPIER that I went. I kinda know how that feels. It makes the post yesterday more poignant.

  22. Image for Lynne B. Lynne B.

    It all looks fantastic! I wish I could order, so many beautiful things, but I'm in Australia. Will you have international shipping soon? Lynne x

  23. Image for Deborah Deborah

    I am so happy for you! You deserve all of the best! You brighten my days and I absolutely love your honesty! Tears in my eyes beautiful you!!!

  24. Image for Marian@CMShawStudios Marian@CMShawStudios

    I will always come to any party you invite me to at your house. Unless I find myself trapped under something heavy. Then I'll be late. Love you....and all of your pretty things. You really are a wonderful decorator. And designer. The Other Marian

  25. Image for Mary Ferguson Mary Ferguson

    I would have loved to attend, but living in So CA is a little to far to travel. I am so happy that you were successful. Congratulations, I am sure everything was terrific. Have a wonderful Sunday. Mary

  26. Image for Anne Anne

    Oooo I must have missed the invite, but just wanted to tell you how incredibly happy I am for you and also how proud I am of you sweet friend! You are the real deal, sweet as can be....always willing to help others, and such and inspiration to others including me :-) You go girl!!! xx Anne

  27. Image for Leslie Leslie

    I am SOOOOOO very PROUD OF YOU!!! We got home from work after 11 and I kept my eyes open to join you in your launch!!! AMAZING! and you ROCKED IT!! and to celebrate I had to, of course, shop to celebrate your grand opening day!! It was like buying Christmas gifts for both of us!!! Love you, sweet friend! You continue to encourage, uplift and amaze in the middle of tears and laughter!! Time for a get together so I can see all of your bubbles and glitter in person!! BTW..there are NOT ENOUGH exclamation points possible for this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Image for Peg Peg

    I don't understand how that could have happened... Just know that we're all here for you now, and we all, every one of us, love you and wish you the best. You're amazing, a true gift. Congratulations. xoxo

  29. Image for Dale D. Dale D.

    Did you think all those years ago at your shower that you would be where you are today with an awesome family, your talent as a blogger, designer, speaker, your network of friends, supporters, plus so much more and now, another opportunity to spread your wings and soar. Loved all the gorgeous items on the website, many that are in your charming little nest of a home. Thinking of you, a bit in awe of all that is happening in your life and so excited and joyful for you and yep, where is that kleenex box, sniff.

  30. Image for Babette Babette

    Awe, that breaks my heart! I have traveled that road also. We had a birthday party daughter once when she was 7 I think. No one came. How do try to mend a 7 yr. old's broken heart? The pain of it still comes back once in awhile. I'm so happy that you have turned a painful experience into such an amazing journey! I'm thrilled for you! Congratulations! Oh by the way, something from Thistlewood Farms will be in my home soon! I can't wait! God bless you, KariAnne!

  31. Image for Carol Carol

    KariAnne, your blog is delightful, you are an amazing designer, and an incredible woman. I wish you more success, love, and all good things than you can imagine!

  32. Image for NormaJean NormaJean

    I missed the email and the sale, BUT, I will be checking things out at your new store... often! Congratulations and it couldn't happen to a more deserving individual!!

  33. Image for Sheila Sheila

    I kept looking for the invite/announcement since I follow your blog, but no. So I am late to the party. I am just now catching up and clicked to see your shop. I see some things that would look nice in my farmhouse style kitchen. Now which one to order??? Ha! Congratulations on your shop! Sheila

  34. Image for Ann weisman Ann weisman

    So, Girl, have you slept in the past month?! Congratulations on all your success. It's great. Hope I meet you at the Quilt Show

  35. Image for barb barb

    I loved this post. :) I'm a "saver" of Thistlewood blogs, unable to always read them here in the office, so I mark them as "unread" and devour them in a more quiet setting with my tea - or depending on day and hour of week, perhaps a nice glass of white wine. Years ago I hosted a jewelry party after much dread and overthinking and preparing too much food. No one came. Not a soul - not even my dear sweet Aunt. I was embarrassed and apologetic to the jewelry consultant, sending her out the door with paper plate filled with goodies and the biggest smile I could fake. Living our dreams takes a few tries to get it right. I still own the most perfect of hoop earrings too - those ladies sure missed out! :)

  36. Image for Terri Terri

    I missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( .... but .... so very excited for you!!! What an amazing adventure!!!!! BTW... already joined up ... and about to go browsing!!!!! Love that your discount code was ROCKSTAR!!!!! perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got to go shopping now.................................. :) :)

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