Random thoughts on a chilly fall Saturday football morning:

1. What are your thoughts on Pumpkin spice latte? Are you in or out?

Ready for an unpopular opinion?

I’m out.

I just like plain coffee so much better.

2. Did you know if you want to tie a bow properly on a wreath?

You just tie it backwards.

3. How often do you wash your hair? I’ve gone to once a week and it makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE. My hair is healthier and better than it’s ever been.

4. It was an amazing week on the blog. We discussed:

5. I’m rewatching Larkrise to Candleford. If you’ve never seen it, it’s the best show about two small towns in England at the turn of the century. It’s so charming.

And now?

Let’s see all the fun finds I’ve discovered for us this week.

It was a good one.


This dining room is so pretty.

And that rug.

See all the fall decorating ideas here.

Autumn is here.

Let’s slow down and enjoy the season.

Here are 12 slow living ideas for autumn.

I thought this was the cutest gnome.

And he’ll take you from fall to winter.

See the DIY here.

I thought this was such a clever idea for plastic fruit.

It looks so high-end.

See the entire DIY here.


And in random news:

The sweetest fairytale cottage

This classic home tour

15 ways to style fall foliage

This fresh apple cake

The prettiest places to visit this fall

These mini painted pumpkins are so bright and colorful

How to paint countertops to look like marble

Grain-free granola

This beautiful fall garland

This October garden task list

And this

If you ever visit Waco, be sure and stop at the original Magnolia store where they have the BEST bargains from the larger store downtown. I was there this weekend and I got the CUTEST stuff on SALE.

You can see it here.

Outfit of the week

This was a best seller on Instagram.

It’s a knit dress from Walmart that SO cozy and flattering.

You can see it here.

And one more for the road

If you are looking for fall inspiration? This is one of my favorite houses I’ve ever photographed.

You can see it here.

Happy Random Saturday To You

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  1. Image for Linda F Linda F

    I'm not a flavored coffee gal either. Especially pumpkin spice or hazelnut. Glad we are finally getting some better temps and rain here in Texas. Hopefully fall is on its way!!

  2. Image for Jodena Beale Jodena Beale

    I love coffee, but for me..a nice Columbian with a good old plain cream. Yum!!! Now you add a piece of hazelnut pumpkin bread with it, I won't complain. 😉 such a wonderful blog. I enjoy reading everything you put in it. HAPPY Saturday my friend.

  3. Image for Vickie Vickie

    Thumbs down on pumpkin spice lattes here too...I'm all about a steaming cup of good organic black coffee! And yay for less hair washing...I'm @ 4 days working my way up to once a week! Saves time, water, shampoo and hopefully healthier hair and scalp!!

  4. Image for Cathy Creed Cathy Creed

    Representing all who love our pumpkin spice anything - especially coffee!!! Always keep some for months I can’t find it. 😂

  5. Image for Diana Diana

    No to flavored coffee, but yes to strong black coffee. A pumpkin spice muffin, a touch warm with butter a big yes. Yum..Thank you for the painted mini pumpkins I may try the floral ones. I think the check ones would be harder.

  6. Image for Laura Laura

    No pumpkin anything except as planters (stick a pansy in a little one then plant the whole thing in the ground ehrn it starts to rot) or Jack o’ lanterns. Good coffee is good coffee and needs no adulteration. Sweet potato pie is better than pumpkin pie. I’m not opinionated, am I? Lol I’m in SC and it doesn’t feel like fall yet. Mosquitos are still biting. If I get up before the crack of dawn it’s not quite so hot. But after the equinox I’ll admit Summer is finally over although we’ll have another spate of heat before we can really enjoy the weather. I enjoy your posts.

  7. Image for BeverlyO BeverlyO

    I love reading that one of your favorite houses to photograph is one that is right down the road from me. I enjoyed that home tour in person and your post just reminded me of a couple ideas I wanted to use from there. One idea that I picked up on that tour was the basket-weave tile on the bathroom and laundry room floor. We are gearing up for a primary bath remodel and I pulled the trigger on buying that very tile for the floor!

  8. Image for Kris Kris

    If you taste pumpkin on its own, it has a very bland taste. It's the spice that people notice. The pumpkin adds moisture to baked goods, and combined with warming spices, it's a yummy way to enjoy it. Some people like sweet spices in their beverages (coffee or tea) and some don't, so it's the spice that people are noticing in their beverages. I think that seeing "pumpkin" on the name of your beverage is more of an emotional, it's-fall-and-I-want-to-feel-cozy reaction. Have I overanalyzed this? Yes, yes I have. BTW, I thought it was funny that the next article in the "fall destinations" link was a poll to see what Starbucks autumn beverages people liked, and the pumpkin spice latte came in dead last.

  9. Image for Rizae Rizae

    Pumpkin spice coffee is all chemicals!!! If I want pumpkin spice I'll make pies or breads... A good cup of coffee with a little cream and a beautiful sunrise is my daily grind!!!

  10. Image for Marlene Marlene

    In the Fall my cinnamon tea is so good, I don't drink much coffee. That cake sounds so good can't wait to try it. Thanks and have a great weekend.

  11. Image for Missy Missy

    Totally agree-it’s a to no pumpkin coffees. But a resounding yes to rewatching Larkrise to Candleford. My daughters (32 and 42) and I are watching it again. Such a good series.

  12. Image for Michele M. Michele M.

    GREAT thistles this week, KA! I have been putting away summer and slowly decorating for fall in my neutral universe. I must agree on quite a few things: I drink plain coffee with cream and a dish of Stevia. Or I like vanilla or hazelnut when gettin all fancy. But I don't like lattes or spice anything - not even tea. My tea (hot or iced) is always plain. Adore L to Candleford. Only watched it once through - may be time to revisit. It really is charming. OSU undefeated but only played lesser teams so far. How is Baylor doing?

  13. Image for Lara Lara

    KariAnne, I just drove by your house and saw your beautiful porch “in person”!! I was soooo excited! I live in NW AR and stopped in McKinney today on our way back home from a few days in Galveston. I told my husband I just HAD to find your beautiful home! (Hopefully, I didn’t look like a stalker😬) Anyway, it added to my 65th Birthday celebration!

  14. Image for Debbie Debbie

    I like plain coffee too, and never ever any powdered creamer!! Plain cream or milk for me. Since you said this I have got to 2xs a week for hair washing! Thanks your the best

  15. Image for Susan Susan

    So I’m not alone?! I do love a cup of hot fresh and non flavored coffee!!! And plain creamer too! Pumpkin pie/bread/muffins… different story…. Love them all 👍

  16. Image for Peg Peg

    Oh, that fairy tale cottage!! And the arched window over the kitchen sink in the classic home tour??!! Simply amazing!!! xoxo

  17. Image for AnnTN AnnTN

    I don't drink coffee at all, but I still don't like other pumpkin spice things. Give me apple and maple things in the fall.

  18. Image for Mormormedstiletter/Tina Mormormedstiletter/Tina

    Flavoured coffee is way too overrated, if you ask me. Give me a normal coffe taste and som foamed oatmilk - I am happy! :-) As I am a curly girl, I just recently started to wash my hair with the 'Curly Girl' condition system, and I love it! My hair is quite long and I now can settle for washing twice a week. Love it! Love following you and at this time of the year, I get really inspired by all your decorating ideas:-)

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