Random thoughts on a soon-to-be-cold December morning:

1. At the risk of pointing out the obvious? Christmas is just about two weeks away.

How are you doing?

2. We recently had our family Christmas photos taken and we decided to recreate a photo we took on this same porch when they were little. I think Denton wins the “best recreator” award.

3. Today is Zack’s birthday (he’s the second one from the left). We are celebrating at dinner tonight.

3. Can I ask you a question? Do you make your bed every morning? Or do you think—what’s the point? I’m about to mess it up all over again.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog.

We talked about:

5. I’m working my way through all of the Christmas movie recs on Facebook. They are SO GOOD. I’m putting together a list for all of us and sharing it next week.

Let’s see all the inspiration and ideas I found for us this week.

You might want to grab a beverage.

It was a really good week.

Look at this clock charcuterie board.

Wouldn’t it be perfect for New Year’s?

You can see the details here.

If you are looking for super cute ideas for Christmas decorating (look at those cute faces)?

This is the post for you.

Here are ideas for decorating a festive Christmas bedroom.

Looking for a dessert for the holidays.

This pecan-topped bundt cake is so pretty.

See the recipe here.

Look how beautiful this village snow globe is.

It’s so cute and happy.

See the DIY here.


And in random news this week:

These DIY state ornaments

The sweetest Scandi Christmas decor ideas

2024 HGTV Dream Home (and you can enter to win it)

The cutest snowglobe ornaments

Cranberry orange shortbread cookies

Favorite books of 2023

Such a cute family game

These slow-living tips for the holiday

Make a wreath with pool noodles

This looks like such an easy idea

These DIY velvet-covered ornaments

The prettiest mantel garland

And this.

Just in case Santa needed a charcuterie board.

One more for the road

Here’s some light Christmas reading for you.

22 home updates that cost under $100.

These stocking stuffers are under $5.

You can see them here.

I also found the BEST deal on these phone chargers (which would make the perfect stocking stuffer too).

Use this secret code and it makes them under $5 for three (the discount appears in your cart when you check out).

happy random Saturday to you

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    1. Image for Robin Quarles Robin Quarles

      I make my bed everyday. It’s a mental thing. I feel I have accomplished something first thing. It is a motivation. My daughter is in college and she makes her bed first thing each day then gets dressed and send us her look for the day. She says it keeps her accountable and motivated!! I love that she does this. She is 3 hrs away from us. She is thoughtful and wants us to see she is doing great and staying motivated.

  1. Image for Diana Diana

    I make the bed most days and make it look neat when I don't. I love the Pool noodle wreath, gingerbread snow globes and the velvet ornaments. The velvet ornaments look super easy and no glue required. Have a great weekend with the family.

  2. Image for Debrah Debrah

    Hi Karianne, Yes, either I or my husband always make the bed. I feel better if it's made, like more organized I guess and ready for the day. Love your blog!! You're the best!

  3. Image for Vicki Vicki

    Yes I make my bed each morning. I most days make it immediately , sometimes with my husband still in it. I am the earlier riser and so making the bed reminds him to just add the extra pillows that are needed on his side. A little extra touch I add later.

  4. Image for Jem Jem

    I make my bed every.single.day! It starts my day with one thing I’ve accomplished. My brother-in-law once remarked to my husband that my sister makes the bed immediately upon rising. My husband responded that I also did the same thing, to which my brother-in-law said sometimes he is still in it. My husband exclaimed, “I know!” It is something our mother ingrained in us. I have since stopped making it if my husband is still asleep, secure in the knowledge that he will do it! There is a great little book Make Your Bed by Admiral McRaven. Happy Birthday to your son! We are celebrating our firstborn grandson today, turning 21! Great men were born on this day, KariAnne! Your photo recreation is perfect!

  5. Image for Lisa Lisa

    Karianne, your kids are just gorgeous. I just love the "THEN & NOW". Happy and adorable back then, and today. Good for them. Thanks for the Bundt cake shoutout too. Happy holidays. xoxo

  6. Image for Calypso in the Country Calypso in the Country

    Those Christmas photos are priceless! Yes, I make my bed about 99 percent of the time. If somehow I don't get a chance in the morning, I always make it before I get in it at night. I can't sleep in a messy bed! Great ideas this week! Enjoy the holiday season! Cheers! - Shelley

  7. Image for PJ PJ

    Those gingerbread house snow globes are the cutest and the cranberry orange shortbread would be so festive. Yes, I make the bed every morning. Even on the days I'm not feeling that great, at least I feel like I accomplished something. Have a fun birthday celebration. Blessings

  8. Image for Sharon Sharon

    I clicked on the link to the Best Books of 2023 by Modern Mrs. Darcy. I’m a reasonably open-minded reader, but I want to give a heads up about one of the books, Happiness Falls by Angie Kim. I’m not exaggerating, the f-word is used in nearly ever sentence. It also uses the Lord’s name in vain frequently. I took it back to the library.

  9. Image for Susan Susan

    I always make my bed and NEVER sit on it when made - between my mother and 5 yrs at boarding school I was well trained…bed are for sleeping!!

  10. Image for Rizae Rizae

    I made my bed daily until I got breast cancer. After surgery and my life getting back to normal(?) I realized that if I did or didnt make it... who cares! No one but my self and my hubby are in the room. I have a lot of living to do and a bed being made isnt worth the stress or thought anymore! I love the before and after pics of the kids. Really cute! And thank you for more wonderful and cute ideas for Christmas. Big Hugs,

    1. Image for Kris Kris

      I make my bed most days, but if I'm up and out before my husband gets up, then it doesn't get made. I'm ok with that. 😉 Lovely picture of your grown-up kids! Oh, and I tried making stars like that but I kept getting the folds and turns wrong and ended up with paper octagons. However, I had good luck with the first star in this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0ouYMCkwiY

    2. Image for Amber Amber

      Hey there! The picture is a recreation photo from when they were kiddos—daughter-in-law obviously wasn’t in the original so she can’t very well be in the recreation :) Hope that helps clarify. Have a good day!

    3. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

      Well, since this is a recreation of a picture from when the kids were little, there wouldn't be a daughter in law.

  11. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT thistles this week, KA!! And wouldn't it be awesome to win that Dream Home? I'd love to get out of cold wet dreary grey Ohio in the winter months! And that is truly dreamy!! My mother's father was born in St. Augustine and I've never been there. He was an exceptionally talented painter and many of the family has painting, many of St. A's area. Really beautiful. Hope your son had a wonderful bday dinner. LOVE both the original and the recreation of that cute pic. ♥♥♥♥

  12. Image for S. Marie S. Marie

    Great pics! Love! Bed making...... Well, I was taught to throw the covers back and have the bedding "air out" for a bit. Hmmm... then the "Bit" became" as long as possible". I DO try to remember to make it after Coffee but have to admit..... Sometimes...... Well, many times (ok, most days!) it is just the way I left it when I turn in at Midnight! Still "airing out"! ;)

  13. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    Great picture recreation. Didn't one of your sons get married a while back? Yes, the bed is made every morning. The last one out (my husband) makes the bed. As far as being ready for Christmas, I'm as ready as I'm going to be I guess. The boxes sent to my son made it to him though one got there in three days and the other took a week. They were shipped on the same day.

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