My Old Kentucky Home

Random thoughts on a sunny Saturday morning.

1.  This is my back pasture.  It makes me want to sing.  Songs like, “Oh the sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home.” Or “check you for ticks.”  Whichever comes first.

2.  Are you watching the NBA finals?  Do you care?  I didn’t and then my basketball playing son talked me into rooting for Lebron and now I’m rooting for Cleveland.  Go team.

3.  I’m working on two fun projects for next week.  Spoiler alert.  Bingo card.

4.  Some of us went to the movies last night to see Jurassic World.  Some of us stayed home to watch HGTV.

Which one would you choose?


Is this not one of the most beautiful photos you have ever seen?

And the best part?

She’s brilliant, too.  She made this arrangement with flowers and FRUIT!

Easy summer idea.  DIY found here.


My friend Layla never disappoints.

Love this 2015 summer mantel she just created.

You can see her other summer mantels here and here.

chair seats blue and white dining room

The giantest thank you to each and every one of you for the e-mails and comments and general merrymaking about my mother’s dining room.

She was all about the comments, too.

The number one question I got was where did I get this fabric.  That one.  The raised jute pattern on these chairs.  It came from the decorator fabric section of Hobby Lobby.  And I just bought it so it should still be in stores.  Make sure you use your 40% off coupon because it’s a little mcpricey.

Also, my wonderful friend Wendy went and found the fabric at her Hobby Lobby and made some pillows and added them to her shop if anyone needs a pillow made from this fabric.

You can see the pillow…

Celebrate Creativity

And how cute is this herb garden.

Want to grow your own?

Tips and DIY found here (you should click just for the pictures).

And now in random news this week:

Love this farmhouse home (and this is just the cabana).

Favorite new blog.

Cutest idea for the Fourth.

Great paint color advice.

Why didn’t I think of this?

And just a little thought for today.

how to build a bench from old door

One more for the road.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for the bench.


You can see the complete DIY instructions on how to make it here.

Also, thanks to everyone who entered into the giveaways, I’ve notified the winners and posted them at the end of the post here and here.

Happy Random Saturday to you. 🙂

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  1. Image for Lisa at celebrate creativity Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Hi Karianne, When you have your very own back pasture, you can truly say... you have it all-lol. That's such a beautiful shot. No brainer on the Jurassic Park vs. HGTV choice. I think I'll just wait for the DVD too-lol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Image for Beverly Beverly

    Definitely HGTV. Jurassic Park scares me because I am a weinie. And, of course I am watching the NBA Finals. Big fan here. And, I love LeBron. I pulled for the Heat when he was there, and I still pull for them because they are my "home" team. But, this year I am so pulling for Cleveland. They have never won, and it would be so great for them. I will admit that I am also a fan of Stephen Curry. His brother Seth is one of our former Duke players. Yep, I am certain you figured out by now that I am a big fan.

  3. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Great post! I'll have to head over to Layla's to check out her mantel. Definitely, I would choose HGTV. We took our granddaughter to see the original Jurassic Park a couple summers ago when it was showing again at theaters. She was so excited until the move got going. She looked at me and said, "This movie isn't ver pleasant" I cracked up! I also love Hobby Lobby fabrics and the 40% off coupons get used all the time! Your mom's dining room makeover is fabulous! I bet she is over the moon with excitement!

  4. Image for Michelle Rudis Michelle Rudis

    Random responses: *Wow, it's a toss-up for me between HGTV and Jurassic World. I guess it would boil down to what was on HGTV. If the program was about food, I'm afraid I would have to vote for Jurassic World since food is something I'm trying to avoid these days. *Kudos to you, my friend, for supporting your son's love of basketball! Both my kids and all my grandkids are active in sports. Everything from sailing to kickboxing to baseball...I try to be supportive of all of them. *Your picture of the round bails brought back some very special memories for me. In fact, I'm pinning it to my memory board with a notation of how my city-grown husband morphed into John Wayne when we bought the property and livestock in Texas. *Random or otherwise, your posts are always entertaining and thought-provoking. Thanks for bringing a little sunshine to this rainy day Saturday!

  5. Image for Mary Mary

    It would be HGTV for me. Monsters jumping out from behind trees ain't for this cowgirl. Way too creepy and I startle easily. ;-)

  6. Image for Sandy Sandy

    Go Cavs. Thank you for assisting your son and cheering for a championship for Cleveland, Ohio. Lebron and Steph Curry are both from Akron where my husband and I grew up and went to college. Love your mom's new dining room. My thought is when your children are off to college, you can travel and design clients' rooms. We all know you will be swamped with clients. You are a fabulous designer.

  7. Image for Mary Mary

    I wish I had a view of a pasture like yours. HGTV for me too! I have been watching the NBA finals for the first time, but I have to admit I'm a Warriors fan. Mostly because of Draymond Green who is a Michigan guy, and more importantly a Michigan State guy. It's been a great series so far, though. Have a great weekend!

  8. Image for Marisa Franca @ All Our Way Marisa Franca @ All Our Way

    Yah!! For the win!! You deserve it. I vote you stayed home and watched TV -- I'm really not into sports and the song I hear in my head is "Back home again in Indiana, And it seems that I can see, the roaming deer, moles ruining lawns . . . It may not rhyme but those varmints are on my hit list. :-( On a happy "note" I can't wait to see what you do with bingo. Have a happy weekend.

  9. Image for Tina Matteson Tina Matteson

    I'd def. pick HGTV but... in order to spend time with the FAMILY, I'd go to the movie instead. My husband wants us all to go next Friday, in fact!

  10. Image for Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane Mimi - 247 Mulberry Lane

    Oh, KariAnne, now you've got the gears a'turning in this ole head of mine--What if HGTV made movies?!?!! That would be like Christmas and the Fourth of July and well...HGTV all rolled up in one! They could have romantic movies like "The Second Chance Cottage" and horror movies like "The BEFORE" and possibly a sci-fi "The Remodel from Mars"... the possibilities are endless. Imagine watching beautiful decorating on the big screen while eating popcorn and Junior Mints! Heaven on earth, I tell ya! Okay, I'm going to go have another cup of coffee now. :-)

  11. Image for Linda Linda

    While my husband watched bseball and the NBA, Meg and I went to Jurassic World. We had fun! Buttered popcorn and a few whispers and happy chatter on the way home. It was an entertaining movie.

  12. Image for Ann weisman Ann weisman

    HGTV even if I have seen the same Fixer Upper 5 times. When you used the two rugs (brilliant) in your Mothers dinning room did you tape them together? Thanks for the beautiful photo. Wish I was there, ticks and all!

  13. Image for Terri Terri

    I love the fabric so much I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy some. I was so sad when they said I couldn't use my 40% coupon. So sad. So I came home empty-handed. Thank you for sharing your momma's dining room. It is gorgeous. I can imagine all of the happy meals that will be shared there.

  14. Image for Cecilia Cecilia

    I laughed when I read your songs for the hay field. I get the whole check yourself for ticks. Jurassic World wins. I'd tape (or whatever you call it nowadays) HGTV to watch commercial free later! So many goodies stuffed into this post! Got to go check out every single one!

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