Random thoughts on a cloudy chilly Saturday morning:

1. I made the cutest wreath with these eggs. I linked it at the end of the post.

2. We are heading to Waco to watch the SING performance of the twins’ sorority, Chi-O. It’s so much fun. All the groups at Baylor perform and then they chose the top 10 acts to perform at Pigskin during homecoming.

I’m so excited to see their SING act.

3. We are heading to a couple’s Bunco party this weekend. And I’m learning Mahjong. Have you ever played Mahjong before? It’s hard, but I’m learning more every game.

4. Have you ever added mullions to cabinet doors? I was thinking about adding them to the bookcases in the office. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find custom mullions?

5. It was an amazing week on the blog. We talked about:

6. I got a manicure yesterday with the brightest pink to celebrate my birthday. My nails are shining bright as I’m typing this.

And now?

Here are some of my favorite finds from this week.


I’ve seen antique shoe carts before.

But I never really knew what they were.

Or what to do with them.

See all the inspiration here.

Doesn’t this look like a high-end antique find?

It’s actually a thrift store makeover before and after.

See the DIY here.

Isn’t this the sweetest bee tray?

And it’s a DIY.

See the how-to here.

These are the prettiest hand-painted Easter eggs.

See the entire DIY here.

And there’s a video, too.


and in random news:

I might try this with my Valentine’s Day roses

this coffee filter bunny

how to clean copper

tips for displaying art

the latest trend in 2024

ideas for pairing flowers and vases

how to refinish wood furniture

the chairs in this dining room

this beautiful home office

what Jackie Kennedy ate in a day

how to prevent guacamole from turning brown

how to reset your home for spring

And this

So many of you got the sheet deal from yesterday, but I wanted to share it again because it’s SO GOOD.

These amazing sheets that I have on every bed in my house are on sale right now (and then there’s an extra 40% off coupon).

You can see them here.

And one more for the road

This buffalo check wreath?

It’s so easy to make.

It’s the best spring project and you can see the entire DIY here.

Here are all the fun Walmart fashion finds I shared this week.

Click on any of the photos to take you to the links. 🙂

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.


Happy Random Saturday To You

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  1. Image for Rachel Rachel

    I love MahJongg. I play once a week with a group of neighborhood women. Also play on line with Real MahJongg. You can play with other people or solo. We have a neighborhood Bunco group. After Bunco we play right left center. That game only takes about 20 minutes and is so much fun. Each person starts off with three $1 bills.

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    Happy Birthday KariAnne, February girls are so creative and so much fun to be around. I know 1st hand. (😉) There are several companies that make custom mulions if you google. Thanks for a great week. Lots of goodies.

  3. Image for Diana Diana

    KariAnne have a wonderful, fun filled Birthday. I too have a birthday in a few days. The coffee filter bunny looks fun and I love the stripe tee. Think Spring... : )

  4. Image for Marlene Marlene

    Thanks, for another fun post and especially since it's your Birthday. Pray you had the best birthday of all the others.

  5. Image for Kris Kris

    Let KariAnne eat cake! :) Thistlekeeping is always enjoyable. I tried the Howard Restor-A-Finish this past fall--I have different colors of wood furniture, so I purchased the neutral color and it worked well to refresh my furniture. I'm sure that finding the matching color would be an even greater improvement, but sometimes good enough is good enough.

  6. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT thistles this week, KA. Boy oh boy did I love seeing all the incredibly awesome Magnolia stuff for spring. ♥ Just ordered a king and a queen set of those sheets - thx for the heads up. Last time I bought a set of king sheets they were $150, so giving these a try. Gracious they're a good deal! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN. ♥ Blessings for a happy, healthy awesome year, with many more birthdays to follow. Hugs.

  7. Image for Jan Fusco Jan Fusco

    Happy happy birthday you cute little rock star! Have the best one ever! Btw...question...where did you get the large rectangle wicker(?) tray on your kitchen island? Thanks.


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KARIANNE! May you be blessed with a wonderful year! You are so special -- and are loved and wished the best every day! Thanks for always being such a bright spot in our day!

  9. Image for CoCo CoCo

    Thank you so much for sharing my bee tray, I really appreciate it! This was my first time using that kind of burlap paper. It was super easy though so now I'm looking other ways to use it. Love your wreath and that you're learning Mahjong too. It's fun to hear about all the Mahjong clubs that are popping up around the country. It makes me wish we lived in a bigger city! I might have shared this before but I'm totally obsessed with your Walmart finds. They're always so good no matter what the season! Big hugs and thank yous, CoCo

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